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Lee Writes A Novel

Lee Writes A Novel

By Lee Ragans
Join a writer while they work on their next novel. Not a professional novelist. The writer may have a tendency to get distracted. Subjects covered could be: Professional Wrestling; What the cat did; What the cat is currently doing; what the cat is eating; what show was great last night; what show was bad last night; What game is so distracting that it is keeping the novel from proceeding; That power outage three weeks ago that might happen again, justifying not writing today.
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LWAN episode 17 - Novel Release Party - Empire Overthrow
Thursday, May 26th Empire: Overthrow (Eternal Emperor Book 1) Free on Amazon Kindle from Friday, May 27th to Sunday, May 29th
May 26, 2022
LWaN Episode 16 - Upcoming Freebies - Friends with heart attacks - Picard - Strange New Worlds - Halo - Moon Knight - Dr. Strange
Sunday May 8, 2022 Upcoming freebies Left Behind: Not that Story, A Zombie Story Free in the Kindle Store Friday the 13th Always free for kindle unlimited customers Shifting Under Your Feet Free in the Kindle Store Saturday the 14th Always free for kindle unlimited customers Honor Bound: The Foreman Chronicle Book 1 Free in the Kindle Store Sunday the 15th Always free for kindle unlimited customers Friend with a heart attack - welcome to that age Picard Season 2 finale Strange New Worlds premier Halo - lots of shooting, no master chief Moon Knight Dr. Strange
May 08, 2022
LWaN Episode 15 - Travel - Picard - Halo - Writing Update
Traveling and the mask mandate is lifted Picard Halo Writing update on Empire - Overthrow
April 24, 2022
LWaN episode 14 - Distractions - Inflation - Back To The Office - Writing
A rambling episode.  If you like rambling.  This episode is for you. Distractions - Taxes, Baseball, F1, Halo, Picard Inflation - Costs across the board have increased Back to the Office - Reasons Writing  - Progress on Empire: Overthrow
April 10, 2022
LWaN episode 13 - Writing - Travel - Halo - Picard - Ghosts - WrestleMania
Writing - Left Behind Novella  available Traveling again - Suits; hotels; food; new offices Halo -  I have never been around master chief that long without gunplay Picard - What is Bent Spiner up to? Ghosts - Literally just a delightful story. WrestleMania - Night One done.  It is the spectacle other sports try for.  The reason it works: it is all spectacle.  No troublesome sport or athlete misbehavior. Amazon Author's Page: Recent Publications Shifting Under Your Feet: Left Behind - Novella: Honor Bound:
April 03, 2022
LWaN Episode 12 - Bloomberg OpEd - Shifting - Halo - Star Trek - F1
Bloomberg OpEd - No One said this would be easy. Shifting Under Your Feet Novella - Available on Amazon Kindle - Halo - Premier Star Trek Picard F1 - Threats of violence
March 27, 2022
LWaN episode 11 - Audio Books - Star Trek - Elden Ring - F1 - NASCAR
Making AudioBooks Star Trek Discovery Season 4 Finale & Picard Elden Ring Formula One NASCAR
March 19, 2022
LWaN - Audiobook - Left Behind - Not that story. A zombie story
Left Behind - Not that Story.  A Zombie Story Copyright 2018 All Rights Reserved Originally published as  a novella in Terminus: The end of the world as we know it - A Zombie Story Second Edition Publication date ‏ : ‎ January 5, 2018 Available for purchase Kindle at:
March 19, 2022
LWaN Episode 10 - Star Trek - Baseball - The Adam Project - Writing Update
Sunday, March 13th in the year 2022 of the common era and this is episode 10 of Lee Writes a Novel. Star Trek Discovery FInale Part 1 Star Trek Picard Episode 2 Baseball Returns The Adam Project Review Writing Update
March 13, 2022
LWaN Ep 9 - Fog of War - Discovery - Picard
In this episode: How to support the podcast Writing Update Fog Of War Discovery  Picard
March 05, 2022
LWaN Ep 8 - The Foreman Chronicles Book 1 - Give Away
Upcoming free ebook giveaway for 'Honor Bound: The Foreman Chronicles Book 1'.  March 5th and 6th on Amazon Kindle.  The link is in the show notes: I discuss the influences for this novel and admit publically a secret about the setting.  
March 04, 2022
LWaN Ep 7 - Free Ebook - Editing new novel - Ukraine
Upcoming free ebook giveaway for 'Honor Bound: The Foreman Chronicles Book 1'.  March 5th and 6th on Amazon Kindle.  The link is in the show notes:
February 28, 2022
LWaN Episode 6 - Anchors Away
Moving podcast hosters from Podbean to Anchor.   This is a first episode on Anchor to make sure all the magical internet connections are still working as intended.
February 28, 2022
LWaN Ep 5 - Peacemaker Finale, Discovery, CNN and Turner, Walking Dead, Writing
In this episode, I talk about: Spoilers - Peacemaker Finale is discussed in Detail Discovery - Star Trek at its Star Trekkiest CNN and Turner - History and my view as a drone Walking Dead Final Season coming back. Writing as a distraction from writing Daytona 500 and Formula One
February 20, 2022
LWaN Episode 4 - Language, CNN, Peacemaker, Discovery, Superbowl
February 13, 2022 Episode 4 In this episode I discuss: Language - Specifically Science when people mean data. CNN - A little of my personal history as a drone working far beneath Zucker Peacemaker - Discussing the upcoming finale Discovery - The return of Discovery Superbowl - Rams vs Bengals
February 13, 2022
LWaN Ep 3 - Post-Boba (SPOILER ALERT)
Discussing the latest reason for not writing.  The Finale of The Book of Boba Fett.  
February 10, 2022
LWaN Ep 2.5 Pre-Boba
SPOILERS A pre-Boba Fett Finale Episode with predictions.  
February 09, 2022
LWaN 2 - Big Nerd Week Ahead
(Mild Spoliers) The week ahead in nerdom: Book of Boba Fett, Peacemaker, Discovery Writing Update - Empire Overthrow Intro and Outro music: Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!): License code: XCQARATPQOFUXMWN
February 07, 2022
LWaN 1.5
A special Emergency episode to discuss the latest distraction. Boba Fett Espisode 6. Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!): License code: XCQARATPQOFUXMWN
February 03, 2022
LWaN Episode One
A discussion of characters in novels. Protagonists, antoginists, background. All the things. Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!): License code: XCQARATPQOFUXMWN
February 02, 2022