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LEAVE YOUR MARK: Freshly Brewed Career Advice

LEAVE YOUR MARK: Freshly Brewed Career Advice

By Aliza Licht
How do you build your personal brand and succeed in your career? In her best-selling book, LEAVE YOUR MARK, Aliza Licht, marketing executive and former Twitter phenomenon, DKNY PR GIRL, answers these questions and more. In @leaveyourmarkpodcast, Aliza brews fresh career advice every Sunday with some of her most successful and dynamic friends. With an emphasis on communicating and marketing your personal brand, Aliza and her guests deliver essential advice, inspiration, and motivation for succeeding in the working world, where the most important thing you can have is a strong sense of self.
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LEAVE YOUR MARK: Freshly Brewed Career Advice

Hollywood's Nail Guru, Deborah Lippmann, on How to Blend Your Passions to Navigate Two Careers at Once and Become a Reluctant Entrepreneur
"Either do it or shut up about it" is the phrase that would ultimately lead Deborah Lippmann on the journey of a lifetime to create an eponymous empire in the beauty industry. So if you are someone like Deborah who can't stop talking about a passion, unconsciously, you are ready to go and do it. You just have to find the courage to bet on yourself. Hands down (no pun intended), Deborah Lippmann is the leading authority in the wildly competitive nail category. Established in 1999, Deborah Lippmann was founded on an ethos of quality meets care. Informed by her years on the red carpet, fashion runways, and editorial, the award-winning brand reflects her ultra-high standards in terms of product performance. It is crafted to nourish and support nails and skin. Time and again, she's broken new ground and pioneered innovative practices in both the editorial and brand arenas. Her business is a family affair, working with her husband and brother since its inception. Deborah is the go-to manicurist for an awe-inspiring list of celebrities, including Oprah Winfrey, Lupita Nyong'o, Laura Dern, and Lady Gaga, to name just a few. She also enjoys stellar fashion cred through her backstage magic for such houses as Chanel, Balenciaga, Dior, and Versace. But it's in Deborah Lippmann's eponymous brand, that her creativity and business acumen truly shines. She has been crowned a "mega-manicurist" by Vogue and "one of the best manicurists in the country" by Allure. But Deborah never gave up her first dream to be a jazz singer. She has a degree in music from Arizona State University, has recorded three albums, and has her own iTunes and Spotify channels. Deborah has performed in numerous New York City clubs, including The Carlyle, Feinstein's, and The Rainbow Room. She has sung the national anthem multiple times at Madison Square Garden and recently for the Minneapolis Twins. In this episode, Deborah shares how she navigated her true passion as a professional jazz singer– a lifelong love and also began a journey that would lead to building a luxury nail brand. We discuss the intimacy of her business, how to build authentic relationships and the secret to her longevity and success. Plus, the behind-the-scenes of what it's like working with Hollywood's biggest stars during award season!
May 15, 2022
The Rise of Corporate Natalie, Tapping Into the Creator Economy, and How She Balances Her Real Job
After experiencing the utter bleakness of 2020’s ‘Work From Home’ life, Natalie couldn’t help but take to TikTok to poke fun at the current state of Corporate America. With 400K Followers on Instagram and over 375K on TikTok with 15.4 Million likes, she has made people around the world laugh and bond over the shared hilarity of ‘New Normal’ nuances. But while Natalie has experienced a growing social footprint, she has continued to balance her full-time corporate job. Natalie retains her anonymity to do just that! In this episode, Natalie shares her rise to social media stardom and how she balances her side hustle with her real corporate job. We also dive into the creator economy and what brands can learn from the creators who are native to these platforms. Says Natalie, “You have to speak the language if you want to be successful on Tik Tok.” We discuss the mental health aspects of being a public person and how she handles the haters and protects herself. She also shares the hard work of being a creator and the importance of outsourcing what isn’t your core competencies. Plus so much more!
May 01, 2022
Gabby Bernstein on How to Achieve Happy Days by Learning The Guided Path from Trauma to Profound Freedom
If you were free from fear, who would you have the freedom to be? In her new book, Happy Days, Gabby Bernstein charts a path to heal trauma, unlearn fear, and remember love. "In order to figure out what is the path you are meant to be on, you first must unlearn all the fears that were picked up along the way," says Gabby Bernstein, who is a #1 New York Times Bestselling author, motivational speaker, spiritual leader, and podcast host. Her newest book Happy Days: The Guided Path from Trauma to Profound Freedom and Inner Peace, teaches nine transformational, yet untapped, techniques for serenity and genuine happiness—from "reparenting" yourself to bodywork practices for freeing the stuck energy of past trauma. Gabby started on her own journey from hosting intimate conversations with 20 people and evolved to speaking to tens of thousands in sold-out venues throughout the world. In 2009, Gabby was featured in The New York Times as a "guru" for the next generation. The Oprah Winfrey Network chose Gabby to be part of the "SuperSoul 100," a dynamic group of trailblazers whose vision and life's work bring a higher consciousness level to the world. Gabby connects with her community through her Miracle Membership and her podcast Dear Gabby. In this episode, Gabby shares her personal path from trauma to freedom. She explains the importance of showing up for yourself and how if you do, you will be able to show up in other areas of your life. Gabby teaches the differences between trauma with a capital T and a small t, how to broach trauma with your boss, undo the patterns that make you stuck in the past, and so much more.
April 24, 2022
Sneak Peek to Season 9!
You never know where your path will lead but when it shows itself, follow it. Thank you to my amazing guests and my season eight partner, Ever/Body! Catch up on episodes you’ve missed and stay tuned for season nine which kicks off 4/24!
April 10, 2022
That Famous "Blue Cardigan Guy," Adam Rose, Unpacks the Impact of Social Media on Traditional Industry Success, the Secret to His Creativity, and How to Build a Positive Community Online
Adam Rose has lived the acting life in Hollywood since he was 9-years old, making his debut opposite Robin Williams and Julie Kavner in Woody Allen's Deconstructing Harry. With over 55 tinsel-town projects to date he's played roles on the sets of luminary directors and actors with credits that include The Sopranos, Veronica Mars, Netflix's Santa Clarita Diet, Supernatural, Merry Happy Whatever, and so many more. He's worked with Matthew Broderick, Matt Damon, Mark Ruffalo, and Anna Paquin, to name a few. As a writer, Adam sold his first pilot, PISSED, to Warner Bros. His short film, QUEEN, which he wrote and directed, screened at over 50 film festivals and won several awards. But back in 2009, he intuitively knew that social media would change how the world consumes content forever. At a time when most of his celebrity peers turned their noses up to anything "online," Adam began cultivating fans outside of his Hollywood projects. Today, Adam has amassed an enormous social media following, with over 3.7 million followers on TikTok and nearly half a million on Instagram, not to mention his growing YouTube. He's one of the most beloved creators with A-list brand deals, known for his viral comedy sketches, dances, and "lovely" wife, a character he plays opposite himself. In this episode, Adam and I unpack the question, "What drives the other: Does the traditional career drive a social following, or does a social following drive your traditional career?" It's an interesting debate. We dive into the story of digital identity and the famous blue cardigan that his fans are obsessed with, and how his community reacts to his content. Adam shares his content strategy, secrets to creativity, production schedule, and a typical day in his life. The whole episode is like a hug in your ear, full of warmth, comedy, and advice.
April 03, 2022
Mandy Teefey From 13 Reasons Why to Wondermind, Why Mental Fitness Is the Future, and How to Advocate for Accommodations at Work
"Did I want to be there for a moment, or did I want to be there forever"? That's the question Mandy Teefey asked herself when she contemplated whether she should prioritize her mental health or be there for her daughter, Selena Gomez's, first day of Kindergarten. Fast forward to today, and Mandy Teefey is a co-founder and co-CEO of Wondermind and the founder and CEO of Kicked to the Curb Productions, where she has developed award-winning and nominated content. Mandy is best known for her work on Netflix's 13 Reasons Why. Mandy's personal journey struggling with mental health has fueled her passion and drive. Wondermind will satisfy the hunger for inclusive content and the need to change the narrative on how mental health is portrayed. It also gives people the tools to practice "mental health fitness," both online and offline. Mandy was misdiagnosed as bipolar and later diagnosed with ADHD with Trauma, which has fueled her passion for offering accessible mental health resources for anyone and everyone. Co-founded with Selena Gomez and Daniella Pierson, Wondermind is a multimedia company that destigmatizes and democratizes mental health in a way that has never been done before. In this episode, Mandy shares her incredible and heartfelt journey. From her mental health struggles to being a teenage mom, she authentically shares how her career came to be despite her misdiagnosis as being bipolar. With a dream of storytelling in entertainment, Mandy has made some of the biggest contributions to normalizing the mental health discussion in Hollywood.
March 27, 2022
Maria Brito on If Not Now, It’s Never, Why When You Take a Chance on Yourself There’s No Plan B, and How Industry Outsiders Are the Biggest Disruptors
“If you want to be a singer, you have to pack up your stuff and forget I’m your mom,” are the words Maria’s mom warned. Her mom wanted her to grow up being financially independent, especially coming from Venezuela with limited opportunities. The concept of pursuing creative opportunities wasn’t in her cards. It wasn’t until Maria was in her 30’s that she took a major leap of faith by leaving her well-paid and safe job as a corporate lawyer to follow her creativity and pursue a career in the art world. It’s safe to say the risk paid off. Fast forward to the current day, and Maria is an award-winning contemporary art advisor to clients like Gwyneth Paltrow, curator, and author of the new title, How Creativity Rules the World: The Art and Business of Turning Your Ideas into Gold. You could say that Maria is a creativity guru with a knack for the intersection of art and business. In this episode, Maria shatters the lies we have been told since childhood about careers in creative fields and how her upbringing of being culturally educated led her to start the career of her dreams. Maria shares how one of the biggest factors she had to overcome was what people were going to say about her once she left her well-paid career as a corporate lawyer to pursue a career in the arts. Maria teaches how to cultivate your creative ideas and turn them into “gold.” This is an episode filled with intelligent and motivating advice on how you can transition to the job of your dreams.
March 20, 2022
Chrissy Rutherford on Why Fashion’s Diversity Education is Not Over, Mental Health Transparency in the Workplace and How Opportunities That Are Meant to Be Yours Will Be
What does it feel like when your video goes viral? Chrissy Rutherford knows. She was shocked when her video captioned, “It’s not enough to just say “I’m not racist, ” following the murder of George Floyd went viral, garnering over 5 million views in less than a day. Chrissy realized that there was much to teach her industry on being anti-racist. After working in fashion for 12+ years as the former Special Projects Director and the Senior Digital Fashion editor of, she decided to join forces with fellow fashion editor Danielle Prescod, creating 2BG (Two Black Girls). 2BG is a consultancy that advises fashion and beauty brands along with influencers on how to implement anti-racist communication strategies. She is also a digital creator who has partnered with brands like Tiffany & Co., Jimmy Choo, Saks Fifth Avenue, and more. In this episode, Chrissy shares her journey breaking into fashion with tactical advice on how to make sure your bosses never forget you, how to be politely persistent, what it means to know your value, and how to know when to leave your job. She also transparently shares her struggle with mental health and her mission to make diversity and inclusion in fashion a mainstay of the present and future.
March 13, 2022
Nicole Lapin on Why Women Should Declare Themselves Experts, Put a Price Tag on Their Dreams and Forge a Mindset of Aspiration Instead of Deprivation
No one likes managing their money, but money expert and New York Times best-selling author of Boss Bitch, Rich Bitch, Becoming Super Woman, and now Miss Independent, Nicole Lapin, makes it easy. Have you ever wondered how millionaires make their money? Spoiler alert: it's not from saving money. My favorite money expert, Nicole Lapin, is back on LEAVE YOUR MARK with her new Wall Street Journal #2 bestselling book, Miss Independent. "Millionaires don't make their money just from their salaries, no matter how big their paychecks get. They have an average of seven additional streams of income, many of which are passive, meaning their money is making money for them while they sleep." Nicole had no choice but to learn the language of money, and empowering people to embrace and understand it has been her goal ever since. Nicole started out making $20K a year and getting into almost as much credit card debt. She never worked at a bank and didn't have an MBA. "I wasn't born into wealth or privilege. There were days when I didn't have food to put in my mouth, much less a silver spoon. For much of my early career, I either lived paycheck to paycheck, was in debt, and/or subsisted on a brown-rice-and-beans diet (it felt fancier than ramen). I tell you this because if I could become Miss Independent—totally financially set up and secure on my own—then anyone can, including you. I promise." Miss Independent is your best friend who knows and shares all the ins and out of saving money and investing it meaningfully. You don't have to understand finance to heed Nicole's advice. With in-depth tutorials and humor to boot, Nicole can transform your mindset to begin to think differently. In this episode, Nicole shares that she may not have been a financial expert, but she was an expert in being broke, and writing her four bestselling books was her way of teaching everything necessary to learn the language of finance. Nicole calls on a lot of BS cliches, and one of them, which she shared, was "knowledge is power," instead, Nicole says that 'action is power.' Nicole also points out that women can have it all, only if you define what 'it all' means for you and then stick to it rather than changing the goal post.
March 06, 2022
Erica Keswin on How to Make an Impression as a Remote Worker
In a world that's gone virtual, how do you make an impression if no one sees you? How do you collaborate and connect? Are you a camera off or a camera on person? Are you 100% work from home or hybrid? Whether you're an executive or an assistant, remote work affects everyone. On this LEAVE YOUR MARK snack segment, I speak with workplace strategist and author Erica Keswin on how to make an impression as a remote worker. Erica has worked for the past twenty years with some of the most iconic brands in the world as a consultant, speaker, author, and professional dot-connector. Her bestselling book, Bring Your Human to Work: Ten Sure-Fire Ways to Design a Workplace That's Good for People, Great for Business, and Just Might Change the World, was published by McGraw-Hill in the fall of 2018. Her second book, Rituals Roadmap: The Human Way to Transform Everyday Routines Into Workplace Magic made the Wall Street Journal, Publishers Weekly and USA Today best seller lists. Erica's work and insights can be seen in various media outlets, including Harvard Business Review, NY Post, Forbes, Huffington Post, O Magazine, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Mogul, Conscious Company, Quartz, and Fast Company. Erica was named one of Marshall Goldsmith's Top 100 Coaches in 2020, as well as one of Business Insider's most innovative coaches of 2020. 
March 02, 2022
Sarah LaFleur on How Your Vulnerability and Desperation Can Breed Your Biggest and Bravest Ideas
Does desperation paralyze or invigorate you? For founder and CEO Sarah LaFleur, it was both. After quitting her dream job after four months because, spoiler alert, it was not a dream, she decided she had no choice but to become an entrepreneur. In truth, her motivation came from her inability to explain her departure in a way that wouldn’t permanently dent her career. Owning your narrative and shaping your story is something that many people struggle with, but for Sarah, her so-called failure spawned the birth of her company, M.M. LaFleur. Frustrated by a lack of women’s workwear options that were stylish and practical, she teamed up with Miyako Nakamura and Narie Foster to launch M.M.LaFleur in 2013. Their mission is to help women take the work out of getting dressed, so they can focus on the work that matters to them. The brand is known for its functional design details, comfort (like go ahead and nap in these clothes), and no “dry cleaning necessary” pieces. The brand is also doing its part in supporting women where it counts most. Passionate about seeing more women run for office, M.M. LaFleur has loaned clothing to over 275 female candidates. Since 2017, they have partnered with Bottomless Closet o help disadvantaged women in the NYC area jumpstart their careers, making it possible for women to donate their workwear at either M.M. LaFleur store in NYC or DC. They also offer special discounts to the military, veterans, medical professionals, first responders (including government and public service workers), and teachers. In this episode, Sarah shares her origin story and the struggles she dealt with after thinking she had destroyed her career. She explains why sometimes the answer to depression is just to keep moving forward. We talk about how her mother is her biggest inspiration, how to use your clothes to send powerful messages, and much more.
February 27, 2022
DeDe Brown on Leveraging Your Experience, Humility, and Curiosity to Make Bold Industry Moves
DeDe Brown and her career exemplify what it means to carve your own path and leave your mark. From studying broadcast journalism at the University of Alabama to finding her way through the bright lights of Hollywood, DeDe proves that if you put yourself in the right places, are humble enough to learn, and stay curious, people will take a chance on you. Today, DeDe is the senior vice president of multicultural marketing and publicity at Paramount Pictures, one of the biggest production companies in Hollywood. DeDe's journey is the story of having no connections at the start, waiting many, many tables, and being clever enough to know when opportunities present themselves for you to take that leap to the next rung on the career ladder. When she's not helping run the show behind the scenes at Paramount, she's co-hosting a podcast, BLK ON THE SCENE, featuring Black voices who are helping to drive change and representation in entertainment. In this episode, we talk about the concept of putting your trust in the skills you have acquired and taking a chance to grow your career in a new industry. We talk about what it takes to succeed in marketing and public relations, especially in a high-stakes industry, and why DeDe believes that her humility, curiosity, and willingness to admit when she doesn't know the answer have contributed to her ability to thrive in her roles. 
February 20, 2022
Stacy London on Manifesting What You Want and Seizing That Opportunity Even When You Don't Think You Can Do It
When Stacy London joined this podcast in season two, her parting words were a wish. She hoped in the future to do something for women her age. Needless to say, she manifested her dream role and what happened next is crazy. Now, Stacy is back to share what she has been up to since the last time she was on this podcast. Stacy London was previously a fashion stylist who has styled everyone from Kate Winslet to Liv Tyler. She's a best-selling author and TV personality, made famous from the fan-favorite series, What Not to Wear. As a person in the public eye, Stacy has been very transparent about her journey—the ups and the downs, the battles with body image, and even finances. Today, Stacy has faced her fear of the unknown and redefined what it means to be Stacy London. As the CEO of State of Menopause, a company she acquired a year ago, Stacy is helping women understand this next phase of life, not just through their products. It's her mission to make talking about menopause as normal as talking about pregnancy. But beyond that, Stacy is proving that there is a Renaissance for older women, and it's no coincidence that during the pandemic, they are starting companies in droves. In this episode, Stacy shares her story in an authentic way her fans know and love. She shares her struggle to find her new place in this world and what it was like to experience a life-altering change that she wasn't prepared for. She shares the real story of running a startup as a CEO with no experience and how she's learning as she goes. Stacy's truth will resonate with so many, and the more we open up these conversations, the better we will all be.
February 13, 2022
Amy Shecter’s Journey From Fashion to Beauty Tech Start-up, Why Feeling Stuck in a Job Is a Choice and the Reason Great Leaders Are Forever Students
Can you be a great leader and also show vulnerability? Amy Shecter thinks so. She believes that vulnerability is a key strength in leadership and that people are afraid to show it. Her ability to say, “There’s so much I can learn from you,” to not only major players in her network but also outside of it might be one reason for her success. She’s gone from traditional fashion roles to being CEO at four major companies. From Glamsquad to CEO of Ever/Body today, Amy is a bold visionary, nimble strategist, and inspiring organizational leader who has built businesses from the ground up. She’s known for her ability to revitalize brands and accelerate growth and profitability, whether for established companies or start-ups. Amy was named one of Entrepreneurs Magazine’s 100 Powerful Women of 2020. In this episode, Amy shares her journey and many transparent learnings. She shares the importance of working for what you want to accomplish and why you should never settle for a career path that you no longer have a passion for. As Amy says, being stuck in a job is a choice. Listen to her words of wisdom and model her tactics in your own career.
February 06, 2022
Alfredo Hurtado Wants You to Know That No One Cares About Your Brand and Why He Believes in Unapologetic, Fearless Marketing
Alfredo Hurtado's LinkedIn bio declares him "The most dangerous man in the world." Back in the early days of Twitter, he became infamous as the "Bad Boyfriend." This man breaks every personal branding rule in the book. Still, his fearless marketing tactics have worked for the many brands he has worked on, including Bacardí, Calvin Klein, Cerveza Sol, Gatorade, and Hennessy, among many others. Today, he's the co-founder of Swordmaker Studios and the creative director of HOLY JOE, a Los Angeles-based streetwear brand. HOLY JOE was accepted into Licensing International's inaugural Diversity and Inclusion Accelerator Program in 2021 and is now one of the fastest-growing Hispanic-owned clothing labels. In this episode, we dive into what it means to be a bold marketer and have an unapologetic view of who you are and how you show up. We also talk about what happens when it backfires. Alfredo's tactics are not for the weak, but there is a lot to learn from someone who doesn't care what anyone thinks and has truly made it his own way.
January 30, 2022
Lindsey Pollak on the Pros and Cons of The Great Resignation, and Why No Matter What, You Should Always Leave a Company on a Good Note
In case you missed it, as of November 2021, a record of 4.5 million people are just not that into working anymore. Today, The Great Resignation is still going strong but birthing a new trend of The Great Reimagination. People are rethinking their lives and the time they spend at work. Priorities are shifting, and many for the good. In this short and focused LEAVE YOUR MARK "snack segment," workplace expert and New York Times bestselling author, Lindsey Pollak, shares both the pitfalls and positives of The Great Resignation and what comes next. She shares her advice on how to leave a company on a positive note, why you should consider all factors before jumping the gun on quitting, the dangers of workplace trends, and the consequences of following them. Lindsey has worked with more than 50 corporations, law firms, conferences, and universities to help their individuals and organizations navigate and thrive in the ever-changing world of work. Her clients include Aetna, Citi, Estée Lauder Companies, GE, Goldman Sachs, Google, Pfizer, Verizon, Yale, Harvard, Wharton, and Stanford. Her accomplishments don't stop there. She was named to the 2020 Thinkers50 Radar List, serves as an official Ambassador for LinkedIn, is a spokesperson for The Hartford's "My Tomorrow" campaign, and the chair of Cosmopolitan magazine's Millennial Advisory Board. 
January 23, 2022
Tamara Miller on How to Crush a Career in Sales and Why Persuasive Writing and Speaking Up in Meetings is the Key to Remote Work Success
Would you ever take a risk and consider me? That was the question Tamara asked the hiring manager when she knew she did not have the qualifications for her first-ever job. Now, Tamara is an award-winning sales account executive. At Google, she leads cloud growth and adoption for Omnicom, a leading high-value agency where she is a strategic and effective partner to some of the world's most recognizable brands. She has built her reputation by driving business results by developing holistic data-driven solutions, a stellar personality, and the ability to understand that the secret to sales success lies in relationships. In this episode, Tamara shares her journey from ground zero with no experience but the will and motivation to do whatever it takes. She shares her insider tips on how to excel in sales and her tactics to effectively communicate, pitch a client, and unlock your customer's challenges.
January 16, 2022
Eve Rodsky on Why You Need to Give Yourself Permission to Be Unavailable In Order to Tap Into Your Unicorn Space
Do you have permission to be unavailable? Eve Rodsky, New York Times bestselling author (and Reese's Book Club pick) of Fair Play, is back on LEAVE YOUR MARK with her new provocative book, Find Your Unicorn Space: Reclaim Your Creative Life in a Too-Busy World. In her book, Eve explores the cross-section between the science of creativity, productivity, and resilience. So what is unicorn space? It's the time you carve out for yourself without guilt and outside pressures to tap into your most creative self. Described as the ‘antidote to physical, mental and emotional burnout,’ Eve aims to inspire a new narrative around the equality of time and the individual right to personal time choice. In this episode, Eve shares her advice and details some of her inspirational tactics for setting new personal goals, rediscovering your interests, and cultivating your creativity. But more, she reminds you that finding your unicorn space benefits everyone around you while strengthening the relationship you have with yourself.
January 09, 2022
Jennifer Meyer on How to Achieve Your Dreams Even When You're Afraid to Speak Them Out Loud
Jennifer Meyer was rising in the world of celebrity public relations when her then-boyfriend asked her a straightforward question, "What do you want to do with your life?" The question would lead Jennifer to admit something that she had never uttered before, her secret dream of wanting to be a jewelry designer. She decided to pursue her dream, pushing aside the fear of what she didn't know and all the reasons why she couldn't succeed. Today, Jennifer Meyer is living her dream as one of Hollywood's favorite jewelry designers. In this episode, Jennifer shares her remarkable journey starting with the minute she graduated, and her Dad told her she had two weeks to get a job. She shares the importance of perseverance and following your dream, even if you don't think it's in your wheelhouse. According to Jennifer, if you have the confidence to bring your passions to the world, everything else can be figured out. Jennifer taught herself every aspect of her business, and her success reminds us that we all have a dream we are afraid to utter, so give yourself permission to say it out loud and go for it.
January 02, 2022
Callie Schweitzer Shares Insider Power Tips for Leveraging LinkedIn and Why You Need to Advocate for Yourself to Create the Job You Want
LinkedIn is having a moment, don't you think? Callie Schweitzer might be the reason. As the Global Creator Programs Lead at LinkedIn, she oversees its Creator Accelerator Program, part of the platform's $25 million commitment to supporting creators. The pandemic has had significant impacts everywhere, but at LinkedIn, it has shifted the platform from a place where you simply have a profile to a community of generosity, learning, and real-talk. People have discarded the traditional ways of communicating and become more vulnerable, creative, personal and inspiring. In this episode, Callie shares how to hone your thought leadership, have the confidence to raise your hand for opportunities and seize white space for roles that don't exist. She also shares the importance of not discounting your experiences even if they do not fit the traditional professional view and why you should connect and interact often with people who have similar interests. Pro tip: If you are uncomfortable sharing, focus on amplifying others on LinkedIn! 
December 19, 2021
Linda Dowds on Her Life as an Oscar Award-Winning Makeup Artist, Why You Should Never Be Afraid to Try Something New, and How Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
Linda Dowds is an Oscar award-winning makeup artist for film and television. As Jessica Chastain's longtime makeup artist and collaborator, they have 16 projects together to date. Their most recent makeup collaboration (and Oscar win for makeup) is in The Eyes of Tammy Faye, in which Chastain plays 1970's televangelist Tammy Faye Bakker. Linda's other works with Chastain include her roles for the It franchise and X-Men: Dark Phoenix, among other films. Linda is a Hollywood veteran with experience working on film and television with some of the biggest names, including Hilary Swank, Woody Harrelson, Greg Kinnear, and Tom Hanks. In this episode, you will learn about Linda's amazing journey, what a day in her life is like (hint it's many many hours), what the pressures and the ins and outs of her role entail, how she collaborates with the talent and crew, and what Linda knows now that she wished she knew when she was starting out. 
December 12, 2021
Elana Fishman on the Secrets of Celebrity News, Life as a Diehard Swiftie, and Why Success Means Bringing Ideas to the Table
Elana Fishman is the first-ever New York Post "Page Six" Style Editor. In her role there, she covers everything in the world of celebrity beauty and fashion, from The Bachelorette to the Royal Family. Before joining the New York Post in 2018, she was the entertainment editor at Vox's now-shuttered shopping website, Racked, and worked at Lucky Magazine as deputy digital editor from 2011 to 2015. The New York University graduate also worked at Teen Vogue, Marie Claire,, and People Magazine's StyleWatch. As a "shameless Swiftie," Elana takes her role as a hardcore Taylor Swift fan seriously. In this episode, Elana dishes on the style coverage secrets behind awards season, how she uses social media to convey her personal brand, why you need to offer to work across departments, and so much more. 
December 05, 2021
Aliza Licht, Author and Host of LEAVE YOUR MARK, Shares Her Career Journey and the Lessons Learned
This is my episode! My Sister, Ilana Yunis, Interviews me on all the things and we get super personal. This episode was so special. My sister Ilana and I are incredibly close and always have been. She's an attorney and also the founder of her fashion side hustle, @Splatterazzi. We are alike in many ways but also very different. Ilana is a fantastic host who asks all the right questions. I'm not going to lie; it was sort of like an interrogation. You may think you know my professional life, but you probably don't know my private one. From being pre-med in college to living The Devil Wears Prada Life, to becoming an entrepreneur, and back to corporate life again, there's so much that I share, and I hope you enjoy it!
November 28, 2021
Lizzy Savetsky on Influencing With Purpose, Owning Your Beliefs No Matter the Backlash, and Taking On Her New Role as Matchmaker
Elizabeth, aka Lizzy, Savetsky lives her life out loud. As a digital fashion influencer, she uses her platform to express her style, share her adorable family, and educate her community on her deep-rooted beliefs. As the hilarious host of her new Instagram show, Bashert, she's setting out to help Jewish singles find love. On a more serious note, Lizzy is also a Jewish Activist, taking on complex and often polarizing issues with a strong emphasis on education and combating antisemitism. As Lizzy says, we all have the ability to wield influence, whether big or small, and she's using her platform to lend her voice to important issues close to her heart. In this episode, Lizzy shares the inner workings of her life as an influencer, being a working mom whose kids are part of the content strategy, and why you need to keep some of your creative energy for yourself. She'll share how she handles the heat when the comments get hot and why she will never stop standing up for what she believes in. 
November 21, 2021
Dorie Clark on Why The Biggest Mistake You Can Make is Assuming People Know Your Story and How Looking for the Subtle "Raindrops" of Success Will Help You Play The Long Game
Dorie Clark on Why The Biggest Mistake You Can Make is Assuming People Know Your Story and How Looking for the Subtle "Raindrops" of Success Will Help You Play The Long Game: Dorie Clark wants you to know that everyone is too busy to think about you.  Named the #1 Communication Coach in the world at the Marshall Goldsmith Coaching Awards, she preaches that if you don't take control of your narrative, no one will ever know your story. Her new book, The Long Game: How to Be a Long-Term Thinker in a Short-Term World, is a Wall Street Journal bestseller and rejects the relentless pressure in our culture that pushes us toward doing what's easy, what's guaranteed, or what looks glamorous in the moment. In The Long Game, she argues for a different path. It's about doing small things over time to achieve our goals. After all, everyone is allotted the same 24 hours—but with the right strategies, you can leverage those hours in more efficient and powerful ways than you ever imagined. In this episode, Dorie shares her tried and true tactics, how playing the long game can yield success, and why 20% of your time should be spent on speculative projects that have nothing to do with your day job. As Dorie says, when you're working toward something, you will not always see results right away. Sometimes it takes months or even years. You might think that it's not working, but the truth is it's just not visible. That's when Dorie advises looking for the raindrops--- the subtle signs of progress. Just like when you see the clouds forming and feel the first drop of rain, you know the rainstorm is coming. 
November 14, 2021
Kristen Glosserman on Why If It's Not Right, Go Left and How to Begin, Focus and Commit to Build a Track Record of Trust With Yourself
Everyone gets stuck sometimes. Many people are unsure where to take their next steps, whether it's a personal loss, an aimless career, or a difficult breakup. In her new book, If It's Not Right, Go Left: Practical and Inspirational Lessons to Move You in a Positive Direction, Kristen Glosserman — goal-setting strategist, life coach, and mother of four — offers inspiring and realistic guidance and direction, using examples culled from her own inspiring life. In light of her own family tragedy and personal struggles, Kristen formulated a plan to regain sight of her goals. In this episode, Kristen takes us through the daily path she follows. A series of life lessons, including Begin, Focus, Commit; Love is a Choice; and Stay in Your Lane, guide this inspirational episode about the attainability of happiness. If It's Not Right, Go Left teaches that connection, communication, and collaboration bring the change needed to pivot towards one's achievable goals. 
November 07, 2021
Tina Wells on Becoming Your Own Client, Walking Away to Do What Lights You Up, and Why If You Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail
Tina Wells created her marketing agency at the age of 16 because, as a young girl, she didn't feel that brands were speaking to her and her friends. For over two decades, she led Buzz Marketing Group, a full-service marketing and research company working to help clients like Dell, The Oprah Winfrey Network, Apple, P+G, Johnson & Johnson, and American Eagle, build lucrative relationships with youth markets. But in 2019, Tina decided to make herself a client and take stock of her own business. She decided to dismantle her agency, opting to pursue the work that lights her up-- creating content that speaks to tween girls. The multimedia content venture RLVNT Media was born in 2020, serving entrepreneurs, tweens, and culturists with authentic representation. This venture houses her newsletter, Elevation Tribe, a community and quarterly publication created to help women launch, grow and lead their businesses focusing on women of color. Tina is also the author of seven books, including the best-selling tween fiction series Mackenzie Blue, its spinoff series, The Zee Files, and the marketing handbook, Chasing Youth Culture and Getting It Right. Her mission is to help tween girls that look like her feel seen. In this episode, you'll learn how Tina made the hard decision to look at her own business and re-evaluate how she was spending her time, how to leave the things that don't work, outsource things you're not good at, and make sure that your vision and purpose guides the path no matter where it brings you.
October 31, 2021
Alisa Cohn on the Importance of Having Executive Presence, Building Your Social Capital and Why You Need a Vision Board
Gravitas, communication, and appearance are three areas that Alisa Cohn, the #1 Start-Up coach in the world, focuses on. And before you get up in arms about the idea of judging appearance, think of it from the perspective of "playing the part." Alisa coaches both founders and executives alike on how they show up as leaders. She has worked with C-suite executives at prominent start-ups (such as Venmo, Etsy, Draft Kings, The Wirecutter, Mack Weldon, and Tory Burch) and Fortune 500 companies (including Dell, IBM, and Microsoft). Google, Pfizer, and The New York Times to name a few.) With 20 years of experience, she's dumped all her wisdom into her new book, From Start-up to Grown-up. Whether you're a founder, a corporate executive, or hope to be one day, this episode is full of insider advice on everything from Alisa's tactics on how she built her initial client base to how she coaches her clients on leadership. Alisa speaks to what they need to be effective and how to handle self-doubt, failure, and anxiety. She stresses the importance of grit and resilience and why building your track record as someone good to work with can open a host of opportunities.
October 24, 2021
Tiffany Dufu on Why You Need to Surround Yourself With People Who Know Your Goals and Will Hold Your Feet to the Fire
In her own words, Tiffany Dufu was placed on this earth to advance women and girls. As the CEO and founder of The Cru, Tiffany brings together small groups of women who help each other achieve personal and professional goals. Tiffany's book, Drop the Ball, encourages women to embrace imperfection and cultivate the ability to let go. As a mentee to many, counting even "Auntie" Gloria Steinem (who wrote the foreword to her book) as a mentor, Tiffany believes that the most crucial skill you can have is knowing how to ask for help. Tiffany shares powerful words of wisdom in this inspirational episode, including reminding people that when someone opens the door for you, run through it as if your life depends on it- and closing the loop on where that introduction led! She shares the importance of making sure you surround yourself with people who know your goals and will hold your feet to the fire, getting clear on what matters most, and recognizing that courage is feeling the fear and doing it anyway.
October 17, 2021
Mark Herschberg on Why Hope is Not a Career Plan and the Essential Skills for Success That No One Taught You
Mark Herschberg has tracked criminals and terrorists on the dark web and created marketplaces and new authentication systems. With a long career as a CTO, he has launched and developed new ventures at startups and Fortune 500s. But one thing Mark realized along the way is that success doesn't just lie in being to find the right answer; it lies in being able to communicate it to others. His journey to master emotional intelligence in the workplace led him to help start MIT's "career success accelerator," the Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program, where he teaches annually. In his book The Career Toolkit, Mark shares ten chapters that deliver the essential skills no one ever teaches you. From how to nurture relationships both inside and outside your company to successful negotiation and job interviews, Mark's lessons arm readers with top skills, professional advice, and an understanding of the modern workplace's— often overlooked— interpersonal dynamics— everything you need to be successful in your career. 
October 10, 2021
Corey duBrowa on Learning From the World's Greatest Founders and Why Your Success Lies in How You Create It for Others
How many people do you know who have had the opportunity to work for Phil Knight, Bill Gates, Howard Schultz, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and more?  This week I'm proud to share the 100th episode of the LEAVE YOUR MARK podcast. When I thought about who could possibly be my 100th guest, I looked no further than Corey duBrowa, Vice President of Global Communications and Public Affairs at Google. I first learned about Corey when he was SVP Global Communications at Starbucks (a role he held for almost eight years). As a former publicist myself, Corey has always been the gold standard for communications executives. With more than 20 years as a communicator of ideas, Corey has long been considered one of the top corporate communicators in the US. He just topped PRWeek's 2021 US Power List, ranking #7 out of the 50 communications leaders. In this episode, you'll learn how Corey has been able to radically shift between industries, the great learnings he has absorbed from the founders he has worked for, and why he wakes up every day excited to start again.
October 03, 2021
Tyler McCall from Intern to Editor-In-Chief of Fashionista, Learning When Not to Speak Up, and Life as Gossip Girl's Resident Expert
Tyler McCall has established herself as an indispensable fashion figure. As a staunch proponent of inclusive sizing years before it was the norm, Tyler's main focus has been on the issues which are changing and shaping the fashion business to be more inclusive. With extensive knowledge of fashion, pop culture, and beauty, Tyler is the Editor-In-Chief of, a website regarded as one of the most influential voices covering fashion news, criticism, and career advice for the industry and influential fashion-focused consumers. She's come a long way from her days as an undergrad at the University of Florida, where she used to leave comments on the site religiously. She now continues to leave her mark, expanding readers' minds on what can be fashionable beyond the typical margins of the industry. Prior to being the Editor-In-Chief at, McCall spent most of her career rising in the ranks at the platform. From being an intern, editorial assistant to senior associate editor, Tyler's fashion interest eventually led her to a brief experience as Digital Fashion Editor at Teen Vogue and Social Media Manager at Vogue, before returning back to as Deputy Editor. During her climb, she learned some valuable lessons, all of which she shares in this episode. As a loyal fan of Gossip Girl, she now channels that dedicated energy into #WaldorfWednesdays, a recurring series dedicated to Blair Waldorf's style, and #SerenaSaturdays, devoted to Serena van der Woodsen's style on her Instagram. After becoming an expert on the subject, she was invited to lend a hand when the show rebooted, proving that your fan passion can lead to unique opportunities.
September 26, 2021
Amy Errett on Radical Transparency and Intimacy for the Company Win, Recognizing that One Door Closing Opens Another, and Promising Yourself Not to Repeat Bad Patterns
Amy Errett's multifaceted career has ranged from founding and operating companies to investing in startups to volunteer nonprofit leadership. But then she left it all to create Madison Reed, an omnichannel beauty brand that is challenging industry titans in the hair color space. Noticing that women only had two options when coloring their hair - Purchase a low-quality, cheap box from a drugstore or go to an expensive salon, Amy aimed to create an innovative option. But where Amy is truly innovating is in the way she leads her company. With the mantra that employees can bring their whole selves to work and a policy of openness and sharing where the entire company has lunch with Amy and coffee with Amy weekly, she's building a culture that's more like a family than anything else. Not to mention she's paying her colorists as salaried employees who don't have to rent their chairs like the rest of the hair color industry and also receive full benefits. When her stores closed during the pandemic, she continued to pay them, moved them all over to the call center, and taught them new skills.  Prior to founding Madison Reed, Amy was a General Partner responsible for the Bay Area office of Maveron; a leading venture capital firm co-founded by former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz - focused on investments in consumer facing companies. Before Maveron, Amy was CEO of Olivia, where she repositioned the travel business as a complete lifestyle company and also where she was delivered her biggest career blow. Amy is the proof that women belong at the top. Amy founded Madison Reed with over 30 years of business and operating expertise as a four-time entrepreneur, venture capitalist and social-mission visionary. In 2015 and 2018, Amy was named one of the "Bay Area's Most Influential Women in Business" by the San Francisco Business Times. She was also a finalist for Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2018 Award in the Northern California region, which she won in 2006 for the consumer category. She was also featured on Fast Company’s first ever Queer 50 list of LGBTQ women and nonbinary innovators in business and tech in 2020. In this episode, Amy shares her truths in both her failures and successes. If you want a tutorial on how to be a leader and inspire greatness, this is the episode for you.  
September 19, 2021
Lisa Maynard-Atem From Harrod's Social Media Maven to Using Her Digital Superpowers to Support Black Representation and the Difference Between Quitting and Knowing When to Walk Away
When Lisa Maynard-Atem started as the first-ever social media strategist at Harrods, she had her work cut out for her. Over 7.5 years, she took their following from 30,000 to over 2.5M, making them one of the most followed luxury department stores in the world - their Instagram channel went from zero to 1.1M under her leadership. As happy and successful as she was, Lisa is generally uncomfortable with being comfortable, and she decided to head out on her starting The Social Word, her consultancy. But as the daughter of a Father who works for the UN and a Mother who is a charity worker, Lisa grew up knowing that giving back to society would be her true calling. Her personal experience with racial discrimination and George Floyd's murder made her realize that she wanted to do something more meaningful with her digital superpowers. Today, as the Managing Director of Black United Representation Network CIC (BURN), she's a passionate campaigner who works tirelessly to support black business and black representation focused on the economic and social empowerment of the Black community in the UK. In this episode, you'll learn about Lisa's experience with racism, how she handled it, and how she's paying her experience forward, why she's not comfortable being comfortable, and why you need to drown out the noise and focus on what matters.
September 12, 2021
Steven Kolb on Why Relationships are Your Career Currency, How to Transfer Your Skills to Another Industry and What it Takes to be a Designer Today
A self-described "accidental fashion drone," the idea of working in fashion never really seemed to be on Steven Kolb's radar. Today, Steven is the Chief Executive Officer of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), the trade association for the American fashion industry. He oversees all operations for the American fashion industry's group of 500 designers. He manages CFDA's membership, activities, and philanthropic efforts such as Fashion Targets Breast Cancer, disaster relief, and HIV/AIDS. In this episode, Steven shares the importance of cultivating relationships and making an impression that lasts even when you're not in the room. As a somewhat shy person, Steven has always favored playing number two and knowing his function in any given situation. He also reminds us that no matter how senior you get, sometimes you have to tell yourself that you're in the room because you belong there. Steven recommends taking stock in what you're good at,  knowing what you don't know, and not being afraid to ask questions. We also dive deep into the fashion industry right now, the changes that have come since the pandemic, and what it takes to make it as a designer today.
September 05, 2021
Tracey Baker-Simmons From Waitress to Hollywood Producer and Why Everything You Need to Know You Can Teach Yourself
Tracey Baker-Simmons met L.A. Reid and Babyface while waitressing at Houstons in Atlanta. She had no clue who they were. They handed her their Amex to pay for the bill, and she saw that they had a production company. She asked if they were hiring, and they invited her to come to the studio. That chance encounter landed her an internship where she would begin the process of learning the ropes of production. It was the early 90's in Atlanta, and while she had a degree in marketing and finance, she had no experience or formal education in what her future career would be. Leaning on the power of books and her own resourcefulness, Tracey taught herself everything she needed to know and asked the right questions. As a firm believer in saying yes and figuring it out later, Tracey is proof that if you take a chance on yourself, you just might win. Today as a 25-year entertainment industry veteran and seasoned television producer, Tracy Baker-Simmons is one of television's most prolific and industry-forward innovators, earning titles such as the pioneer of urban reality television. With content such as the Bravo reality series Being Bobby Brown, MTV2's Sprite Step-Off, and the biopic Bobbi Kristina, Tracy has proven her ability to create content that both resonates well with viewers and pushes the culture forward. Note: When she pitched Bobby Brown a reality show she had never produced one before and fun fact: he was in jail at the time! In fact, the only blueprint at the time was The Osbournes. Currently, she works under her production company, Baker Simmons Media. She also recently launched an educational platform Reality TV Decoded, which launched its first master course, Making Reality TV. In this episode, you will learn that determination and curiosity can get you everywhere and why if you invest in yourself, you can push beyond what you don't know and be unstoppable.
August 29, 2021
Barbara Barna Abel on How to Nail That Audition (or Interview!), the Character Trait They're Looking For and the Benefit of Being a Little Different
If you have a story to tell and want to use your authentic voice to share it, Barbara Barna Abel is the woman for you. Since launching her casting and talent development company, Abel Intermedia, in 2001, Barbara has worked on over 100 unscripted/alternative projects and jump-started the careers of many prominent figures. As a seasoned media & communications coach, talent & executive development expert, and casting director in the entertainment industry, Barbara knows what it takes to make an impact and stand out. Her clients include television networks, PR firms, athletes, models, celebrity chefs, business executives, and young creatives. Her credits include the groundbreaking RuPaul Show on VH-1, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and What Not to Wear. In this episode, Barbara shares the tricks of the trade and what makes a great audition. Fun fact: what makes a great audition is the same thing that makes a great interview and breaking news; it starts the minute you walk into the building. As Barbara says, be memorable and delightful. Leave the room better than you found it. Even if you don't land the gig, you'll make an impression that may pay dividends in the future.
August 22, 2021
Darcy Miller on Making That "Fork in the Road" Career Decision and Why She Wants You to Celebrate Life's Everyday Moments
Leading celebrations expert, Darcy Miller, grew up in a house where both of her parents were artistic, and "making things" was a daily occurrence. But their artistic passion was never about being hardcore crafters but more about celebrating life and everyday moments. Their mantra was D.I.T. (Do it together) versus D.I.Y. as creating memories, was always the driver. Darcy's mom worked for Diana Vreeland, and her after-school activities included being dragged to the MET. She would watch them work on the MET shows while she did her homework. That creative environment left an impression on Darcy that would inspire her future career. She, of course, didn't know that at the time. Beginning her career early, Darcy flexed her artistic muscle as a college entrepreneur, but after college, she was faced with a fork in the road decision: Interview to be Anna Wintour's assistant OR become the assistant to Martha Stewart, who was launching a start-up magazine. Going with her gut and following her crafting passion, she went on the road less traveled and has never looked back. Today, Darcy is the founder of Darcy Miller Designs, culminating over twenty-five years of cultivating and creating inspiration and ideas for all things celebrations.  In this episode, you will learn to view every day as a celebration and why capturing those memories builds the foundation for long-term happiness and meaningful relationships. Darcy also shares how to choose the right path when you're faced with more than one direction and so much more.
August 08, 2021
David Yi on Helping Others Realize Their Power, Never Letting Anyone Dim Your Light, and Pushing Past Self-Doubt
David Yi grew up in the only Korean family in his small town of Colorado Springs. From a very young age, he felt othered and knew that one day, he would spend his time celebrating and uplifting others. After working as a fashion editor, reporter, and stylist in New York for ten years, David decided to use his extensive knowledge of beauty and became the Founder & editor-in-chief of Very Good Light and the co-founder of Good Light, a beauty brand that celebrates beauty beyond the binary. It's a gender-inclusive, vegan, and cruelty-free skincare line created as a response to the hypermasculine/hyperfeminine divide in the beauty industry.  In this episode, David authentically shares his story, struggles, and self-doubts and how he overcame them. He details how he manifested his book and why he is focused on helping others realize their power. Living by the mantra that you need to remember when you wished for what you have now, David proves that he has found his light and is helping others find theirs too.  LEAVE YOUR MARK listeners can try Good Light beauty product with a special buy one get one FREE offer by using ALIZA on 
August 01, 2021
Kate Doerge on Taking a Chance on Yourself (Even if don't have the experience), Why You Should Say Yes to Every Meeting, and the Reason to Never Burn Bridges
Life is short. Kate Doerge learned that early on. Now, after more than 25 years of working for other people, she's taking the plunge into entrepreneurship. As Principal of Kate Doerge Consulting (KDC), Kate is betting that her more than two decades of brand-building and communications experience can help prestige consumer brands and investors unlock value at all stages of the investment process.   When Kate left her role as partner of Paul Wilmot Communications after 21 years of experience, she thought that she left her network behind. A chance meeting that she almost didn't take pushed her outside her realm and comfort zone and landed her as Head of Marketing at iStar. Without that experience, she doesn't believe she would have founded KDC today.  In this episode, you'll learn how Kate channels her physical fitness challenges to inspire her professional risk-taking and how it taught her that she could do anything she sets her mind to with that same passion. She'll share how she tackles goal setting as her own boss and how with a mantra of never burning bridges, she is now tapping into her network to invite them on her journey. You will learn why your network is not a pile of business cards but relationships that need to be nurtured. You'll also understand why every conversation is worth having, even when you don't see the value at the time.
July 18, 2021
Ruthie Friedlander on the Benefit of Saying Yes to Everything, The Gift of Magical Mentors and Why You Should Never Have to Face Your Demons Alone
Since she began working in the fashion industry over a decade ago, Ruthie Friedlander has established herself as someone to know. As the CEO/Founder of At Large Agency, she helps brands navigate the convergence of content and growth. Ruthie's prior experience has shifted over the years from iconic fashion brands like Chanel and The Row to major editorial roles at and She started her career as the assistant to media entrepreneur Dan Abrams.  But along her journey, Ruthie came face to face with her demons, ultimately hitting rock bottom and then coming out the other side. As the co-founder of The Chain, a non-profit peer support network for women in fashion, media, & entertainment who are struggling with or recovering from an eating disorder, she is building a community where no one has to struggle alone. In this episode, Ruthie shares her story,  life lessons, and aspirations, all with sincerity and humor.  
July 11, 2021
Jackie Giusti Seaman on What it Takes to Make a Brand Coveted Today, How a Leader Can Inspire Greatness, and Why Her Guiding Principle is Polite Persistence and Persuasion
When Jackie Giusti Seaman was clipping headlines from newspapers during college at Villanova and analyzing what the story could be as a communications major, she knew this would be her career. Fast forward to today, and she is doing exactly what she set out to do—as the Vice President of Global Communications at Stuart Weitzman, overseeing Public Relations, Celebrity and Influencer Integration, Paid Publisher Advertising Partnerships, and Wholesale Marketing. For most of her 15 years at Stuart Weitzman, her primary role led the brand to its celebrity status and association under the Founder and brand's namesake leadership.  In this episode, you will learn about loyalty and passion for working for a brand and Founder you genuinely believe in. You will see why the willingness to roll up your sleeves and do whatever it takes makes you indispensable. You'll learn what it takes to make something buzzy in Hollywood, and the answer will surprise you. On the corporate front, you will also learn Jackie's tactics for understanding when you should speak up or not speak up, which is an underrated skill in managing complicated issues at work. 
July 04, 2021
Alyssa Rosenheck on How to Use Visualization to Create the Life You Want and Why You Need to First Say Yes to Yourself Before the World Can Say Yes to You
Alyssa Rosenheck was working hard, climbing the corporate ladder in a Fortune 100 company, when she was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 32. Reevaluating her life, this diagnosis sparked a career change when photography became her healing catharsis. What started as a simple need to photograph her home for sale became a pioneering shift in an antiquated corner of the photography world. Alyssa is now a celebrated stylist, speaker, and architectural and interiors photographer with over 900 features of work regularly found on the pages and sites of the world’s leading shelter and lifestyle publications, including Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, HGTV Magazine, and PEOPLE. She works with clients who are designers and architects to communicate their brand and expand their digital footprint. She has helped grow many small businesses over the years. Her book, The New Southern Style, is a  vibrantly illustrated exploration of 30 designers, artists, celebrity chefs, authors, and creative entrepreneurs who are reinventing Southern culture, along with tips for styling and soulful thoughts for living a creative life. The images and stories are meant to bring light and inspire stillness in a world that never stops to reflect. But as Alyssa will tell you, she needed to face her shadows before stepping into the light. As one of the only Jewish families in Tulsa, Oklahoma, she faced discrimination and ridicule. On top of that, Alyssa's childhood was emotionally and financially unstable. She hopes this book will inspire creative courage. In this episode, Alyssa shares her secrets to a holistic self-care approach, how to use fear as a tool for your own empowerment and why you need to reframe your inner dialogue and why you need to release in order to receive the gifts life has to offer. 
June 27, 2021
Lydia Fenet on Why You're the Most Powerful Person in the Room When You Sell as Yourself
As the Lead Benefit Auctioneer at Christie's Auction House and Global Managing Director of Strategic Partnerships, Lydia Fenet knows firsthand that being an effective salesperson is what distinguishes top achievers in all fields from the rest of the pack. She has led auctions for more than 600 organizations and raised over half a billion dollars for over 400 nonprofits worldwide. Lydia's widely acclaimed book, The Most Powerful Woman in the Room Is You: Command an Audience and Sell Your Way to Success, equips you with the essential tools of the trade and reveals Lydia's strategies behind her revolutionary sales approach so that every reader feels empowered to tap into their own power and achieve results in any setting. She is currently writing her second book, The Most Confident Woman in the Room is You. Having developed key skills over a fifteen-year career on stage, Lydia is a keynote speaker and travels internationally lecturing on topics ranging from women's empowerment, unlocking sales potential, and empowering teams in the workplace. She was named one of New York's most influential women by Gotham magazine and has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Crain's, Elle, and has appeared in Vanity Fair, Women's Wear Daily, Vogue, and Town & Country. In this episode, Lydia shares her tips on how to sell anything using a clever combination of intelligence, personality, and humor. She explains why you should get your foot in the door of your dream company and worry about the role later, see the positives in every task (even being the company's paper shredder!) and how to make sure you get paid what you're worth.
June 20, 2021
Margi Conklin on the Role of Editor and Why Getting Fired Can Be the Best Thing That Ever Happens to You
Margi Conklin is the editor of the New York Post's award-winning Sunday edition. She is a storytelling expert who's previously set the editorial agenda at some of the world's most famous brands in both the US and UK, including ELLE, InStyle, the Daily Mail, and Harper's Bazaar. In this episode, Margi shares her editorial journey, complete with the highs and lows of rising to Editor-in-Chief, being fired, and even dealing with sexual harassment from a former boss. She authentically shares her learnings from being forced to push past her comfort level, how she rewrote her own story, and why, in her free time, she is helping women tell their stories pro bono.
June 13, 2021
Ariel Foxman on Knowing When to Leave the Party, the Value of Your Reputation, and Using Your Voice Responsibly on Social Media
Ariel Foxman is a writer, editor, and content developer with over two decades of experience and a thorough understanding of what makes a story compelling, journalistic, and ultimately memorable. Currently, he consults with luxury retail clients on their content and brand messaging strategy and pens ABBAPAPA, a mission to support fathers and non-traditional families, born of his experience as a new gay Dad. In addition, he is a contributing editor to Vanity Fair, with his words also gracing the pages of countless other titles. Ariel has an impressive track record helping lifestyle and fashion brands tell their stories effectively. He has a talent for giving people what they want and expect from a brand in new and innovative ways, giving them what they don't yet know they want and finding ways to place the brand in surprising and delightful new spaces. As the former editor-in-chief and only male editor of InStyle, he led the brand to earn numerous awards and distinctions. Ariel is also a powerful voice and board member for GLAAD and has been recognized by his peers, listed on BofF's Fashion 500, Out Magazine's Annual Power List, and The Advocate. In this episode, Ariel shares his story with impactful lessons on when to recognize when a role or environment is not serving you or your goals. We also discuss the importance of not letting anyone slow down your innovation, what it means to leave a monolithic brand and pave a new and exciting road on your own, knowing that you have that experience behind you to guide the way.
June 06, 2021
The Queen of Barre, Elisabeth Halfpapp, on Creating a Movement Not Once, Not Twice, But Three Times
Elisabeth Halfpapp has had an incredible journey in the fitness industry. She is one of the founders of the Barre movement with over 40 years of teaching and teacher training. As a sought-after authority and expert in the field, celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Heidi Klum, and Kate Hudson turn to Elisabeth when it comes to toning their body, especially their legs, bum, and abs. After two decades of growing the Lotte Berk Method, Elisabeth and her husband, Fred DeVito, decided to create their own method. In 2002, they became the founding partners of Exhale and took the business from dream to reality with 25 units in 11 markets. But in 2019, they decided to start over again. So with the monumental changes of the pandemic, they started Core Barre Fit, a new fitness movement that they've started from scratch on their terms. In this episode, you will learn what it means to truly have passion for what you're doing, how to get your team behind your movement, and what it means to start over three times. With positivity and excitement, Elisabeth and Fred are creating a movement for the third time with the same zest and passion they had over 40 years ago.  
May 30, 2021
Madison Utendahl on What Drives Successful Content Today, the Importance of Trusting Your Gut, and Why Asking for Help is a Strength
Madison Utendahl is the founder and CCO of Utendahl Creative, a Black-owned, female-founded and female-led, storytelling-first, branding, content & social media consultancy. Since its launch, Madison has worked with Refinery29, Milk Bar, Bandier, and has been featured in The New York Times, W Magazine, and Forbes. Prior to launching her company, Madison was a creative on the founding teams of three powerful cultural phenomenons: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, 29Rooms, and Museum of Ice Cream, where as the head of content & social media, she earned two Webby Awards and grew their digital presence to an audience of over 1 Billion people in under 20 months. She's also been recognized in Forbes 30 Under 30. In this episode, Madison shares her tactics for a successful content strategy today, what metrics matter most to her, and why she believes that everyone has a story to tell. She will also share her 24-hour rule, why you should not argue for your limitations, and the reason you should trust the timing of your life.
May 23, 2021
How to Master the Art of Strategic Communication with Media Trainer and Public Speaking Coach, Jillian Straus
Are you a passionate and persuasive communicator? Whether you're presenting in person or on zoom, connecting with your audience to deliver your message effectively is the key to success. Jillian Straus is a 20-year media veteran and the founder and principal of Straus Strategic Communications. She is a Swiss army knife of media training.  With an astute ear for content and presentation, Jillian understands where you need to go and how to get you there. She is a media consultant, presentation trainer, and speechwriter for CEOs of the world's largest e-commerce companies, executives of Fortune 500 companies, founders of successful startups, professional athletes at the top of their game, A-list celebrities, and best-selling authors.  In this episode, you'll learn tactical tips on how to master what she calls the three C's" of effective communication and her top five secrets of being a great communicator. In addition, she will share how to leverage the power of storytelling, authenticity, and transparency and how to use your voice to influence others, memorably tell your story, and control the narrative.
May 16, 2021
Visual Artist, Jade Purple Brown, on Trusting the Process and Knowing That Your Season Will Come
You may not recognize Jade Purple Brown's name, but chances are you have seen her work, which is featured as Adobe's splash image for Illustrator 2021. Jade is a New York–based visual artist who uses strong figures, vibrant colors, and messages of optimism in her graphic design, illustration & art direction. She has created art for major brands globally, including Apple, Facebook, Sephora, TikTok, and NYC Pride, to name a few.  Jade was on track to become a stylist, attending the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago for fashion marketing and management. However, in her final year, Jade learned how to use graphic design tools like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign and fell in love with them. Pursuing this love, after graduation, she spent six months creating her portfolio. She made up imaginary artist mentors and began modeling the way they presented themselves. Self-taught, Jade's work stood for itself, and she landed a full-time art director role. Eventually, Jade built up her clientele and skills, breaking away from her day job to pursue her entrepreneurial goals.  In this episode, Jade will share how she intuitively learned to trust the process, launched her business, gets creative, deals with burnout, client load, and copycats. With advice well beyond her years, she shares sage insights on how to prepare for the moment your season comes. As Jade says, things don't necessarily happen in the minute you want them to, but you better be prepared for when they do!
May 09, 2021
Jill Kargman on Being a Working Mom, Crushing Imposter Syndrome, and Why It’s Better to Be Sorry Than Safe
As the author of 11 best-selling books, with a wicked sense of humor, Jill Kargman got her first starring role in her 40's as the creator, writer, producer, and star of Bravo's scripted comedy, "Odd Mom Out." As a real-life mom of three, who prioritizes her family, Jill has cracked the code to work/life balance and raising great kids while thriving in her career. Living her life with fearlessness, she shares the secret to tackling imposter syndrome, and why she thinks it's better to be sorry than safe.
May 02, 2021
Karla Welch on Styling Hollywood's A-list and the Secrets of the Red Carpet
Karla Welch was named one of Hollywood Reporter's Top 10 Stylists of the Decade. As the founder and owner of x karla, and the founder of the premium styling app Wishi, Karla is one of the most visionary and loudest voices in Fashion, especially on issues that matter- using her platform to shine a light on social injustice. In this episode, you'll learn the secrets behind the red carpet, how to bring yourself to the next level, why you shouldn't downplay your success, and how to hold onto hope.
April 25, 2021
Stacie Henderson on Treating Your Company Like Your Name is on the Door, Identifying Voids, and Proactively Taking on Challenges to Claim Your Value
Stacie Henderson has loved marketing and computer programming since her teenage years in Kansas City. The CIA recruited her in college for computer programing, but her love of fashion drew her to pursue an MBA in Fashion Management at Bocconi in Milan. Fast forward, and Stacie's passion for bringing technology to retail and brands has resulted in an extensive resume with 15 years in luxury and retail, developing dynamic growth strategies that blend online and offline tactics. Currently, Stacie is the Head of E-commerce, Digital, and Consumer Experience at Tod's Group, with previous roles at Versace, Ferragamo, and Westfield. In this episode, you will learn what it means to innovate within a corporate structure, how to make yourself indispensable, and why listening is a superpower.
April 18, 2021
Sasha Charnin Morrison on the Dangers of Entitlement, Giving Up Your Dream Job, and the Legacy of Her Father, Martin Charnin, Creator of Annie
Fluent in Kardashian & Lagerfeld, fashion industry veteran Sasha Charnin Morrison has made her mark in the field as a stylist, style director, and pop culture connoisseur for the last 30 years. She has styled everyone from Jennifer Lopez to the Real Housewives of New Jersey and has been a fashion director everywhere from Harper's Bazaar to Allure to Us Weekly. Currently, she is the style director at CBS WATCH! Magazine. Her book, Secrets of Stylists: An Insider's Guide to Styling the Stars is the little black book of styling where she shares top styling secrets on creating unforgettable looks and advice on landing a choice job. In this episode, Sasha recounts her rise in fashion, incredible stories from the heyday of fashion, and why she got fired from Vanity Fair. Hint: it has something to do with Carolina Herrera's puppies. She shares the lessons she gratefully learned early and why she ultimately walked away from her dream career to prioritize a life well lived with her family.
April 11, 2021
SHO+CO's Sharon Ainsberg on Identifying White Space & Creating Your Future, the Key to Successful Talent Partnerships, and How Her Sleep Obsession Led to Her New Start-Up @Bedfully
Sharon Ainsberg's career began in the music industry, working with award-winning composer Philip Glass on recordings with artists ranging from David Bowie to The Rolling Stones. She then managed talent, working with veteran music manager Louis Levin on everyone from AC/DC to Michael Jackson. But during that time, she saw white space in the industry. Why didn't musicians have fashion or beauty deals? Where was that co-branded marketing? This was when Sharon's obvious fashion obsession became too great to ignore. As a pioneer in brand and talent partnerships, Sharon created the music and entertainment division at Ford and the VIP services division at Starworks before launching her own company in 2012. Sharon co-founded SHO+CO with Allison Oleskey, a bi-coastal fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment agency focused on celebrity and influencer initiatives, including product placement, collaboration deals, and talent booking for everything from global events to ad campaigns. In this episode, you will learn how Sharon identified a void in the industry and ideated how to fill it, why creating trust in relationships will lead to long-time collaboration, the importance of respecting the team around the talent, and her expert methods in negotiating partnerships.
March 28, 2021
Susan McPherson on Reigniting the Lost Art of Connecting to Achieve Happiness and Success
The most powerful question in the world is, "How can I help you?" These are the words that Susan McPherson is known for. Susan is the founder and CEO of McPherson Strategies; a communications consultancy focused on the intersection of brands and social impact. As a serial connector, Susan's first book, The Lost Art of Connecting: The Gather, Ask, Do Method for Building Meaningful Relationships, is the much-needed reminder that sometimes more than skills, success lies in the relationships we build and nurture. But when we are more physically distant than ever before—how can we reverse the growing trend of disconnection to forge meaningful connections in business and life? In this episode, Susan answers this question. She shares her secrets on how to be a serial connector to create a meaningful constellation of connections around you based on intention, shared interest, and helping others. 
March 21, 2021
Lindsey Pollak on Five Ways to Recalculate Your Career Right Now
Lindsey Pollak was told in her first job interview that her master's degree in women's studies would get her nowhere. She is now considered one of the country's leading experts on careers, the workplace, and the Millennial generation. Lindsey is a New York Times bestselling author of four books and one of the world's leading career and workplace experts. Her new book, Recalculating: Navigate Your Career Through the Changing World of Work, is rich with tactical moves that you can make right now. In this episode, Lindsey takes us through her five rules for recalculation, how to assess your strengths so you can apply them in a new direction, the secret to communicating effectively across different aged colleagues, and why you need to make your make more visible. 
March 14, 2021
The Legendary Simon Doonan on Why Your Work Ethic is the Key to Success
If you've ever walked down Madison Avenue and past Barneys New York, you've experienced the magic of Simon Doonan. Considered a fashion industry legend and the world's most famous window dresser, Simon served as the creative head behind Barneys's renowned and unconventional window displays, which won him many awards, including a CFDA Award. He then became the creative director of Barneys New York and then served as their creative ambassador-at-large. Over the past 45 years, Simon has added best-selling author and TV personality to his resume. He has written over ten books on various aspects of style and culture: his newest book delves into Keith Haring's life, the revolutionary artist from the '80s. But Simon's glamorous adult life today is a far cry from how he grew up in England. In this episode, you will learn about Simon's incredible journey, how he found his creative calling, and why he credits his mother's work ethic as the secret to his success.
March 07, 2021
Professional Troublemaker, Luvvie Ajayi Jones, on How to Do What Scares You Most
At the intersection of comedy, media, and professional shade-throwing, you'll find Luvvie Ajayi Jones, a New York Times bestselling author, podcast host, and sought-after speaker. Luvvie is known for her trademark wit, warmth, and perpetual truth-telling. But even she's been challenged by the enemy of progress known as fear. She was once afraid to call herself a writer and nearly skipped out on doing a TED talk (over 5 million views!) that changed her life because of imposter syndrome. In her new book, Professional Troublemaker, the Fear-Fighter Manual, Luvvie shares how you can audaciously step into your life, career, and legacy to go beyond even your wildest dreams. In this episode, she teaches how to live boldly despite all the reasons you have to cower, why you shouldn't be afraid to name and claim yourself, and the steps you can take to move forward right now. 
February 28, 2021
Donald Robertson AKA @drawbertson on Why Your Biggest Ideas Aren't Big Enough
Donald Robertson, better known as @drawbertson, went from Art School failure to Fashion's favorite artist. Known as the Andy Warhol of Instagram, his impressive career spans decades of roles that anyone would dream of having. In his early Canadian days, he worked on a tiny brand that no one had ever heard of called M.A.C. He spent years as a creative director going through Hearst's revolving door and later on lunching with the big wigs in the infamous Conde Nast cafeteria. Throughout it all, Donald has maintained his childish instincts and willingness to do absolutely anything. And he is not shy about poking harmless fun at some of Fashion's biggest players.  In this episode, you will learn how Donald ideates his big creative ideas, why if you feel good about presenting an idea, it's probably not big enough, and the reason you need to be comfortable selling yourself "lemonade stand" style no matter how successful you get. Donald shares his journey with contagious humor and humility, with lessons that anyone in any industry will learn from. 
February 21, 2021
Ann Shoket on Why the Only Way Out is Through, Leaning on Your Squad to Achieve Goals, and Living Life on Your Own Terms
New Power Media's Ann Shoket wears her intentions on her sleeve. Every year she chooses a "word of the year" as a reminder for the goals she wants to achieve and then creates a bracelet with that word on In Ann's world, failure doesn't exist. It's the experience, and the lessons learned that matter. In this episode, you will discover her tactics for goal setting, how to achieve what she has coined a "Big" life, complete with the freedom to live life your way. Ann shares how to get value out of any experience and lessons on picking yourself back up after rejection, time and again, to reach that north star eventually.
February 14, 2021
The Original Mad Woman, Ginny Bahr, on Retiring After 69 Years at Wunderman Thompson and Witnessing the Ad Industry's Evolution over Seven Decades
Like most businesses, the advertising industry has changed in many ways over the past seven decades - and Ginny Bahr has seen it all first hand. With 69 years of consecutive service, she is the original Mad Woman and the longest-serving employee at J. Walter Thompson, now known as Wunderman Thompson. Ginny's got spunk, clever wit, and spirit (think Betty White!) and at 93 is retiring not because she has to, but at her family's request that she take the time to slow down, just a little. Unlike other guests on LEAVE YOUR MARK, Ginny has already left her mark. In this episode, Ginny shares the secret to her longevity, how the industry has changed over seven decades, and the lessons she hopes to impart.
February 07, 2021
Raman & Jessica Kia on Building Havly, a New Towel Brand That Supports a Better Future for Special Needs Children
Jessica and Raman Kia are marriage goals. As the co-founders of RJK Project, a new towel brand called Havly, and parents to three children, including two with Autism, they give new meaning to the word hustle. Both digital marketers by trade, Raman, and Jessica have worked with some of the world's best brands. But as successful as their special ops marketing agency is, they always dreamed of creating their own brand, something sustainable that could ensure their boys' stability and security into adulthood. In this episode, you will learn how they became their own client and used their marketing superpowers to build Havly. They share how they balance work, start-up life, parenting during the Pandemic, and take turns running the daily relay race of life. Their relationship and passion for building a better future for their children are inspiring. One dollar from every Havly towel supports, earmarked to fund the projects of special education teachers.
January 31, 2021
Samantha Ettus on Why Nothing Is Sexier Than Being Financially Independent and How to Live Fully in All the Slices of Your Life With Zero Guilt
Samantha Ettus knows how to win, and she has spent her life showing other women how to achieve success and balance in each facet of their lives. After graduating from Harvard and Harvard Business School, Samantha founded Ettus Media Management, a personal branding firm. She soon realized that many executives she worked with didn't know how to optimize their work-life balance, so she became an expert on the subject. Pivoting away from her company, she became a best-selling author and spoke to thousands of women about the challenges they faced reentering the workforce, getting a more lucrative job, or balancing having a family and succeeding in a career. But being an author wasn't enough for her. Recognizing that men dominated the credit card processing industry, she decided she wanted to do more than offer advice and inspiration to women. She wanted to help them to achieve financial independence. In 2018, she launched Park Place Payments, an award-winning company that has revolutionized the credit card processing space. To date, she has helped hundreds of diverse women previously left out of the workforce find new careers despite having no financial experience. In this episode, you will learn the tactics Samantha recommends to live a full life in every slice of your life, why there's no room for guilt, and how to empower anyone to believe that they are unstoppable.
January 24, 2021
Bevy Smith on Why It Gets Greater Later, the Beauty of Not Fitting a Mold, and How to Rebrand Yourself
Bevy Smith was my first guest on LEAVE YOUR MARK, and she's back with even more humor and incredible insights. In her new inspiring book, Bevelations: Lessons from a Mutha, Auntie, Bestie, she captures her experience transitioning from a fashion advertising executive into a media personality, all while living a big, authentic, and unapologetic life. But what happens when everything you've wished for comes true and yet doesn't make you happy? In this episode, Bevy discusses the lessons of her new memoir, Bevelations. The book is no holds barred- just like Bevy. This episode is full of inspiring and worthwhile lessons on living an authentic life at any age. At age 58, Bevy is living her best life yet, and as she says, it gets greater later.
January 17, 2021
Jyothi Rao on Rewriting the Playbook, What Brands Can Learn From a Social Media Backlash, and the Relationship Between Empowerment and Accountability
Jyothi Rao was in her twenties when she realized that her nomadic life was unusual. Having lived on four continents before the age of 20, Jypothi credits her success to being adaptable to change. As the president of INTERMIX since 2014, she is responsible for crafting the brand's vision and developing the overall business strategy. In this episode, Jyothi shares why you learn the most when you go through the worst of times, why you should think of your career as a jungle gym more than a ladder, and how every experience allows you to collect superpowers. We also discuss what it's like to weather a major social media backlash, what you can learn from it, and the importance of standing up for what you believe in. 
January 10, 2021
Elizabeth Harrison on Why PR is Still a Drug, How to Be an Agent of Change and the Trick to Staying at the Top of Your Game
Over two decades ago, Elizabeth Harrison found herself as the cover story of the December 1998 issue of New York magazine, titled Power Girls. The issue uncovered a new crop of power publicists. Today, she is listed in The Observer's PR Power 50. As a lifestyle expert and CEO, she leads H&S, a full-service agency known for setting the benchmark for groundbreaking, press-worthy experiences. In this episode, we go on Elizabeth's personal journey through her storied and exciting career. From the heyday of magazines and PR, how to create buzz today, manage a crisis, and the tactics she employs to keep her clients like American Express and world-class. Most importantly, though, we go deep on her mission to set the standard for a diverse and thriving culture at her agency and how she's taking on corporate America to do the same.
January 03, 2021
Fat Mascara's Jennifer Sullivan From Beauty Editor to Full-Time Podcaster, Why She'll Try Anything Once, and the Next Big Trend in Beauty
Starting her beauty career as a cashier at a perfume store in West Philly, Jennifer Sullivan has made a name for herself in the beauty world as co-host of the award-winning beauty podcast Fat Mascara. But what happens when you have a crossroads career moment? How do you decide between the safe past and a bet on the future? Jennifer Sullivan decided to pass on a significant offer and plunge head-first into podcasting, a full-time role she could never have imagined. In this episode, we dissect the making of a successful podcast, how Jennifer and her co-host, Jessica Matlin, have applied their magazine editorial principles to their show format and recorded over 250 episodes to date. Jennifer shares tips on finding your voice, the importance of consistency, listening to guests and knowing your audience. We also uncover the myth of clean beauty,  the social bonding aspect of sharing beauty regimens, and Jennifer's desert island must-haves. Plus, what she knows now that she wishes she knew before.
December 27, 2020
Carrie Kerpen Shares the Secrets of the "Mental Mute Button," Why You Need a Personal Advisory Board and the Importance of Being Likeable
Carrie Kerpen is a digital thought leader, and the co-founder and CEO of Likeable Media, an award-winning digital agency. With her husband Dave Kerpen, they masterminded one of the biggest social media stunts in 2006 that made national headlines-- their wedding. The couple exchanged vows in a sponsored wedding that generated $20 million in earned media, $100,000 in sponsorships, and $25,000 in donations. Their happy sponsors prompted the birth of their social media company. As the author of WORK IT: Secrets For Success From The Boldest Women In Business, Carrie has crowd-sourced a personal advisory board, and shares all the secrets she's learned to crushing your career. 
December 20, 2020
NY Times Best-Selling Author, Nicole Lapin, on How to Rock Your Finances and Break into a New Industry
No one likes managing their money, but money expert and New York Times best-selling author of "Boss Bitch," "Rich Bitch," and "Becoming Super Woman," Nicole Lapin, makes it easy. In this episode, Nicole transparently shares her broken childhood, personal debt story, and ultimately, her tricks of the trade. She teaches the small choices you can make to start saving and building wealth. To be clear, this is the opposite of a boring finance lesson! Nicole shares her insights honestly and comically. Learn how to manage your finances and break into a new industry without experience. Listen to how Nicole faked it 'til she made it and mastered the "language" of money so that the next time you say, "Yes, boss," you're saying it in the mirror.
December 13, 2020
Rare Beauty's Ashley Murphy on Checking Your Ego at the Door and What Modern Marketing Means Today
Ashley Murphy is LEAVE YOUR MARK'S first Rising Star interview, nominated by her boss, Katie Welch. Ashley is currently the Director of Integrated Digital Marketing at Rare Beauty, the mission-driven beauty brand founded by Selena Gomez to reduce the stigma associated with mental health. In this episode, you will learn why sometimes you need to take what you can get, why you should be relentless with your follow-up (within reason!), why no role is too big or too small, and how the more you take on, the more face-time you will get with management. We will also dive into how she built an organic community of millions for a beauty brand and what modern marketing means today.
December 06, 2020
Ravi Abuvala on Giving Up Your Dream to Pursue a Different Path, Why Attention is Currency, and How to Scale Your Business With No Overhead
Ravi Abuvala never wanted to be an entrepreneur. His Dad's cancer diagnosis led him to move back to Atlanta for eight months. Spending all day in the hospital made him realize that life is short, and even though it had been his dream to go to law school, he wasn't convinced that the time and financial debt were really worth it. He decided to ditch his longtime plan and start his journey toward an online business. With no digital marketing experience, he took an online course and then decided to bet on himself. Today, he is the 26-year-old founder of Scaling With Systems, a business accelerator that scales companies through digital marketing and teams of virtual assistants. In the past 14 months, he has scaled 2, 7-figure businesses with less than $1,000 of his own capital and four commission-based employees. He has worked with over 500 firms around the world and placed 630 virtual assistants. In this episode, you will learn about the benefit of attending masterminds and how to create a profitable business from day one by ensuring product-market fit. You will understand why you should empower your team to function like mini CEOs, the brilliance of power-blocking your time and so much more.
November 29, 2020
Elizabeth Holmes' Many Thoughts on Royal Style, Ditching Your Professional Identity and Doing Whatever It Takes to Get Your Foot in the Door
After more than a decade as a reporter at WSJ, Elizabeth turned her fashion expertise to royal fashion, documenting her many thoughts in her popular Instagram series "So Many Thoughts." In her first book HRH: So Many Thoughts on Royal Style, she analyzes the fashion, branding, and positioning of the four most influential members of the British Royal Family. In this episode, you will learn how Elizabeth started her career, took a significant title cut to land her dream job, and ultimately made the daunting decision to leave it all when she felt her growth was stagnant.  Elizabeth and I have a long history together, and this episode is a joyous trip down memory lane for both of us!
November 22, 2020
Tammy Tibbetts on Not Letting Anyone Define Your Limits, Blowing Up Expectations, and Creating the World You Want to Live In
Tammy Tibbetts was voted "Most Shy" in her high school yearbook and felt the pressure of perfectionism for too long. But as the Co-Founder and CEO of She's the First, a global nonprofit that teams up with local organizations to make sure girls are educated, respected, and heard, she has become an advocate for crushing the expectations society places on women and is helping them explore the potential hidden within. With her new book, Impact: A Step-by-Step Plan to Create the World You Want to Live In, Tammy shares how she created a movement with her co-founder, Christen Brandt, from the ground up. She's the First supports 9500 girls in 11 countries and 200+ student advocacy chapters. Proceeds from the sales of Impact support She's the First's philanthropic initiatives. In this episode, you will learn what inspired Tammy to start She's the First, how she balanced her day job with her nonprofit side hustle, why she challenged herself to channel the voice she never had growing up, and how you can make a difference starting NOW.
November 15, 2020
Jenna Andrews From Recording Artist to Creative Powerhouse, How She's Tackling Mental Health in Entertainment, and Why She Will Never Stop Hustling
Jenna Andrews is a multidimensional talent who works as a label executive, vocal producer, songwriter, and A&R consultant. She now has a  a new career high with her first No. 1 as a songwriter, thanks to the latest smash from BTS, “Butter.” Jenna has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry, including Drake, Jennifer Lopez, Little Mix, Tori Kelly, and Jessie, and renowned producers including Diplo, DJ Mustard, Max Martin, and Stargate. Jenna co-wrote with singer/songwriter Benee, "Supalonely," which has produced over 10 million TikTok videos and has massed over 125 million streams on Spotify alone. In this episode, you will learn the behind the scenes of the music industry, Jenna's story and rise to the top of her game, and why she believes that no matter how big you get, you should never stop doing the important things yourself.
November 01, 2020
The Number One Episode: Stacy London on Reinventing Yourself, Surviving Personal Crisis, and Why It's Essential to Live in the Present
I started this podcast just a little over a year ago. After over 50 episodes, Stacy London's episode is currently the number one episode on LEAVE YOUR MARK, and honestly, it couldn't have happened to a better person. This episode originally aired in Season 2, but so many new listeners probably haven't gotten to it yet! Plus, it's that good that it deserves a replay. Stacy London started her career at Vogue and was the co-star of TLC's "What Not to Wear," for a decade. She has styled some of Hollywood's biggest names. She's also an author, spokesperson, and now the founder of Small Beautiful Things. Now in her fifth decade, she's starting her second act. From surviving a severe eating disorder, personal financial crisis, and grief, Stacy is embarking on her reinvention. In this episode, you'll learn why she thinks it's no longer about taking one step in life but instead doing the cha-cha. Stacy believes that the world is not linear, and your path doesn't need to be either.
October 25, 2020
Nancy Davis on Breaking Barriers, Making an Impact and Removing Toxicity From Your Life
As a very active and adventurous individual, Nancy Davis was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at 33. She was told she would be "lucky" to operate a TV remote control again and that she would lose mobility. She was also told that there would never be a drug to alleviate the symptoms.  Nancy could not accept this and was determined to find a cure. As the founder and chairwoman of Race to Erase MS, over the last 27 years, she has raised over $51 million in contributions. They have funded MS research grants and programs totaling over $30 million, which have resulted in countless breakthrough drugs. In this episode, you will hear what it's like when a disease threatens to take over your life. You will learn how Nancy started this movement and the strategic ways she got diverse and unrelated teams to collaborate to make an enormous impact.
October 18, 2020
Deepti Sharma on Staying Focused on a Mission, Why You Need to Collect Failures, and How to Benefit From Your Critics
Deepti Sharma is a champion for the underrepresented. As the CEO and Founder of FoodtoEat; Deepti is simultaneously building a community-minded catering concierge service that connects immigrant women and minority-owned food vendors to growth opportunities, while also teaching corporations to use their purchasing power wisely. Deepti is also a Co-Founder of Bikky, a platform solving customer engagement for restaurants. In this episode, you will learn why focusing on your core mission will always steer your business in the right direction, how Deepti leverages her critics to her advantage, and how she uses her failures to shape strategy.
October 11, 2020
Meredith Fineman on How to Master the Art of Fearless Self-Promotion and Unlock Career Opportunities
Your accomplishments are worth talking about, irrespective of seniority. Whether you're an introvert or an extrovert, learning how to speak about them strategically is how you get ahead. Meredith Fineman is a professional development expert and the founder of FinePoint, which specializes in personal profile raising and helping young professionals and leaders find their voice. She is also the author of BRAG BETTER: Master the Art of Fearless Self-Promotion. In this episode, you will learn how to share your wins and leverage your accomplishments. You will hear Meredith's simple and anxiety-proof strategies that have helped her clients effectively communicate their achievements and skillsets to others, and you'll learn why bragging is so difficult, when not to brag, and how to prepare for the inevitable ups and downs of visibility.
October 04, 2020
Beatrice Dixon on How to Transition from Side Hustle to Start-Up, Why You Need to Think Big, and the Value of Your Team
As the Founder & CEO of The Honey Pot Company, Beatrice Dixon is leaving her mark on the world of feminine healthcare. As one of the first 40 women of color to raise one million in venture capital, Beatrice is a powerhouse who has gone from a slew of various careers to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Like most Founders, Beatrice needed to solve her own health problem first. In this episode, you will learn the A-Z of how Beatrice built her company, her tricks to getting covetable retailer shelf space, how to raise money, and her counter-intuitive advice to Black founders.
September 27, 2020
Mary Kate McGrath on How to Create a Content Strategy & Build Your Audience Anywhere
How do you build a community of brand evangelists and customers today? Now more than ever, whether you're a solo entrepreneur or a company, your audience is the key to your success. No one knows how to build an audience better than Mary Kate McGrath. Mary Kate McGrath is the former Chief Content Officer of Gary Vaynerchuk's Gallery Media Group and the current Chief Operating Officer at Some Spider Studios. In this episode, we go deep into the must-do's and don't do's of building a content strategy today, the secrets to growing your audience, where you need to be, why you need to test, and how to ideate the creative to keep your audience engaged and loyal.  *** This episode of LEAVE YOUR MARK is brought to you by Ever/Body, a New-York based cosmetic dermatology business that exists to thoughtfully support every body along their beauty journey. Ever/Body is revolutionizing the cosmetic dermatology industry with a personalized, tech-driven approach that prioritizes client education and natural-looking results. Their curated service menu includes a variety of medically-tested face and body treatments such as Botox, filler, body contouring, laser facials, micro-needling and more. Their medically-trained team provides expert care and an experience you can trust - always uniquely tailored to you. Ever/Body's mission is to thoughtfully support everybody along their individual beauty journey. Book a complimentary consultation on and follow them on instagram @everbody. They are currently located in NYC in SoHo (453 West Broadway) and Flatiron (16 West 17th St.). Start your beauty journey with a free consultation at and use my personal discount code, Aliza10 for 10% off your first treatment.
September 13, 2020
Kelly Rutherford on Gossip Girl's Lily van der Woodsen, the Secret to Happiness, and Why the Only Way to Empower Yourself is to Shift Your Focus
With a career over three decades-long, Kelly Rutherford needs no introduction. Showcasing her acting skills in many well-known roles, she has played iconic characters such as Lily van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl and Megan Lewis on Melrose Place. In this episode, you will learn how Kelly channels love and light in her life's darkest times and how her work ethic of simply showing up and grabbing every experience has led her to unlock countless opportunities. This conversation is a delightful and eclectic mix of her journey from Kentucky to Hollywood and what her life on Gossip Girl was like. You'll hear about how Lily van der Woodsen came to be, what she thinks about the upcoming reboot, and, most importantly, why she believes that happiness is really about focus and that the only way to empower yourself is to shift your perspective. 
September 06, 2020
Jennifer Justice on Why No is More Powerful Than Yes, How to Secure Your Seat at the Table, and Why You Need to Take Credit For What You Have Done
Jennifer Justice is one of the most respected entertainment attorneys and executives in the industry. Known for being Jay- Z's personal attorney for 17 years, she, later on, was instrumental in building Roc Nation. In her new mission as CEO & Co-Founder of The Justice Department, Jennifer is laser-focused on advocating for women and finding their power through management, legal counsel, and strategy.  In this episode, you will hear the story of a woman who unapologetically did it herself, why you shouldn't be afraid to ask for anything, why being competent is more important than being likable, and how being underestimated can be a superpower.  *** This episode of LEAVE YOUR MARK is brought to you by Madison Reed, the hair color company revolutionizing the way women color their hair. This fast-growing disruptor brand offers luxurious, Smart-8 Free hair-color formula (that's free of harsh ingredients like PPD, ammonia, and parabens), that makes your hair look and feel fabulous. Madison Reed is truly your one-stop-shop for all things hair color. Whether you're at a Hair Color Bar or coloring at home with a Radiant Hair Color kit, you get the same amazing results every time. Madison Reed's proprietary color-matching technology coupled with a team of on-call colorists help women choose their perfect shade of hair color. With over 40 Hair Color Bars in 17 markets and many more to come, Madison Reed is fast becoming the leader in hair color. The full line of products can be found online at and in Madison Reed Hair Color Bars, in addition to Ulta Beauty and Ulta Beauty at Target. First time customers can use ALIZA20 20% off + free shipping on and local Hair Color Bar services.
August 30, 2020
Pulitzer Prize Winner Robin Givhan on Carving Out Your Niche, Growing a Thick Skin, and What Makes a Great Pitch
Robin Givhan is the longtime fashion critic of The Washington Post. She covers Fashion from a business, entertainment, and cultural phenomenon point of view. She is the first and only fashion writer to ever receive the Pulitzer Prize for Criticism, an honor she received in 2006. She is also the author of The Battle of Versailles and Michelle: Her First Year as First Lady. In this episode, you will learn about Robin's journey from rookie reporter to one of the most respected journalists today, how to handle criticism, what makes a good pitch, and her biggest "PR" pet peeves.
August 23, 2020
Sandra Campos on Perseverance, Why Experience Matters More Than Your Title, and the Trick to Accomplishing Your Goals
When you're named a top 100 Latina Leader and a 2020 Top Woman in Retail, you've done something right. Sandra Campos has helped build consumer-led global fashion lifestyle brands for over twenty years for everyone from DVF to Selena Gomez. Her new venture, Fashion Launchpad, is a digital educational platform for the fashion, beauty, and retail community. As a single mom, Sandra knows the myth of work/life balance all too well. In this episode, you'll learn about Sandra's journey as a first-generation Mexican-American from Texas to the runways of New York, why experience is king, how to leave and break back into an industry, and so much more.
August 16, 2020
Ara Katz on the Career Pivot, the Secret to Selling Your Idea, & Why You Shouldn't Be Attached to Your Professional Outcome
Ara Katz thrives on the career pivot and being at the forefront of whatever she is doing. Imagine starting a successful career as a film producer, leaving to embark on consumer tech for ten years, and then pivoting again to start a company focused on bacteria and probiotics? Now, as the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Seed, she's making gut health cool. In this episode, you'll learn the power of storytelling, why your success lies in how you package your idea, and why you need to meet people where they are. 
August 09, 2020
Bryanboy on His Journey From Pioneer Style Blogger to Global Digital Powerhouse, Why Consumer Transparency Matters, and the State of Fashion Right Now
Born in the Philippines, Bryan Grey Yambao, aka Bryanboy, started a blog in 2004, so his family and friends could keep up with his travels. Fast-forward to 2009 and the NY Times headline reads, "Bloggers Crash Fashion's Front Row," showing Bryanboy sitting front row with industry icon, Anna Wintour. Credited with pioneering the authentic voice of style bloggers and their self-styled editorial shoots, Bryanboy led the transformation of unknown style bloggers into global digital powerhouses. In this episode, you'll learn how he went from a web developer to one of the most respected digital creators in the world, why he is passionate about being self-made, consumer transparency, and making people smile. 
August 02, 2020
Tai Beauchamp on How to Create a Personal Manifesto, Making Fear Your Friend, and Using Privilege to Lift Black Lives
Tai Beauchamp is an internationally recognized style influencer, award-winning producer, activist, media personality, and co-founder and chief brand officer of CBD wellness & beauty brand, BROWN GIRL jane, centering around women of color. In this episode, you'll learn how to define your purpose, why you need to tune other people out, and the merits of doing the work to get to the next level. You'll also hear our perspectives on Black Lives Matter and Anti-Semitism.
July 26, 2020
Drew Elliott on Creating NOWstalgia, Dissecting Pop Culture and How to Get Your Audience to Love You
Drew Elliott is the Senior Vice President, Global Creative Director, at M·A·C Cosmetics, leading all strategy, conceptualization, and execution of the creative process that drives their global image. As a life-long student of pop culture, Drew is fascinated with dissecting the social graph and analyzing what drives fame. In this episode, you will understand Drew's unique ability to tap into our cultural zeitgeist to engineer content that drives demand, why NOWstalgia matters to brand longevity and the importance of entertaining your audience.
July 19, 2020
Sophie Elgort on Why You Need to Be an Original, What it Takes to be a Successful Photographer, and How She's Championing Diversity Behind the Lens
Sophie Elgort is a photographer, filmmaker, and artist who has been featured internationally. She has worked with global brands and clients like Kylie and Kendall Jenner, and of course, her brother Ansel. As the co-founder of the non-profit, Through Our Lens, Sophie provides mentorship to teen girls of color, giving them the all-important access and the tools they need to get photography experience.  In this episode, you will learn what it takes to be an image creator, why critique classes are essential to your craft, and why she believes in lifelong learning. 
July 12, 2020
Marigo Mihalos on How to Be a Talent Whisperer, Why Your Life Mantra Should Be, "Why Not?" and How to Create Meaningful Work Relationships
Marigo Mihalos is the senior director of talent relations for SiriusXM Radio, booking film and television stars for all talk and entertainment channels. Some of her biggest bookings include: Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez, and Ryan Gosling. In this episode, you will learn her pitching tactics, how she masters her Rolodex, makes talent happy, and doesn't take no for an answer.  Marigo's traditional Greek values have shaped who she is and where she's going. Learn why her passion and secret to success is creating lasting relationships and making other people's dreams come true.
July 05, 2020
Joey Gonzalez on Going From Barry's Client to CEO, His Lifelong Mission of Diversity & Inclusion, and Why You-Versus-You is the Only Competition You Need
As a Midwestern LGBTQ child and the son of two immigrants, Joey Gonzalez's childhood was not without its challenges. From a young age, he dreamt of a world of inclusiveness. Beginning as a child actor, later on, Joey struggled to find career direction. After giving up acting and becoming an office temp, Joey discovered Barry's, a local LA hole in the wall concept of fitness. Fast forward to becoming CEO in 2015, Joey's story is the quintessential rise through the ranks. In this episode, you will learn where hard work takes you and what a core mission of diversity and inclusion yields.
June 28, 2020
Jamie Gutfreund on the Future of Marketing, Why Non-Linear Thinking is a Superpower, and Being Tenacious Even When You're Uncomfortable
Jamie Gutfreund is a unicorn marketer, renowned futurist, and trend spotter. She thrives in uncharted territories, keeping companies ahead of the curve by anticipating cultural shifts and integrating them with emerging technologies. She's also a recognized expert on Millennial and Gen Z consumers. With experience at Hasbro, Wunderman, CAA, and Microsoft, Jamie has paved new roads in every role she's held. In this episode, you will learn what it means to be a true catalyst, why she calls herself an "Idea Agent," and what happens when you step out of the workforce to raise kids.
June 21, 2020
James Aguiar on Why Failure is Success, What Your Personal Style Says About You, and If You Don't Have Something, Make it
For 25 years, powerhouse tastemaker James Aguiar has brought a fresh stylized eye to every project in his career path. Coming to New York with $200 in his pocket and a dream, his first job was sweeping cigarette butts off the floor at a NYC night club where he saw Andy Warhol talking to Keith Haring. From that moment, he knew there was more to his future than what his upbringing "on the wrong side of the tracks," showed him. There are so many life lessons in this episode, starting with the idea that it's not just about being one thing, and that experience is really your best teacher.
June 14, 2020
How to Negotiate Anything with Alexandra Carter, World-renowned Negotiation Trainer for the United Nations and Best-Selling Author of ASK FOR MORE
Do you know how to ask for more? Well, meet Alexandra Carter, best-selling Author of ASK FOR MORE: Ten Questions to Negotiate Anything. Alexandra is the Director of the Mediation Clinic at Columbia Law School and a world-renowned negotiation trainer for the United Nations. Her new book is #3 on WSJ's Best-Seller list. In this episode, you will learn the art of negotiation, the difference between mirror and window questions, and how learning to negotiate effectively will unlock all your future opportunities. This episode is essential learning no matter what stage of your career you are in!
May 31, 2020
Karissa Bodnar on Building Thrive Causemetics With True Purpose, Not Waiting For Acceptance, and How to Make Your Customers Your Greatest Influencers
Karissa Bodnar is the Founder & CEO of Thrive Causemetics. At 25 years old, Karissa set out to create a brand that is bigger than beauty. Now 30, Karissa has built a company with philanthropy at its core. Thrive Causemetics has donated over $100 million in funds and products to women's charities in its five years of existence. In this episode, you will learn how Karissa gave up on being accepted by beauty industry standards and didn't quit even after two years of zero sales, the reason she hired a full-time therapist for her 70 employee team, and how she pushed through her fears. 
May 24, 2020
Simone Oliver on Disrupting the Status Quo, Seizing White Space Opportunity, and How to Make Your Idea a Reality
Simone Oliver is the Global Editor-in-Chief of Refinery29. She's an adjunct professor at S.I. Newhouse and was previously the Strategic Partner Development Manager for Global Media Partnerships at Facebook and Instagram, and the Growth Strategy Editor at The New York Times, a company she worked at for 12 years. Simone has disrupted the status quo within corporate structures throughout her career.  In this episode, you will learn about how she single-handedly seized white space opportunities, why working cross-functionally is a superpower, and the reason listening to your audience is more critical than data alone.
May 17, 2020
Lauren McGoodwin Spills the Secrets of Job Hunting During a Recession, How to Make Your Side Hustle Real, and Resisting the Career Trap of Compare and Despair
Lauren McGoodwin is the Founder and CEO of Career Contessa and author of the book, Power Moves: How Women Can Pivot, Reboot, and Build a Career of Purpose. Knowing firsthand what it's like to job search in a recession, Lauren started her company as a side hustle. As a  career expert helping over 5 million women a year and former recruiter, Lauren spills the tea on how to get a job right now or start a new venture. Learn about the hidden job market, how to hack your job search, manage toxic colleagues, network effectively, and make your power move right now.
May 10, 2020
Karla Welch on Styling Hollywood's A-list, Why She Cares More About Healthcare Than Couture, and the Importance of Being Loud and Proud
Karla Welch was named one of Hollywood Reporter's Top 10 Stylists of the Decade. As the founder and owner of x karla, and the founder of the premium styling app Wishi, Karla is one of the most visionary and loudest voices in Fashion, especially on issues that matter- using her platform to shine a light on social injustice. In this episode, you'll learn the secrets behind the red carpet, how to bring yourself to the next level, why you shouldn't downplay your success, and how to hold onto hope. 
May 03, 2020
Cate Luzio on Betting on Yourself, Learning How to "Walk it Off" and Getting Comfortable With the Uncomfortable
After a two-decade successful career in finance, Cate Luzio decided to bet on herself and become an entrepreneur. As the Founder and CEO of Luminary, she self-funded a collaboration hub for women who are passionate about professional development and expanding their networks. In this episode, you'll hear how Cate mastered the "boys club" of finance, created her own "whisper networks" and wrote the business plan for Luminary in a week. You'll also learn the importance of socializing your ideas, how to develop a thick skin, and why you shouldn't apologize for being the boss.
April 26, 2020
NY Times Best-Selling Author, Eve Rodsky, on How to Play Fair With Your Partner, Finding Your Why, and The Dangers of Invisible Work
In FAIR PLAY, Eve Rodsky rips apart the fallacy that women should be “doing it all” and lays bare the truth: Many wives and mothers feel overextended and overworked from shouldering the brunt of childrearing and domestic responsibilities. FAIR PLAY identifies the 100 main tasks in any relationship and then shows how to divide those tasks fairly.  In this episode, you will learn why you need to pursue your passions and tap back into your unique self-  the one that was vibrant and shining before taking care of the kids took over.
April 19, 2020
Mickey Boardman on Body Positivity, Why Not Fitting in is a Blessing, and How the Best Stuff Happens When You Stick it Out
Mickey Boardman is the longtime, iconic Editorial Director of Paper Magazine. Responsible for the 2014 Kim Kardashian naked magazine cover that broke the Internet, his creativity knows no bounds. His columns "Ask Mr. Mickey" and "Fat & All That" are fan favorites. In this episode, you will hear Mickey's incredible story, from Chicago to Spain, and Parsons School of Design to Rehab. Learn why Mickey believes that not fitting in is a blessing and why the most important thing you can know is what you don't.
April 12, 2020
How to Become a Full-Time Influencer With YouTuber Tim Dessaint's Step-by-Step Guide to How He Grew Organically from 0 to 554,000 Subscribers
Tim Dessaint is a menswear YouTuber in London who decided right after college that the corporate world was not for him. He launched a YouTube channel in 2018 and went from 0 to 70,000 subscribers in six months. He now has over 554,000 subscribers on YouTube, 1.8 million on TikTok and more than 287,000 followers on Instagram. In this episode, Tim shares the steps he took to become a full-time content creator with little investment. It's never been a better time to get creative and build your personal brand through owned channels, and this episode will teach you how to grow organically even in the current state of the world and social media.
April 05, 2020
Rebecca Minkoff on Why Mentors Are Not Your Shortcut, the Myth of Work/Life Balance, and How to Tackle Office Bullying
Rebecca Minkoff is more than the co-founder and creative director of her namesake company. She is a champion of women, dedicated to bringing them together to enact positive change. As the founder of the Female Founder Collective (FFC), Rebecca and FFC's mission is to enable and empower female-owned and led businesses to impact their communities, both socially and economically. In this episode, you'll learn what it takes to build a designer brand from scratch, why it's essential to learn more than just your job, and why you need to work for what you want.
March 31, 2020
Stacy London on Reinventing Yourself, Surviving Personal Crisis, and Why It's Essential to Live in the Present
Stacy London started her career at Vogue and was the co-star of TLC's "What Not to Wear," for a decade. She has styled some of Hollywood's biggest names. She's also an author, spokesperson, and now the founder of Small Beautiful Things. At 50, she's starting her second act. From surviving a severe eating disorder, personal financial crisis, and grief, Stacy is embarking on her reinvention. In this episode, you'll learn why she thinks it's no longer about taking one step in life but instead doing the cha-cha. The world is not linear, and your path doesn't need to be either. 
March 22, 2020
Tech Expert, Lance Ulanoff, on Becoming an Authority on Anything, Why Your Name Needs to Mean Something on its Own and the Art of Modeling Behavior
Lance Ulanoff has spent more than three decades on the leading edge of the tech publishing industry. As an award-winning tech journalist and social media commentator, Lance is the go-to guy for emerging tech.  Currently, the editor in chief of Lifewire, with previous leading roles at Mashable and PC Magazine, Lance makes frequent TV appearances on Live with Kelly and Ryan, The Today Show, and Good Morning America. In this episode, you'll learn the importance of building your personal brand, why he tweets all day, and how deep comprehension can lead to success. If you are tech-obsessed, there is no one better to listen to than Lance.
March 15, 2020
Kara Goldin, Founder and CEO of Hint, on How to Get Experience Without Experience, Why You Need to Hire People Better Than You and How Mentorship Goes Both Ways
Kara Goldin is the Founder and CEO of Hint and the author of UNDAUNTED. She solved her own addiction to Diet Coke and ended up creating a multi-million dollar healthy lifestyle company. As a renowned entrepreneur, Kara is included in Fast Company's Most Creative People in Business and Fortune's Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs, among many other honors. Kara credits her athletic childhood and endless curiosity to her business prowess. In this episode, Kara shares her fearless tactics of knocking down doors, how to get experience when you have no experience, and when to know you've got them hooked and shut up and listen!
March 08, 2020
Marc Balet on a Decade With Andy Warhol, Why Listening Is the Key to Great Work, and the Importance of Delivering on What You Promise
Does your major mean anything? The answer is no, and especially not when an opportunity to work with Andy Warhol presents itself. At 22 years old, Marc Balet won the Prix de Rome in architecture and was offered a solo show at the Whitney Museum of Art. But despite his exceptional talent, Marc had no interest in being an architect. Clueless as to what he wanted to do, he couldn't find a job. Through a fortuitous meeting in Rome, Marc befriended the renowned writer, Fran Lebowitz, who pushed Marc to ask Andy Warhol if he could be the art director at Interview magazine. Andy said yes, and the rest, as they say, is history. From working at the Factory to launching the careers of some of the most significant fashion talents in the world, you'll hear the incredible stories of a time gone by. This episode is like going back in time in the most magical way. You will feel what it was like to be a creative under the Father of Pop Art. You'll learn why listening is the key to great work, how nothing beats in-person presentation, and why you need to deliver on what you say you will. PSA: Check out this episode's post on Instagram @alizalichtxo for an amazing visual aid!
March 01, 2020
Rhonesha Byng, CEO, and Founder of Her Agenda, on Seizing the Power You Have Over Your Destiny, Focusing on What You Can Control, and Lifting Others While You Climb
Rhonesha Byng is an Emmy-winning journalist and the Founder and CEO of the award-winning website Her Agenda and the founder of the soon-to-be Hurston House, a work and community space centered on women of color. Before age 30, Rhonesha was named 50 Founders to Watch By ESSENCE Magazine, 28 Under 28 by NBCBLK, and one of 29 People to Know by BET. In this episode, you will learn Rhonesha's motivating story of true grit and ambition. She will share her secrets to getting in "the room" even when the doors were closed, why you can't be what you can't see, and how important it is to tell your story over and over again. One of Rhonesha's mantras is "No One Slows Her Agenda." Rhonesha believes that you don't get what you deserve, you get what you ask for, but it's essential to lift others while you climb.
February 23, 2020
From Rachel Zoe to Co-Founder of I AM A VOTER, Mandana Dayani on Pursuing the American Dream, Hustle as a Way of Life, and Making Voting Cool
Can voting be sexy and cool? Mandana Dayani, the Creator and Co-founder of I AM A VOTER thinks so. This lawyer and former agent and president of Rachel Zoe, is taking her experience and network and aiming to create a cultural shift around voting and civic engagement. As a religious refugee who fled Iran as a child, Mandana's story is especially poignant. She considers herself blessed to be able to pursue the American Dream. In this episode, you will learn the true meaning of hustle and why you need to vote!
February 16, 2020
Ross Martin, President of Known, on the Power of Potential, and Why You Should Disturb the Universe and Run Toward Fear
From Lady Gaga to Malala, and Google to Disney, Ross Martin has worked with everyone that matters. As an Emmy & Peabody award-winning marketer and innovation leader, he is the President and CXO of Known and ranked among Fast Company's 100 Most Creative People in Business. In this episode, you will enter the brain of a marketing genius, someone who was bullied growing up and didn't want to be seen. This episode is especially inspiring. It will make you think in a totally new way.
February 09, 2020
Luxury Executive Recruiter Kristy Hurt Shares Every Single Secret to the Hiring Process
Kristy Hurt is the executive recruiter you need to know. As the founder of Kristy Hurt Consulting, she has more than 20 years of experience working with brands in luxury, fashion, and beauty. In this episode, you can expect to learn about what recruiters are really searching for, why they won't respond to your emails, the trick to negotiation, how to rock the interview process, write a killer resume, and so much more. If you're job hunting or hiring, this is a must-listen.
January 27, 2020
Mindy Grossman, CEO of WW, on Resilience, Transformation, and Why You Should Never Waste a Good Crisis
Serena Williams calls Mindy Grossman inspiring, and Oprah calls her Wonder Woman. As the CEO of WW (formerly Weight Watchers), Mindy is a renowned leader with more than 38 years of experience in transforming brands, including Nike, HSN, and Ralph Lauren. Mindy has been named to TIME Magazine's 50 Most Influential People in Health Care, Fast Company's Most Creative People in Business, and many more. Her episode is beyond inspiring. The magic she makes wherever she goes is extraordinary.
January 23, 2020
Aliza Licht from Pre-Med to Fashion, the Making of DKNY PR GIRL and Leaving It All to Become an Entrepreneur
This is my episode! My Sister, Ilana Yunis, Interviews me on all the things and we get super personal. This episode was so special. My sister Ilana and I are incredibly close and always have been. Just for color, she's an attorney and also the founder of her fashion side hustle, @Splatterazzi. We are alike in many ways but also very different. Ilana is a fantastic host who asks all the right questions. I'm not going to lie; it was sort of like an interrogation. You may think you know my professional life, but you probably don't know my private one. There's so much that I share, and I hope you enjoy it!
January 17, 2020
Carrie Kerpen Shares the Secrets of the "Mental Mute Button," Why You Need a Personal Advisory Board and the Importance of Being Likeable
Carrie Kerpen is the co-founder and CEO of Likeable Media, an award-winning digital agency. With her husband Dave Kerpen, they masterminded one of the biggest social media stunts in 2006 that made national headlines-- their sponsored wedding which generated over 20 million media impressions. Their happy sponsors prompted the birth of their social media company. As the author of WORK IT, Carrie has crowd-sourced a personal advisory board, and shares all the secrets she's learned to crushing your career.
January 11, 2020
Marjorie Gubelmann on Being a Single Mom, Becoming a World-Class DJ at 43, and Why You Need to Show Up for Your Friends
Can you rediscover a passion at 42 and make it a career? Marjorie Gubelmann is proof you can. In college, Marjorie was known as her DJ alter ego, "Mad Marj," but becoming a DJ was not a respectable career choice for the time. One day, at age 42, her friend dared her to DJ his party. As Marjorie reconnected to her passion, she courageously blended all the lessons from motherhood, divorce, and corporate leadership into a new chapter, secretly going back to school, and ultimately becoming a world-class DJ.
January 05, 2020
Happy Holidays and a Personal Message From Aliza
Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season and a happy New Year! Here's a personal message from me!
December 19, 2019
Author and “Odd Mom Out” Jill Kargman on Being a Working Mom, Crushing Imposter Syndrome, and Why It’s Better to Be Sorry Than Safe
As the author of 11 best-selling books, with a wicked sense of humor, Jill Kargman got her first starring role in her 40's as the creator, writer, producer, and star of Bravo's scripted comedy, "Odd Mom Out." As a real-life mom of three, who prioritizes her family, Jill has cracked the code to work/life balance and raising great kids while thriving in her career. Living her life with fearlessness, she shares the secret to tackling imposter syndrome, and why she thinks it's better to be sorry than safe.
December 12, 2019
Leveraging Social Media to Switch Careers and Land Your Dream Job with Jenna Blackwell (From Office Manager to Dressing Celebrities)
How do you land your dream job when you have no experience? Jenna Blackwell knows the answer. From her day job as an office manager in Texas, Jenna used Twitter and her blog to build an online network. With no experience on her resume, she brilliantly leveraged her contacts to land her dream job in Fashion (spoiler alert: with me!). Listen to Jenna's amazing journey from working at an artificial turf company (that's fake grass for those who don't know) to dressing A-list celebrities.
December 01, 2019
Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, the Co-Founder of Gilt Groupe and GlamSquad, on Asking For What You Want and How to be a Serial Networker
As the co-founder of Gilt Groupe, one of the first flash-sale sites in the U.S., Alexandra Wilkis Wilson brought the excitement of a New York sample sale to the online world in 2007. From there, she launched and was the CEO of GlamSquad, the on-demand in-home beauty services app. Now the SVP of Consumer Strategy and Innovation at Allergan, her job is to build new digital ventures, including Spotlyte and Regi. Learn how Alexandra asks for what she wants, sets goals, and continues to innovate.
November 24, 2019
Tina Craig on Pioneering the Business of Influence & Creating U Beauty
Tina Craig went from traveling the world as an MTV VJ to being bored at home in the suburbs of Texas as a mom of a six-month-old baby. Today Tina, formerly @BagSnob, is one of the original super bloggers, the co-founder of an influencer management firm, discovering talent, including the infamous @DietPrada and the founder of U Beauty, her skincare brand. Learn how this multi-hyphenate entrepreneur continues to reinvent herself to create a blockbuster influencer empire that has no signs of slowing down.
November 17, 2019
My Mentor, Patti Cohen, On The Story of How She Helped Build Donna Karan & DKNY Into a Global Powerhouse, and How To Be A (ROCKSTAR) Leader
Patti Cohen is my mentor. As employee #1 at Donna Karan International, she was the former EVP of Global Marketing and Communications and is hugely responsible for creating these powerhouse brands. Patti is the epitome of what a leader should be. Over her 30 plus years at Donna Karan, she helped start and build it all — an extraordinary marketer who had a vision for the brands beyond what anyone had ever seen. Everything I know, I have learned from her. Without her, I would not be where I am today.
November 10, 2019
How to Build a Successful Online Fashion Brand From Scratch with Rachel Blumenthal of Rockets of Awesome
How do you launch a brand from scratch and turn it into a successful e-commerce business? Rachel Blumenthal, Founder & CEO of Rockets of Awesome, has the answers. With her brand Rockets of Awesome, Rachel is setting out to offer parents a smarter way to shop for high-quality kids' clothing. Listen to her incredible story, her process for hiring talent, and why she believes that curiosity and the openness to explore are the two most important skills you can have.
November 03, 2019
Social Media Guru & Entrepreneur Peter Shankman on How to Build a Loyal Tribe and Why Having an ADHD Brain is a Superpower, Not a Curse
The New York Times has called Peter Shankman a "rockstar who knows everything about social media, and then some." He is a 5x best-selling author, an entrepreneur, and a corporate keynote speaker. Peter is an expert on building loyal tribes of fans and is recognized worldwide for radically new ways of thinking about customer experience, social media, PR, marketing, and advertising. His latest book, Faster Than Normal and the podcast by the same name, focus on ADHD as a superpower, not a curse.
October 27, 2019
Pursuing Your Passion Even When You Can’t Find a Job and Not Being Afraid to Speak Up With Jessica C. Andrews
After graduating from Columbia University, Jessica Andrews couldn't land a job, so as a savvy self-starter, she created Glamazons Blog, and everything took off from there. From Essence to Teen Vogue, she was responsible for one of the brand's most viral stories on cultural appropriation. Today, as the Deputy Fashion Editor of Bustle, Jessica is teaching others how to raise their voices. Listen to our important discussion about cultural appropriation, diversity, inclusion, and so much more.
October 20, 2019
How Lyn Paolo Became an Emmy Award-Winning Costume Designer with No Formal Training (and Created Olivia Pope's Iconic Style!)
Lyn Paolo is one of the most iconic and sought-after Costume Designers in Hollywood today with credits in hit TV series to major films. As an Emmy® Award-winning Costume Designer, she has decades of experience including "ER" and "The West Wing" back in the day. Lyn was the force behind the impeccably dressed Olivia Pope on the ABC-TV hit television series "Scandal," "How to Get Away With Murder," "Shameless," "Animal Kingdom," "Little Fires Everywhere and most recently, "Inventing Anna." Learn how she came up in an industry with no formal training, built her credibility on the back of her talent and network, and tells incredible stories through fashion.
October 13, 2019
When to Say No to an Opportunity and How to Negotiate with Bevy Smith, Media Personality and Host of SiriusXM’s “Bevelations"
Bevy Smith knows her worth and you should too. As a native New Yorker, she credits her Harlem upbringing to making her the stylish, savvy, and authoritative media personality she is today. Now the host of "Bevelations" her SiriusXM show on Radio Andy, this former advertising executive and host of Page Six TV and Fashion Queens, played hardball with all her negotiations throughout her career. She passed on opportunities that anyone else would have jumped at. Learn why and how to advocate for yourself.
September 27, 2019
NY Times Best-Selling Author, Nicole Lapin, on How to Rock Your Finances and Break into a New Industry
No one likes managing their money, but money expert and New York Times best-selling author of "Boss Bitch," "Rich Bitch," and "Becoming Super Woman," Nicole Lapin, makes it easy. In this episode, Nicole transparently shares her broken childhood, personal debt story, and ultimately, her tricks of the trade. She teaches the small choices you can make to start saving and building wealth. To be clear, this is the opposite of a boring finance lesson! Nicole shares her insights honestly and comically. Learn how to manage your finances and break into a new industry without experience. Listen to how Nicole faked it 'til she made it and mastered the "language" of money so that the next time you say, "Yes, boss," you're saying it in the mirror.
September 24, 2019