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NOW of Work

NOW of Work

By Leapgen
Now, more than ever, the workplace needs to bend to the workforce, not the other way around. The concept of the Digital Workplace has become real and more than likely forever. How does the combination of the new model of work blend with the work we have been doing from an HR perspective?

Leapgen and Jason Averbook are hosting this interactive digital meetup to foster collaboration and insight. As physical events become harder to make reality, virtual events are now mandatory.

Listen, contribute, and share ideas for navigating the new world of work!
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Melissa Swisher & Randy Womack, and Jason Averbook

NOW of Work

Building Cultures of Connection with Chris Rollins - Digital Meetup Series
Leadership is never easy. It demands all of you. We talk a lot about bringing our whole selves to work, leading with empathy, the power of authenticity in creating cultures of connection. What if you're a leader who also happens to be an LGBTQ person?  You require safety and support, especially if you seek to create judgement-free, compassionate workplaces where people can show up as who they are. WHAT A WIN THAT WOULD BE. Fully empowered humans leading with their authentic selves, using their unique voice to lead and inspire others. That's the type of executive coaching Chris Rollins provides, he tells a powerful story, as we continue to honor and celebrate Pride Month.  Listen in as we talk with Chris about the power of authenticity, leading with empathy, building coaching cultures, and being an LGBTQ+ leader
June 24, 2022
Supporting Caregivers in the Workplace with Lindsay Jurist-Rosner - Digital Meetup Series
75% of the workforce face some kind of caregiving responsibility. 83% of those use sick or leave time to provide care, and here’s the real kicker: 92% report heightened stress, depression, or trouble sleeping. Caregiving can be beautiful, an honor, and a deeply fulfilling part of our lives. But it can be a financial, social, emotional, and legal burden — and it certainly affects our productivity at work. Lindsay Jurist-Rosner founded Wellthy to care for caregivers. From supportive health plans and services to inclusion and community, Wellthy makes it easier for caregivers to feel supported. They also suggest ways for employers to de-stigmatize caregiving in the workplace, showing them they’re not alone and providing help and resources. Caregiving isn’t a new experience. It’s just become harder to ignore at work. In this episode, we discuss and look at the different ways we can all take better care of each other.  Take a listen to our very special chat with Lindsay about how to best support caregivers so that they can thrive at work and home.
June 17, 2022
Automate to Humanate with Josh Zywien - Digital Meetup Series
Automate to humanate! We say this often at Leapgen. When we talk about automate to humanate, we’re talking about giving everyone the experience they deserve. Automate what begs to be automated so humans can do what they’re especially equipped to do: BE HUMAN! Why don’t we provide more tools, more virtual assistants, more robotic process automation (RPA), more conversational AI? Forget what it’s called: It’s called HELP. Humans are begging to be upskilled, supported, developed and career pathed. Technology is begging to improve experience for everyone: job seekers who need transparency and help navigating a clunky process, recruiters with overbearing req loads, hiring managers trying their best to onboard and unleash. Turn HELP WANTED into HELP IS HERE. We talked AI with Josh Zywien, Chief Marketing Officer at Paradox, a software company fueled by the concept that AI can make recruiting more human.  TAKE A LISTEN! 
June 10, 2022
Future-fitting your Workforce with Lorna Hagen - Digital Meetup Series
When it comes to BEST DEPLOYING PEOPLE against WHAT THE BUSINESS NEEDS, most employers would admit they’re behind the eight ball. We hire, develop, and attempt to retain talent from a broken supply chain; always reacting, dependent on the weather vane of the talent economy, transactional, and riddled with waste. We don't have a clear line of sight to the talent we DO have - what skills they have or want, what they can do or want to. What if organizations could future-fit their workforce, strategically and proactively building and equipping workers with the KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS they’ll need to support the growth trajectory of the business?  Knowledge is power, skills are gold. Guild understands this.  Take a listen to this special knowledge-filled episode with Lorna Hagen of Guild Education!
June 03, 2022
The Ins and Outs of this year's HR Systems Survey with Stacey Harris - Digital Meetup Series
Energy and innovation have been bubbling in the HR Tech space for the past few years. What's next? We were thrilled to be joined by one of the most brilliant researchers in the industry to give us the inside scoop. Stacey Harris and Sapient Insights are currently fielding their 25th Annual HR Systems Survey. That’s right, 25 YEARS tracking the evolution of HR systems. You remember what we were using 25 years ago, right? We’ve gone from pushing paper to publishing APIs, graduated from mainframes to the cloud.  Innovation is catapulting. But it hits different if you’re SMB vs. enterprise…or does it? What applications and vendors are seeing the most adoption and satisfaction, and why? What are the big spending plans? What’s the future of HRIS and Shared Services, and how in the world is HR resourcing everything? In this episode, Jim Holincheck, Leapgen's VP of Advisory Services, and Jason Averbook welcomed Stacey Harris to the conversation to discuss insights and trends from this year's HR Systems Survey. How can we hone the right use cases to better optimize our workforces in uncertain times? Take a listen to learn more about this year's HR Systems Survey! 
May 27, 2022
The Future of Talent Acquisition with Molly Weaver - Digital Meetup Series
The conversation around the future of talent: attraction, acquisition and retention strategies, how to be more strategic and proactive around hiring, and how to build a talent pipeline that is sustainable, flexible and diverse - whether your organization is hiring like gangbusters or putting the brakes on, continues... Molly Weaver, said it best: "My secret behind recruiting the best talent? People over paper. Fresh ideas over process for process’s sake."  The former head of talent at Children's Mercy Hospital of Kansas City knows what she's talking about. She was responsible for recruiting the best medical, clinical, and research talent in the world to one of the most highly rated children's research hospitals in the country. Molly has endless stories about the creativity required to bring top global talent into flyover country USA in a highly competitive healthcare industry. This is a conversation you don't want to miss! TAKE A LISTEN! 
May 20, 2022
Remote Work is Happening NOW with Chris Herd - Digital Meetup Series
"Companies that embrace remote work will replace every company that doesn’t.” This is the hill Chris Herd, CEO of Firstbase will die on, and we can’t find too many reasons to disagree.  Where does your organization stand? What are the pros, cons, and challenges to making remote work a reality? Chris just raised his $50M Series B to help power incredible remote work experiences for everyone. TAKE A LISTEN to our conversation on the pros, cons, and challenges of making remote work a reality. 
May 13, 2022
Rebranding & Repositioning the People Function with Jill Katz, Founder & Chief People Officer of Assemble
“The resources in our organization are the PEOPLE, that is what our human resources are.” The last few years of pandemic life set the stage for both talent and an organization’s People function. The people function is more important than ever before; it’s how we BUILD UP our people. But how we have created opportunities for improvement? How we define the true meaning of HR? IT IS THE PEOPLE. …AND that sparks the question, how are we taking care of our people? How are organizations shifting their HR mindset? How are we helping organizations reframe what HR really is? No organization should revert backward, pre-pandemic. You must solve for the outlier because then you have really done the work of the true people function. This is an extremely important and powerful conversation, one that will make you think about your own people function. TAKE A LISTEN!
May 10, 2022
Mental Health in the Workplace with Natasha Bowman - Digital Meetup Series
TW // suicide, trauma This conversation addresses mental illness and attempted suicide. If you or someone you know is suicidal, please contact your physician, go to your local ER, or call the suicide prevention hotline in your country. For the United States, the numbers are as follows: The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK (8255) or message the Crisis Text Line at 741741. Both programs provide free, confidential support 24/7. On January 25, 2021, Natasha Bowman attempted suicide. Before this, “The Workplace Doctor” had written a best-selling book, performed a TED Talk, and was about to travel to Indonesia to be honored as one of the World’s Top 30 Management Professionals by Global Gurus. And was when that familiar record scratch happened: COVID-19. “Other than my career, I felt like I didn’t have anything else to offer this world,” Bowman told HRD. She sunk into a hole some know all too well, others have a hard time understanding. After Natasha was hospitalized and diagnosed with bipolar disorder, she was ashamed and reclusive. A vibrant presence on LinkedIn with more than 80,000 followers, she went silent on the social media platform. Now she is silent no more. Natasha has made it her life’s work to use her experience and expertise to drive needed change to destigmatize mental health, create mentally healthy workplaces, empower employers and managers to have human conversations and provide accommodation, and go beyond EAP to help employers provide truly meaningful support. 1 in 5 adults suffer from mental illness; it’s time to have the conversation. Take a listen.
May 06, 2022
Talent Transformation in the Now of Work with Adam Gordon & Susan Vitale of iCIMS - Digital Meetup Series
There are lots of opportunities to address perceived talent shortages and close workforce gaps. One big opportunity is tightening up your talent funnel. It’s one thing to attract and engage talent, it’s another to move them elegantly, intelligently, and respectfully through your talent funnel and - hopefully - into your business. And what about those who don’t get hired? Why don’t we keep talking to them about the next or another opportunity? Just ask any sales team worth its salt — a sales team doesn’t reject the sales lead if they aren’t ready to buy. They get nurtured. So why do we cut the relationship with the candidate when they say ‘not yet'? (Nice mic drop, Adam.) Jason Averbook and Jess Von Bank invited Adam Gordon, Co-Founder of Candidate.ID, and Susan Vitale of iCIMS, to bring fresh #talent perspective to the Now of Work community.  Listen to their chat about hiring trends, TA tech innovation, what people need in the changing world of work, and consumerizing the talent experience.
April 29, 2022
Employee Experience in the Now of Work with Ben Whitter
How do we really humanize and bring employee experience to life in the #NOWofWork? More than ever, we need to continue to deliver a positive workforce experience. The devil is in the details: people are more digital, more remote and more distributed than ever before. There is still SO MUCH opportunity to deliver meaningful experience to people wherever they are, however they’re working.  The question is: how are we delivering to a distributed workforce, and how do we plan to evolve from here? This episode dives deep into true employee experience with the number #1 employee experience thinker worldwide, Ben Whitter, the Founder & Chief Experience Officer of HEX Organization. If you’re looking to deliver a workforce experience that is BETTER and more HUMAN than ever before, this is an episode you do not want to miss!
April 26, 2022
Neurodiversity at Work, honoring Autism Acceptance Month - Digital Meetup Series
What do neurodiverse people need to feel welcome, be treated fairly, and celebrated at work? Often when most think about workplace diversity, race and gender are top of mind. But, please don’t stop there. Between 30-40% of the population are neurodiverse. Neurodiversity, or brain diversity, describes people who think differently. This includes members of the workforce with dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, and autism. How do we define, understand, and de-stigmatize neurodiversity? JOIN US TODAY as we honor Autism Acceptance Month with a Special Edition Digital Meetup discussing neurodiversity in the workplace. AT 1P ET, Jess and I will speak with a special guest panel that includes:  -Michael Hofer, Global HR Transformation Executive at SAP and Neurodiversity Advocate -Jose Velasco, Autism at Work Program Director at SAP -Silvia Velasquez Casado, MBA/MPA Candidate at MIT Sloan/Harvard Kennedy School: Jobs for the College-Educated Neurodiverse -Ed Thompson, Founder & CEO of Uptimize, focused on Talent that Thinks Differently  Thinking differently can mean having a fresh perspective,  a stellar imagination, an uncanny ability to challenge norms, or habits that make you an incredible problem solver or innovator. These are a few of the assets we think about when we imagine equitable workplaces for neurodiverse talent.  Thanks for listening! 
April 25, 2022
Turning People Data Into Stories with Joseph Ifiegbu-Digital Meetup Series
Joseph Ifiegbu comes to today's Now of Work Digital Meetup with stories to tell: how he discovered HR Analytics, his early days at the forefront of the people analytics movement inside envelope-pushing brands like Snap Inc. and WeWork, his own founder’s story as the CEO of eqtble...Joseph has built a career turning people data into people stories. The goal, after all. Every good storyteller knows the critical elements of a story: characters, context, hero’s journey, ending. HR Analytics, or using people data for business outcomes, is often missing context, basic data collection, and interpretation. Alas, no good ending. “You can’t connect the dots if you can’t collect the dots!” (Jess Von Bank's favorite thing to say) On this Digital Meetup, Jess and Jason hear Joseph’s take on collecting and interpreting data stories for workforce insights. Pretty useful stories to have in an employee-driven talent market!
April 05, 2022
How Women of Color Can Redefine Power with Deepa Purushothaman
The workplace is supposed to be neutral. "If you work hard you're going to rise, and that's all you need to do is put your head down and work, and all will be ok," Deepa Purushothaman shares before adding, "And I think that's wrong. That sets up a lot of people for struggle."  For many, the tone of work culture is defined on a peer to peer level and a manager to peer level, which explains why many people are leaving their roles. Oftentimes it boils down to "My manager doesn't get me, doesn't understand, is talking over me," Deepa explains to host Jess Von Bank on our Now of Work podcast. As the Co-Founder of nFormation Deepa Purushothaman is focused on providing safe, brave, and new spaces for women of color at work:  "Part of my work is talking about how the structure is differentiating and how the structure has its flaws, and it's ok to talk about that. It's important to understand that the experience is different, because if we don't understand it's different, we're not going make it better."  In this engaging chat, Jess and Deepa not only talk about work structures and systems, they talk about what many women of color are doing after they resign (hint: it's not necessarily moving on to another job), why putting WOC in leadership seats is not always the best solution, why allyship is not enough, and how HR can and should listen--in a different way. Plus, they discuss Deepa's book: The First, The Few, The Only: How Women of Color Can Redefine Power in Corporate America. LISTEN:  Tune in!
March 29, 2022
People Want to be SEEN, Not Managed-Digital Meetup Series
Happy Friday! How would you describe your work week? Need to refuel or get inspired? Want to share your wins or challenges? We are here! Enjoy the transformational power of our community from today's Digital Meetup.  Our weekly meetups are now over 1500 people strong. Every week, co-host Jess Von Bank and Jason Averbook look forward to connecting with our friends in the HR, HR Tech, and talent acquisition communities.   People are calling the shots, and we’re calling them differently. Work matters but for different reasons. Joy, inspiration, fulfillment, and human connection finally take a front seat. People want to be SEEN, not managed. They want to deliver VALUE, not performance. They want to be part of something SPECIAL, not a system.  This is why our weekly meetups are so important. It's about connecting us all; as people—as humans, as a community truly focused on changing work.  
March 25, 2022
The HR Tech Community Helps Ukraine-Digital Meetup Series
This is one of the most important Digital Meetups that we've hosted to date! Today Jess and Jason have the opportunity to speak with two incredible guests about two major causes that need immediate action and understanding.   We will start by welcoming Kateryna Kovalevska, Chair of the Ukrainian Association of HR Professionals, to our live broadcast. She has fled her country for safety, and will join us to share stories about what is currently happening in Ukraine, and how we as an HR and HR Tech community can help. “There is no time for doubt...Ukraine needs your help now,” she told us. Here's a few ways:   1. Show your support for Ukraine by attending protests in your cities.   2. Press your governments to cancel flights to Russia, to freeze all Russian assets abroad and stop diplomatic and economic affairs. 3. Ask your government to deliver humanitarian aid, financial and military support to Ukraine. Silence is complicity. 4. Sign this petition to close airspace over Ukraine and protect them from bombing: Kateryna's visit will be followed by Allison Robinson, the founder of The Mom Project, an amazing organization committed to helping women remain active in the workforce at every stage of their journey. 5.4 million women have lost jobs in the pandemic. 2 in 5 of those might never return because often work doesn't WORK for women - especially moms with added challenges and barriers.  What now? How do we get moms back into the workforce on their terms? The Mom Project is leading the pack when it comes to disrupting the modern workplace so that women don't have to choose between family and career. We'll dive into the work and vision of The Mom Project, their new research, and their RISE program. PLUS, they are hiring HR pros!  From restoring the dignity and equity of work to working moms to reaching out across the globe, we are reminded every Friday that HR includes HUMAN. Never to be missed, but especially TODAY. We hope to see you soon!
March 18, 2022
Things Don't Have to Be Perfect for You to Be Content with Cy Wakeman-Digital Meetup Series
How can we restore sanity at work? Plain and simple—ditch the drama! Foster wellness and collective genius. Sounds simple, right? But can we make it happen given our current work models and business structures? Jess and Jason are excited to talk about this with Cy Wakeman on today's Digital Meetup! Once referred to as "the secret weapon to restoring sanity in the workplace," Cy is an International Speaker on Leadership and Management, whose clients include organizations like NASA, Google, Bank of America, Cisco, Pfizer, and FedEx. Using her background as a counselor, and love of good mental processes, she also helps improve the workplace as a Drama Researcher. Yes, that's a real role, which she takes seriously and her methods deliver impactful results. In a new #NowofWork podcast chat with Jess, Cy explains "If we had more adulting at work, we wouldn't have to be so resilient, because part of what kills our resilience is all of the drama and hassle at work." The New York Times Best-Selling Author will share tips on restoring sanity at work AND give us a sneak peek of her NEW book, available on March 29! It's titled: Life's Messy, Live Happy: Things Don't have to be Perfect for You to Be Content. Cy shared, "I've faced divorce, homelessness, obesity, (grief)—deaths. This is a personal book on the lessons I've learned so far that I'd like to invite people to reflect on." Pre-order Cy's book here:
March 11, 2022
Life's Messy, Live Happy with Cy Wakeman
Once referred to as "the secret weapon to restoring sanity in the workplace," Cy Wakeman is not your average leader. The New York Times Best-Selling Author keeps audiences on the edge of their seats as a riveting International Keynote Speaker and Thought Leader on Leadership & Management, and workplaces in check as a Drama Researcher.  What is a Drama Researcher anyways? And what's drama got to do with work? A LOT, Cy explains in a fascinating chat with our Now of Work podcast host, Jess Von Bank. "If we had more adulting at work, we wouldn't have to be so resilient, because part of what kills our resilience is all of the drama and hassle at work," Cy shares. Using her background as a counselor, and love of good mental processes Cy was once asked to get emotional waste our of the workplace, and she hasn't stopped since. Her clients include organizations like NASA, NBC Universal, Viacom, CDC, Google, Facebook, Bank of America, Cisco, Pfizer, and FedEx.  "I saw how (companies) celebrated if we saved like one minute of time in a process, and you multiply that by 100 a day; and WOW, we've got a big breakthrough...I thought if we taught people how the world works and how the mind works, and use good mental processes, we could eliminate hours of emotional waste every single day and make the work at hand more effortless."  Cy and Jess cover a good amount of ground in their chat, including topics like: -Communication and miscommunication at work -Employee wellness: Who should be responsible for it, the employer or employee? -What happens when organizations meet evolved individuals? -How organizations can be better designed to collaborate, foster collective genius, and remove hassle LISTEN TODAY  & JOIN US THIS FRIDAY as we welcome Cy Wakeman to our Digital Meetup to talk about restoring sanity in the workplace, and her NEW BOOK: Life's Messy, Live Happy: Things Don't have to be Perfect for You to Be Content. Pre-order Cy's book here:
March 08, 2022
LIFE Tech with George LaRocque - Digital Meetup Series
There's a big shift in HR Tech. The solutions are no longer about HR, they are about work, life, people — how we function and thrive. HR is learning how to better leverage technology to not only manage the workforce but to deliver learning, skills, holistic wellbeing, collaboration, and leadership. In other words, HR tech is becoming LIFE tech, in the flow of work. And the investments are only getting bigger.  George LaRocque, Founder of WorkTech, joins this week’s Digital Meetup following his HRTech Conference keynote. In a market with almost $18B in VC investment, more than 21,000 vendors, and 30 brand new unicorns, what’s driving innovation? How do you cut through this kind of noise and build a business case for the right investment?  In Jason's Spotlight Session at HR Tech this week, he explained that solutions require prioritization, sequencing, and roadmapping. We have to connect PEOPLE to PURPOSE — or the solutions don’t matter! When you think about any investment you're need to ask, are you doing this with purpose? The only real reason people think that purpose is soft is because they are uncomfortable with what it might reveal. We dig into it all on TODAY'S SPECIAL HR TECH WRAP EDITION of our Digital Meetup. Online~REGISTER here:
March 04, 2022
Voices of Hope: Special Panel Session, Digital Meetup Series-Torin Ellis, Jackye Clayton, Shaun Peet, Michael Metcalf Jr.
There’s lots to celebrate, and also a lot to hold each other accountable for in today's workforce. You may have remember seeing a lot of organizations make public pledges, commitments and investments to diversity, equity and inclusion programs in 2020. While the intention to diversify work may be good, the real question is has there been progress? Did organizations follow through on their commitment, were programs developed? Do these programs or initiatives have sticking power in an ever-evolving workforce? During today's week's Digital Meetup, we'll take a deeper look. Today, Jess and Jason are excited to host leaders who are voices of hope, inclusion, diversity, and humanizing work to discuss DEI proof, progress and accountability. We'll unpack this important #NowofWork topic during a Special 90-minute live chat with leaders who you may have seen on past meetups, but never together in this sure to be dynamic panel setting: -Torin Ellis, Speaker/ Founder/Advisor -Jackye Clayton of Textio -Shaun Peet  and Michael Metcalf Jr. of NASCAR and DECK Leadership. Have a great listen!
February 25, 2022
Awesome People Leaders with Heather Polivka
Why are people leaving their jobs in droves? It's the top question asked since the start of The Great Resignation. Many answers have been given, but this one sticks. "The focus of manager has been put on the work, not on the people that create the work, who deliver the results...Everyone is just trying to manage the work, then they wonder why people are leaving?" Heather Polivka, of Awesome People Leaders, told our Jess Von Bank. In a new #NowofWork podcast chat, the CEO shares why she believes that better trained managers hold the key to retention, the difference between being a manager and a people leader, and why great workers don't innately become great managers. Jess and Heather also talk about the importance of adjusting the traditional business mindset that people are replaceable, and how Awesome People Leaders acts as a resource for small and medium sized businesses who are struggling to make sense of the mass employee exodus.  If you're looking to pump up employee engagement and retention, you'll want to TUNE IN to this conversation.
February 23, 2022
Special 100th Digital Meetup: LOVE + WORK with Marcus Buckingham, Musical Guest - The Brothers Koren
Now over 16,000 people strong, TODAY our Now of Work community will celebrate something special. It's our 100th Digital Meetup!  Our weekly meetups started off as live Q&A chats designed to help leaders navigate work during an unprecedented time. Now, they include an ever-rotating, ever-lively lineup of HR & HR Tech industry guests, including Josh Bersin, Ben Brooks, Jackye Clayton and more.  For today's Special 100th Meetup, we're thrilled to welcome a dynamic guest, Marcus Buckingham! The globally renowned workplace expert and the author of two of the best-selling business books of all time, chats with Jess Von Bank and Jason Averbook. He gives us a sneak peek at his NEXT book, LOVE + WORK, coming in April. LOVE + WORK helps us discover where we are at our best — both at work and in life. His premise is based on one core belief we can get behind here at Leapgen: Love has been driven out of our workplaces, and we need to get it back in. JOIN Marcus, Jess Von Bank, and Jason Averbook, along with a special musical guest, The Brothers Koren, who toured with Coldplay, Pink and Rod Stewart.  We’re celebrating community, all of you, LOVE + WORK, and our 100th live broadcast. Thanks for listening!
February 18, 2022
Signal-and-Response at Scale with James Kelley at qChange - Digital Meetup Series
We might overcomplicate a few things - like feedback. You know, how a message is received. How leadership communication is distilled and delivered. Leadership, communication, culture, and organizational behavior CAN BE complicated, and it’s only by breaking it down it becomes intentional, impact-driving, and insightful. We break it down through signals. Signals are what makes feedback real-time, relevant, and actionable. Authentic leadership really isn’t possible without truly listening to signals. But how do we signal-and-response at scale? In distributed work environments? In diverse and cross-functional teams? As a true habit?  Feedback loops can be powered by tech so that positive behaviors can be reinforced, dissonance addressed, and psychological safety better supported. In this episode, Jason and Jess chat with James Kelley at qChange, about cutting down the leadership lag, leveraging signals and real-time feedback through technology, and creating authentic leadership in today’s Now of Work.
February 11, 2022
The Business of Gratitude with Rosette Cataldo, Workhuman
A lot of employees are leaving their roles because they don't feel seen. They don't feel like they're getting help with career development or growth, or able to harness connections. Workhuman is on a mission to change that. As their wonderful brand name suggests, when working with clients they lean deeper into the individual experience, whether it has to do with a person's job role, or not.  We're so excited to share this episode as Jess Von Bank chats with Workhuman's Rosette Cataldo who lays out what a human-centered organization is all about, and how they're winning at business in the new world of work. Jess and Rosette dig into the business of gratitude and who benefits from it, what it looks like when someone brings their whole self to work, freely-without judgement, and how to cultivate a supportive work culture that recognizes the direct correlation between wellbeing, recognition, and performance.  "What many don't realize is that (gratitude) actually reduces stress. Lots of data shows that when you give gratitude, we call it 'Vitamin G,' you can actually reduce stress. Who doesn't want less stress?"
February 09, 2022
Work-Life Integration with Spotlyfe's Josh Schwede - Digital Meetup Series
We couldn’t help but notice an exciting launch this week. Spotlyfe, we see you! In fact, we hope this keeps trending; show us more solutions employers can offer employees *right now* to help in this post-pandemic work environment. It’s about time we humanize work by truly seeing the people stepping up to do it every day. It’s really up to CEOs/Chief People Officers/CHROs to SAVE people or watch them GO. The Great Resignation doesn’t have to impact you like it does your competition if you step up, meet people where they are, offer help, and provide basic resources to help people thrive at work and in life. That's why we’re so excited to see our friends Josh Schwede, Scott Fowle, Tara Cooper and their team bring something fresh and innovative to market. We’re not even calling it HR Tech; this is a way to help the people you employ WIN AT LIFE.
February 04, 2022
Fulfillment at Work with Aaron Hurst
Our relationship to work has shifted from “work for me or die,” to the power of a collective voice, to individual employees gaining power to meet their own needs, with managers as their co-pilots. In this economy, fulfillment is the ultimate KPI, and building collective purpose serves to create connections between diverse populations in organizations through mutual paths forward. In this episode, our host, Jess Von Bank, welcomes Aaron Hurst, foremost global expert on the science of purpose and fulfillment at work. In 2014, Aaron brought global awareness to the rise of history’s fourth economic era, the Purpose Economy. At the core of it is this concept that purpose-driven work is here to stay. TUNE IN for their fascinating conversation about the PURPOSE OF WORK
February 01, 2022
Register for Fuel - Digital Meetup Series with Madeline Laurano
Happy Friday! We've got a great chat lined up for you on today's Digital Meetup, and an opportunity for you to learn how to redesign work in 2022. Jess and Jason are excited to preview FUEL, our 2022 kickoff event for HR, work tech, and people that takes flight on Monday! 'The Year of the Human,' is the theme for our 2-day digital experience. Jason will deliver the opening keynote about the HUMAN side of work, and our team of consultants will lead sessions designed to help you revolutionize work in 2022. Whether your organization is transforming employee experience, tech or operating models, you'll hear the best strategies from our expert team, crafted to make this year your best one yet! REGISTER FOR FUEL—JAN. 24-25: HERE: SPECIAL GUEST: Madeline Laurano, Founder of Aptitude Research, will also join today's meetup to talk about the role of tech in solving organizations' hiring challenges and why so many recruiters are joining The Great Resignation. We're excited to dive in with Madeline, a friend of Leapgen, to unpack more about current recruiting technology best practices and market trends. RESERVE YOUR SPOT HERE:
January 21, 2022
Caregivers, WE SEE YOU! Digital Meetup Series with Susan Van Klink
Every family caregiver you know is so over it. Juggling work, life, distance learning, Covid closures and exposures, Covid itself, their own wellbeing, running a household, staying sane. It’s a lot!   Let’s not forget about informal caregivers, elder care, and all of you in a caregiving arrangement of some kind without even realizing it. There’s no training or preparation for caregiving. We just do it.  In the last two years, caregiving has become a global conversation at macro and micro levels. It affects our economy, our wellbeing, and how we live. There is so much humanity in it. People doing incredible things for those they love; more than they think they can. There’s a lot we can do to help make the life of a caregiver easier, including at work. We are so happy to welcome TODAY'S special conversation with Susan Van Klink, full-time Chief Revenue and Chief Diversity Officer at Grokker, AND full-time caregiver.  Thanks for tuning in
January 14, 2022
Curiosity at Work with Dr. Diane Hamilton
Everyone is talking about the business of change and transformation. What does it take to get an organization from point A to B during these changing times? How can you turn #NowofWork challenges into solutions? Curiosity is the common denominator, or as Dr. Diane Hamilton says, "Be willing to break things."    Our Jess Von Bank had a fascinating chat with Dr. Hamilton, the CEO of Tonerra, about the role of curiosity at work, on our latest Now of Work podcast. Tonerra is a consulting firm that helps improve an organization's success by leveraging emotional intelligence, engagement, and curiosity for business success.    They explore what keeps people from being curious, why it's imperative to transformation work, how to cultivate curiosity in leaders, and why being willing to break things is one of the best approaches to take with work, right now.
January 11, 2022
10 Key Themes in the NOW of Work - Digital Meetup Series
The new year is here, and the urgency to transform work has never felt stronger. The Now of Work comes with new sets of rules, discoveries, and challenges. We can't wait to dive in!  Jess Von Bank and Jason Averbook are excited to host Leapgen's first Digital Meetup of 2022. JOIN US as we talk about the 10 Key Themes in the Now of Work. We'll preview FUEL, our 2022 digital kickoff event for HR, work tech, and people on January 24-25. The 2-day digital event is designed to inspire and motivate the transformation of work. If you want to make an impact this year when it comes to humanizing work and maximizing business value, don't miss today's meetup or FUEL!  LET US show you how to put people at the center of your digital transformation, technology, and change initiatives in the Now of Work.
January 07, 2022
Automate the Mundane to Innovate the Humane with Cheryl Cran
As we step into 2022, we can't help but think about baggage that we can leave behind in 2021. What can we carry forward into the new year to fuel positive transformation, change, and innovation at work?    Jess Von Bank, our Now of Work podcast host, was thrilled to dig into this topic with Cheryl Cran. The author, keynote speaker, and founder of NextMapping, is all about helping leaders put their people first. Nextmapping is a consulting company that leverages key strategies to help people navigate the Now of Work.    As digital transformation evangelists, we LOVE their mission to: Automate the mundane, to innovate the humane. They believe that leaders and employees have more control to when it comes to being future-ready than they may know. It takes looking under the hood for patterns that will best serve us in our lives and our work.    Want to shake off the dust from 2021 and move forward with purpose in 2022? LISTEN to our first podcast of the new year to help you design a year filled with impact, on your terms.
January 05, 2022
The 4th Wave of HR Technology with Larry Dunivan
“We’re getting to the point where companies are getting more and more uncomfortable with all the technology available to them. Will someone build a better mousetrap that will just explode again?” We loved Larry Dunivan’s brilliant take on the NOW of Work. The CEO of Namely, an HR, Payroll, and Benefits platform, pulls no punches during his chat with Jess Von Bank on our NOW of Work podcast. They dive into topics like: What happens next as we usher in the 4th wave of #HRTech? Whose job is people and culture and why does an HR leader own diversity? And the idea of solving HR problems that should be business problems.  Interesting stuff!
December 21, 2021
Final Digital Meetup of the Year with Special Guest Alex Zea
Employees care, and they want to work for employers who care...About the world around them, that is. Philanthropy belongs in the employee experience conversation as we continue to blur the line between work and life, and take a whole person approach to designing work around people.   Social giving and social impact are more important than ever as we wrap a year of lingering chaos, market turbulence, persistent change, and ETERNAL HOPE. We love that GIVING BACK is working its way into conversations around culture, employee wellbeing, employee experience, and workforce benefits.   In this episode we dive into this topic on our LAST Digital Meetup of 2021. Alex Zea, Leapgen Client Partner, joins Jason Averbook as co-host. We're excited to welcome One Donation to talk about EMPLOYEE GIVING.    We hope you’ll join us with your most festive self as we GIVE THANKS.
December 17, 2021
Keeping it Optimistic in 2022 with Andrew Saidy
When your job is to attract the world’s best talent to spur company growth, it requires that your company become irresistible to talent, who have tons of  choices in what's become the tightest global talent market we’ve seen in decades.  Enter Andrew Saidy. He leads Global Talent Acquisition for Ubisoft, a French video game company. In our new Now of Work podcast episode, he explains what it takes to be a company  that's irresistible to talent. He tells our host, Jess Von Bank, that companies must consider new ways of working, provide internal mobility options so people don’t stagnate and leave, and develop or restate an Employer Value Proposition that really means something in our evolving world of work.  Andrew also has a thing or two to say about leading in the next era of business, and there’s ONE BIG THING he’ll carry with him into 2022. What is it?  Take a listen.
December 15, 2021
Reboarding vs. Returnboarding with James McQuivey - Digital Meetup Series
22 days left until we greet 2022, and we've got some BIG, BOLD questions when it comes to the world of work. They include: Will the talent crisis turn around? How will employee power continue to manifest itself? Will this be a year that a robot sits on a Board of Directors?  No one better to answer these questions than James McQuivey. He's built a long career deep inside Forrester Research. He’s also the author of Digital Disruption, and his change models are being used to consider the next wave of innovation in the Future of Work. We had a fascinating chat with him on this week's Now of Work podcast, and we continue that conversation on today's digital meetup. If you haven't had a chance to listen to our podcast with James McQuivey, check it out here: Tune in for more great content weekly. 
December 10, 2021
TWO BOLD PREDICTIONS for 2022 with James McQuivey, VP, Forrester
How do companies exploit the economics of digital disruption? Did we see this pandemic-fueled talent crisis coming, and how will employee power continue manifesting itself? How long until a robot sits on a Board of Directors? We had an opportunity to ask James McQuivey these BIG, BOLD QUESTIONS on our newest Now of Work podcast. James has built a long career at Forrester Research, he’s also the author of Digital Disruption, and his change models are being used to consider the next wave of innovation in the Future of Work. This is one of the most fascinating podcast conversations we've ever had! Hear James' answers to our host Jess Von Bank's BIG BOLD QUESTIONS. He also makes TWO GIANT PREDICTIONS FOR THE WORLD OF WORK in 2022, and Jess asks him if we’ll FIX PAY in our lifetimes. You don't want to miss this one. WE CAN'T WAIT TO DIVE INTO THIS CONVERSATION FURTHER ON THIS WEEK'S DIGITAL MEETUP! JOIN US ON FRIDAY,  DECEMBER 10 AT 1P EST AS our Jess and Jason UNPACK THESE BIG, BOLD QUESTIONS WITH James McQuivey, our special guest.  REGISTER:
December 07, 2021
Leveraging HR Technology For Effective Work with Stacey Harris-Digital Meetup Series
How do today’s business leaders leverage HR Technology to help people work more efficiently? Stacey Harris is the Chief Research Officer and Managing Partner of Sapient Insights Group, where she oversees their industry research work including the esteemed Annual HR Systems Survey and White Paper, now in its 24th year. No one knows more about the VAST OPPORTUNITIES of technology to add value to the HR function, to business, and to PEOPLE who stand to work better. In fact, she wrote a book about it!  Jess Von Bank and Jason Averbook have a great chat with Stacey about the evolution of HR Technology, how HR and IT can better organize themselves around common transformation goals, and measuring impact on business. PLUS: Here are a few good references for today's chat with Stacey:  -Sapient Insights Group: 2021-2022 HR Systems Whitepaper: -Stacey's book: Introduction to HR Technologies: Understand How to Use Technology to Improve Performance and Processes:
December 03, 2021
The Traditional Office is Dead with Mo Hamzian
Mo Hamzian knows the same thing an MIT professor recently declared: traditional office working is dead. The 9-6, too. In fact, stop calling work labor and learn to love what you do.    Our host, Jess Von Bank, jumped right up on her talent soapbox to challenge employers everywhere: the pandemic gave people permission to put themselves first, and the first thing they want is an employer who has their backs. Who recognize they want choice and flexibility when it comes to how, when, and where they work.    Mo designed a business that does one thing: makes PEOPLE the hero of the work story. Yes, VEL is a business model comprised of inspiring co-working facilities that sell the world’s best coffee. That’s not the real product. The real product is HUMAN EXPERIENCE.   Which happens to be our favorite thing to talk about on the NOW of Work. Take a listen to Jess Von Bank and Mo Hamzian tell the greatest story of all time: the moment humanity won in a pandemic.
November 30, 2021
Innovating From Within with Simone Ahuja
The Now of Work demands transformation, change enablement, growth mindset and innovation. How do people and business leaders get from reactive to proactive, from disaster recovery to thoughtful strategy, from mobilizing to maneuvering?   Best-selling author and renowned innovation expert Simone Ahuja reveals the secret to winning in a "disrupt or be disrupted" market: innovate from within. She joined Jess Von Bank in our latest episode to explore the disruption of HR, how companies can intentionally and strategically disrupt to innovate, and how creating intrapreneurs within your own organization can drive radical and healthy innovation.
November 23, 2021
Data Power with Cliff Jurkiewicz-Digital Meetup Series
If we’ve learned something in the last 18 months, it’s the power of technology to connect people, not divide them. It doesn’t replace human relationship, but it can help form community, create interaction, drive conversation, fuel experiences. If we do it right. We talk a whole lot about Artificial Intelligence in terms of automation, but is it playing the right role in driving connection and creating cohesive relationship? Or getting in the way? Phenom People is phenomenal at thinking about the power of AI and technology in forging one of our most significant relationships: WORK. In fact, they’re on a mission to hire and retain 1 BILLION PEOPLE. Can they do it? Will you be part of it? Get ready for this pretty REAL CONVERSATION TODAY with Cliff Jurkiewicz, Phenom’s VP of Strategy -- including his big, deep, very personal WHY.
November 19, 2021
Bringing JOY Back to Work with Debbie Tuel
Chief Joy Officer. Have you ever heard of a better job title?   We don’t use the word often enough when it comes to work, job satisfaction, candidate experience, and certainly not when applying for a job. Symphony Talent's mission is to change that: to bring JOY back to the process of finding, interviewing, and applying for a job. Connecting incredible talent to inspired employers should spark JOY, too. Too often, the job of “processing” candidates (what a terrible word) is taxing, mundane, and duplicative. The whole thing begs for innovation.   Jess Von Bank was overjoyed to have this podcast chat with Debbie Tuel! The Great Resignation means employers who do a better job finding, hiring, and nurturing available talent will have a massive leg up. In that case, JOY seems like a good goal to have.    Take a listen to Jess & Debbie on our latest NOW of Work podcast episode.
November 16, 2021
Digital Meetup Series-Special Guest Host Aubany Roybal
There's 50 days left in 2021! Have you taken a moment to check in with your employees? What do they think is missing within the different layers of your organization? Jason Averbook digs into this topic on today's Digital Meetup, with a special guest host. Aubany Roybal is a Change Management expert and consultant at Koniag Government Agency. Together, Jason and Aubany unpack this timely topic and engage with our #HR #HRTech community to talk all things Now of Work. Nothing is off the table, including hiring, retention, creating a people-first culture of connection, and the biggest Drivers and Drainers at work.  Come with questions. Leave with strategy!
November 12, 2021
The BIG QUIT with Kristin Penney, General Manager, Leapgen's Luminate
Women want a 'no-a$$holes' rule when it comes to work.    Does that surprise you? Just one finding in a massive Leapgen study of nearly 3,000 working adults in the U.S. This timely research data is RICH because we were bold enough to EXPLORE: race, gender, income level, job function, employment status, age, and the usual, of course. But also whether you manage others, how long you've been in your job, how big your company is, and whether your household has multiple streams of income.  The workforce is complex; people are complex; organizations need to be willing to explore those complexities if they are to deliver a meaningful, personalized, relevant and truly people-first culture. One that will keep people.   Jess Von Bank, Head of Marketing and Brand Strategy for Leapgen, and Kristin Penney, General Manager of Leapgen's Luminate practice and Research Director for this study, break it down and issue BIG CHALLENGES to address the BIG QUIT.  Know your people just like this, be prepared to act, and equip managers to better support people. TAKE A LISTEN
November 09, 2021
Speed to Talent with Evan Sohn - Digital Meetup Series
It's a candidate's work world and recruiters are in demand. But recruiters are also running on empty in a fragile labor market that's recovering from the pandemic, and challenged by The Great Resignation. Speed to talent is critical to business performance. is a light at the end of the tunnel! They're not only the world's most powerful marketing engine for recruiters, they've also built a robust AI hiring platform that is disrupting the $120B recruiting and staffing industry.  Listen in as Jess Von Bank and Jason discuss with Evan Sohn about how's AI platform works, which technologies and innovations are creating effective talent matching and hiring, labor market trends, and if the talent shortage is real. More great content every Tuesday and Friday, thanks for being a loyal listener. 
November 05, 2021
Making Human Decisions with Katharine Zaleski, President of PowerToFly
Representation is a problem when it comes to work. Until we solve it, we’re shortchanging people, business, and customers. Every business - EVERY. BUSINESS. - should be intensely focused on creating environments of belonging, a thriving and humble culture, and empathy-driven leadership. All done in a way that helps people feel brave, valued, and an integral part of building impactful business.    Jess Von Bank was thrilled to talk to tech co-founder Katharine Zaleski, President of PowerToFly. They dug into why the diversity recruiting and retention platform made a strategic decision (hint: a human decision) to broaden their focus to help more than women, how they help employers tackle massive diversity recruiting goals at scale, and how her career led her from the world’s most impressive newsrooms (Huffington Post, NowThis, The Washington Post) to creating inclusive workplaces.    POWER EPISODE ALERT. Listen up
November 02, 2021
Zone of Genius with Brandon Miller, 34 Strong - Digital Meetup Series
Employers are struggling to make work matter -- matter enough to keep, inspire, engage, and attract incredible talent. That means WORK needs to feel incredible. How do employers create incredible workplaces? Do new realities of remote, hybrid, distributed, digital work help or hurt efforts to create an inspiring, connected, even addicting workforce experience? In this episode, Jess Von Bank and Jason Averbook dig into these pressing questions with Brandon Miller, CEO of 34 Strong, which provides human development solutions to organizations, and has built the best places to work since 2013. They not only believe that everyone deserves a great place to work, they believe that any workplace can be great! When an organization focuses on building an employee's strengths, data shows that they become 3 times more engaged at work. Engagement is not only linked to well-being and customer satisfaction, it also strengthens retention. Feel free to rewatch the recording to see Jess & Jason's epic Halloween Costumes! Connect with Brandon: 34 Strong:
October 29, 2021
Experience v. Compliance with Jim Scully-Digital Meetup Series
Last week we talked about signals in the Now of Work. How we receive them, what they mean, how to take action. The signals keep coming FAST & FURIOUS; every organization who was squarely focused on proactively and thoughtfully improving employee experience is suddenly focused on REACTION & RESPONSE again. This time to sweeping vaccine mandates in the U.S., what it means for labor supply, and the impact on….you guessed it, EXPERIENCE. How is HR to operate in this ongoing Experience v. Compliance tug of war? How can HR operations and service delivery support these efforts? Leapgen's own Jim Scully joins today's Digital Meetup, who is not only our Service Delivery Practice Lead, he is known as the world's preeminent expert on service delivery models for digital experience.   In this episode Jason is broadcasting from the rolling hills of Pennsylvania and co-host, Jess Von Bank, joins from a race course in Door County, Wisconsin. If that’s not enough reason to join, Scully definitely clinches the deal.  Thanks for tuning in!
October 22, 2021
Discerning Signals-Digital Meetup Series
What would you be able to predict if you paid attention to signals? Probably a lot. Signals are everywhere; whether or not they mean anything relies solely on our ability to receive them, take note or make sense of them, and discern what they might mean. We could have predicted the labor shortage, right? Or these supply chain issues? Remote work? The social justice outcry of 2020? Would you have predicted The Great Resignation based on signals we’ve been seeing for months? Forget crystal balls and predictions; on today's Digital Meetup, Jess Von Bank and Jason Averbook will talk about ACTUAL SIGNALS. Markers. Indicators—what they mean, where we see them, and what to do about them as leaders in today's world. Thanks for tuning in. 
October 15, 2021
12 Second Culture with Shaun Peet and Mike Metcalf- Digital Meetup Series
Shaun Peet and Mike Metcalf believe that speed in business is the careful result of intentional culture that inspires human brilliance. The athletes, authors, and business leaders build high-performing teams on the principles of DIVERSITY, EFFICIENCY, CULTURE and KINDNESS. They're the founders of DECK Leadership and co-authors of 12 Second Culture.  They're also pit crew coaches for the most diverse pit crew in NASCAR. They assemble and train 5 HUMANS to change 4 TIRES and add 2 CANS of fuel in a race car in 12 SECONDS, so they know a thing or two about the effectiveness of speed.  It doesn't matter if you're changing tires, making widgets, delivering professional services or IT systems. You can't build the fastest, highest-performing teams on the planet without learning how to BECOME a team — and then become MORE than a team. Ryan Malkes and Jess were thrilled to welcome Shaun and Mike as guests on today's episode.
October 08, 2021
HR Tech Recap and Special Guest, Don MacPherson-Digital Meetup Series
There are still so many questions about what the future holds for the #HR #HRTech industry. Are we making necessary changes fast enough? The workforce and labor market continues to decide.  So what did Jason observe at this week's HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas? One thing he's likely to say: there's no simple fix, and it requires a mindset and purpose shift to come back strong.   All that and a special guest on today's Digital Meetup: Don MacPherson joins us to reveal the Future Leaders Academy, a program to prepare high-achieving high school and college students from economically challenged or underrepresented communities to become exceptional leaders in their homes, communities, schools and workplaces. LOVE OUR FRIDAY FEELS. Jess Von Bank and I can't wait to be with you. Chat soon!
October 01, 2021
Introducing Luminate by Leapgen-Digital Meetup Series
Big team news! Did you hear about it? This week we launched Luminate, our vendor services practice to provide strategic marketing, thought leadership, and research to digital HRTech solution providers.  We're excited to share more details about this team effort designed to support the transformation of the digital HR tech community on today's Digital Meetup. Leapgen has provided marketing strategy, thought leadership and advisory services to #HRTech vendors for years, but they need MORE. Digital HR technology solutions continue to flood the market to meet the demands of the Now of Work, but they're also challenged to reimagine their solutions for the most historic labor market, HR Transformation, and business cycles we’ve seen in modern times. We are doubling down on vendor services to meet demand through Luminate, leveraging our deep bench of marketing and brand strategists, industry analysts, and domain experts to focus on thought leadership, workforce research, and content strategy. Luminate provides the deepest market insights you'll find to drive IMPACT for buyers FASTER, helping position not only solutions but the teams that bring them to market. READ OUR LUMINATE PRESS RELEASE:
September 24, 2021
The Rise of the Hourly Worker with Josh Secrest- Digital Meetup Series
The Rise of the Hourly Worker is a BIG topic. They’re a BIG part of the labor force (82.3M hourly workers in the U.S. alone). They’re also in BIG demand as the economy thunders back to life. If you’re an employer of hourly workers, your challenges are just as BIG. They often change jobs more frequently, making attracting and keeping them harder. Hourly workers make up a big part of the deskless workforce; supporting and engaging them takes imagination and creativity. Pay is a huge driver for hourly workers, but it’s not the only thing. They want flexible work options; camaraderie and culture; development and advancement; a sense of community; and a frictionless experience that makes it easy for them to contribute and belong. Josh Secrest knows these challenges intimately. He solved for them at Abercrombie & Fitch, then at McDonald’s, and now at Paradox. Jess Von Bank and I are excited to welcome Josh to today's Digital Meetup to talk challenges and solutions when it comes to hiring, supporting and retaining hourly workers.
September 17, 2021
"I'm losing my patience," said Jason Averbook. "I'm losing my patience with HR organizations who aren't changing." Jason and Jess Von Bank pulled zero punches in this fiery conversation. If your plan, they explain, is to bring everyone back to the office or your plan is waiting until this is all over, you're missing the greatest opportunity you'll ever have to make the biggest impact we'll ever make in the history of work.  This means thinking about employee experience not as a technology interface but as whole person wellbeing; it means cease & desist on archaic talent management models, and it means meeting the most basic (living wages and pay equity, fairness, safety, health = all of this is surviving) AND the most aspirational needs (culture, belonging, working for purpose, inspired leadership = all of this is thriving) of the entire person.  "I've lost my patience with it. How many more reports, how many more studies of mental health, how many more discussions do we have to have about HUMANS to understand our part in the role of HUMAN RESOURCES? They're not workers, they're humans, and they're struggling. HR, you have to act." Tune in for more great content on the NOW of Work. 
September 10, 2021
Management Reset with Jason Lauritsen-Digital Meetup
What a week! We hosted a successful webinar on Deploying HR Tech to Fuel People & Purpose. If you tuned in, thanks for the support. The time is NOW to redesign HR tech for people, not for HR, using a whole person approach and human-centered design thinking.  On today's Digital Meetup, Jess and Jason share key highlights from the webinar; specifically how a deployment approach fills the gap between implementation and value, between technology as a tool and as a human enabler.  We are redefining workforce experience as so much more than it was before, requiring a new approach to the solutions that can enable it. Speaking of workforce experience, how would you define it? We asked our team, and got a variety of interesting responses.  We'll dig into what workforce experience looks like today, the hierarchy of needs when it comes to it, and why we need to reorganize HR. PLUS, we'll introduce a new Management Reset Masterclass created by our friend, Jason Lauritsen. His free training series is designed to support managers who are navigating their way through all of the changes in the Now of Work.
August 27, 2021
Special Guests Ryan Malkes and Emily Dahl Take Over the Meetup
Imagine if our obsession with happy customers started with an obsession for workforce experience? When you get employee experience right it has a ripple effect that washes over your customers.    What does it take? DESIGN, DESIGN, DESIGN! It's the key component—the backbone. Then comes data and a deployment mindset; not a bunch of #HRtech implementations.  This is why Jess Von Bank and I are excited to welcome two of our most brilliant minds to today's Digital Meetup. Leapgen designers, Emily Dahl and Ryan Malkes, will join us at 1PM ET for some straight talk. You ARE redesigning WORK, aren't you? You should be.   JOIN OUR LIVE CONVERSATIONS EVERY WEEK: REGISTER HERE:
August 20, 2021
The Bright Light of Employee Development-Digital Meetup: Ben Brooks
Employee development is a bright light in a competitive labor market. It not only helps with retention, developing talent can build trust, loyalty and connection to your organization's greater purpose.  ...And just like everything in the past 18 months, it is critical for leader to rethink how to approach employee development in the #NowofWork. Does digital culture, the distributed workforce, and hybrid models of working help or hurt our efforts to focus on people, their needs, and how they can be nurtured and developed to drive value as businesses innovate and evolve? We into this topic on today's Digital Meetup! Jess Von Bank and Jason Averbook will be joined by Ben Brooks, a Top 100 HRTech Influencer. We'll talk about the role of tech in developing people at scale, the acceleration of skills development brought on by automation, and the difference between employee coaching and traditional talent management. Ben is the CEO of PILOT, a career management technology platform that helps business leaders and employees to make work more satisfying and fulfilling.  Connect with Ben Ben's Company
August 13, 2021
The Weapons of Talent War with Craig Fisher-Digital Meetup
TALENT WARS are fun, aren't they? They challenge us to find better, engage better, recruit better, DO BETTER. When talent is calling the shots, we up our game! We polish off our Employee Value Proposition and employer brand, turn our efforts toward inclusion and retention to keep the talent sieve from leaking out the back door. We try to rectify the Glass Door reviews that took a hit when we were looking the other way....We sharpen the weapons of a good talent war. But how do companies reposition and bolster their employer brand to attract talent that's FRANKLY HAD ENOUGH? People want more, expect more, deserve more, and our BS detector has been sharpened through lingering pandemics. What about recruiters trying to do their jobs through it all? They're in the highest demand of all as open jobs soar and employers scramble to hire; how do they upskill themselves, make themselves marketable, or just keep up with high req loads? We have so much to talk about with Craig Fisher ON TODAY'S DIGITAL MEETUP FRIDAY, AUGUST 6. JOIN Craig, Jess Von Bank and Jason as they dig into THE WEAPONS OF TALENT WAR. Craig is the founder of the employer brand and recruitment tech/process strategy firm, TalentNet Media. He has led Global Marketing, Employer Brand, and Recruiting Innovation at Allegis Global Solutions and talent acquisition teams at the Fortune 500 level.
August 06, 2021
You can't hire your way into workplace diversity- Rosie Nestingen, Technology Transformation Director at Best Buy
THEN: She became Miss North Dakota for a big reason: to use her voice as a young Black woman on a platform with influence and reach in a place not expecting to see someone like her. Rosie Nestingen tells Jess Von Bank, our Head of Marketing and Now of Work community host, about the day she arrived at a school assembly to share her inspirational youth message with grade school kids. The principal greeted her: "I love your message, I love your story, but you should know your audience. There is ONE diverse person in our community. The only family who isn't German is Norwegian." NOW: What it must feel like doing diversity recruitment. You can't hire your way into workplace diversity. (Repeat that 100 times.) You CAN welcome marginalized employees by addressing belonging, inclusion, and retention. That's the real work, the harder work, and it also requires knowing your audience. "Where are we really at, if we're being honest?" You don't create workplace diversity in a Big Bang; you do it in repeatable, measurable, incremental ways that show PROOF of the PROMISES you make." This is Rosie's approach in her mission to attract and retain more diverse technology talent within Best Buy. She's not on the DEI team, she's on the technology team. DEI isn't a TEAM, it's a WAY OF BEING. Important #NowofWork podcast conversation; listen up! Connect with Rosie Nestingen:
August 04, 2021
Taking Stock with Jason Seiden
It's OFFICIALLY the 2nd half of 2021. Does your company still operate like it's 2019? A pandemic, unique labor market, and sweeping social movements all have the power to permanently alter human psyche. They can impact and forever change how we see people and work. Plain and simple, your organization shouldn't look the same as it did a year ago. How do you take steps to change things for GOOD? Tune in to this great episode where our Jess Von Bank welcomes Jason Seiden of BRNDSTRM to talk brand marketing, employee storytelling and tech adoption in the NowofWork.  You don't want to miss this!
July 27, 2021
What Keeps HR Leaders Up At Night with Yvette Cameron and Cara Capretta-Meetup Series
What keeps every HR & People leader up at night should come as no surprise. Every organization continues to plot and prioritize post-pandemic pivots around DEI; the mental wellbeing of the workforce; optimizing tech and streamlining workflows for the digital and hybrid workplace; and leading people with more transparency, more empathy, and increased personalization and flexibility. We have leadership gaps, too -- most organizations don't have enough or effective enough people leaders to drive the workforce through historic change and transformation. All of this is Workforce Experience. Technology is KEY to delivering and measuring experience at scale. Yvette Cameron and Cara Capretta join Jess Von Bank and I for this week’s Digital Meetup to share how organizations can bring mission-critical priorities to life for better employee experiences and business outcomes that matter. JOIN us for good conversation, strategies and solutions.
July 23, 2021
Recruiting During the "Great Resignation" with Debbie Tuel-Meetup Series
This is the most exciting time to be in this industry. Does that mean we're in peace time? No, we are in flipping war time! Last year we faced a RESET. Now, more than halfway into 2021, we are confronting the Great Recovery, which is competing against the Great Resignation. People want more and expect better. They also need to reestablish trust and connection in the #NowofWork. Employee Experience and humanizing work has never been more important. 1 MILLION PEOPLE LEFT THEIR JOBS VOLUNTARILY IN JUNE. Where does this leave recruiters—who are burned out themselves? They don’t know how to recruit in a defiant labor market, the old employee value proposition isn’t cutting it any more, and we can’t keep telling the same old story when jobs, business, and people have changed forever. The talent tables have turned. It’s a new era of employment relationship, a humanization of work movement that demands we put people first. This is why Jess Von Bank and I CAN'T WAIT to talk to Debbie Tuel, Chief Joy Officer at Symphony Talent. She’s leading The Joy Pipeline, a global journey to help talent acquisition leaders and recruiters get people back to work faster and with a more dignified experience. TUNE INTO OUR CONVERSATION.
July 16, 2021
Improving Employee Experience with Steve Boese and Jason Averbook-HR Tech Q&A
Join Steve Boese, HR Technology Conference Chair, and Jason Averbook, CEO & Founder of Leapgen, as they discuss ways HR can utilize technology to help employees achieve their goals, improve their skills, and enhance their career development.  Thanks for joining the conversation!
July 13, 2021
Humanizing Work with Jennings Wynn-Digital Meetup Series
Jennings Wynn is a CUSTOMER champion for recruiting solutions that deliver results, but he's also a PEOPLE champion for equity, diversity, creating spaces for belonging, and inclusive workplaces. He has deep expertise in Employee Resource Groups and the real value they can bring the business, he talks about the use of pronouns and inclusive language and workplace practices, and he tells a rich story around the real history and significance of #Pridemonth.   So before the final weekend of Pride celebrations commence, Jennings joins our Digital Meetup to tell us WHY THIS MATTERS in our efforts to humanize work. When it comes to #DEI and corporate values, what does a brand look like when it's not just talking the talk?  We love our Fridays together!  Join the team at Leapgen for this important conversation. Connect with Jennings: 
June 25, 2021
People Focused Coffee with Lindsay Wrege-Digital Meetup Series
Today's Digital Meetup is pretty inspiring. Jess and I are thrilled to welcome Lindsay Wrege to our broadcast. You may remember Lindsay from our #NowofWork podcast. In fact, her interview holds the top spot for our most listened to episode to-date. Lindsay's best friends in grade school were disabled. She grew up in their world with adaptive activities and inclusive classrooms. After high school graduation Lindsay looked forward to college, internships, and studying abroad. “But for them, it was a stopping point," she said, "...80% of people with disabilities are unemployed, and that’s just not OK." Instead of simply moving along, Lindsay decided to do something about it. As a college freshman, she created 321 Coffee. 100% of her coffee shop employees are disabled. Her successful business model is not just a rally cry for erasing the stigma around hiring disabled people, it's also a testament to change. It shows what embracing a diverse workplace can truly look like when put into daily practice. In this episode we see where Lindsay is now that she's a new college graduate, talk about inclusive workplaces, and how we all can take steps to create a working world of change. Connect with Lindsay: 321 Coffee:
June 18, 2021
Is "Future-proofing" Relevant? Digital Meetup Series with Katrina Kibben & Elena Valentina
We are excited about today's Digital Meetup, and we have two stellar guests on deck! How we tell the story of work changed completely when work changed completely. Jess and Jason are joined by Katrina Kibben, CEO of Three Ears Media. Katrina is a professional work storyteller with special expertise in writing job descriptions FOR the candidate, not ABOUT the employer. We talk about using inclusive language at work, the use of pronouns, and writing job advertisements that don't stink. We also focus on the power of storytelling for work during our chat with Elena Valentine, CEO of Skill Scout. We will unpack the art of visualizing and illustrating opportunity when it comes to talent, the work they do, where, and how they do it! Grab some coffee or a snack and TUNE IN. Jess will be live from the Black Hills of South Dakota. I have a feeling this is going to be a good one to share with your colleagues and team. See you soon on our live broadcast! Connect with Katrina: Connect with Elena:
June 11, 2021
Building Organizational Culture with Dan Riley
"One thing that we've been looking at and starting to see is this blending of societal culture and organizational culture. We're starting to identify ourselves in very a left and right way...This is starting to get a little bit dangerous, in how we build organizational culture."  Fascinating chat with Dan Riley, Co-Founder of RADICL, and our Jess Von Bank. On our NowofWork podcast, they peel back the layers of organizational culture, including talking about visible and invisible belief systems, hiring for culture, and what happens if we rally around purpose.  Check out RADICL's formative work: Connect with Dan:
June 08, 2021
Creating “Rave-worthy” Experiences with Lisa Sterling-Digital Meetup Series
Happy Friday. It's always great to reconnect with a Leapgen friend, who is a big supporter of the #NowofWork community, and making waves in it! Jess and I are excited to welcome Lisa Sterling to today's Digital Meetup! Lisa is a people crusader, talent and culture advocate, angel investor, and digital CHRO, who is a mastermind at activating the most important asset in business: PEOPLE. Enjoy this episode as we talk: PEOPLE TRENDS FROM A CHRO PERSPECTIVE. We will dig into: Moving to true global talent pools: Work is what you do, not where you go. The People function finally transitioning from efficiency metrics to value creation. Are we checking the DEI&B box or actually changing the game? The Pink Collar Recession: The exodus of women moving out of the workforce. Lisa is a fireball of energy who doesn’t hold back from speaking her truth. We know you’ll enjoy this exciting and laid back conversation. Connect with Lisa:
June 04, 2021
Experience Happiness with Nancy O'Brien & Rachelle Anderson
"We didn't start off to create a business called Experience Happiness...We started it to save our lives," Nancy O'Brien shares with Jess Von Bank on our #NowofWork #podcast.  Happiness may be a simple topic, but it's not simplistic, especially when it comes to work. On this new episode Jess chats with Nancy and Rachelle Anderson, the founders of Experience Happiness and creators of The Happiness Practice™— an innovative, sustainable, and scalable solution that helps people and organizations increase happiness, engagement and reduce burnout.  During the chat they unpack what makes us happy at work, how to get there, and why we all deserve it. Jess adds, "We throw a lot of buzz words around, especially when it comes to work. In a workplace setting we talk about how people perform and we measure performance and talk about engagement...use a lot of words to measure human beings at work, but I think that we're missing one really important and that is are people happy?"    Experience Happiness: Connect with Nancy: Connect with Rachelle:
June 03, 2021
Prioritizing Employee Experience with Rob Cross-Digital Meetup Series
As the notion of "returning to work" becomes a more popular term, it's important to keep the Now of Work in focus. We need to rethink work based on what works TODAY. Prioritizing people and employee experience matters more than ever. Hybrid work models are top of mind for many organizations. How does that change how PEOPLE and TEAMS operate? On today's Digital Meetup, Jess and Jason chat with Rob Cross. He's the world's preeminent authority on social network analysis, collaboration overload, organizational change, talent optimization, and effective leadership. Organizations are systems. Social systems, in particular. Looking through this lens is just one way to future-proof HR, innovate workforce experience, and better design hybrid work models. We hope that you enjoy today's Digital Meetup. Connect with Rob: Connect with Jason: Connect with Jess:
May 25, 2021
HR & IT: The Power Couple of 2021, with Thomas Otter
Thomas Otter joined Leapgen’s Digital Meetup last week, and an hour just wasn’t enough.  Thomas uses a brilliant analogy for the IT strategy of any organization (are you a sunflower, daisy, cactus, or dandelion?) and explains who the power couples should be when C-level executives collaborate to modernize their function and the business overall.  Sure, we’d love see to see HR and IT partner more often and more successfully, but Thomas thinks you should probably check in with Marketing if you want to take notes from a function who has successfully aligned delivery and technology to innovate the way they deliver value to the business.  He canceled 14 dates to spend his Friday night with us, and we guarantee this conversation was worth every minute of the time. Learn about the future of work tech directly from The Very Guy who helped scale SAP SuccessFactors to more than 50 million users and drove an HR Tech research agenda for Gartner that helped shape an industry. Enjoy! Connect with Thomas:
May 18, 2021
Self-care for Working Mothers with Chie Davis, Founder, Mommafied
How do you define self-care? More importantly, how do you approach and prioritize self-care alongside demands on time, physical space, schedule, health, and work?  Covid-19 has been especially harmful for working mothers, who were already carrying a disproportionate burden of teacher, housekeeper, babysitter, therapist, and all kinds of second shift duties. Working moms are dropping out of the workforce at an alarming rate because THIS. JUST. ISN'T. WORKING. So how can we find balance? If working moms don't save themselves, it's unlikely anyone else will. Jess Von Bank was proud to host Leapgen's own social media content producer, Chie Davis, to learn about Mommafied. When Chie isn't storytelling Leapgen's brand and services across social media, she's providing health, wellness and self-care tips for busy moms who want to lead more whole lives. Take a listen to their conversation, including what it's like to match personal brand and values to corporate brand and values.  Great conversation, Jess and Chie! Learn more: Connect with Chie: Connect with Jess:
May 06, 2021
Designing a Remarkable Workforce Experience with Workday-Meetup Series
How would you rate your Workforce Experience on a scale of one to 10? Would you give it a 10? Would you say, without hesitation, that it is REMARKABLE? That's the goal; an experience where both PEOPLE THRIVE and business moves forward. On today's Digital Meetup, we're excited to dig into the topic of DESIGNING A REMARKABLE WORKFORCE EXPERIENCE TO FUEL PEOPLE AND BUSINESS. JOIN Jess and I TODAY AT 1PM ET, as we welcome Special Guest: Greg Pryor, Senior VP, People & Performance Evangelist at Workday. Our chat is a warm-up to next Tuesday's Workday Navigator Series event, focused on delivering a meaningful and frictionless employee experience.
April 23, 2021
Designing Employee Journeys Using Data with Oracle-Meetup Series
This week Oracle announced that they want IN to the employee journeys space, and they're not alone. There's never been more activity in the HR Technology space— more urgency, funding and the intention to FOCUS ON PEOPLE; their SKILLS, EXPERIENCE, MOBILITY, DEVELOPMENT AND HAPPINESS! It's no longer just about tech. Honestly, it never was. It's about designing employee journeys using data. It's about re-engineering solutions to produce better business outcomes. AND today, we'll help you sort things out, with a SPECIAL GUEST. We're excited to welcome Yvette Cameron to our FRIDAY Digital Meetup! Our Jason Averbook, JESS VON BANK, and James Holincheck are pumped to talk shop with the Senior VP of Global HCM Product Strategy at Oracle. In addition to examining the market, we'll also surely have some Friday fun catching up and talking change with our longtime Leapgen friend.
April 16, 2021
Integrated Employee Experiences with Brian Matthews
Brian Matthews is President of Appriss Insights and is responsible for the overall strategic direction, and financial performance of this leading data and analytics business focused on saving lives, preventing fraud, and keeping communities and workplaces safe. Since joining Appriss in 2017, Brian has lead Insights’ product strategy, successfully pivoting the business towards new growth opportunities in risk management and fraud prevention, growing revenue by 70% and doubling EBITDA. In October 2019, Brian was promoted to President of Appriss Insights. As President, Brian has continued to drive growth and helped shape the culture of Insights to focus on growth over status quo, action over deliberation, and team over self-interests. Brian has over 30 years of senior leadership in technology companies with a primary focus on strategy, business development, sales, marketing, and product management. His experience ranges from startups and growth-stage companies to Fortune 50 organizations. Career highlights include almost a decade at JP Morgan Chase, eight years at VeriSign, as they scaled from $100M to $1.5B in revenue, and growth leadership roles at eOriginal, Verint, and Vubiquity. In these roles, Brian focused on defining growth strategies, disrupting markets, launching new products and channel distribution. Brian holds an MBA in Finance from New York University’s Stern School of Business and a BBA in Accounting and Pre-Law from Ohio University. He lives in the suburbs of Maryland outside of D.C. with his wife and three children. Connect with Brian: Connect with Jess: Appriss:
April 07, 2021
HR Tech Preview Series with Mimi Brooks-Digital Meetup Replay
We're 12 days away from Spring HR Technology Conference & Exposition and we're pumped! 4 Days, 7 Keynote speakers—3 Leapgen led sessions, including our Jason Averbook's keynote: Changing Work for Good: A Whole Person Approach to Digital Transformation. AND WHAT A TREAT it's been to chat with the fellow keynote speakers every Friday on our Digital Meetups. TOMORROW we're excited to welcome Mimi Brooks, CEO and Founder of Logical Design Solutions, to talk about Building Sustainable, High Performance Organizations of Tomorrow. Mimi, Jason and our JESS VON BANK will unpack new ways to work, the future of jobs, new approaches to leadership, and the framework for purpose-driven organizations. REGISTER TO JOIN US EVERY FRIDAY, at 12PM CST/1pm EST: Connect with Mimi:
March 05, 2021
Achieving a Truly Inclusive Work Culture with Mandy Price
The idiom of 'canaries in the coal mine' refers to coal miners who carried caged canaries into the mines to detect carbon monoxide and other toxic gases before they could hurt humans. Kanarys (pronounced the same way) was established with the same mission: to detect toxic factors that might prevent a company from achieving a truly inclusive work culture where everyone belongs. Where humans can thrive. Jess Von Bank was thrilled to welcome Mandy Price, CEO and Co-Founder of Kanarys, to the Now of Work. They got nitty gritty about the anonymous, bottom-up feedback loop that is absolutely essential to TRULY HEARING what PEOPLE ARE FEELING. Take a listen to an inspiring conversation about making your voice heard. Change at work starts here, in this conversation between Mandy and Jess — and with each conversation we have to make work more inclusive. Connect with Mandy: Connect with Jess: Kanarys:
March 03, 2021
HR Tech Preview Series with Rocki Howard-Digital Meetup Replay
NOW LIVE: SmartRecruiters is on a mission to change how people and organizations think about hiring, diversity, and recruiting. With Rocki Howard at the helm, they’re poised to make a significant impact. We’re excited to welcome Rocki, their Chief Diversity Officer, to our #NowofWork Digital Meetup. “We believe that when you change the lives of people who are underrepresented, you change the world,” she says. JOIN US as we talk: HUMANIZING DIVERSITY.
February 27, 2021
HR Tech Preview Series with Josh Bersin-Digital Meetup Replay
It's a big honor for our CEO, Jason Averbook, to welcome Global Industry Analyst, Josh Bersin, to our Now of Work Digital Meetup. In this episode they preview Josh's Spring #HRTechConf keynote "#HRTechnologyy 2021: Facilitating Big Changes in Work." Jason will also tease his talk. EACH VOICE OFFERS INCREDIBLE GUIDANCE for driving change, leading #digitaltransformation, making work better for people, and elevating experience. Technology has a supporting role to play, but it's not the featured actor. The featured actor is YOU. Maybe this moment in history was meant for change, and you were meant to do this #HR work. We've built an online community over 2,000 strong. Nearly 800 weekly audience members join us on Fridays on Crowdcast. It's the highlight of our collective weeks! We learn, inspire, and reshape ourselves as an industry. AND DON'T FORGET TO REGISTER FOR HR Technology Conference & Exposition:
February 25, 2021
Disrupting the Intersection of Diversity & Recruitment with Rocki Howard
Rocki Howard is doing some of the most important work that needs to be done right now, but wishes that her job didn't exist. "I would love to live in a world where I don't have a job," she tells our Jess Von Bank in this Now of Work podcast episode. Rocki is the Chief Diversity Officer of SmartRecruiters, and explains that she's on a mission to "disrupt the intersection of diversity and recruitment and create systems that lead to simple, substantive, sincere and sustainable diversity solutions." And although Rocki would love to live in a world where ALL recruiting includes diversity recruiting, she knows that the industry is not there yet.  To chip away at this dilemma, Rocki spearheaded a Diversity Hiring Toolkit with SmartRecruiters, that's changing the way people and orgs think about hiring, diversity, and retaining talent. She digs deeper during her engaging chat with Jess, as they unpack about everything from unconscious bias to tech and budget barriers. "We don't want price to be a barrier. We want people to have diversity hiring success. We believe that when you change the lives of people who are underrepresented, you change the world." Before joining SmartRecruiters, Rocki spent over 20 plus years in the recruitment industry. She's held leadership roles that include the US Operations Director at Resource Solutions, a Principal at Pipeline HC, and VP of Colleague Experience at Adecco. If you think Rocki and Jess's convo is smooth, it's because Rocki also has a podcasting background. She brings her wealth of experience and insights to her role as Host of the Voices of Diversity podcast, which seeks to amplify and humanize underrepresented voices and diversity efforts. Hear more from Rocki about changing the way we do diversity recruiting and hiring on Friday. She'll be a guest on our 2/26 Meetup Series. Save your seat now! REGISTER: Connect with Rocki: ACCESS Smart Recruiter's Diversity Hiring Toolkit:
February 23, 2021
HR Tech Preview Series with Torin Ellis-Digital Meetup Replay
WE LOVE highlighting people doing innovative work in #HR, #HRTech, #DEI, & #Women in Leadership worlds! THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT. Nearly ONE THOUSAND people have registered for our Friday #NowofWork Digital Meetups!! Surely a moment to celebrate. It's also an incentive to keep doing the work to help move the industry forward. In this episode, our hosts Jason Averbook & JESS VON BANK have the pleasure of welcoming Author, Tenured Practitioner & #Diversity Strategist Torin Ellis back to our meetup! If you joined our first chat with him last summer, he gave insightful, no-BS strategies for encouraging safe, supportive, and inclusive workplaces at the height of the George Floyd social movement. Torin previewed his HR Technology Conference & Exposition keynote, focused on helping organizations reframe their commitment to #inclusion and #belonging, go from fatigue to focus, and attract and retain diverse talent. We're thrilled to have recently previewed #HRTechConf keynote speakers, like Global Industry Analyst Josh Bersin and DEI Recruiting Expert Jackye Clayton ♕. We're excited for Torin to weigh in! DON'T MISS THIS!
February 19, 2021
Solutions, Beyond the Stats: 5 Ways to Bring Women Back into the Post-Pandemic Workforce
Mita Mallick is the head of inclusion, equity and impact at Carta. She's a columnist for SWAAY and has been published in Harvard Business Review, The New York Post, and Business Insider.  In this powerful conversation with Jess Von Bank, Mita tackles head on the mass exodus of women from the U.S. workforce - 2.2 million of them since the beginning of the pandemic, to be precise. In her latest HBR piece, she moves beyond the statistics and suggests 5 ways to bring women back into the post-pandemic workforce.  Perhaps these changes were needed ALL ALONG to bring more fairness, equal opportunity, and parity to working women, and perhaps some of these changes should be legislated. But business leaders don't have to wait; companies can and must step in to bring women back into their organizations. Jess and Mita agree: we cannot see full economic recovery without women, and it's up to individual organizations to show radical leadership and take charge.  The Now of Work is about all of the ways work has changed forever. Mita and Jess explain 5 simple ways work can change for good. Connect with Mita: Mita's HBR Article:
February 16, 2021
When Moments Become Movements: Shereen Daniels Breaks HR Silence on Racism
Shereen Daniels chose HR as her profession; she did not choose anti-racism as a platform. That is, until she broke her silence. Now she knows freedom like never before, and she actively works to deconstruct racism in leadership teams, in organizational constructs, and in everyday conversation. "I wish we stepped into our power more," she told our host Jess Von Bank on the Now of Work. "It's not about asking yourself why culture or society or the system doesn't work for Black people; ask yourself why it works so well for White people."  Shereen lays it all bare with Jess on this raw, real, action-inspiring, change-fueling conversation. She'll tell you the words you need to say without flinching before we see real change, and together they challenge HOW we can focus on DEI for as long as we have and STILL be in the situation we're in. Change is possible, as Jess illustrates when she recalls visiting the George Floyd memorial in her native city of Minneapolis. "It occured to me," says Jess, "this this was a moment of both horror and hope. A moment of crisis so great it will inspire the biggest movement of change in the world." LISTEN if you want to see the needle move in our lifetime. LISTEN if you want to dignify work by dignifying people. Just listen. Welcome Shereen Daniels, LinkedIn Top Voice of 2020, to the Now of Work. Connect with Shereen: HR-rewired: Connect with Jess:
February 09, 2021
One Size Doesn't Fit All for Diversity Recruiting with Jackye Clayton
In this episode we preview the spring keynote speakers on our Weekly Digital Meetup. The brilliant Jackye Clayton is up FIRST.  Her keynote—One Size Doesn't Fit All for Diversity Recruiting is the type of conversation that will change work for good. Jackye, a DEI expert and strategist,  will dig into the tactics needed to successfully scale diversity at your company. She'll also talk about sourcing candidates, how all career trajectories aren’t the same, and the best HR Tech to consider when diversifying. Jason asks the question "how did you get into HR in the first place?" and it is definitely interesting to hear the vastly difference, and yet relatable, stories of our listeners.  We also wish our very own Jess Von Bank a happy birthday with a special musical number.  We hope you enjoy the episode! Connect with Jackye: Connect with Jason: Connect with Jess:
February 05, 2021
Getting Smart (and Anti-Racist) About Recruiting with Jerome Ternynck
Jerome Ternynck is the CEO and Founder of SmartRecruiters, and he's actively changing the face of hiring forever. Like Jess, Jerome introduces himself as “born and raised in recruiting." With his heart in recruiting, his soul in technology, we see the perfect recipe for innovation. From his recruiting roots and founding one of the first Applicant Tracking Systems more than 20 years ago, Jerome now leads the smartest Talent Acquisition Suite for the modern workforce, actively changing the way global enterprises achieve hiring success while embracing diversity and inclusion in their process and technology approach (to go minute 10:20 for that conversation).  SmartRecruiters was one of the first companies to boldly proclaim they would go ‘Remote First Forever.” What have they learned from that business decision, and how is it helping them shape remote hiring best practices inside the world’s largest enterprises? Plus, one of our favorite questions to ask a podcast guest, and one of the best answers we've ever sure to listen to the end. Connect with Jerome: Diversity Hiring Framework Marketing Toolkit:
February 02, 2021
It’s Personal: The Business Case for Caring with Lorna Borenstein
Jess Von Bank welcomes Lorna Borenstein to the Now of Work. Lorna is CEO and Founder of Grokker, the enterprise wellbeing engagement solution that enables physical, emotional, and social wellbeing for everyone. She honed her consumer technology product and marketing skills at Hewlett Packard, eBay, and Yahoo!, giving her a front row seat at some of the most iconic and disruptive companies.  Recognized as a woman of influence by the Silicon Valley Business Journal and a Human Resource Executive Top 100 HR Tech Influencer, Lorna talks to Jess about the pink collar recession, her upcoming book “It’s Personal: The Business Case for Caring" and the critical importance of mental wellbeing in the modern workplace.  Connect with Lorna: Lorna's Book:
January 21, 2021
Digital Strategy for the CHRO-Alex Zea and Harry West
Digital Strategy is top of mind for all CHROs as we enter 2021 with fresh eyes. In this episode, Leapgen’s own shares tips and strategies to make the transition to digital as smooth as possible. Alex is a Digital Experience Evangelist and one of Leapgen’s most tenured employees coming to us from Morgan Stanley. Harry has 20+ years experience in Human Capital Management as a practitioner, software provider, thought leader and consulting expert. What Harry and Alex propose in this episode is a major shift in mindset and approach to shaping a better digital workforce. Although they only tease at their content in this podcast, you can catch them at their session this week at the FUEL 2021 Kickoff event where they will be sharing models, processes, and key strategies to thrive in the new now or work. Don’t miss their keynote or this event, register today: Harry West: Alex Zea:
January 12, 2021
2021 HR Predictions with Jason Averbook
Everyone is buzzing about Leapgen’s Fuel 2021 Kickoff this week. If you haven’t yet, register today and join us for 2 days of action-packed content that will continue to transform the industry and HR best practices. On this episode, Jason reviews his predictions for 2020, which were made before the pandemic hit, and answers the question, “are these still relevant after the post-pandemic shutdown?” His answers are insightful, timely, and inspire action. He also sets the stage for CHRO’s to have a beginner’s mindset in 2021 and rediscover a people-centric model that drives high engagement. Jason offers hope for what the new year will bring and how it will strengthen organizations. 2021 is the year of RE: renew, refresh, review, revolve, renovate, reinvent. It is our opportunity to build a better workforce experience that drives engagement, value, and impact. This conversation gives listeners a glimpse at Jason’s keynote as he makes predictions for 2021 and helps HR departments not only rebuild, but reimagine what is possible in the new now of work. Enjoy the chat and we hope to see you at our Fuel kickoff event! Register for FUEL 2021: Connect with Jason:
January 11, 2021
Design Thinking for Digital Workforce Experience-Ryan Malkes, Emily Dahl, & Mackenzie Rohn
We’ve got an all-star cast joining us on the show today, Ryan Malkes, Emily Dahl, and Mackenzie Rohn are here in the virtual studio to discuss their upcoming presentation “Design Thinking for Digital Workforce Experience” at the Fuel 2021 kickoff event produced by Leapgen. I was amazed at the energy and passion that they brought to our listeners, and at 8:30am in the morning. They shared a powerful message about driving empathetic action in the workplace. Not everyone has adapted to change in the same way and organizations need to implement a continuous listening strategy to best gauge how to help their employees. Empathy is a foundational element in Leapgen’s work to design a human-centric experience through design thinking. They reminded us that it is not about thinking so much as it is about design doing. While “planes are grounded” right now, we can take this opportunity to act and change. Join their session this Wednesday, January 13th, to gain actionable insights and practical next steps to design a better digital workforce experience. Register for Fuel 2021: Ryan Malkes: Emily Dahl: Mackenzie Rohn:
January 08, 2021
A Digital Change Experience that Sticks-with David Henschel and Emily Liddle
Today we get a sneak preview of Leapgen’s brand new change management services led by David Henschel and Emily Liddle in their presentation called a Digital Change Experience that Sticks. David spent 7 years as a Lead Associate at Booz Allen, and ran his own consulting group before joining the Leapgen team, and Emily is a Digital Workforce Transformation Specialist who is a pioneer in the digital experience movement. In this episode we dig deep into why traditional change management has failed us during the pandemic and why it’s so important to evolve and thrive in 2021. I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did. There is no better way to kickstart the year than with LEAPGEN at our FUEL 2021 event. It’s a two-day digital conference that is action-packed with content-rich presentations, You’ll hear from Jim Holincheck on emerging HR Tech, Henry West on digital strategy for the CHRO, and of course Jason Averbook will kick start the event making massive predictions for the new year. Register today! David Henschel: Emily Liddle:
January 06, 2021
Bill Banham, HRGazette & InnovateWork and Jess Von Bank
In this episode, Jess Von Bank sits down with Bill Banham to discuss how to choose your wins, silver linings, and embracing all the opportunities that disruption brings. Experience expectations have changed in 2020 and we as an industry must adapt and relearn what the workforce needs. Work is distributed more than ever and we must be able to support and meet people where they are with true experience design. For more information on Bill Banham, HRGazette & InnovateWork Click Here Register today for our Joakim Karud - That Day | Ash O'Connor - Vibe
November 04, 2020
Lindsay Wrege, 321 Coffee and Jess Von Bank
In the episode, Jess sits down with Lindsay Wrege, the ambitious CEO of 321 Coffee, and learns how a dream became reality. Lindsey explains the foundation of 321 coffee and how it created vast opportunity for so many. Diversity and inclusion is so much more than checking a box, it’s a sense of value and belonging. It’s bringing ownership to the table where it was never brought before. For more information on Lindsay Wrege and 321 Coffee Click Here Register today for our Joakim Karud - That Day | Ash O'Connor - Vibe
October 20, 2020
Jo-Ann Feely, Alexander Mann Solutions and Jess Von Bank
Jess Von Bank and Jo-Ann Feely, Global Managing Director of Innovation at Alexander Mann Solutions talk dexterity, resilience, and all things REAL. How do you use humanity to explore the new digital world? They discuss how the new workforce requires boundary-less skills and what that means for the talent pool in 2020. For more information on Jo-Ann Feely and Alexander Mann SolutionsClick Here Register today for our
October 14, 2020
Caitlin MacGregor, and Jason Averbook
Leapgen’s Jason Averbook sits down with’s CEO Caitlin MacGregor and dives into all things Talent. Changing how we think in regards to talent management isn’t easy, but Caitlin and Jason discuss why an organizations ability to become resilient is important and why a companies hiring needs must be met moving forward in the NOW of Work. For more information on Caitlin and Click Here Register today for our
October 06, 2020
Wayne Chattaway, The Anti and Jess Von Bank
Every company in the world is trying to figure out how to better serve the workforce in the Now of Work. Employee experience, safety and wellbeing, back to work, building digital experiences are all top of mind for CHROs and business leaders. What does this mean for digital experience platforms with no-code/low-code workflow builders, and what else does HR need to be thinking about to better serve the world of work? Jess Von Bank asks Wayne Chattaway, CEO of The Anti, to return to the Now of Work podcast to explain what's changed since our first conversation in April 2020. Enjoy this special Then v. Now edition! For more information on Wayne and The Anti Click Here Register today for our
September 09, 2020
Kevin Parker, HireVue and Jason Averbook
Kevin Parker, Chairman and CEO of HireVue, joins Jason Averbook on the Now of Work podcast. How is a major HR Technology and Talent Acquisition solution provider thinking about hiring in 2020 and beyond? Kevin explains: "Not everyone belongs at every company at every stage of its journey.” This former and longtime CFO from the broader technology landscape lends valuable advice to HR from the perspective of an executive who grew up in the financial and operational ranks of business. Take a listen to how we quantify the “softer ROI” of hiring. For more information on Kevin Parker and HireVue Click Here Register today for our weekly meetup
September 02, 2020
Jason Lauritsen, Keynote Speaker, Author & Consultant and Jess Von Bank
How are we redefining Employee Engagement in the Now of Work? Jason Lauritsen talks to Jess Von Bank about the human side of employee engagement, performance management, and employee experience. A foremost author, speaker, and thinker about Employee Engagement, Jason helps organizations around the globe think about the human first and build from there. Listen to Jason and Jess explore how we think about designing and managing work in 2020 and beyond. For more information on Jason Lauritsen Click Here Register today for our
September 01, 2020
Chelsea Abii, D&I Activist, Emory Law Student '21, Millennial Voice of Work and Jess Von Bank
Chelsea Abii is a budding law student at Emory University who champions allyship, diversity, social reform and the power of mentorship. She recently joined Leapgen on a Diversity & Inclusion webinar, and we were wowed by her presence, investments in paying it forward, and views on social values and the future of work. See what we mean by following her blog, and enjoy her incredible conversation with Jess Von Bank. Special introduction provided by another rising star destined for the future of work, Leapgen’s first digital student intern, Abigail Von Bank. For more information on Chelsea Abii Click Here Register today for our
July 29, 2020
Marc Moschetto, Kickmotor and Jason Averbook
Marc Moschetto grew up in the shadow of Apollo, a nerd to the nth degree for science and space travel. A kick motor is an engine on a spacecraft used to fire a higher level of orbit. His agency, Kickmotor, helps companies get to their next level of funding, next level of growth, achieve a level of scalability, or simply find their evolving story and and decide how they're going to tell it. Since we’re talking to one of the best storytellers we know, Jason Averbook wants to know how organizations can parlay best practices from marketing to serve and support the new distributed workforce. How do we leverage things we’ve learned in digital marketing and engagement, like knowing whether your message is resonating even when you can’t sit around the table with your audience (workforce)? HR has always had a lot to learn from marketing communications, and Marc breaks it down. How are you going to tell your story? Know your market. Have the right content strategy. And educate people so they can do their own research and come to their own conclusions. Take a listen to one of our favorite podcast guests yet. For more information on Marc Moschetto & Kickmotor Click Here Register today for our
July 22, 2020
Anne Fulton, Fuel50 and Jason Averbook
Talent development is nuanced, with career “engagers,” motivators, individual values, and skill gaps of each employee determining potential career opportunities. So how can it be scaled for an entire workforce? You democratize it, says Anne Fulton, CEO and Co-founder of Fuel50. “We love what our science brings to the business,” putting information about potential fit for a particular job in the hands of employees, the very people who should own their own future. At a time when talent optimization and internal mobility are more critical than ever for business agility and even business continuity, bringing rigor and science to decisions about talent just makes good business sense. Anne Fulton might call it business science. Enjoy this fascinating conversation between Jason Averbook and Anne Fulton. For more information on Anne Fulton and Fuel50 Click Here Register today for our
July 15, 2020
George McGehrin, The McGehrin Group and Jess Von Bank
What do adaptability and resilience look like in business? How are you behaving or operating now that is a positive improvement over how you operated pre-Covid? George McGehrin tells a start-over story many entrepreneurs, business owners, anyone for that matter can relate to. When stars do not align in your favor and you’re forced to rebuild and make decisions all over again, how do you rebuild better and smarter than before? What new decisions do you make? It’s a story we can all learn from in an historic year that has handed us the opportunity to rebuild just about everything. Perhaps the Great American Dream is the Great American Start-Over Story. Take a listen to George McGehrin with Jess Von Bank. For more information on George McGehrin Click Here Register today for our
July 14, 2020
Steve Boese, Trish McFarlane, H3 HR and Jason Averbook, Jess Von Bank | Part 2
Take a listen as Jason Averbook and Jess Von Bank continue their conversation with Trish McFarlane and Steve Boese of H3 HR and the HR Happy Hour. The conversation continues with personalization and prioritization when it comes to how, when and where we work. That’s just one long-awaited and surprise benefit of the pandemic driving everyone out of traditionally defined and structured workplaces and known, well-worn norms. But wait: just because we “went digital” during Covid, does that mean we just push things remote and online and say we’re digital now? NOPE. Remote doesn’t mean digital, tech doesn’t equal digital, online doesn’t imply digital. Digital requires a new EXPERIENCE, and that requires intentional design, a unique approach, and an elevated experience. And don’t miss RANT #2 in Episode 2 of 2 with Steve and Trish: We need to break education and learning if we’re going to truly transform work. Yes, we’re talking about K-12 and post-secondary education. Start teaching learners how to learn and skill themselves BEFORE they get to the workforce; form the right habits early in our learning lifecycle rather than waiting to break or form new habits once workers enter adulthood and the workforce. It’s Jason’s rant about poking the balloon to better prepare young people for work. Listen up! For more information on H3 HR Click Here Register today for our
July 01, 2020
Steve Boese, Trish McFarlane, H3 HR and Jason Averbook, Jess Von Bank | Part 1
Trish McFarlane and Steve Boese do incredible work to support HR and the HR Technology space. That’s why Jason Averbook and Jess Von Bank hosted them on the Now of Work, and why they had a billion questions. “When do we get to stop talking about Covid?” “What do the unemployment claims, jobs reports, and reported dismissals need to show us before we can claim economic recovery?” “How does the talent pot get re-sorted and re-mixed when HALF of American small businesses won’t survive Covid and when entire industries and verticals are being shattered?” “How did the pandemic act like a GREAT CLEARING when it came to workplace redundancies?” Those were just a few questions bantered about, and then came RANT #1 in EPISODE 1 of 2 in this conversation with Steve and Trish. Concerns for employee health - not just physical but MENTAL health - became very real and highly exacerbated during the pandemic. These are not new problems; now they’re newly acknowledged. It’s time for employers to do more to support the whole person, and work tech plays an important role. For more information on H3 HR Click Here & for more information on HR Happy Hour Click Here Register today for our
June 30, 2020
Dan Beck & Annrai O'Toole, Utmost and Jason Averbook
Work has changed forever, and it's ABOUT TIME. We were 10 years behind when it came to matching our experience of work to our experience of the WORLD. Just one way work has changed is how we think of it, how we structure and compensate work, who performs it and the employment relationship people desire, and how we think about “employees" versus "talent opportunities." We want flexibility, customization, and personalization to Work Your Way. We’ve called it the gig economy, the contingent workforce, and other things, but let’s stop separating it from our holistic view of WORK. There are a lot of different actors in the complicated landscape of the extended workforce; a holistic model and manageable experience should be the goal. Dan Beck & Annrai O’Toole join Jason Averbook on the Now of Work to talk about Utmost and their important exploration of the extended workforce. For more information on Utmost Click Here Register today for our
June 24, 2020
Tina Seashore, Oshkosh and Jason Averbook
"Is there a business on the planet who can say they were actually READY FOR COVID? Is there such a thing? There is, and Tina Seashore, Vice President of Global Rewards at Oshkosh Corporation, explains how that's possible. What digital transformation and workforce experience work had they already done that made them well-positioned for disruption? How does HR look at Oshkosh? How did they deliver community, socialization and connection for a global workforce in fewer than 8 days? What left the company saying THANK HEAVEN FOR HR LEADERSHIP as they navigated a world health pandemic? A transformation story not to miss. Listen up!" For more information on Tina Seashore Click Here Register today for our
June 17, 2020
Melissa Swisher & Randy Womack, and Jason Averbook
What is the value of a knowledge management system in providing an elevated experience and fostering digital conversations of trust in the Now of Work? If you’re trying to support interactions over transactions, foster bi-directional communication that feels personalized and frictionless, and truly meet your workforce where they are in the new Digital Workplace, this episode with Randy Womack and Melissa Swisher of is a must-listen. As Randy says, "people are what makes a company GREAT." It’s all about building conversations of trust for the "professional customers” that are your people. Listen in to a conversation about conversations... For more information on Melissa Swisher, Randy Womack and Click Here Register today for our
June 16, 2020
Susan Strayer LaMotte, Exaqueo and Jess Von Bank
Don’t miss this episode with Susan LaMotte, a pioneer in Employment Branding who started at Ritz-Carlton and Marriott running a portfolio of 18 brands before Employer Branding was even a function. How did working in hospitality force her to rethink work, what did it teach her about a company’s core values, and how did that drive her to found Exaqueo? Susan sheds light on what her company - already virtual pre-Covid - learned through the pandemic, and she comments on how brand strategies need to shift in the NOW of Work. You need to care about talent even when you don’t need them. And yes, we talked about how working moms might have been disproportionately screwed in the pandemic. We went there. Take a listen! For more information on Susan Strayer LaMotte and Exaqueo Click Here Register today for our Weekly Digital Meetup Music Joakim Karud - That Day | Ash O'Connor - Vibe
June 10, 2020
Peter Newhouse, Unilever & Ken Charman, UFlexReward with Jess Von Bank
In this podcast episode, Jess Von Bank meets with Peter Newhouse, Global Head of Reward for Unilever & Ken Charman, CEO of UFlexReward discuss employee rewards in the workforce in the Now of Work For more information on Unilever's UFlexReward systemClick Here Register today for our Weekly Digital Meetup Music Joakim Karud - That Day | Ash O'Connor - Vibe
June 09, 2020
Katrina Kibben, 3 Ears Media and Jess Von Bank
Katrina Kibben joins Jess Von Bank on the NOW of Work. They talk about the age-old problem of crappy job descriptions and the new NOW OF WORK problem of finally getting it right. How do you possibly describe what it's like to work for your company when everything is changing, everything is distributed and virtual, but the open jobs you're still hiring for are more important than ever? She has a tried-and-true process for getting to the heart of the matter, which means she's a great writer, a great storyteller about work and the people who do it, a no-bullshit kind of woman, and a pretty insightful human being. Which means we covered a lot of other stuff, too. Take a listen! For more information on Katrina Kibben and 3 Ears Media Click Here Register today for our Weekly Digital Meetup Music Joakim Karud - That Day | Ash O'Connor - Vibe
May 27, 2020
Chris Hoyt, CareerXroads and Jess Von Bank
Chris Hoyt, President and Co-Owner of CareerXroads and former recruitment strategist and leader at PepsiCo and AT&T, joins Jess Von Bank on the NOW of Work. The talent pot was stirred overnight and permanently; what hiring trends matter now, what are companies doing to attract and scoop up the MOST talent and the BEST talent they've seen in play in more than a decade, and how are impacted organizations creating "talent swaps" to keep talent fluid, deployed, and RETAINED as business shifts? For more information on Chris Hoyt and CareerXroads Click Here Register today for our Weekly Digital Meetup Music Joakim Karud - That Day | Ash O'Connor - Vibe
May 26, 2020
Skot Waldron, Multiple INC. & Miami Ad School, Atlanta and Jess Von Bank
Skot Waldron joins Jess Von Bank on the NOW of Work to talk about branding in good times and bad, leading under stress, the communication and culture development strategies that can bring your workforce closer than ever, and the intersection of external brand and internal brand. With special commentary on personal branding for job seekers in the wild & woolly New World of Work. Enjoy this Digital Dose! For more information on Skot Waldron Click Here Register today for our Weekly Digital Meetup Music Joakim Karud - That Day | Ash O'Connor - Vibe
May 20, 2020
Steve Lucas, iCIMS and Jason Averbook
In this podcast episode Jason Averbook and iCIMS's CEO, Steve Lucas explore the evolution of building a winning workforce, COVID hiring trends, and how work must get done in the Now of Work. For more information on Steve Lucas and iCIMS Click Here Register today for our Weekly Digital Meetup Music Joakim Karud - That Day | Ash O'Connor - Vibe
May 19, 2020
Monday Mindset #4 With Jess Von Bank and Jason Averbook
Leapgen's CEO and Head of Marketing kick off another Monday morning with a fresh mindset on the NOW of Work. For more information on the NOW of Work Click Here Register today for our Weekly Digital Meetup Music Joakim Karud - Hype
May 18, 2020
Mike Ettling, Unit4 and Jason Averbook
In this podcast episode, Jason Averbook and Unit4's Mike Ettling discuss the Now of Work For more information on Mike Ettling and Unit4 Click Here Register today for our Weekly Digital Meetup Music Joakim Karud - That Day | Ash O'Connor - Vibe
May 13, 2020
Dorothy Dalton, 3Plus International and Jess Von Bank
What are the soft skills we need to be successful in a distributed work environment, and what does that require of managers and leaders? As you consider Return to Work approaches, Dorothy Dalton encourages key considerations around behavior, infrastructure and systems. Take a listen! For more information on Dorothy Dalton and 3Plus International Click Here Register today for our Weekly Digital Meetup Music Joakim Karud - That Day | Ash O'Connor - Vibe
May 12, 2020
Monday Mindset #3 with Jess Von Bank and Jason Averbook
Leapgen's CEO and Head of Marketing kick off another Monday morning with a fresh mindset on the NOW of Work. For more information on the NOW of Work Click Here Register today for our Weekly Digital Meetup Music Joakim Karud - Hype
May 11, 2020
Katee Van Horn & Lisa Cervenka, VH Included and Jess Von Bank
Jess discusses empathy, creating a sense of safety, and developing connection and trust with each other at work. These are the important outputs of Inclusion, Diversity and Belonging programs, and they happen to be critical tools in managing your workforce through turmoil. For more information on VH Included Click Here Register today for our Weekly Digital Meetup Music Joakim Karud - That Day | Ash O'Connor - Vibe
May 06, 2020
Leighanne Levensaler, Workday and Jason Averbook
In this episode, Workday's CMO, Leighanne Levensaler, and Leapgen's CEO Jason Averbook discuss her perspective on the Now of Work, loving your people and what that means through the lens of a leading vendor in the world. For more information on Leighanne Levensaler and Workday Click Here Register today for our Weekly Digital Meetup Music Joakim Karud - That Day | Ash O'Connor - Vibe
May 05, 2020
Monday Mindset #2 with Jess Von Bank and Jason Averbook
Leapgen's CEO and Head of Marketing kick off another Monday morning with a fresh mindset on the NOW of Work, May the 4th be with you. For more information on the NOW of Work Click Here Register today for our Weekly Digital Meetup Music Joakim Karud - Hype
May 04, 2020
Heather McGowan - Author and Thought Leader, The Adaptation Advantage and Jason Averbook
In this podcast episode, Jason Averbook and Heather McGowan discuss why adaptation is one of the most important skills for anyone in the world today For more information on Heather McGowan and The Adaptation Advantage Click Here Register today for our Weekly Digital Meetup Music Joakim Karud - That Day | Ash O'Connor - Vibe
April 29, 2020
Enrique Rubio, Hacking HR and Jason Averbook
In this Podcast episode, Jason Averbook and Enrique Rubio, Founder of Hacking HR, discuss the new NOW of Work and what that looks like during and post COVID-19. For more information on Enrique Rubio and Hacking HR Click Here Register today for our Weekly Digital Meetup Music Joakim Karud - That Day | Ash O'Connor - Vibe
April 28, 2020
Monday Mindset #1 with Jess Von Bank and Jason Averbook
Leapgen's CEO and Head of Marketing kick off your Monday morning with a fresh mindset on the NOW of Work For more information on the NOW of Work Click Here Register today for our Weekly Digital Meetup Music Joakim Karud - Hype
April 27, 2020
QuickTake #4 with Jason Averbook | National bring your child to work day
In today's QuickTake, Jason Averbook considers national bring your child to work day and what that should mean in the new NOW of work . For more information on the NOW of Work Click Here Register today for our Weekly Digital Meetup Music Unwritten Stories - Future Solutions Future Bass
April 23, 2020
Linda Mougalian, ADP with Jason Averbook
In this podcast episode Jason Averbook chats with ADP's Linda Mougalian on their newly released COVID-19 response programs For more information on Linda Mougalian and ADP's COVID resource site Click Here For the infographic Linda mentions in this episode Click Here Register today for our Weekly Digital Meetup Music Joakim Karud - That Day | Ash O'Connor - Vibe
April 22, 2020
QuickTake #3 with Jason Averbook | Tips for leading through a crisis when the workforce is remote
Jason Averbook gives tips for leading through a crisis when the workforce is remote in the NOW of Work. For more information on the NOW of Work Click Here Register today for our Weekly Digital Meetup Music Unwritten Stories - Future Solutions Future Bass
April 21, 2020
QuickTake #2 with Jason Averbook | Digital Workplace and the Role of HR
Jason explores why HR must play a more active role in the ownership of the new Digital Workplace Strategy starting NOW. For more information on the NOW of Work Click Here Register today for our Weekly Digital Meetup Music Unwritten Stories - Future Solutions Future Bass
April 20, 2020
Drew Austin, Wade & Wendy with Jason Averbook
In this Now of Work Podcast episode, Jason Averbook meets with CEO & Co-Founder of Wade & Wendy on his outlook of the #NOWofWork. For more information on Drew Austin and Wade & Wendy Click Here Register today for our Weekly Digital Meetup Music Joakim Karud - That Day | Ash O'Connor - Vibe
April 16, 2020
QuickTake #1 with Jason Averbook | Mindset and Alignment a MANDATE for Leadership Teams Today
Jason Averbook summarizes what he's hearing from global HR leaders and practitioners, and discusses the importance of mindset and alignment in the NOW of Work. For more information on the NOW of Work Click Here Register today for our Weekly Digital Meetup Music Unwritten Stories - Future Solutions Future Bass
April 15, 2020
New HR Guideposts for 2020: A Conversation with Oracle's HCM User Group | April 2020
Leapgen's Jason Averbook presents new HR guideposts to Oracle's HCM User Group. For more information on OHUG Click Here Register today for our Weekly Digital Meetup Music Joakim Karud - That Day | Ash O'Connor - Vibe
April 14, 2020
Jim Scully, Leapgen and Jason Averbook
Jason Averbook is joined by fellow Leaper and founder of the HR Shared Services Institute, Jim Scully, to discuss changefullness, organizational fracking, reimagining employee experience and more on this episode of the Daily Digital Dose! Register today for our Weekly Digital Meetup Music Joakim KarudThat Day | Ash O'Connor - Vibe
April 13, 2020
Digital Meetup Q&A | 4/10
Jason Averbook, Jess Von Bank, and the NOW of Work Community continue the weekly Digital Meetups with this episode recorded live on April 10th, 2020. These interactive sessions take place every Friday at 10 am Pacific - We encourage you to participate in the weekly dialogue and share your insight! Register today for our Weekly Digital Meetup Music Joakim Karud - That Day Ash O'Connor - Vibe
April 12, 2020
Yvette Cameron, Velocity Career Labs and Jason Averbook
Jason Averbook is joined by Yvette Cameron to discuss the Now of Work For more information on Yvette Cameron Click Here Register today for our Weekly Digital Meetup Music Joakim Karud - That Day Ash O'Connor - Vibe
April 10, 2020
Wayne Chattaway, The Anti with Jason Averbook
Jason Averbook discusses the NOW of Work and ServiceNow with Wayne Chattaway; Co-Founder & CEO of The Anti. For more information on Wayne Chattaway & The Anti Click Here Register today for our Weekly Digital Meetup
April 09, 2020
Lisa Sterling, R3 Engage and Jason Averbook
Jason Averbook is joined by Lisa Sterling to discuss Leadership and Culture in today’s Now of Work. Lisa is an HR Tech enthusiast, Forbes Contributor, and thought leader who previously held leadership roles at Ceridian, Mercer, and Ultimate Software. For more information on Lisa Sterling Click Here Join the NOW of Work Slack Community
April 08, 2020
Mollie Lombardi, m.research and Jason Averbook
Jason Averbook is joined by Mollie Lombardi, Founder and Principal Analyst at and m.Research. For more information on Mollie Lombardi and m.Research Click Here Join the NOW of Work Slack Community
April 07, 2020
Andrew Dubowec, League and Jason Averbook
Jason Averbook is joined by Andrew Dubowec, Vice President of League Inc. to discuss how League is transforming the employee experience of health and wellness. For more information on League Inc Click Here Join the NOW of Work Slack Community
April 06, 2020
Digital Meetup Q&A | 4/3
Jason Averbook, Jess Von Bank, and the NOW of Work Community continue the weekly Digital Meetups with this episode recorded live on April 3, 2020. These interactive sessions take place every Friday at 10 am Pacific - We encourage you to participate in the weekly dialogue and share your insight! Join Digital Meetups Live:
April 06, 2020
Eric Mosley, Workhuman and Jason Averbook
Jason Averbook is joined by Eric Mosley, CEO and co-founder of Workhuman to discuss connecting the modern workforce. For more information on Workhuman Click Here Join the NOW of Work Slack Community
April 03, 2020
Josh Bersin, Bersin Academy and Jason Averbook
Jason Averbook is joined by HR Thought Leader Josh Bersin to discuss Josh's recent article, The Big Reset: Making Sense of the Coronavirus Crisis. Josh also goes over how vendors should support their clients during this challenging time, and how The Bersin Academy is upskilling professionals remotely. Bersin Academy Click Here Join the NOW of Work Slack Community
April 02, 2020
Ian Cook, Visier and Jason Averbook
Jason Averbook discusses People Data for Crisis Management with Ian Cook; VP of People Solutions at Visier. Join Digital Meetups Live: NOW of Work Slack: Music Joakim Karud - That Day Ash O'Connor - Vibe
April 01, 2020
Steve Farber, The Extreme Leadership Institute & Jason Averbook
Jason Averbook discusses the importance of LOVE in the NOW of work with Steve Farber; Leadership Pioneer, Strategist, Keynote Speaker and Bestselling Author on Extreme Leadership.
March 31, 2020
Jeanne Achille, HR Technology Conference and Jason Averbook
Jason Averbook discusses the NOW of Work in the HR Tech Industry with Jeanne Achille; PR & Marketing Expert Chair, #SelectHRTech Conference Chair, Women in #HRTech #HRTechConf U.S. & Asia. | Join Digital Meetups Live: NOW of Work Slack:
March 30, 2020
Digital Meetup Q&A | 3/27
Jason Averbook, Jess Von Bank, and the NOW of Work Community continue the weekly Digital Meetups with this episode recorded live on March 27, 2020.  These interactive sessions take place every Friday at 10 am Pacific - We encourage you to participate in the weekly dialogue and share your insight! Join Digital Meetups Live: NOW of Work Slack:
March 27, 2020
Emily Liddle, Leapgen and Jason Averbook
Emily Liddle brings her Change Management expertise to the table on today's Daily Digital Dose with Jason Averbook! Join Digital Meetups Live: NOW of Work Slack:
March 26, 2020
Josh Scott, Guild Education and Jason Averbook
Stop The Spread and Guild Education discuss the movement created to #stopthespread of Covid-19 as well as the future of education and upskilling of the workforce. Guild Education: Join Digital Meetups Live: NOW of Work Slack:
March 25, 2020
Aishwarya Jain, PeopleHum and Jason Averbook
In today's Daily Digital Dose, Aishwarya Jain from peopleHum interviews Jason Averbook who discusses the core philosophy of Leapgen, how the Coronavirus may affect the future of work, how AI will shape the way we create workplace experiences, and more!
March 24, 2020
David Guazzarotto, Humans of HR and Jason Averbook
David Guazzarotto says he only has a brilliant idea once a decade - We think he's being humble but even if that is the case, he's outdone himself with his take on "Social vs. Physical Distancing." David joins Jason Averbook in this episode of the Daily Digital Dose to discuss the importance of connectivity and social interaction during the Covid-19 pandemic, and how the challenging effects society is dealing with NOW can act as a catalyst for positive change around the way we communicate moving forward.
March 24, 2020
Digital Meetup Q&A | 3/20
Jason Averbook, Jess Von Bank, and the NOW of Work Community continue the weekly Digital Meetups with this episode recorded live on March 20, 2020.  These interactive sessions take place every Friday at 10 am Pacific - We encourage you to participate in the weekly dialogue and share your insight! Join Digital Meetups Live: NOW of Work Slack: 3/20 Topics Engagement Surveys - How are you measuring how employees feel during this moment in time? Deploying new HR technologies while transitioning a workforce to WFH Onboarding mission-critical employees virtually Employee Experience and measuring fulfillment during Moments that Matter
March 20, 2020
Tim Sackett, HRU Technical Resources and Jason Averbook
Tim Sackett joins Jason Averbook to talk about the importance of “Rational Compassion.” How do you understand and serve the value and needs of every human being, every individual, while balancing that effort against the needs of the business? In turn, Jason comments on the real heroism we’re seeing by the day: acting like a leader when you don’t even need to, when you’re not a leader by title, but doing it because it’s the right thing to do. Join Digital Meetups Live: NOW of Work Slack: Leapgen NOW of Work Resources:
March 19, 2020
Alex Zea, and Jason Averbook, Leapgen
In this Daily Digital Dose, In our first episode of the Daily Digital Dose Series, Jason Averbook and Alexandra Zea go into detail on how organizations should approach gathering data, utilizing analytics, and extracting the insights necessary to provide meaningful support to employees and make crucial business decisions with intelligence.  Join Digital Meetups Live: NOW of Work Slack: Leapgen NOW of Work Resources:
March 19, 2020
Jess Von Bank, Head of Marketing and Jason Averbook, CEO & Co-Founder of Leapgen
In our first episode of the Daily Digital Dose Series, Jason Averbook and Jess Von Bank discuss adapting to remote work and other affects of the Cornavirus outbreak, while also balancing family life and mental wellness. Join Digital Meetups Live: NOW of Work Slack: Leapgen NOW of Work Resources:
March 19, 2020
Digital Meetup Q&A | 3/13
Join Jason Averbook, Jess Von Bank, and the NOW of Work Community with this episode of our first Digital Meetup, recorded live on March 13, 2020.  These interactive sessions take place every Friday at 10 am Pacific - We encourage you to participate in the weekly dialogue and share your insight! Join Digital Meetups Live: NOW of Work Slack: 3/13 Topics  What can companies do to show employees they care during the Coronavirus pandemic? How do you ensure a seamless transition for employees that are transitioning to remote work while caring for families? How do you onboard employees remotely while preserving current culture? How do you determine which business groups are a priority and allocate resources accordingly?
March 18, 2020
NOW of Work - Leapgen Digital Meetup Intro with Jason Averbook
The Digital Workplace is the new normal, and we need to get there, fast. Effectively immediately, Leapgen is hosting WEEKLY OPEN OFFICE HOURS with Jason Averbook to support all those in HR and Workforce Technology now trying to forge the New Digital Workplace.
March 16, 2020