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Least Haunted

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Two skeptical dudes (one more so than the other) explore the world of the paranormal through a scientific, comedic, and anthropological lens. From talking mongeese to "haunted" porno theaters and beyond! There is no ghost, hoaxer, or monster safe. The Least Haunted Podcast. "Because the only thing that's haunted is you!"
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Episode 47: Animal Prognosticators
Is it a time loop or just the tyranny of a giant rodent's domination of weather forecasting? By which we mean, that it must be Groundhog Day! This time we talk about the origin of this strange annual celebration, look back to Ancient Rome and the art of Augury, and learn about Animal Sport Predictions. It's a whole episode about psychic animals!
February 04, 2022
Episode 46: Legally Haunted 3: Juris-Boo-Dence
Frights Court was running long, so it had to be split into two sessions! Listen in as "Haunted Legal Council" Travis Alexander joins us once again to discuss another case eerily similar to the last one. This time it's The Red Barn Murder from 1827! Listen! As a way too sleepy Cody tries to recount the tale while avoiding getting too side tracked. Listen! As we travel through the craziest Garth's Corner intro yet! And Listen! As Travis begs us not to follow his legal advice! 
January 21, 2022
Episode 45: Legally Haunted 2- Fright Court
Happy New Year! Join Cody and Garth and returning guest, Travis Alexander (Least Haunted Legal Counsel) as they take another dive into the realm of spooky legal proceedings. This time it's The Greenbrier Ghost! A tale of ghostly testimony in a court of law! Also, yet another amazing Garth's Corner song!
January 07, 2022
Episode 44: Oops! All Christmas!
The Least Haunted Digital Theater proudly presents, Oops! All Christmas! When Cody and Garth mess with The Backwards Carousel of Time in ways never intended, they are thrown into a dystopian nightmare.  Now to find their way home they will need to team up with a not so jolly old elf to wage a war on Christmas itself! Featuring The Least Haunted Digital Theater Players: Cody Franks, Garth von Ahnen, Nate Nauseda, Alison Franks, Travis Alexander, and Gunner Franks. featuring Elmo! 
December 24, 2021
Episode 43: The Nuckelavee
It's Patron's Pick this time, as Cody and Garth talk about The Nuckelavee! A winter sea demon from The Orkney Islands! But in order to do so, they need to learn a whole lot about Kelp. Kelp is the key! Also, a trip to Garth's Corner. And the debut of a new segment, Tweet's Haunted!
December 10, 2021
Episode 42: The Death Valley Germans
This time Least Haunted is joined by Keely Lopez of the Misty Mysteries Podcast to take a look at the mysterious disappearance of a family of German tourists in California's Death Valley. What happened to these unfortunate sight seers? Was it Aliens? Spoiler: It wasn't Aliens.
November 26, 2021
Episode 41: Jinn and Juice
This time Least Haunted is joined by special guests, Anna Hossnieh and Shereen Lani Younes of Ethnically Ambiguous, to have a conversation about Jinn. What are Jinn? That's somewhat complicated and ambiguous. It might be easier to figure out what Jinn are not. But, that also might not be so easy. One thing is for certain though, they are not CGI Will Smith! 
November 12, 2021
Episode 40: The War of The Welles
It's the epic conclusion to the longest Garth's Corner ever! Also, it's LIVE! Join us as we learn about how Orson Welles' Halloween broadcast of The War of The Worlds turned out. #BigWellesEnergy
October 29, 2021
Episode 39: Ghostwatch!
It's Halloween Special Season! The time when shows do spooky themed episodes and networks produce one-off Halloween Specials. This time Cody and Garth talk about how in the year 1992 the BBC decided to air a paranormal "documentary" on Halloween night, and the somewhat expected consequences... And in Garth's Corner lurks the tale of a similar event from the 1930's.
October 15, 2021
Episode 38: Second Hand Ghosts
Who doesn't love antiquing? Going to the second hand shop or a yard sale, and looking for all of the great deals- who know's what you might find? But be careful. That cool commemorative collector edition orgy bed just might have an attached spirit! That's right!  We're talking about haunted objects that are obtained second hand. Flea Market Fantoms, Good Will Ghouls, and Yard Sale Spooks! And if you really want to get some good deals, just wait until you see what they have on eBay!  JAwsk86kaMM7seflGHMP
October 01, 2021
Episode 37: Spontaneous Human Combustion
It's an explosive episode this week! Is it really possible for human beings to burst into flame and be consumed by fire of an unknown source? Do each of us carry within ourselves the spark of our own destruction? Join us as we take a look at the bizarre phenomenon of Spontaneous Human Combustion, and explore just how possible this strange occurrence is.  We also talk about laser light shows, the nitty gritty of cremation, AND how you can keep grandma a part of family game night forever! 
September 17, 2021
Episode 36: The Best of Campfire Club
I can't believe it's a clip show! Due to problems recording, this week's episode will be a "Best Of" showcase of some of our favorite stories from the first two seasons of The Least Haunted Campfire Club.  STORY CREDITS: Pockets.... Story  by Cody Franks Molokai Ghost Story.... Original experience by Tim King Black Stag.... Song by Blue Roan The Moon Tree.... Story by Cody Franks Push and Pull.... Story by Cody and Alison Franks My National Gallery.... Story by Garth von Ahnen From Beyond.... Story by H.P. Lovecraft, read by Cody Franks
September 03, 2021
Episode 35: Three Being Dip
It's a Cryptic Cryptid Tryptic! This time Cody & Garth are joined by special guest, writer and director Abe Epperson, to discuss three different paranormal beings. What bizarre demon terrorized the small Massachusetts town of Dover over two days in 1977? What really happened to a teenage boy driving home in rural Washington in 1994? And just what the hell is crawling around Fresno at night?  We'll solve it all, as well as explore the human nature of narrative, AND Garth drinks a beer!  Show Notes Fresno Nightcrawler Videos
August 20, 2021
Episode 34: The Stranger You Know
We're going through changes. After suffering a near debilitating spinal injury, Cody is put on a medication with some interesting side effects. This reminds him of the time a person in history suffered a life altering injury that turned them into a stranger to all of those who knew them. And Garth fills his corner with some interesting changelings...
August 06, 2021
Episode 33: The Crimson Menace
Cody and Garth are joined by their friend and mule expert, Jared Wilson, to talk about The Red Ghost. A mysterious creature that terrified the Arizona Territory in the 1880's. An animal of unknown description that may have been the steed of The Devil himself!  But why a mule expert? What does any of this have to do with mules?!  To answer these questions and unmask the ghost, The Least Haunted crew will need to explore a forgotten chapter of American history, and contend with a powerful livestock lobby... 
July 23, 2021
Polterbites: The Bewitching Tub
Due to technical difficulties, our normal episode has been delayed. So instead here is a free peek at our Patreon exclusive ad free content, Here is Polterbites: The Bewitching Tub... A Hot Tub not unlike any other Hot Tub. A structure built of tile and cement and money, a backyard toy for the affluent, wet entertainment for the well-to-do. But for Cody and Garth, this tub holds mysteries not dreamed of by the building contractor. Not guaranteed in any sales brochure. For this tub has a secret exit that leads to an internet never-never land, a place designed for those who need a long voyage away from reality into the bottomless regions of The Least Haunted Podcast.
July 09, 2021
Episode 32: Lake Tah-NO!
This time Cody takes Garth on a deep dive into one of the only things that truly terrifies him... The "Supremely Natural" Lake Tahoe.  But why does it scare Cody so much? Is there truth to the legends that surround the Jewel of The Sierras? Are there countless bodies down in the depths? Does a monster really swim along the shore? And just how deep does this thing go? 
June 25, 2021
Episode 31: Iceman Iceman Baby!
This time Cody and Garth travel to the 1960's (again!) to examine the Unsolved Mystery that is The Minnesota Iceman! A tale involving carnies, mysterious millionaires, college kids in disguise, cryptozoologists, possibly a murder, and... Vietnam?! So grab your acid, put on your favorite Dead album, and get ready to follow a hairy dude frozen in a block of ice on tour around the land of a thousand lakes! 
June 11, 2021
Episode 30: Rancho del Rey Lagarto
This time Cody and Garth talk about Ghost Ranch, New Mexico. A story so big it encompasses 200 million years! This one has something for everybody: Possibly cannibalistic dinosaurs, Ancestral Native American Peoples, cattle rustlers, hidden gold, demon cows, Earth-Babies, giant snakes, double dealing poker games, vagina shaped flowers, Presbyterians, and The Lizard King himself- Jim Morrison! Also, not one, but TWO Garth's Corners!
May 28, 2021
Episode 29: The Mothman Goeth
The Prophesy has been fulfilled! Here at long last is the second installment of The Mothman Saga. This time we learn all about John Keel, author of The Mothman Prophesies. It's a wild tale filled with beings from other dimensions, mysterious Men In Black, giant bird-men, and a dude who looks suspiciously like The Devil. Also, what the hell was the deal with Kingdom of The Crystal Skull?!
May 14, 2021
Episode 28: The Brown Mountain Lights
Have you seen the light? This time Cody and Garth are joined by the obviously incredibly fascinating Alex Schmidt to talk about the eerie luminous mystery of The Brown Mountain Lights. Are these "unexplained" lights ghosts? Are they Aliens? The machinations of a literary super villain? Or are they something else completely? For more than 100 years they have lit up the night skies of North Carolina, but now it is time for The Least Haunted Podcast to find out what is truly going on.  Alex is the host of Secretly Incredibly Fascinating, a podcast all about how life is way more interesting and fun than you might otherwise think. You can check out his podcast at Or follow him on Twitter: @alexschmidty or @SIFpod
April 30, 2021
Episode 27: The Least Haunted 1st Anniversary Q&A
Only for the hardcore Least Haunted completionist, it's The Least Haunted 1st Anniversary Q&A Extravaganza! Possibly our longest episode ever! Hope you like talking, because You had questions and we had answers. Want to know how the show is made? We've got answers.  Want to know what cryptid/mythical beast we would make love to? We've got answers.   Was there a second shooter on the grassy knoll? And Non-Fungible Tokens?! We've got answers?  All questions will be answered! Chili recipes will be shared, and tales of international identity theft and near death experiences in the desert shall be told!  
April 16, 2021
Crushing It: Too Forward
The Least Haunted Podcast has been absorbed by the Paramount+ family and hive mind. Resistance is futile. 
April 01, 2021
Episode 25: The Mothman Cometh
It's episode 25! And this time Cody and Garth travel to 1960's West Virginia to witness the terrible beating of wings that is The Mothman! What dread terror awaits? And will the screeching ever stop? You'll just have to listen to find out!   ALSO IN THIS EPISODE: "Hopped up on Goofballs", Él Rincón de Garth, monstrous attractions, exploited hillbillies, apologies to They Might Be Giants. 
March 19, 2021
Episode 24: Attention Deficit Haunting Disorder
Pay no attention to the man behind the sheet... Wait... Actually DO pay attention to the man behind the sheet. That's what he wants. This time Cody tells Garth all about one of the most ridiculous experiments to ever be conducted in the name of paranormal research, and how it might have been accidentally brilliant.  It is a tale of cows, winding sheets, and... a Porno theater?! ALSO IN THIS EPISODE: An inordinate amount of rock wall talk, and maybe a Polar Bear? 
March 05, 2021
Episode 23: Ghosts R Us
Climb aboard the newly refurbished Backwards Carousel of Time to hear the tale of the world famous Haunted Toys R Us! Only, why does this story seem so fishy? And just what is Cody's deal with psychic Sylvia Browne anyway? If this is what it means to be a Toys R Us kid, then who couldn't wait to grow up? Also In this Episode: A few million fruit trees, a bunch of failed predictions, and are the Toy Story toys dead people?
February 19, 2021
Episode 22: Legally Haunted (Caveat Emptor)
Let The Buyer Beware!! What would happen if someone bought a house only to discover that the previous owner had hidden a terrible, dark secret about the property? What if a house came with some unwanted spectral roommates? What is one to do? The answer is take it all the way to the Supreme Court of New York!  Cody and Garth are joined by friend and "Legal Counsel" Travis Alexander, as they discuss the time that a house was declared legally haunted in a court of law! A case of "Ectoplasmic Fraud", and judges quoting The Ghostbusters- It's Legally Haunted! ALSO IN THIS EPISODE: The depressing truth about Casper The Friendly Ghost, Family Films about Stockholm syndrome, and Killing Bigfoot... 
February 05, 2021
Episode 21: The Shadow Over Loveland
What eldritch horror resides in the town of Loveland Ohio? Wait, did we say "Eldritch Horror"? We meant to say, completely ridiculous creature. This time Cody  and Garth investigate the plain stupid tale of The Loveland Frog! A cryptid seen only four times over a span of sixty years. Yet it lives on in the imagination and hearts of the people of a rural Ohio town.  ALSO IN THIS EPISODE: Story Time! Are walking skeletons magic? And Garth tortures Cody with The Aquatic Ape Theory. 
January 22, 2021
Episode 20: Ankou Very Much!
It's a new year. Time for new beginnings and even older endings. And there is no older ending than The Ending... So join Cody and Garth as they begin again with the end of all things... It's Death. This one is about Death- Or at least, a particular personification of Death.  ALSO IN THIS EPISODE: A Christmas Miracle, Story Time, and Garth's Corner.  
January 08, 2021
Episode 19: A Least Haunted Christmas Carol
 The Least Haunted Digital Theater presents The Campfire Club Players in A Least Haunted Christmas Carol! It's our Holiday Special! Ever wonder what happened after Ebenezer Scrooge was visited by the three ghosts? Ever wonder what it would be like if he was visited by three skeptics? Wonder no longer!  Sponsored by: Happy McCallister's Old Fashioned Snake Oil, Surplus Meat Exchange And Taxidermy (SMEAT), and!  Cast: Garth Von Ahnen as: Ebener Scrooge, and The Reporter from The Modern Skeptical Journal. Kelly Flynn as: Sensationalism  Alison Franks as: Martha Cratchit  Cody Franks as: The Reporter from The Skeptical Review,  and Editorialization  Nate Nauseda as: Ulysses Noman Harpo Marx as: The Reporter from Future Skeptic Digest.
December 24, 2020
Episode 18: Yule Be Home For Christmas...
Here we come a-wassailing! This time Garth and Cody are joined once again by Dr. Tim King to learn about the ancient and varied origins of several Christmas traditions. From ancient Odin worshipers, to Yule logs, to  drunk man-goats, to Father Christmas and Santa Claus-  We are meticulously unwrapping it all! So drag another large tree trunk into the fire, mix up a giant bowl of Wassail or Punch to keep the party going, and put that elf on a shelf where he belongs.... The Garbage.  This year, we are celebrating Christmas 800's style! 
December 11, 2020
Episode 17: The Sound of Science
Garth and Cody are joined by one of their oldest friends (and arguably the person ultimately responsible for Least Haunted), Nate Nauseda. Nate brings his near two decades of Audio and Recording experience with him as the Least Haunted Crew explore the world of Electronic Voice Phenomena, and take a trip to Garth's Corner to look for extraterrestrial ghosts! Can the dead speak? Will a broken radio help you do it? Did we capture our own EVP? You will have to listen to find out!  ALSO IN THIS EPISODE: Cold War ending friendship, Time traveling sickness, phantom space signals,  and an EVP Game.
November 27, 2020
Episode 16: Little Green Pulsars
Yub Nub! While celebrating the impending defeat of The Empire, Cody and Garth discuss the time that a family in rural Kentucky had a gun fight with visitors from another planet! It's the Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter 0f 1955! Then they take a trip to the top of Garth's Astronomy Tower to learn about possible messages from another galaxy... ALSO IN THIS EPISODE: Pokémon Blaspheme, Funky Ewok Bass, and "The Bat". 
November 14, 2020
Episode 15: The Least Haunted Halloween Special: The Tale of The Ghostly Town!
Happy Halloween and Welcome to The Least Haunted Digital Theater! In this episode The Least Haunted Campfire Club Players bring you an original dramatization in the vein of classic "Old-Time Radio". It's,  "THE TALE OF THE GHOSTLY TOWN"!  When The Least Haunted Team discover the location of a long lost Gold Rush Ghost Town high in the Sierra Mountains of California, they find a little more than they bargained for up Over Yonder, and especially at this time of year.... Sponsored by: HAPPY McCALLISTER'S OLD FASHIONED SNAKE OIL, MARBLE VALLEY ESTATES, and ANCHOR.FM. Featuring The Least Campfire Club Players: Cody Franks......... as...........Himself Garth Von Jared Dr. Tim"Old Man" Alison and Nate Noman
October 30, 2020
Episode 14: Women In Horror Part 2- Lady's Revenge!
The sequel is here! Rejoin in the conversation between special guest Alison Silva, and Garth, and Cody- as they continue to discuss the female role in modern horror cinema. What further horrors and spoilers await our faithful investigators? How does an in depth break down of the male gaze and "subtle" gender nuances of The Silence of The Lambs do for you?  SPPOLER WARNING: We will be spoiling the following movies: Village of The Damned, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street,  Sleepaway Camp, Scream, Cabin in The Woods, Wait Until Dark, The Silence of The Lambs, Midsommar, The Babadook, The Witch, Us, Hereditary, The Whicker Man, and many more!! Resources: The National Domestic Violence Hotline: AND
October 16, 2020
Episode 13: Women in Horror (The Lady is a Trope)
This time Cody and Garth are joined by scholar and cool person Alison Silva as they discuss the portrayal and role of women and female characters in popular horror media and film (mostly film). Spoilers for just about every horror movie of the twentieth century, and the last two decades.  CONTENT WARNING: We will be discussing  some extremely violent media in which most of the violence is directed at women, and some of this violence is of a sexual nature. Although we discuss many of these films with levity and humor, we recognize the sensitive nature of such subject matter. If you or anyone you know is in a dangerous or unsafe living situation, please contact The National Domestic Abuse Hotline at the, or women  Listener discretion is advised. 
October 02, 2020
Episode 12: MIDNIGHT!
Least Haunted Podcast, open 'til midnight! Actually open until well after midnight. But what the heck even is midnight?! This time Cody and Garth stay up way past their bedtime to capture the elusive witching hour, ascend Garth's Astronomy Tower, avoid the Night Ducks, and ride the Backwards Atomic Carousel of Time all the way to Doomsday! It's a one way ticket...  ALSO IN THIS EPISODE: Telling time with bowls, The Gremlins Expanded Universe, becoming Death the Destroyer of Worlds, and like a million crickets. 
September 18, 2020
BONUS MINI-SODE: Yeti & Me Contest Winners
In this bonus Mini-Sode, Cody and Garth announce the winners of Least Haunted's first ever giveaway contest! As well as talk about future possible contests.  To see the winning submissions go to: @leasthaunted on Instagram. 
September 04, 2020
Episode 11: They Might Be Hoaxes
While braving a raging wildfire in the mountains of California, Cody and Garth talk about their favorite band, which leads to the story of one of America's first great hoaxes... So climb aboard the Backwards Carousel of Time and hear one GIANT of a tale!  ALSO IN EPISODE: Biblical translation errors, cunning plans, The Greatest Showman on Earth is a jerk,  Muffler Men, cultural sensitivity. 
September 04, 2020
Special California Wildfire Announcement
This is not a regular episode. We (Cody and Garth)  are just checking in to let everyone know that we are okay during the CZU Lighting Complex Fire in The Santa Cruz Mountains, which is where we live... As we await evacuation instructions/orders we just wanted to appraise people of the situation, and offer a few places where people could donate to relief efforts.  Thanks Everybody!  The US Red Cross, Northern California Branch: Animal/Pet Assistance Resources: Community Foundation Santa Cruz: California Wildfire Relief Fund:
August 25, 2020
Episode 10: Sir Francis Bacon Ghost Chicken Sandwich
It's Episode 10! We made it!  This time Cody and Garth are joined by Jake and Lucas from the Hacked History Podcast to complete a conversation started on their show about Sir Francis Bacon- and the Fowl Specter he left behind... So grab some napkins and a cold beverage of your preference, and come take a big ol' bite of this sandwich!  This is the second half of a two-part conversation. To listen to part 1/A listen to Hacked History @ OR Where ever podcasts can be found...  ALSO IN THIS EPISODE: Drunk soldiers, heritage chicken breeds of England, educational child abuse re-enactments, roaming gangs of feral demon cats in The US Capitol Building, and a not so hidden Kinks reference.  
August 21, 2020
Episode 09: Four Footed Floaters (Ghostly Animals)
An old book from 1913 opens the portal for Cody and Garth to explore the spectral world of ghostly animals. From Black Dogs to mischievous Cat Demons and beyond!  ALSO IN THIS EPISODE: Phantom dog walkers, watching a ghost horse "eat it", your cat needs glasses, and magical placenta eating animals.
August 07, 2020
The Least Haunted Podcast Trailer
Hello! And welcome to The Least Haunted Podcast! A place where skepticism, science, anthropology, and humor meet to discuss all things; spooky, haunting, supernatural, and sometimes- just the plain stupid... 
July 24, 2020
Episode 08: Psychic Wars 2- The Battle of Borley
The Dead Speak! Or, at least Harry Price wishes they would. Join us for our thrilling conclusion to the epic saga of the Psychic Wars!  When Cody and Garth do some more time traveling to witness Price stake his reputation on Borley Rectory, the most haunted house in Britain, they don't realize just how deep the rectory hole goes. Hear the sordid and bizarre tale of Borley Rectory! Where nuns and monks cavort, and there do indeed turn out to be some shady goings on... In this episode we dig up bones, both old and new. ALSO IN THIS EPISODE: Ghostly soap operas, new friends, confusion, and: An Original Song by Judd Pilsen ( 
July 24, 2020
Episode 07: Psychic Wars: Part 1
This is our first two parter episode, because we just couldn't fit all the twists and turns into the story of the attempted founding of a new field of "science" called Psychical Research one hundred years ago...    Cody and Garth delve deep into a story of betrayal, British classism, hoaxes, fake beards, and the difficulty of keeping the faith in a world that seems less full of magic every day. This is the story of Harry Price. Also In This Episode: Prophecy Boxes, Air Benders, Giant Douches, and Goat Sorcery.  Copyright Disclaimer: Under Section 107 of the copyright act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright infringement intended. All rights belong to their respective owners.
July 10, 2020
Episode 06: It's An Abominable Life!
What do a remote monastery, a monster hunting oil tycoon, Hollywood actor Jimmy Stewart, lady's lingerie, and WETA Workshop all have in common? This week Cody & Garth climb high into The Himalaya, where they wrestle with bears, try to outwit nazis, and avoid avalanches as they go in search of the one they call... The Yeti. So hang on tight, make sure your climbing harnesses are safely fastened, and get ready for Least Haunted's most abominable adventure yet!  Also In This Episode: A "Progressive" 1830's British guy, disappearing mountaineers, fishing for Ichthyosaurs, Eating Mammoth, and Meatloaf! 
June 26, 2020
Episode 05: That Witch Doesn't Kill You...
Fire burn and cauldron bubble, Cody and Garth are in for trouble!  This time we are joined by special guest, Dr. Tim King, who acts as our guide as we navigate the bubbling brew of misconceptions, half-truths, and fascinating facts that is European Witchcraft.  ALSO IN THIS EPISODE: Occam's Razor, extra nipples, and why a bunch of kids flying around on broomsticks in Harry Potter is more than just a bit troubling... 
June 12, 2020
Episode 04: The Clownening
When Cody brings Garth a mysterious DVD featuring Killer Clowns from Outer Space the two podcasters fall down a fun house rabbit hole of horrors, pies-in-the-face, and violent whimsical assaults that occurred during what would have otherwise been an unremarkable fall of 2016. Join in as we discover just how many homicidal maniacs can fit into a tiny car, because these horror-lequins are no laughing matter... Also in this episode: Time Traveling Carousels, The Wizard Bombardier, and a bunch of rowdy Australians.  
May 29, 2020
Episode 03: Spooky House
This time Cody is joined by his brother, Gunner Franks, as they discuss memories of growing up in a haunted house! Also in this episode: Haunted Scottish Castle, big eyed waifs, goat neighbors, HAL 9000, and Murphy Beds!  *STRONG LANGUAGE AND DRUG USE WARNING*
May 15, 2020
Episode 02: Cody & Garth's Bogus Quarantine
This one is definitely on the Least end of the haunted spectrum i.e. not that many ghosts- Cody and Garth talk about The Bubonic Plague, how they are handling COVID-19, and the idea of quarantining. STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING: there are a few swears. 
May 01, 2020
Least Haunted Episode 01: Gef The Mongoose
Welcome to the first episode! Undoubtedly to be disavowed years from now when we tell people where to start listening… ​This time, join Cody and Garth as they travel to the Isle of Man in the 1930s to experience the terrifying ridiculous tale of Gef the Talking Mongoose!
April 17, 2020