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LEARNT. is a podcast by DoctorJonPaul & Kevin Allred that shamelessly blurs the boundary between entertainment and education for the LGBTQ+ community and beyond!
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Episode 41: Culture of Mean
DoctoJonPaul and Kevin discuss Britney Spears, meanness, and what drives everyone to act like the new bully on the block. Plus: giving Jazmine Sullivan love, and talking trash TV. 
February 10, 2021
Episode 40: Let's Get LOUDDDD
After a brief hiatus, DoctorJonPaul get LOUD to welcome in 2021. Talking the election, inauguration, politics, Netflix binges, guilty tv pleasures, and more...
January 27, 2021
Episode 39: Zoom School & Hamburglars of Joy
DoctorJonPaul and Kevin discuss the hellsite Twitter, education going online, Zoom fatigue, Beyoncé (of course), and all the miserable people that try to steal what little joy we can find these days and call it "critique." Outro music: "Who's Zoomin' Who?" by Aretha Franklin
October 14, 2020
Episode 38: Working From Home vs. Living At Work
The picture for this episode will make sense after listening. :) DoctorJonPaul and Kevin talk being ready for COVID to die, songs that make them cringe, and small problems with the otherwise great Emmys. Outro music: Bonnie Tyler -- "Holding Out For A Hero"
September 23, 2020
Episode 37 Living LaBombalera Loca: The Curious Case(s) of White Women Pretending to Be Black
On the syllabus, is Rachel Dolezal Part. Deux, Jessica Krug, who outed herself as a white woman this week. In music, we discuss the Brandy and Monica Verzuz battle. And complain about people that think the pandemic is over in the sandbox.
September 9, 2020
Episode 36: Nobody Asked You
Syllabus: Performative acts of solidarity. Pop Culture: The Chicks, Beyoncé, and Brandy Let's Go There: Annoying social media demands and butting in to conversations to be contrary. --------------- Exit Music: "Gaslighter" by the Chicks.
July 29, 2020
Episode 35: From Freedom to Liberation
What is freedom? What is liberation? How do we move beyond social media activism into strategy? Kevin and DoctorJonPaul take on all these questions and more in the new episode of LEARNT., extending the conversation from the previous episode and hopefully imagining the beginnings of a way forward...
July 8, 2020
Episode 34: Dear White Fragility
Wondering what to text your Black friend during this current moment of unrest? Looking for tips on how to best navigate the current moment and confront racism as a white person? Trying to find the best anti-racist reading list available? DoctorJonPaul and Kevin have some thoughts... Outro music: Nina Simone -- "Mississippi Goddamn" from Nina Simone's In Concert (1964, Philips Records)
June 17, 2020
Episode 33: Cancel Culture Remix
Returning to "cancel culture" on the syllabus in light of recent calls for everyone from Doja Cat to Ellen Degeneres and Tyra Banks be "canceled." Pop Culture break takes a look at Insecure and How To Get Away With Murder. Plus, sandbox gripes from quarantine.
May 27, 2020
Episode 32: Tigers, Joe, Carole, & Karen
Everyone's talking about it, so Learnt. will too. Tiger King. Whether you've watched or not, DoctorJonPaul and Kevin take you on a wild ride. Also discussed: Instagram battles, the plight of Karens all over, and quarantine etiquette. 
April 8, 2020
Episode 31: Quarantine, Corona & Celeb Sing-Alongs
DoctorJonPaul and Kevin discuss what's going on in the world during this global pandemic.
March 23, 2020
Episode 30: What the @*#$ is Accountability?
DoctorJonPaul use the recent controversy over Jameela Jamil and her participation in a reality competition program on ballroom culture to discuss accountability and bullying.
March 4, 2020
Episode 29: Content vs. Craft
DoctorJonPaul and Kevin are back in LEARNT.'s first episode in 2020--talking the difference between quality and craft and basic content. Tyler Perry may or may not serve as the impetus for the conversation. 👀 Outro Music: Yola, "I Don't Wanna Lie" (from the album Walk Through Fire)
January 23, 2020
Episode 28: Managing (And Mismanaging) Anxiety
DoctorJonPaul and Kevin dive into the topic of managing anxiety, touching on Summer Walker, Whitney Houston, and other pop culture moments along the way.
November 13, 2019
Episode 27: Higher Ed is a SCAM
DoctorJonPaul and Kevin are back and with new segments: the Newsletter, the Syllabus, the Music Room, and the Playground. Listen in on them discussing politics and the latest news, the state of higher education today, their favorite music releases and what's got them annoyed currently. And join the conversation yourself by sending an email to! Outro Music: "Drop the Pilot" by Joan Armatrading from The Key (1983)
October 18, 2019
Episode 26: Recent Events Rundown
DoctorJonPaul and Kevin do a recent events in pop culture rundown: talking IT chapter 2, Chelsea Handler, Shaun King and Deray, Felicity Huffman's 14 day jail sentence, and Beyoncé at the Creative Arts Emmys. Outro Music: "Mood 4 Eva" from The Lion King: The Gift
September 17, 2019
Episode 25: Advice For Our Younger Selves
DoctorJonPaul and Kevin run through a few current pop culture moments and discuss advice they'd like to give their 20-year-old selves (and maybe some advice their 20-year-old selves could give them currently!).
September 4, 2019
Episode 24: Remembering Toni Morrison
DoctorJonPaul and Kevin discuss the immeasurable gifts Toni Morrison gave the world and her enduring legacy--THE greatest American writer of all time.
August 8, 2019
Episode 23: Paris Is Burning, Honey!
DoctorJonPaul and Kevin talk about Beyoncé's new song and video, "Spirit;" the controversial, important documentary Paris Is Burning; and more on Pose.
July 18, 2019
Episode 22
DoctorJonPaul and Kevin talk Pride, politics, Pose, privilege, music, and much more on a brand-new episode...
July 3, 2019
Episode 21: On MA & Being Included
DoctorJonPaul and Kevin dive into MA, the new horror film starring Octavia Spencer and what it means to be included in an exclusive society. Includes some spoilers for the movie. Outro Music: Beyoncé -- "Top Off" (From Homecoming: The Live Album)
June 4, 2019
Episode 20: Politics, Blah!
Kevin and DoctorJonPaul address the bleak political climate and more in this new episode!!
May 23, 2019
Episode 19: Mayochella/Problematic Fans
Talking fan bases and why fans of one artist have become so mean and cut throat against more. Contact: Outro Music: "Welcome" from Homecoming (Live) by Beyoncé
May 6, 2019
Episode 18: HOMECOMING
DoctorJonPaul & Kevin discuss Beyoncé's new film and live album, Homecoming!!! 🐝❤️🐝
April 24, 2019
Episode 17
DoctorJonPaul and Kevin dive into Jordan Peele's new movie, Us. Lots of spoilers ahead so listen at your own risk!! Music: Crystal Waters - "Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless)"
April 3, 2019
Episode 16
DoctorJonPaul and Kevin discuss the new documentary Leaving Neverland, among other current events. (CW for frank discussion of sexual abuse). Outro music: "Sound of Rain" by Solange from When I Get Home
March 25, 2019
Episode 15
DoctorJonPaul do a quick episode on the Oscars, R. Kelly, Jussie Smollett, the police, and more...
February 27, 2019
Episode 14
DoctorJonPaul & Kevin discuss the Grammys and the non-stop racist scandals of Black History Month 2019. (Syllabus mentioned can be downloaded from Kevin's website here: Outro Music: Diana Ross & the Supremes - "Where Did Our Love Go?"
February 13, 2019
Episode 13
Apologies and accountability are on the syllabus in today's episode. Also: burnout, Rita Ora, and dental hygiene.
January 17, 2019
Episode 12
DoctorJonPaul and Kevin list their favorite things from 2018 and everything they want leave behind in the new year.
December 19, 2018
Episode 11
DoctorJonPaul talk faux allyship and some recent think pieces that have made waves on social media recently. And are constantly surprised at how damn long 2018 has been already. Outro music: Janet Jackson's "All for You" (mostly to prove to Jon that Janet's not a mumble singer -- you'll understand after listening to the episode.)
December 5, 2018
Episode 10
DoctorJonPaul and Kevin celebrate Kevin's forthcoming book on an all-new episode of LEARNT.! Ain't I A Diva?: Beyoncé and the Power of Pop Culture Pedagogy is out 6/11/19 from the Feminist Press at CUNY, but available for pre-order NOW! This Beyonce-themed episode features some details from the book and DoctorJonPaul and Kevin naming 3 favorite Beyoncé songs and 3 favorite performances each. And it's a whole lot of fun!! Preorder Ain't I A Diva at Feminist Press: Or from Amazon: Outro music: Beyoncé - "Schoolin' Life" from the 4 Bonus Disc
November 14, 2018
Episode 9
DoctorJonPaul and Kevin put politics on the back burner this episode and talk about the ups and downs of loving pop culture while getting older and answer questions about what it takes to become a writer! Outro music: Robyn - "Honey"
October 26, 2018
Episode 8
On the new episode, DoctorJonPaul and Kevin talk about social media activism and verified blue check culture, brands and social justice, and some of the rest of the bullshit in the news.
September 26, 2018
Episode 7
DoctorJonPaul and Kevin discuss Beyoncé's new Vogue September Issue takeover, the On The Run II Tour; Kathy Griffin, privacy, publicity & toxicity on social media in Trump's America; the LoveLoud Festival and lack of diversity in writers' rooms; and some other tangents in between. Books mentioned: Michael Arceneaux (@youngsinick) - I Can't Date Jesus Franchesca Ramsey (@chescaleigh) - Well That Escalated Quickly Chidera Eggerue (@theslumflower) - What A Time To Be Alone Outro Music: Jay-Z feat. Beyoncé - "Part II (On The Run)" from Magna Carta Holy Grail
August 8, 2018
Episode 6
DoctorJonPaul and Kevin talk Pose on FX, the politics of representation, current events, Nanette Gadsby's brilliant Netflix special "Nanette," the importance of minding your business, and more on this all-new episode of LEARNT.!! Outro Music: "Home" by Whitney Houston (from the Merv Griffin Show)
July 11, 2018
Episode 5
Civility in politics and otherwise is on the Syllabus today. Plus, DoctorJonPaul and Kevin talk about Beyoncé and Jay-Z'z (The Carters') new video for Apeshit and the Everything Is Love album through the lens of disobedience, and the increased police presence that makes Pride events less safe and enjoyable.
June 27, 2018
Episode 4
On today's syllabus, Kevin and DoctorJonPaul dive headfirst into the topic of religion using their own respective stories of growing up within and being excommunicated from the Mormon Church and the Jehovah's Witnesses. They also chat Pose on FX, the Tony Awards, why we should all be saying "Fuck Trump" more, and being kinder to one another. (Pardon the intermittent audio crackle that shows up this episode. We had slight technical difficulties while recording.) Intro music: "Baltimore" by Nina Simone Outro music: "Shine" by Cyndi Lauper
June 13, 2018
Episode 3
It's both graduation and LGBTQ Pride time, so LEARNT. co-hosts DoctorJonPaul and Kevin Allred talk both! This episode dives into the state of higher education today, straight folks at Pride events; and dishes on the Billboard Music Awards among much more...
May 30, 2018
Episode 2
This week's episode could easily be alternately titled "It's All Capitalism's Fault." DoctorJonPaul and Kevin chat pandering to and within the queer community using Rita Ora's new song "Girls" as a jumping off point. Office Hours features a listener question on allyship. During Recess, DoctorJonPaul shares thoughts on Donald Glover's "This Is America" video and Kevin dissects social media in general. Finally, Bibliography picks this episode include Viceland show "My House" and Darnell Moore's upcoming memoir "No Ashes in the Fire" (out 5/29).
May 16, 2018
Episode 1
Toxic Masculinity is on the Syllabus for LEARNT.'s official premiere--which leads to conversations involving Kanye West, Bill Cosby, R. Kelly, Harvey Weinstein, & more. During Recess, DoctorJonPaul & Kevin question why straight women are so often chosen as queer icons over queer-identified folks and discuss fake allies. A conversation about Janelle Monáe's new album Dirty Computer rounds out the episode as the Bibliography pick of the week.
May 2, 2018
Learnt Teaser Preview
The official first episode of LEARNT. premieres on May 2, 2018. As a teaser, enjoy co-hosts DoctorJonPaul and Kevin Allred breaking down Beyoncé's epic, historic Beychella performance from 4/14/2018.
April 21, 2018