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LEARNING CURVE Audio Experience

LEARNING CURVE Audio Experience

By Daniel Ogbuti
Learning can be hard and most times guidance is needed into learning some particular skills. This podcast is aimed to encourage you by teaching you how to overcome and become better at learning that new skill by interviewing experts who have been in the same shoes as yours. In this podcast we cover different fields ranging from Data Science to Startups. You do not want to miss out on any episode. Let's get started
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Standing out from the crowd/Building brand for job opportunities/Listener questions w/ Dragos Neceldu (CEO CodewithDragos)
This week, our guest Dragos Neceldu - Software Engineer and Mentor answers some very important questions. We discuss how to stand out from the crowd to attract recruiters despite it being difficult, things you need to do to set yourself apart for that new job and becoming your own boss by getting started freelancing. We also answer some very great listener questions asked during the show and sent via email.  Enjoy, if you want your questions to be answered on the show, email me at or attend our facebook livestream on Thursdays @learntocodeafrica. You can also TWEET ME @daniel_ogbuti
October 25, 2020
How to fund a startup/Business tactics/Sharing your story w/ John Paul Nwobodo
This week, John Paul answers some great questions. We discuss how to fund your business using public validation through crowdfunding, how to pursue starting a startup in the African ecosystem, the need for mentorship and whether you should share your story even if you are early in the game. Enjoy, let me know what you think. TWEET ME @daniel_ogbuti
October 12, 2020
How to deal with Burnout and Stress w/ Bruno Muniz (CEO Total Cross)
In this episode, Bruno answers some great questions. We discuss the best ways to stand out as a developer, advice on how to deal with burnout and many insight into starting a startup.
September 28, 2020
Becoming a Data Scientist w/Avery Smith - Exxon Mobil
Data is everywhere and there are heroes who use advanced skillsets to manage data and make analysis from it. These heroes are data scientists and they are in demand around the world. Are you already thinking of diving into this field, then this is for you.  In this episode, Avery Smith answers listener questions and talks about his experiences working as a data scientist at Exxon Mobil
September 14, 2020
Crypto Night w/ Success Oganiru - Aeternity Ambassador
The crypto world has been on the upsurge for a while and many do not know what the term blockchain mean. There is more to blockchain than just cryptocurrency. It is not just about the financial parts to it that matter but also the technological. That brings us to the question. Is blockchain just a fad?
September 14, 2020
How to get past impostor syndrome w/ Love Joseph - Achievers Corp
Join Love Joseph Software engineer as he shares his journey and dives deep into how to get past that feeling of impostor syndrome. A feeling that makes you feel like you are not good enough to be a developer or makes you think that everyone is better than you in your field. 
September 14, 2020