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By The Legacy Conference
The Legacy Conference is Canada's student entrepreneurship conference. We bring world-class speakers together to connect and inspire entrepreneurial students. We're all about sharing those genuine, real-life moments of entrepreneurship.

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Launching a business as a student and the entrepreneurial mindset with Professor Stephen Daze


Fuelling Your Obsession and the Importance of Community and Relationships with Mike Smith
Today we sat down with Mike Smith, a skater and entrepreneur, or as he describes himself, the CEO of impact. He is the co-founder of Rabblemill and founder of its programs such as The Bay High School and Skate for Change. Mike talks about starting a non-profit, creating an impact on the community and maintaining an integrated role in the programs he started. We go into detail about persisting through the challenges of your startup and how a skate park in a mall evolved into so much more, including a social community and a high school for creators.  Check out Bay High here.
February 25, 2022
Student Series: Adham El Khadem & BuzzFood
Today we sat down with Adham El Khadem, a student at Ryerson University studying Engineering, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Adham runs us through his startup BuzzFood, a search engine comparison for all food delivery providers. We talk about how to balance running a business while being in school, taking advantage of opportunities targeted at students, and navigating regular business problems such as funding and investors. 
February 18, 2022
Redefine Your Vision of Networking with Kelly Hoey
Today we sat down with Kelly Hoey, an author, speaker and networking expert. Kelly offers young professionals advice on how to connect in the age of social media, which can be heard through the Build Your Dream Network podcast, or read in her book Build Your Dream Network: Forging Powerful Relationships in a Hyper-Connected World. In this episode, we talk about how to look at networking in a different light in a socially connected world, ditching the traditional view of networking and rethinking the equation towards networking, while optimizing your own skills.
January 28, 2022
Career Jumping, Starting a Business from Scratch and Brand Awareness with Ashley Freeborn
Today, we sat down with Ashley Freeborn, CEO and founder of Smash + Tess, a clothing brand that specializes in making rompers and leisure wear. After 10 years of being in the teaching industry, Ashley decided to take the leap with her clothing business idea. In this episode we talked about what it took to take the product into market, along with the kind of work it took and still takes to stay committed. We also spoke about remembering the purpose behind your brand and how to keep your morals in check.
January 13, 2022
Venture Capital Ins and Outs and Starting a Tech Business with Janet Bannister
Today we sat down with Janet Bannister, Managing Partner for Real Ventures, one of Canada's largest early-stage venture capital firms. Janet has been in the start-up industry for a very long time, and in this episode we go over topics such as what a venture capital firm does, what a tech startup needs to receive early stage funding and key indicators to identify the growing potential of your business. Plus, Janet gives information about an incredible program for students looking to kickoff their start-up. 
December 23, 2021
The Best of Freelance Marketing and Copywriting with Alex Kinsella
Today we sat down with Alex Kinsella, a freelance writer and content marketer. Alex writes for Waterloo's events newsletter, while having previous experience at some of Canada’s most well known tech companies in roles such as product management, public relations, and social media marketing. With Alex's great expertise, we focused on what freelancing entails and how to get there, what good leaders will do for you and copywriting 101. 
December 09, 2021
How Individuals Can Be Disruptive, Why Being Comfortable is Dangerous and How You Can Stand Out in a Remote Work Environment with Shawn Kanungo
In this episode we sat down with Shawn Kanungo, a globally recognized innovation strategist and keynote speaker. Shawn had spent 12 years at Deloitte, and is now a Partner at Queen & Rook, where he advises leading individuals and organizations on disruptive trends. Shawn talked about what disruptive innovation is, and how you can incorporate it into your own life. We also talked about the danger of becoming comfortable and what your future of work from home can look like. 
November 25, 2021
The World of Social Media Marketing, Management and Trends with Rabiah Damji
For this episode we sat down with Rabiah Damji, a Product Marketing Manager at Instagram. Rabiah is a UC Berkeley alumni and has previous marketing experience at Twitter. In this episode, Rabiah talks about her role as a PMM, how to get into the marketing industry without having background experience, and current marketing and social media trends to look out for. 
November 08, 2021
What to Expect at a Virtual Legacy with Moheb Ghali
In this episode, we sat down with Moheb Ghali, the director of Legacy 2021. We talked about running a virtual conference, how Legacy started and what makes it so special. Enjoy the episode.  
March 19, 2021
Launching a business as a student and the entrepreneurial mindset with Professor Stephen Daze
Stephen Daze is Dom Herrick Entrepreneur in Residence at Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa. This episode is centred around myths in entrepreneurship. We covered the success habits and behaviours entrepreneurs embody, the benefits of launching a business as a student and why raising capital shouldn’t be your success metric. Enjoy this episode.
March 11, 2021
Founding Rewind, Overcoming Failure and Raising $15M Series A with Mike Potter
For our third episode, we sat down with Mike Potter. Mike is the co-founder and CEO of Rewind, a cloud to cloud backup solution for SaaS applications. In other words, they protect businesses by backing up their cloud data. We went over Rewind’s founding story and covered everything from quitting a full-time job to be an entrepreneur, overcoming failure, building business relationships, raising $15M Series A, the roller coaster of emotions that is running a company and so much more. Enjoy the episode!
March 02, 2021
Legal mistakes startups make and founding a service based business with Megan Cornell
In this episode, we sat down with Megan Cornell. She is the founder and CEO of Momentum Business Law, an innovative, tech-forward, boutique law firm focused on helping startups and entrepreneurs in Ontario. In this episode, Megan spoke about how lawyers help startups, when is the right time for a startup to get a lawyer, legal mistakes startups make and so much more. Megan will be hosting a workshop at Legacy 2021 and be a judge at The Legacy Pitch Competition!
February 23, 2021
Content distribution, building a brand and embracing feedback with Manuela Bárcenas
For our first episode, we sat down with Manuela Bárcenas,’s Marketing Manager. Manuela is a marketing and personal growth enthusiast. In this episode, we talked about Fellow’s content distribution strategy, why working in a startup is like buying a box of donuts, how to build a brand, networking by writing online, how to give and receive feedback and so much more!  Get your Legacy 2021 tickets 
February 16, 2021