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Learning to Serve

Learning to Serve

By Christian Deeper Learning
Learning to Serve explores Deeper Learning in Christian schools. Hosted by Krista Adams Wallace.

Original music by Stephen Clemmons
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Krista Wallace - My WHY and My Story
Host Krista Adams Wallace shares her own story of starting the Doulos Discovery School and WHY Christian Deeper Learning is important to her. To learn more about the Doulos Discovery School, visit: - for information on the school - for information on serving with Doulos
February 2, 2021
Dan Beerens & Steven Levy - The Backstory of Christian Deeper Learning
The three co-chairs for Christian Deeper Learning discuss how we connected to Deeper Learning, as well as the people who have influenced and inspired us on the journey.   A white paper that provides a definition of Christian Deeper Learning can be found here.  
January 21, 2021
Darryl DeBoer - Teaching for Transformation
Darryl DeBoer is the Director of Teaching for Transformation, a distinctively Christian method of Deeper Learning.  Learn more at and discover their Deep Hope.  
January 9, 2021
Dr. Lynn Swaner on Service Learning
Dr. Lynn Swaner, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer with ACSI, shares why service learning is a powerful tool for Christian schools.   Check out ACSI's "Flourishing Schools Institute" in 2021:
January 6, 2021
Dr. Vernita Mayfield - Overview of Love One An "Other"
Today's interview is with Dr. Vernita Mayfield, author of Cultural Competence Now: 56 Exercises to Help Educators Understand and Challenge Bias, Racism, and Privilege.  Dr. Mayfield is also one of the three keynote speakers at CDL4.  
December 21, 2020
Assessment and Feedback with Dr. Jonathan Eckert
Today's guest is Dr. John Eckert from Baylor university. He is a professor of educational leadership, and he will be presenting on assessment and feedback at this year's CDL4. 
December 11, 2020