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Learn Oncology

Learn Oncology

By Chloe Lim
LearnOncology contains comprehensive information encompassing the discipline of oncology. The material is intended to teach medical students, residents, practicing or registered healthcare professionals the skills necessary to manage oncology cases, and is designed to encompass the Canadian Oncology Goals and Objectives for Medical Students.
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Cancer Careers Ep. 1 - Dr. Paris-Ann Ingledew
In collaboration with ROESCG, we introduce new series, Cancer Careers! We present to you Dr. Ingledew, our founder of LearnOncology and a radiation oncologist in Vancouver. In this episode, we explore her day as a radiation oncologist and interesting facts about being a radiation oncologist.
March 11, 2022
5 - Basics of Oncology: Cancer Treatment
In our LearnOncology mini series, Basics of Oncology, listen to learn about basics of cancer treatment! Thank you to Conley Kriegler, Medical Student at University of Sasketchewan (Class of 2021) for writing and producing this episode.  Our learning adjectives are the following: Local and Systemic treatments Treatment intent: both curative and palliative 3 factors that guide management: Tumor Factors, Treatment Factors, Patient Factors
February 09, 2021
4 - Febrile Neutropenia
Learn about one of the medical emergencies in oncology: febrile neutropenia! Written and recorded by our fabulous Leanne Kim, McMaster University Medical Student, Graduating class of 2021.  What is the definition of febrile neutropenia and why is it important to know? Who is at risk for developing febrile neutropenia? Why does febrile neutropenia develop? How should you approach history-taking and physical examination of a patient with febrile neutropenia? What investigations should be ordered for work-up of a patient with febrile neutropenia? Are there any risk-stratifying tools for febrile neutropenia? How do you treat febrile neutropenia?
February 03, 2021
3 - Superior Vena Cava Syndrome
Learn about one of the medical oncology emergencies: superior vena cava syndrome! Our learning objectives are as followed: 1. Basic anatomy of the Superior vena cava 2. Pathophysiology of Superior vena cava syndrome 3. Clinical signs and symptoms of Superior vena cava syndrome 4. Investigations and alternative diagnoses 5. Basic management of SVC Syndrome
January 25, 2021
2 - Basics of Oncology
Learn about the basic mechanisms of spread in oncology!  Our learning objectives are: 1. The three basic mechanisms of cancer spread: Direct, Lymphatic, and Hematogenous spread 2. How knowledge of cancer spread influences our assessment of patients 3. How the mechanisms of spread correlate with the TNM staging system for cancer
August 25, 2020
1 - Oncology Emergency - Spinal Cord Compression
Learn about Spinal Cord Compression with us today! We will go through relevant case, and explore anatomy, presentation, pathophysiology, investigations, and treatment! 
May 03, 2020