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Lean On Agile (& Elevate Change) Show

Lean On Agile (& Elevate Change) Show

By Shahin Sheidaei
Lean On Agile (& Elevate Change) Show is a Webinar + Podcast about Agile & Beyond. We share stories of success, learning, and conversations with thought leaders. The topics include but not limited to Agile Software Development, Agile Methodologies, Transformation, and related topics.
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Open Space with April Jefferson

Lean On Agile (& Elevate Change) Show

All Things Kanban with David Anderson
In this episode, David joined Shahin to talk about all things Kanban; KMM, the new Kanban Guide, and more. Kanban Resources: To learn more about The Kanban Guide, please visit To learn more about the Kanban Maturity Model please visit Kanban Maturity Model Book Amazon US: Amazon CA: Kanban Blue Book Amazon US: Amazon CA: First State of Kanban Survey
March 30, 2021
Open Space with April Jefferson
In this episode, April joined Shahin to talk about Open Space.  Topics Penguin Role in Open Space Groundhog Role in Open Space Art of Holding Space Organizational Open Space  Mindcamp Books Open Space Technology (Amazon US | Amazon Canada)
December 31, 2020
Value, Stream, Mapping or All! with Steve Pereira
In this episode, Steve joined Shahin to talk about Value Stream Mapping. For the first time, we had a live audience recording the episode. Peter, Ali, and Nasima from the audience asked questions from Steve by the end of the show. Topics We conversed about and around the following topics: Value Streams let you see the big picture and your biggest bottlenecks, risks, and opportunities. A value stream captures a view beyond common Agile and DevOps visibility to how we create and deliver value. A Value Stream Map lets to share that view with others and align on what to do next. A map should be simple to start (you can always add more data if you want) – avoid heavy/complex approaches. People are the most important part. Facilitation, handoffs, incentives, psychological safety are major factors. People & Resources: We referred to and/or mentioned the following people and/or resources: Book Learning to See: Value Stream Mapping to Add Value and Eliminate – Amazon US | Amazon Canada Value Stream Mapping: How to Visualize Work and Align Leadership for Organizational Transformation Amazon US | Amazon Canada Toyota Kata: Managing People for Improvement, Adaptiveness and Superior Results Amazon US | Amazon Canada People: Karen Martin Helen Beal Marc Hornbeek Jeff Keyes Jack Maher Roy Osherove Mike Orzen For more details please visit Twitter: LinkedIn:
August 22, 2020
Agile is Over (Or Not) with Allen Holub
In this episode, Allen joined Shahin to talk about what truly Agile is in today’s world of Software Development. Topics We conversed about and around the following topics: Agile or Not Agile is nothing more than Better Software Better What is Real Agile Thinking? Reasons to Avoid Agile Fake Agile, Dark Agile (Foe Agile) Trust is the heart of agile SAFE v.s. Scrum; Kanban Board Assumes Linear Process Agile in The Time of Corona Scrum’s Response to Corona Remote Working Went Bad – More Silos The Complexity Of Working From Home Work Is A Human Activity Challenges of Successful Agile Transformation in Large Organization (And Typically Failures) Experiments Failure in Big Organizations; PMO and Agile Failure Pattern ING Transformation Story (New Zealand) + Home Depot Dunbar Number Agile Architecture Designing Flexible (Agile) Code and Dependency (of code) with the Client; The Holub Principle Architecture Process Code Culture Connected for True Agile Mob Moves Forward Even If Individual Has To Drop Out And Come Back In Social Software Development & Mentorship People & Resources: We referred to and/or mentioned the following people and/or resources: Books Fixing Your Scrum – (Amazon US – Amazon CA) Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time – (Amazon US – Amazon CA) Holub on Patterns (Amazon US – Amazon CA) People: Ryan Ripley Jeff Sutherland Ken Schwaber The New New Product Simon Brown Gerry Weinberg For more details please visit Twitter:  LinkedIn:
July 21, 2020
Disruption & Learning with Jamie Good
In this episode, Jamie joined Shahin to talk about the recent disruption all of us are experiencing. We conversed about and around the following topics: Cognitive overload, learning tips, and personal disruptions Disruptions in our professional lives and the following: Instagram Influencers, Lonely Planet, etc. Responding to Change and Agile transformation at the time of covid19 Creative ways of teaching then and now: SMS based learning Psychic Entropy: a state of mind where your thoughts cannot flow to have concrete ideas but are stuck in the same state of thought like a Merry go Round. We referred to and/or mentioned the following people: Peter Aceto  We cited the following resources: Weology: How Everybody Wins When We Comes Before Me (Amazon US – Amazon CA) For more details please visit Twitter:  LinkedIn:
June 11, 2020
Agile & the Fluency of It Talk With Diana Larsen
In this Episode, Diana joined Shahin to talk about Agile Fluency and other related topics. We conversed about and around the following topics: Agile Fluency® Model (Resources, Community & Game); and it's reference Language Fluency  Group coaching compared to Individual coaching Retrospective Facilitator Gathering & Open Space Technology Continuous Learning & Continuous Improvement; Advice and Tools for newer people to Agile Coaching in the Zones & Improvement Kata We referred to and/or mentioned the following people: Rebecca Wirfs-Brock - Linda Rising - Esther Derby - Klaus Leopold (LeanOnAgile Show with Klaus) - Joshua Kerievsky - Ward Cunningham - Norman Kerth - Allison Pollard - Alistair Cockburn - Ron Jeffries - Arlo Belshee - Martin Fowler - James Shore We cited the following resources: By Diana & Co-Authors: Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great (Amazon US - Amazon CA) Liftoff: Start and Sustain Successful Agile Teams (Amazon US - Amazon CA) The Five Rules of Accelerated Learning (LeanPub) By Other Authors: Company-wide Agility with Beyond Budgeting, Open Space & Sociocracy: Survive & Thrive on Disruption - Jutta Eckstein & John Buck (Amazon US - Amazon CA) Project Retrospective: A Handbook for Team Reviews - Norman Kerth (Amazon US - Amazon CA) Love is Letting Go of Fear - Gerald Jamposky (Amazon US - Amazon CA) Checklist Manifesto - Atul Gawande (Amazon US - Amazon CA) For more details please visit Twitter:  LinkedIn:
May 4, 2020
Non Software Agile Talk with Gil Broza
In this Episode, Shahin and Gil talked about recent events, working from home, and Gil's new book of Agile for Non-Software Teams. We conversed about and around the following topics: Agility (small a Agile) Working remotely Designing your Agile Need for Agile in Marketing Agile for Non-Software Teams Lean and Agile Modern Agile We referred to and/or mentioned the following people: Jim Highsmith David Marquet We cited the following resources: Amazon Canada Amazon US Additional links for the show notes: The book: Resources (articles, interviews, posters): To subscribe to the newsletter: About Gil: Gil Broza can help you increase organizational agility and team performance with minimal risk and thrashing. Dozens of companies seeking transformations, makeovers, or improvements have relied on his pragmatic, modern, and respectful support for customizing Agile in their contexts. These days, several of the world’s largest organizations are having him train hundreds of their managers in technology and business (up to SVP/CIO level) on practical Agile leadership. He is the author of three acclaimed books, The Human Side of Agile, The Agile Mind-Set, and the ground-breaking new Agile for Non-Software Teams. For more details please visit Twitter:  LinkedIn:
April 11, 2020
Passion Talk with Bob Galen
In this episode, Shahin and Bob talked about Passion. We conversed about and around the following topics: Passion Work and/v.s. life Mentorship Community (Community-Driven-Change, Shahin and Shawn's talk in Agile 2018) Role models Inside out leadership Inside out passion Agile Ontario  ORSC Training, CAL1 Training Leading and Coaching by Example (Modeling) Coachability Limit your WIP We referred to and/or mentioned the following people: Josh Anderson Johanna Rothman (Lean On Agile Podcast with Johanna) Esther Derby Amitai Schleier Rob Sabourin Ardita Karaj Michael de la Maza We mentioned the following resources (and maybe more): Bob's blog, site, podcast, and book (one of them) Agile Moose RGalen  Meta-Cast Agile Uprising Software Endgames Amazon Canada Amazon US For more details please visit Twitter:  LinkedIn:
March 9, 2020
Agile Alliance Talk with Declan Whelan
In this episode, Shahin and Declan talked about Agile Alliance. Some of the topic covered are as follow: Agile Alliance history Best Job Ever, Agile 2014 (Diana Larsen Dance) Agile Alliance Certification Post Agile XP Conference (and other conferences) Agile India OnAgile Deliver Agile Conference Agile Coach Camp Worldwide Agile Alliance Initiative Lean Agile Network Agile Alliance Board of Directors Agile 2020 Agile Alliance Volunteering We mentioned the following people: Diana Larsen How to contact Declan: LinkedIn Twitter Email For more details please visit Twitter:   LinkedIn:
February 18, 2020
Fixing Your Scrum with Ryan Ripley
In this episode, Shahin and Ryan talked about the new book by Todd and Ryan's Fixing Your Scrum. Todd and Ryan wrote this book together and published it in Jan 2020. We talked about various topics, and mentioned some people including the following: Topics: Agile For Human Podcast 242 pages of fixing Scrum v.s. 15 pages of Scrum Guide Scrum meetings go overboard Decision Making Frameworks Data! Fixing Your Process, it's bigger than Scrum even! Who this book is useful for?  Approaches for Leadership to elevate Scrum Community People: Todd Miller Steve Porter Dave Dame Gunther Verheyen Dave Sabine Matthew Grierson Simon Bourk Daria Bagina Jeff Sutherland Daniel Vacanti Ken Schwaber Jeff Gothelf Joshua Seiden Troy Magennis If you are interested to get a copy, you can get your copy of the book here: Amazon USA Amazon Canada PragProg For more details please visit Twitter:   LinkedIn:
February 9, 2020
History behind Lean On Agile
In this short episode, Shahin will be talking about what the Lean On Agile Show is. How it started and what you can expect from it. We referred to the following podcasts: Agile in 3 Minutes by Amitai Meta-Cast by Bob Law of Raspberry Jam and Tea from Viktor and Esther. Bob's keynote at GOAT (Gatineau Ottawa Agile Tour) can be found here. You can also find a list of podcasts I recommend on Shahin's blog here. For more details please visit Twitter:  LinkedIn:
February 4, 2020
A Practical Guide to Speaking at Conferences, with Johanna Rothman
For the second episode, Shahin had the honor to talk with Johanna on the topic of Speaking at Conferences, tips and tricks on it and how to become a better one. She recently wrote the book "Write a Conference Proposal the Conference Wants and Accepts". We discussed the book as well. If you are thinking of starting your speaking journey, We recommend to listen to the show and highly recommend to read her book. Johanna Rothman, known as the “Pragmatic Manager,” provides frank advice for your tough problems. She helps leaders and teams see and solve their problems, resolve risks, and manage their product development. Johanna is the author of seventeen books and hundreds of articles. Find the Pragmatic Manager, a monthly email newsletter, and her blogs at and Her new book: Write a Conference Proposal the Conference Wants and Accepts Resources from the podcast: Agile Alliance 2020 proposal  - Submission deadline: February 9th Mike Griffiths and his experience report. For more details please visit Twitter:  LinkedIn:
January 20, 2020
Agile Certifications
Welcome to Lean on Agile Podcast, a podcast about Agile & Beyound. I'm your host, Shahin. This is our first episode. The topics we are covering in this episode: How to Start in Agile Certifications? What is Certification? What are my thoughts about them? What does it show? From a beginner perspective From a recruiter perspective From a hiring manager perspective From a knowledge perspective Scrum bodies Scrum Alliance - Jeff Sutherland Scrum Org - Ken Schwaber Nexus Scrum@Scale ICAgile  Many organizations Kanban Changed recently, 3 levels DAD Recently acquired by PMI -my story LeSS Based on Scrum, I have done it, very close to Scrum@Scale it seems SAFe Technical Certifications DevOps - ICAgile, SAFe Not a unique body For more details please visit Twitter:  LinkedIn:
December 31, 2019