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Thomas C. Murray: Future-Ready, Personal and Authentic

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By Nick Sutton and Matt Jacobson
Join Nick and Matt in conversations about the latest ideas, trends, and questions that have educators talking!
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Join Nick and Matt in conversations about the latest ideas, trends, and questions that have educators talking!

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#IETC19 - Part 2
We had such a great time at the Illinois Education And Technology Conference - #IETC19 - that we couldn't contain it in just one episode! Here we have the rest of our interviews with educators from Illinois and surrounding states. We know you'll have as much fun listening to these interviews as we had recording them! Check out all the links in the show notes at www.LearningThroughLeading.com  Interviews I’ll Jump First - Enjoy this dual episode with our friends Kevin & Julie from Park Ridge - Niles District 64, then check out their podcast on anchor.fm or wherever you get your podcasts. First grade teacher Jana Zipfel - @JanaMrsZipfel - talks about the edtech landscape in her southern Illinois school district. Sarah Brokering - @MrsBrokeCodes - discusses her interests as an elementary technology teacher. Dawn Malcolm - @malcolm8science - and Jared Bruening - @JaredBruening - discuss some of the great ideas they have gleaned from the conference. Jonathan Lee -@jleeTechPercent - from METC - @metcedplus - shares the topics that Missouri educators are pursuing. Natalie Perry - @NataliePerry3 - discusses communication and smaller rural school edtech integration. A PreK administrator shares a few of the challenges of advancing technology with the youngest learners. Gina Shook - @GinaShook - discusses her school’s use of technology, her professional learning, and her efforts to incorporate technology into her classes. Butch Wilson - @williebee - technology director and head of the IETC technology team, talks about the challenges of supporting attendees and presenters at the conference. Jen Leban - @mrsleban - and Terence White - @terencewhite23 - discuss their work advancing edtech in the Chicago area and their observations about the wide range of technology integration across Illinois. Lucas from phidgets.com discusses his company’s tools that help with the integration of technology in K-12 schools. 
December 8, 2019
#CoffeeEDU at #IETC19
Recently Matt and Nick visited the Illinois Education Technology Conference - #IETC19 - in Springfield, Illinois. Nick was able to join virtually via a telepresence robot, provided courtesy of Cindy Arthur at the Faculty Technology Learning Center at Carl Sandburg College in Galesburg, Illinois. Matt and "Virtual Nick" talked with people at #CoffeeEDU about some of the trends and interests of educators throughout Illinois. We'll be back next week with more interviews from folks who attended #IETC19! 
December 1, 2019
Nick & Matt Talk Podcasting
Nick and Matt discuss their journey into podcasting, how you might use podcasts in your school or classroom, where they're going next, and how you can be a part of this podcast in the future!  Mentioned in this episode:  Nick's School Podcast  Anchor.fm  Learning Through Leading on Anchor  Talk with us or ask questions by sending a voice message through Anchor @DrNickSutton Nick on Twitter  @YodaMatt68 Matt on Twitter  Many thanks to the folks at ideaillinois.org for sponsoring us this month! 
November 24, 2019
Nick Visits TeachBetter19
Nick Sutton recently visited the first ever TeachBetter Conference in Ohio. Along with presenting, Nick recorded a number of quick interviews with some of those in attendance to learn more about what's happening across the educational landscape. We’re sorry if any names are misspelled, etc. The environment was a little loud and some audio may be a bit difficult to understand in places. However, I think you’ll find that this episode highlights a lot of what educators are interested in at the time of this recording. We hope you enjoy this episode! Clip 1: WearCareShare.com Clip 2: Joshua Stamper of the Aspire Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get podcasts Clip 3: Michelle White, Dunlap, IL, elementary educator reflects on culturally responsive education Clip 4: Nick Mann of TeacherFit.fit discusses educator wellness Clip 5: Alex Oris of Cuyahoga Falls, OH, discusses technology integration Clip 6: Mark Losey and Milo, the Robot for Autism Clip 7: Jake Miller, from the Educational Duct Tape Podcast Clip 8: Crystal Parker, English Teacher from Florida Clip 9: Jen Molitor, Instructional Coach, Educator, and author of The Happy Teacher's Handbook Clip 10: Christy (??) Instructional Coach from Akron (OH) Public Schools Clip 11: Christina Florence, educator Clip 12: BreAnn Fennell, presenter Clip 13: Tiffany Ott,Director of Curriculum Development for the TeachBetter Team Clip 14: Latezeon Balentine, educator and author Clip 15: Amanda Post and Maggie Gifford, educators from rural Ohio Clip 16: Don Epps, education leader from southeast Kansas
November 17, 2019
Thomas C. Murray: Future-Ready, Personal and Authentic
We enjoyed an incredibly informative talk with Thomas C. Murray about preparing students for the future, designing learning spaces, and his new book, Personal and Authentic: Designing Learning Experiences that Last a Lifetime. Future Ready Schools are “...schools that put kids before adults… (and) do whatever it takes to support all kids… schools where people want to be… where people respect people.” Learning space redesign is “...not about being pretty for Pinterest, this is understanding how the brain works (and) learns and how do we maximize spaces for learning.” Connect with Tomas C. Murray at: Website: thomascmurray.com and futureready.org Twitter: @thomascmurray Also: Instagram: thomascmurrayedu You can find us on Twitter at @DrNickSutton http://twitter.com/DrNickSutton @YodaMatt68  http://twitter.com/YodaMatt68 This episode has been brought to you by IDEA - the Illinois Digital Educators Alliance.
November 10, 2019
Jason Leahy: The School Leader Paradigm
“School leadership matters.” Dr. Jason Leahy, Director of the Illinois Principals Association, provides his perspectives on leadership, empathy, and the new School Leader Paradigm.  Learn more about Dr. Leahy’s goal of “Learning leaders leading learning organizations” School leader paradigm School leader continuum Scroll down to the bottom of either page above to learn about the School Leader Collaborative Follow Dr. Jason Leahy: Twitter: ipa_jason EMail: jason@ilprincipals.org ilprincipals.org You can find us on Twitter at @DrNickSutton @YodaMatt68   This week's episode is sponsored by IDEAillinois 
November 3, 2019
Jodi Scott Provides a Regional and State View
Our guest this week is Jodi Scott, Superintendent of Regional Office of Education #33 in Henderson, Knox, Mercer, and Warren counties in Illinois. Jodi talks with us about her experiences in professional development, the growth of technology, and the teacher & paraprofessional shortages. Jodi also discusses rural broadband and the growth of instructional coaching and other areas her regional office supports. Jodi closes by discussing how Regional Offices support both teachers and administrators in their professional learning and networking opportunities. Connect with Jodi Scott: EMail: jscott@roe33.net Website: www.roe33.net You can find us on Twitter at @DrNickSutton http://twitter.com/DrNickSutton @YodaMatt68  http://twitter.com/YodaMatt68
October 27, 2019
Taking A Week Off
Thanks for tuning in! We're taking a week off to recharge and work on developing new relationships to help make this podcast even better down the road. Join us next week for a new interview! ~Nick & Matt
October 20, 2019
Everyone can learn math and more with Ryen Jackson
Ryen Jackson - R.J. - joins us to discuss math teaching and differentiation through centers at all grade levels, and the importance of making connections and building relationships. R.J. helps us understand how to overcome the "fear" of math by developing a positive growth mindset, both with our students and with fellow teaching professionals. R.J. also explains how to use technology to facilitate the love of learning, in math and elsewhere. In closing, R.J. offers administrators advice on teacher training and mindset when it comes to facilitating learning activities. Connect with RJ: Twitter: math_llc IG: RJ_Cmath RJConsultingMath.com
October 14, 2019
Leadership Is A Verb
Join us as we discuss educational leadership, the Teacher Shortage in Illinois, and the importance of Professional Development with our guests, Diane Robertson and Ralph Grimm. “Leadership is a verb” Ralph Grimm “Education is a world of change” Diane Robertson Connect with Diane and Ralph: Diane Robertson: drobertson@isasedu.org Ralph Grimm: rgrimm@iasaedu.org Remember to check out this and all past episodes at www.LearningThroughLeading.com You can find us on Twitter at @DrNickSutton http://twitter.com/DrNickSutton @YodaMatt68  http://twitter.com/YodaMatt68
October 6, 2019
Improving Performance with Dr. Paulie
Dr. Paul Gavoni - “Dr. Paulie” - talks with us about behavior, coaching, and leadership. Read more from Dr. Paulie and friends Quick Wins: Accelerating School Transformation Through Science, Engagement, and Leadership, Manuel Rodriguez & Paulie Gavoni Deliberate Coaching, A toolbox for accelerating teacher performance, Paul Gavoni & Nicholas Weatherly (YouTube) YouTube: Behavioral Karma Connect with Dr. Paulie: Website: QuickWinsPro.com Twitter: @DrPaulieGloves Instagram: @DrPaulieGloves LinkedIn: Paul "Paulie" Gavoni, Ed.D.  Facebook: Paulie.Gloves Remember to check out this and all past episodes at www.LearningThroughLeading.com You can find us on Twitter at: Dr. Nick Sutton: @DrNickSutton Matt Jacobson: @YodaMatt68
September 29, 2019
Unlearning with Nick Polyak
Superintendent Nick Polyak discusses the concept of “unlearning,” professional learning, technology and more in this episode. Dr. Nick Polyak: @npolyak http://twitter.com/npolyak Remember to check out this and all past episodes at www.LearningThroughLeading.com You can find us on Twitter at @DrNickSutton http://twitter.com/DrNickSutton @YodaMatt68  http://twitter.com/YodaMatt68
September 22, 2019
Meet Nick's former teachers!
In this episode we talk to two of Nick Sutton's former teachers, Mr. Gregg Worrall and Mr. Todd Hilton!  We ask Mr. Worrall and Mr. Hilton, among other things... How has your instruction evolved during your teaching career?  How have technological resources impacted your instruction?  How can we as educators influence and inspire more students to become future teachers?  Connect with our guests: Greg Worrall: @mbhoops119 Todd Hilton: @blacksocks33 Greg and Todd, thank you so much for joining us today! It was great talking with you. Nick & Matt: Follow Up Remember to check out this and all past episodes at www.LearningThroughLeading.com You can find us on Twitter at @DrNickSutton http://twitter.com/DrNickSutton @YodaMatt68  http://twitter.com/YodaMatt68 How to Listen Anchor Apple Podcasts Breaker Castro Google Podcasts Overcast PocketCasts Radio Public Spotify
September 15, 2019
Tim Cavey from Teachers On Fire!
Listen to our interview with Tim Cavey, host of the Teachers on Fire podcast! Tim is an awesome educator with an amazing repertoire of podcasts and other media: Teachers On Fire Website & Podcast: https://teachersonfire.net/ Teachers On Fire Magazine on Medium: https://medium.com/teachers-on-fire Gr8 Expectations Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/gr8-expectations/id1449281681 https://twitter.com/TeachersOnFire (Check out Happy Birthday, Teachers on Fire) Remember to check out this and all past episodes at www.LearningThroughLeading.com You can find us on Twitter at @DrNickSutton http://twitter.com/DrNickSutton @YodaMatt68  http://twitter.com/YodaMatt68 @TeachersOnFire https://twitter.com/TeachersOnFire
September 7, 2019
Mike Patterson: Google, Digital Leadership, and more
Mike Patterson from Google Chicago joins us in this episode to discuss digital leadership and citizenship topics for teachers and administrators.   Google's Global Report on the Future of the Classroom Digital Leadership for teachers and administrators  The importance of Digital Citizenship in every classroom - Follow #DigCit ... and more!  Connect with Mike Patterson at:  Twitter @MPattersonEdu LinkedIn  Make sure to check out all the tools from Mike's toolbox and read the full show notes at www.learningthroughleading.com  
August 19, 2019
Kristin Brynteson: OER, STEM, and so much more!
Dr, Kristin Brynteson, educator, podcaster and blogger from Northern Illinois University, discusses a variety of topics and programs with us during this interview. Questions addressed in this episode:  What is Illinois OER, and how do OERs compare with the big-name publishers' works? How can STEM, STEAM, and STEAM Read help kids, and how do I get started in my classroom? Some definitions: STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics  STEAM: STEM + the Arts  STEAM Read: STEAM + Reading iOER: Illinois Open Educational Resources    Connect with Dr. Brynteson:  Twitter: @kbrynteson https://twitter.com/kbrynteson  Web: ilsharedlearning.org, niu.edu/niusteam, hotpinktech.blog Podcasts: Failure Bites (https://soundcloud.com/user-935237992) and STEAM Read (www.northernpublicradio.org/topic/stem-read-podcast)  Remember to check out this and all past episodes at www.LearningThroughLeading.com and click the Subscribe button at the top of the screen to have every episode delivered right to your email inbox. Leave us your questions or feedback using the Anchor app, at https://anchor.fm/learningthroughleading/message You can find us on Twitter at @DrNickSutton http://twitter.com/DrNickSutton  @YodaMatt68  http://twitter.com/YodaMatt68 
August 7, 2019
Rae Hughart
We really enjoyed our chat with Rae Hughart, 6th grade educator, Director of Training and Development for the Teach Better Team, and Illinois State University Instructor. We think you will, too! In this episode, Rae discusses mastery learning, her growth as an educator, and some innovative ideas for any classroom looking to make connections with their community. Connect with Rae on almost any social media platform: Twitter: @RaeHughart http://twitter.com/RaeHughart Instagram: @RaeHughart www.instagram.com/raehughart/ LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/rae-hughart Facebook: www.facebook.com/TeachFurther Hashtag(s): #TeachBetter Web: www.teachbetter.com Podcast: www.teachbetter.com/podcast Remember to check out this and all past episodes at www.LearningThroughLeading.com. Click the Subscribe button at the top of the page to get each new episode delivered right to your email inbox. Leave us your questions or feedback using the Anchor app, at https://anchor.fm/learningthroughleading/message You can find us on Twitter at: @DrNickSutton http://twitter.com/DrNickSutton  @YodaMatt68  http://twitter.com/YodaMatt68   Thanks for listening! 
July 28, 2019
004 Amber Heffner
We discuss technology integration and professional learning with Amber Heffner, Executive Director of the Illinois Digital Educators Alliance (IDEA - formerly Illinois Computing Educators).  Some definitions...  ISTE = The International Society for Technology in Education - Learn more at https://www.iste.org/ SAMR = This model describes how technology is used as Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition - Learn more at http://hippasus.com/blog/archives/227 TPaCK = This model describes how Technical Knowledge, Pedagogical Knowledge, and Content Knowledge work together - Learn more at http://tpack.org/   Connect with Amber Heffner and IDEA at:  Twitter: http://twitter.com/amber_heffner Web: http://ideaillinois.org/ Listen to this and any past episodes at www.LearningThroughLeading.com  Connect with Nick and Matt via Twitter at   http://twitter.com/DrNickSutton http://twitter.com/YodaMatt68
July 14, 2019
003 Adam Welcome
Enjoy our discussion of leadership ideas with Adam Welcome, co-author of Kids Deserve It and author of Run Like a Pirate and Empower Our Girls.  Follow Adam Welcome on Twitter at @mradamwelcome and visit his website Counterpoint: TEDtalk by Atul Gawande: Want to get great at something? Get a coach Visit the Learning Through Leading website and click the Subscribe button to get each new episode delivered right to your inbox.
July 7, 2019
002 Arlin Peebles
In this episode we talk with Arlin Peebles from the Illinois Principals Association to get his views on Professional Learning for educators and administrators. He shares some great opportunities available to all educators, and gives us a glimpse of what might be on the horizon! Check out all the great professional learning opportunities for educators at all levels by visiting EdLeaders Network at www.edleadersnetwork.org Take a look at the Illinois Principals' Association website at www.ilprincipals.org 
June 27, 2019
001 Rushton Hurley
It's our inaugural episode! (We'll get better... We promise!)  Learn a little about us, Dr. Nick Sutton and Matt Jacobson, and hear our interview with Rushton Hurley, author of Making Your School Something Special and Making Your Teaching Something Special. (Amazon Link) Learn more about Rushton's work at www.nextvista.org.  Learn more about Nick, Matt, the work they do, their thoughts on education, and catch up on all their podcast episodes at LearningThroughLeading.com  Thanks for listening!  Matt and Nick 
June 20, 2019
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