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Learning to Serve

Learning to Serve

By Christian Deeper Learning
Learning to Serve explores Deeper Learning in Christian schools. Hosted by Krista Adams Wallace.

Original music by Stephen Clemmons
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Teaching your students how to share their faith and keep their friends - interview with Dr. Stan Ward
Check out Dr. Stan Ward's book, Worldview Conversations: How to Share Your Faith and Keep Your Friends, a short how-to book for Christian educators.  This book was borne out of his work teaching a senior Bible seminar for a group of students from all over the world and from varied faith backgrounds.   Dr. Ward has a PhD in Leadership Studies and leads Influence Coaching.  
February 11, 2022
Story of Promise: Interview with Sarah Cumming
How two visionary leaders, Sarah and Alan Cumming, launched a new Christian school for students in an under-resourced area of Tyler, TX.  This is their story of their restlessness, their faith, and how they were able to put it all together. Read more about Promise Academy:
January 22, 2022
Joanna and Steven Levy - Summer Institute 2022
The Levys are bringing back their Summer Institute!  See more details on the Christian Deeper Learning website.   Register for CDL5 in San Diego, California and join us on our site visits to Deeper Learning Schools on March 7, 2022.
December 17, 2021
CDL5 invitation by Dan Beerens
Interview today with Dan Beerens, co-chair of Christian Deeper Learning and CACE Fellow.  Come join us this year for CDL5, our in-person pre-conference to Converge2022 in San Diego, CA March 7-8, 2022.  Register at today! Check out our blog posts that explore Deeper Learning in Christian Schools! Learning to Serve is created, produced, and hosted by Krista Adams Wallace
October 20, 2021
Deeper Learning Slice
Consider creating a Deeper Learning Slice for your staff to experience firsthand the impact of experiential learning.  This podcast explores what is a slice and how to create a slice for your staff as a Professional Development experience.   If you'd like to connect about planning a Slice for your staff, please contact me at: For futher resources on BBK (Building Background Knowledge, visit EL Education:
June 16, 2021
Building Community through Crew Part 2: Q&A with Ron Berger
Steven Levy and Sara Espinoza interview Ron Berger, Senior Advisor for Teaching and Learning with EL Education.  Check out the new book, We are Crew, as well as the video, Brave and Honest Communication through Crew.   Questions they consider include: 1. How do you find time to schedule Crew? 2. How do you form small groups and still have an adult with each of these Crews? 3. Is there a curriculum for Crew? 4. How do you maintain Crew culture from year to year? 5. How do you have discussions around hard questions? 6. How do you start Crew? 7. Are there best practices around group numbers per grade level? 8. For middle school students, what are some recommendations for this age group? 9. How do you get buy-in from your school? Book: Video:
April 15, 2021
CDL4 Interview with Ron Berger - Building Community through Crew Part 1
Today's show features an interview with Ron Berger, Senior Advisor for Teaching & Learning with EL Education.  Ron talks about the structures and the culture of Crew. He is interviewed by Steven Levy, co-chair of Christian Deeper Learning. Ron shares a video on the "Power of Crew", which can be viewed online. Check out Ron's latest book:  We are Crew - A Teamwork Approach to School Culture. 
March 24, 2021
CDL4 virtual gathering - Introduction by Steven Levy and Dan Beerens
Listen to our Welcome Session of the CDL4 virtual gathering, led by Steven Levy and Dan Beerens.   To learn more about Christian Deeper Learning, visit our website: Read the white paper that dives even deeper into Christian Deeper Learning!
March 13, 2021
Dr. Stan Ward on How to Handle Burnout
Notes by Dr. Stan Ward: To learn more about how to beat leadership burnout, go to Because I’m all too aware of how Christian school teachers and administrators can burn the candle at both ends, I suggest you read this blog post on Servant Leadership vs. Martyr Leadership. For those who would like to see more of what I’ve written, here is a link to my Author Page For anyone who just wants to know more about the work I do or contact me, they can use my personal webpage - For those who want to know more about my coaching business and the resources I offer, they can find that information at Finally, I encourage all your listeners to either podcast episode to see this Sacred Pace blog post.  For any listeners who simply want the audio files for my burnout book, they can email and put “audio book” in the subject line. For any listeners who want more information about the group program I’m offering to Christian School administrators, they can email and simply put “group program for administrators” in the subject line.
March 04, 2021
Krista Wallace - My WHY and My Story
Host Krista Adams Wallace shares her own story of starting the Doulos Discovery School and WHY Christian Deeper Learning is important to her. To learn more about the Doulos Discovery School, visit: - for information on the school - for information on serving with Doulos
February 02, 2021
Dan Beerens & Steven Levy - The Backstory of Christian Deeper Learning
The three co-chairs for Christian Deeper Learning discuss how we connected to Deeper Learning, as well as the people who have influenced and inspired us on the journey.   A white paper that provides a definition of Christian Deeper Learning can be found here.  
January 21, 2021
Darryl DeBoer - Teaching for Transformation
Darryl DeBoer is the Director of Teaching for Transformation, a distinctively Christian method of Deeper Learning.  Learn more at and discover their Deep Hope.  
January 09, 2021
Dr. Lynn Swaner on Service Learning
Dr. Lynn Swaner, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer with ACSI, shares why service learning is a powerful tool for Christian schools.   Check out ACSI's "Flourishing Schools Institute" in 2021:
January 06, 2021
Assessment and Feedback with Dr. Jonathan Eckert
Today's guest is Dr. John Eckert from Baylor university. He is a professor of educational leadership, and he will be presenting on assessment and feedback at this year's CDL4. 
December 11, 2020