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Threefold Real Estate Investing

Threefold Real Estate Investing

By Lee Yoder
If you listen to this podcast, and implement the tools and tips of my guests, you will achieve incredible success in real estate investing, while also freeing up more of your time to pursue your faith, your family, your passions, and your best life!
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Taking Advantage of Real Estate Investing Tax Advantages with Yonah Weiss

Threefold Real Estate Investing

Building Personal Wealth Through Alternative Investments with Denis Shapiro #57
My guest today, Denis Shapiro, was working for the government when he realized that the government was not only his employer, but also his business partner because they were sharing so much of his profit through taxation. This led him to look for ways to earn income while paying less taxes. He tried stocks, but watched 2-3 years of returns get wiped out in 2-3 weeks. He also tried real estate and noticed that his real estate investments continued performing well regardless of the market. This led Denis to explore the world of alternative investments and eventually write a book: The Alternative Investment Almanac: Expert Insights on Building Personal Wealth in Non-Traditional Ways eBook : Shapiro, Denis, Picozzi, Lisa : Kindle Store Today, Denis is an expert on alternative investments. He believes the stock market is best used as a long term, passive investing strategy. Alternative investments, like apartment buildings, mobile home parks, self-storage, whole life insurance, etc., offer many benefits that the stock market and other asset classes don't offer. These alternative investments provide monthly, passive income, tax advantages, allow you to use leverage, don't fluctuate with the market, and allow you to build long-term wealth. Many consider the lack of liquidity that comes with these alternative investments to be a negative aspect, but Denis considers this a benefit because it keeps everyone from seller and causing volatility in the prices like what you see in the stock market.  Book Recommendation: The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman Prayer Request: For success with his new book and the fund so that he can continue to help others increase their income without the volatility of the stock market.  Connect with Denis: Website: Home - SIH Capital Group, LinkedIn: (12) Denis Shapiro | LinkedIn Connect with Lee: Website: THREEFOLD - Real Estate Investing (, Email:, Facebook: Threefold Real Estate Investing | Facebook, LinkedIn: Lee Yoder | LinkedIn Check out our Free E-book!
July 21, 2021
How to Find Deals in This Crazy Market with Threefold Real Estate Investing #56
Everyone knows, including us here at Threefold Real Estate Investing, that it's a very difficult time to find good real estate deals. So, I wanted to devote an episode to talking about how an investor can go about finding a deal even in this ultra competitive market.  The different methods for finding deals include marketing directly to the seller (mailing campaign, cold calling/texting), working with wholesalers, attending auctions, searching the MLS (, and working with brokers.  Based on my experience, working with brokers is by far the most effective method for finding good deals right now. But, getting a broker to take you seriously is easier said than done, especially if you're just getting started and don't have a track record. In my opinion, the most important thing for a broker is to be sure the potential buyer will actually be able to get the deal all the way to the closing table. In order for you to convince the broker that you're the best buyer, you may need to borrow a more experience investor's track record and credibility by partnering.  Prayer Request: Our church is currently studying the book of Jonah, so my prayer comes from Jonah: "Those who pay regard to vain idols forsake their hope of steadfast love." I pray that I don't let things, like real estate, become an idol for me, but that I would instead put all my faith and hope in the Lord.  Connect with Lee: Website: THREEFOLD - Real Estate Investing (, Email:, Facebook: Threefold Real Estate Investing | Facebook, LinkedIn: Lee Yoder | LinkedIn Check out our Free E-book!
July 13, 2021
How to Be an Active Passive Investor with Randy Langenderfer #55
My guest today, Randy Langenderfer, knew his job with a private equity firm wasn't a long-term employment situation, so he started looking for another source of income. After vetting many options, he settled on real estate. He started his real estate investing path by lending money to single-family flippers. Before he felt comfortable lending his hard-earned money to a flipper, he thoroughly vetted the company and it's leaders.  Today, Randy focuses on multifamily investing. He's invested in many apartment syndications as an LP and he uses the same vetting process for syndication sponsors that he used before lending to single family flippers.  Randy's Key Ingredient for REI success: Be an active passive investor. Get educated and thoroughly vet the jockey (the deal sponsor/GP team) and the horse (the deal/investment opportunity).  Randy's Book Recommendation: The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell and Mastering the Market Cycle by Howard Marks Randy's Prayer Request: Randy says his greatest request during this season of his life is for wisdom. He longs for wisdom to navigate the real estate world, but also to have that balance with his family and personal life.  Connect with Randy: Website: Invest Ark (, Email:, LinkedIn: (41) Randy Langenderfer | LinkedIn Connect with Lee: Website: THREEFOLD - Real Estate Investing (, Email:, Facebook: Threefold Real Estate Investing | Facebook, LinkedIn: Lee Yoder | LinkedIn Check out our Free E-book!
July 6, 2021
Taking Responsibility and Rebounding after Losing Big on Apartments with TJ Kosen #54
My guest today, TJ Kosen, was not an overnight success. Though he bought well and managed well, he lost money on his first two multifamily properties. However, today, TJ is experiencing incredible success. This is because TJ took responsibility for his mistakes and learned from them. His mother was part of this experience and reminded TJ that the process is more important than the result and the most important thing is the people you impact. Today, TJ is impacting many people with his business and his educational material. Book Recommendation: 12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson Prayer Requests: TJ and his wife are expecting their second child in August! Connect with TJ: Website: Our Company | Platinum Real Estate Mastermind (, Facebook: (1) TJ Kosen | Facebook, YouTube: T.J. Kosen - YouTube Connect with Lee: Website: THREEFOLD - Real Estate Investing (, Email:, Facebook: Threefold Real Estate Investing | Facebook, LinkedIn: Lee Yoder | LinkedIn Check out our Free E-book!
June 29, 2021
Threefold Real Estate Investing Purchases a 47-unit Apartment in Dayton, OH with Lee and Kevin #53
Today I go through the details of Threefold's recent purchase of a 47-unit apartment building in Dayton, OH (The Alpine or Kettering 47). My business partner, Kevin Waymire, joins me to discuss everything from how we found this deal, to how we financed this property, to our plan for repositioning. Our goal is for our listeners to learn with us as we work our way through our own deals. If you are considering purchasing your first multifamily property, or just looking to learn more about apartment syndication, this is a great episode for you! Prayer Requests: Kevin: He and his wife just welcomed their third child, Josephine! She was born a little premature, so Kevin asks for prayers for her continued growth and health. Lee: wife, Hannah, just had another procedure on her knee. She's been dealing with a rare joint disease for years, so I ask for prayer that God would allow this procedure to significantly decrease her pain and increase her activity level. Lee and Kevin: We both ask for prayer that Kettering 47 would be a great benefit for all of our investors and could improve their lives and the lives of their family. Connect with Lee: Website: THREEFOLD - Real Estate Investing (, Email:, Facebook: Threefold Real Estate Investing | Facebook, LinkedIn: Lee Yoder | LinkedIn Check out our Free E-book!
June 22, 2021
A Bad First Experience as an LP in an Apartment Syndcation with Sam Bates #52
My guest today, Sam Bates, spent 11 years in corporate America, spending some of his time focused on real estate taxes. He started his real estate investing career as a limited partner in a 208-unit value-add apartment syndication in Dallas. This syndication underperformed even during a bull market in real estate. Sam decided he needed to take his financial future into his own hands. Sam began investing in single family homes. Between 2010-2013, he purchased 17 SF homes, using multiple strategies to acquire these homes. Over the past 5 years, he has been involved in 12 commercial projects, creating incredible value for his investors. Sam's responsibilities include sourcing and deal underwriting, investor relations, asset management, and liaison between third party vendors. If you are interested in starting as an LP in an apartment syndication, you'll gain great wisdom from Sam and his negative first experience as an LP. If you want to actively pursue apartment investing, you have so much to learn from Sam because he has experience and success in so many areas of syndicating apartments.  Bood Recommendation: The Success Principles by Jack Canfield Prayer Request: Sam asks for prayer asking God to help him stay centered and keep focused on growing God's kingdom.  Connect with Sam: Website: Bates Capital Group, Phone: 972-855-7654 Connect with Lee: Website: THREEFOLD - Real Estate Investing (, Email:, Facebook: Threefold Real Estate Investing | Facebook, LinkedIn: Lee Yoder | LinkedIn Check out our Free E-book!
June 15, 2021
Utilizing Technology to Help Apartment Syndicators Raise Capital by Increasing Visibility & Transparancy with Brad St. Onge #51
My guest today, Brad St. Onge, is on a mission to transform the way investment firms raise and manage capital. Brad is Head of Partnerships at InvestNext, a startup investment management platform founded in 2016 and located in Detroit, Michigan. After realizing the countless hours spent on activities that made fundraising, investment management, and investor relations tedious and inefficient, InvestNext developed software that enables investment firms to operate more effectively and provide greater transparency to their investors. Instrumental to this effort has been their close partnerships with commercial real estate syndicators and other investment firms around the globe and, as of today, InvestNext is trusted by tens of thousands of investors, with billions of dollars managed on the platform. In this episode, Brad shares how the InvestNext software works, how they are integrating other technology, and some of the unique ways he has seen the platform used for growing MF businesses like Threefold Real Estate Investing.  Check out InvestNext: Homepage - InvestNext Book Recommendation: The Only Woman In The Room by Marie Benedict Prayer Request: For the U.S. as a nation and nations like India who are struggling with a Covid outbreak. Connect with Brad: Website: Homepage - InvestNext, Email:, LinkedIn: Brad St. Onge | LinkedIn Connect with Lee: Website: THREEFOLD - Real Estate Investing (, Email:, Facebook: Threefold Real Estate Investing | Facebook, LinkedIn: Lee Yoder | LinkedIn Check out our Free E-book!
June 8, 2021
Fostering Good Property Management as an Asset Manager with Firefighter Lieutenant Seth Teagle #50
My guest today, Seth Teagle, has a great job as a Lieutenant at a fire house in Columbus, Ohio, but he was unsatisfied with the number of birthday parties and holidays he had to miss. He also wanted to provide even more financially for his family. So, he began looking for something more. He stumbled into real estate and decided this was the path that would allow him to better provide for his family while also putting him in a position to cease missing important events in the future.  Since his initial investment in real estate, Seth has functioned as an owner, a property manager and as an asset manager within a growing real estate portfolio which includes a dynamic blend of single-family homes and multifamily residential dwellings. Seth is currently concentrating on the acquisition of additional multifamily assets, citing scalability and favorable market conditions for the increased concentration. Book Recommendation: Who Not How: The Formula to Achieve Bigger Goals Through Accelerating Teamwork by Dan Sullivan Prayer Request: Seth asks for us to pray that he could make the right choices for moving his business forward, but also prioritizing his faith and his family. He needs prayer for wisdom and discernment so that he can do this well.  Connect with Tim: LinkedIn: Seth Teagle | LinkedIn, Facebook: Seth Teagle | Facebook, Phone: 614-800-1969 Connect with Lee: Website: THREEFOLD - Real Estate Investing (, Email:, Facebook: Threefold Real Estate Investing | Facebook, LinkedIn: Lee Yoder | LinkedIn Check out our Free E-book!
June 1, 2021
Using Multifamily Investing as a Vehicle for Lifestyle and Impact with Tim Bratz #49
It's often said that if you want you make money, you should get into real estate. That’s what motivated today's guest, Tim Bratz, to get involved in real estate back in 2003. Tim is now the CEO and Founder of CLE Turnkey Real Estate, a real estate investment company that acquires and transforms distressed apartment buildings into high-yield assets for their own portfolio.  He shares how he shifted from renovating residential houses to renovating apartments after realizing that’s where the majority of his net worth came from. Whether you’re looking to create residual income, achieve financial freedom, or give your apartment building portfolio a boost, this episode is going to give you a lot of value as Tim gets into syndicating deals, managing large rehabs, raising equity, the criteria for buying a property, and more. Book Recommendation: Magician vs. Mule by Mark Evans Prayer Request: Tim is in the process of selling $100M worth of property. He will then be looking to re-deploy that capital with his partners, so he asks for prayer to make the right decisions. Connect with Tim: Website: Commercial Empire - Legacy Wealth Holdings, Podcast: ‎Legacy Wealth Show on Apple Podcasts, YouTube: Legacy Wealth - YouTube Connect with Lee: Website: THREEFOLD - Real Estate Investing (, Email:, Facebook: Threefold Real Estate Investing | Facebook, LinkedIn: Lee Yoder | LinkedIn Check out our Free E-book!
May 25, 2021
Get Your Money Working for You! with Chris Miles #48
My guest today, Chris Miles, the “Cash Flow Expert,” is a leading authority on how to quickly create cash flow and lasting wealth for thousands of his clients, entrepreneurs, and others internationally! He has been featured in US News, CNN Money,, and has a high reputation for getting his clients life-altering financial results in his company, Money Ripples. After working as a traditional financial advisor and stock coach for several years, Chris came to a stark realization that the financial advising industry was not showing anyone how to quickly and safely become financially prosperous today. After leaving that industry, Chris was able to retire when he was 28, and has since worked to teach his effective, unique strategies, for companies like Freedom Fast Track and Garrett Gunderson, and now Money Ripples, while exposing the popular myths around money that have kept so many from enjoying financial freedom and peace of mind. Chris consistently practices and teaches small business owners how to do what no other financial advisers can or will – achieve financial prosperity, now and in the future, spending time doing what they love most. Books Recommendations: Thou Shall Prosper by Rabbi Daniel Lapin, The Pumpkin Plan by Mike Michalowicz Prayer Request: Chris is feeling a pull from God to grow the Money Ripples business, so he needs prayer for finding a good #2 that can help with the operations of the business so that he can focus on teaching.  Connect with Chris: Website: Cash Flow Expert Utah | Money Mentor & Management Coach Utah (, Email:, Podcast: ‎The Chris Miles Money Show on Apple Podcasts Connect with Lee: Website: THREEFOLD - Real Estate Investing (, Email:, Facebook: Threefold Real Estate Investing | Facebook, LinkedIn: Lee Yoder | LinkedIn Check out our Free E-book!
May 18, 2021
Mapping Out the Millionaire Mystery with Chris Naugle #47
My guest today, Chris Naugle, has experienced both wild success and crushing defeats. Through these experiences, and through relationships, he has built a real estate investing strategy that allows him to control his own money and significantly increase his returns which means significantly improving his family's life! Growing up, Chris didn’t have much, but his mom taught him to dream big. With her help, he opened a skateboard and snowboard shop when he was just 16. After the dot-com bubble crash, he got a job on Wall Street and soon became a top financial advisor. In 2006, Chris did his first flip and went on to do a few more deals until the Great Recession of 2008. At that moment, he had just purchased a dilapidated building and had his girlfriend move in with him. At the same time, he was just one mortgage payment away from bankruptcy. He experienced both wild successes and crashes throughout his career, and now he mentors others on wealth-building and the secrets of the rich. Today, Chris is dedicated to using his personal journey to empower others to take back control of their money and build their legacy. He wants to give others the financial knowledge that fuels their freedom. His experience has led him to specialize in alternative investments, retirement strategies, and wealth accumulation. Books Recommendations: Mapping Out The Millionaire Mystery Book - Chris Naugle Prayer Request: That Chris is able to help more people by teaching them to take control of their finances. Connect with Chris: Website: Home - Chris Naugle, YouTube: The Chris Naugle - YouTube Connect with Lee: Website: THREEFOLD - Real Estate Investing (, Email:, Facebook: Threefold Real Estate Investing | Facebook, LinkedIn: Lee Yoder | LinkedIn Check out our Free E-book!
May 11, 2021
A One Year Journey from 0 to 22 units and $10,000/month in Cash Flow with Jaideep Balekar #46
My guest today, Jaideep (Jay) Balekar, and his wife are both full-time IT profesionals with 9-5 jobs (which are more like 8-8 jobs with even more time spent working on the weekends). So, you can understand why they began to search for a way to increase their income and net worth that didn't involve working even more hours at their jobs.  After researching for a while, they decided to start actively investing in cash-flowing multifamily real estate after reading a few books and understanding the value of assets vs. the burden of liabilities. They realized that what they wanted was passive income which would allow them to attain financial freedom.  Jay and his wife also realized after getting started that they both Love real estate. They have only been investing for just over one year, but they have already built a portfolio of 22 units (4-unit, 8-unit, 10-unit) in their hometown, Cincinnati, OH. These 22 units bring in $10,000/month in income. It's not entirely passive, but it doesn't require near the amount of time they put into their W2 and they are well on their way to financial freedom.  Book Recommendation: Give and Take by Adam Grant, Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki Prayer Requests: Praise for wife and parents' good health! Connect with Jaideep: Website: Real Estate Investments | Compounding Capital Group | United States, Facebook: Jaideep Balekar | Facebook, Jaideep Balekar | BiggerPockets Connect with Lee: Website: THREEFOLD - Real Estate Investing (, Email:, Facebook: Threefold Real Estate Investing | Facebook, LinkedIn: Lee Yoder | LinkedIn Check out our Free E-book!
May 4, 2021
From Pharmacist to Living on Passive Income Through Apartment Investing with Ketan Patel #45
My guest today, Ketan Patel, built a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio starting with $8k, raised over $10 Million for his syndication business and grew his senior care business by a factor of three in just two years. He was able to accomplish all of this because he applied his “5 Pillars of Peak Performance in Real Estate”. These 5 pillars allowed him to overcome challenges of strategy, and leverage resources.  Today, Ketan helps motivated real estate entrepreneurs create more income and impact by aligning their thoughts, emotions and actions. Book Recommendation: The Millionaire Real Estate Investor by Gary Keller and The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz Prayer Request: Pray that I could support more people to get to their outcome and achieve their goals. Connect with Ketan: Website: High Performance Real Estate & Capital Raising - Ketan Patel Coaching, YouTube: Ketan Patel - YouTube Connect with Lee: Website: THREEFOLD - Real Estate Investing (, Email:, Facebook: Threefold Real Estate Investing | Facebook, LinkedIn: Lee Yoder | LinkedIn Check out our Free E-book!
April 27, 2021
Reconsidering Traditional Beliefs About Retirement Savings with Eric Martel #44
My guest today, Eric Martel, purchased his first apartment building at just 18 years of age while still at university. After graduation, in his position as an actuary, he was dismayed to see hundreds of company pension plans being rolled over into 401(k)s shifting the retirement risk to employees. This caused him to reconsider traditional beliefs about retirement saving. It also made him question his role as an actuary. So, he joined the lucrative technology industry. A few years later he lost a fortune during the Dot com crash of 2001 and he started looking for ways to earn passive income and stop trading time for money. He started various businesses, including a gourmet sauce company, but eventually he came back to his first love- real estate investing. He formed MartelTurnkey and after just four years of rapid success he was able to retire from my day job. Book Recommendation: Stop Trading Your Time for Money: A how-to guide for the middle class to achieve financial freedom, early retirement, and provide a legacy for future generations.: Martel, Eric: 9798683114114: Books Prayer Request: That Eric and his wife can find the right organization to partner with as they look to build their non-profit. They'll be starting in Cleveland and Memphis. Connect with Eric: Website: Eric Martel (, Email: Connect with Lee: Website: THREEFOLD - Real Estate Investing (, Email:, Facebook: Threefold Real Estate Investing | Facebook, LinkedIn: Lee Yoder | LinkedIn Check out our Free E-book!
April 20, 2021
Using the Money Multiplier Method to Erase $900,000+ in Dept with Brent Kesler #43
My guest today, Brent Kesler, was a chiropractor and owned several chiropractic practices. He was making a very good income, but he was spending all of his income and much more. After working for a decade he found himself under a mountain of debt. The only way he knew to get out of debt was to work harder and trade more time for more money. That is until he went to a conference and met a few chiropractors who had implemented a method often referred to as infinite banking.  After implementing The Money Multiplier (TMM) Method, Brent was able to pay off $984,711 in 3rd party debt in 39 months. He became so passionate about how powerful this concept was, he began to share it with others. His main goal in making this move was simply to help more people understand how to manage and grow their wealth. Book Recommendation: Become Your Own Banker by Nelson Nash Prayer Request: For Brent's wife's hip. Connect with Brent: Website: The Money Multiplier - Become Your Own Banker, Email:,  Connect with Lee: Website: THREEFOLD - Real Estate Investing (, Email:, Facebook: Threefold Real Estate Investing | Facebook, LinkedIn: Lee Yoder | LinkedIn
April 13, 2021
Threefold's Free E-book "5 Steps to Passive Income for the Full-time Dad" with Lee and Kevin #42
Today, my partner, Kevin Waymire, and I sit down to talk about our brand new, free E-book called "5 Steps to Passive Income for the Full-time Dad". This is such a passion project for us, because we are truly passionate about partnering with other dads (and moms of course) and creating passive income for them and their families.  Kevin and I have seen first-hand the power of multifamily investing. We have achieved passive income and have begun to create generational wealth for our families. We know this is going to allow us to provide financially for our wife and kids, but this will also allow us to spend more time with those that we love. If Kevin and I can do it, so can you. We don't have any special talents, and we didn’t invent anything new. We simply followed a 5-step process… Jump on our website and download the E-book for free today! THREEFOLD - Real Estate Investing ( Connect with Lee: Website: THREEFOLD - Real Estate Investing (, Email:, Facebook: Threefold Real Estate Investing | Facebook, LinkedIn: Lee Yoder | LinkedIn
April 6, 2021
The "Debt Free Dr." Explains How You Can Achieve Financial Freedom, Jeff Anzalone #41
My guest today, Jeff Anzalone, says "I’ve been in your shoes. I used to work those long hours not knowing that there was a better way out there. After completing dental school and a residency at LSU, I owed close to $300,000 in student loans, along with other consumer debt."  Fortunately, Jeff discovered passive investing through real estate syndications (group investments), which allowed him to stop trading his time for money and start focusing on the things and the people he loves most.  Today, Jess is helping doctors (and other busy professionals) just like you take control of their finances and create passive income through investing in real estate, all without the hassles of being a landlord. Check out Jeff's free guide: Doctor’s Passive Income Guide - Debt-Free Doctor ( Book Recommendation: Cash Flow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki Prayer Request: That Jeff could continue to inspire people and be ethical and moral.  Connect with Jeff: Website: Investing in Real Estate for Passive Income | Debt-Free Doctor (, Blog: Blog Posts by Dr. Jeff Anzalone - Debt-Free Doctor (, LinkedIn: Jeff Anzalone | LinkedIn Connect with Lee: Website: THREEFOLD - Real Estate Investing (, Email:, Facebook: Threefold Real Estate Investing | Facebook, LinkedIn: Lee Yoder | LinkedIn
March 30, 2021
Crushing it in Apartment Syndication After Being Fired 10 Times with Agostino Pintus #40
My guest today, Agostino Pintus, believed that a career in I.T. was his best path for financial success and stability. However, after being so easily discarded by company after company when going through a transition or restructuring, he became frustrated and wanted to find another way. He wanted to take his financial future into his own hands. By changing his mindset, Agostino has been able to follow his long-suppressed entrepreneurial spirit.  In this episode we also learn more about why Agostino thinks that so many of us have been conditioned into fear rather than being excited to take risks. Agostino’s beliefs dismantle a conventional understanding of success to show us that if you put your mind to something, it is certainly possible. The hardest but most crucial step is simply deciding to succeed. Book Recommendation: Flip the Script by Oren Klaff Prayer Request: Agostino has a goal for his team to purchase 3500 doors this year! Connect with Agostino: Website: Home - Bulletproof Cashflow, Podcast: Bulletproof Cashflow: Multifamily & Apartment Investing for Financial Freedom (, LinkedIn: Bulletproof Cashflow: Multifamily & Apartment Investing for Financial Freedom ( Connect with Lee: Website: THREEFOLD - Real Estate Investing (, Email:, Facebook: Threefold Real Estate Investing | Facebook, LinkedIn: Lee Yoder | LinkedIn
March 23, 2021
Using Podcast Appearances to Grow Your Brand with "Podcasting You" Founder Trevor Oldham #39
If you are starting a business or trying to raise money for a project, you've probably realized that attracting the right people is one of your most important tasks. In today's world, getting the opportunity to be a guest on a relevant podcast with a big reach can be exactly what you need to grow your brand and extend your reach to new customers and new investors for your business. My guest today, Trevor Oldham, is an expert at getting his clients onto podcasts that will increase their reach and help build their brand. He founded Podcasting You after realizing the importance of getting booked on the right podcasts for entrepreneurs. He especially liked working with real estate investors, so he now focuses solely on working investors from those just starting out in real estate to those that own 1000's of units and have already made appearances on dozens of podcasts.  If you're thinking about being a guest on a podcast for the first time or if you want to book regular appearances on podcasts without having to do all the work yourself, this is a great episode for you! Book Recommendation: The Wealthy Gardener by John Soforic Prayer Request: Recovery from snowmobile accident for Trevor and his fiance Connect with Trefor: Website: Home - Podcasting You, LinkedIn: Trevor Oldham | LinkedIn Connect with Lee: Website: THREEFOLD - Real Estate Investing (, Email:, Phone: 937-400-3044
March 16, 2021
Recession Proof Apartment Syndication with Sam Newell #38
My guest today, Sam Newell, is a real estate investor, top-producing broker, fly fisherman, and a family man. His passion lies in income-producing real estate. Sam has broker hundreds of deals, many of them SF or small MF investment properties. However, after witnessing many investors lose so badly during the Great Recession, he lost confidence in smaller rentals and gained more confidence in larger apartment buildings. This is where Sam's focus is today. He brings together dozens of investors and purchases large, value-add apartment buildings all over the country.  Having extremely successful brokerage and apartment syndication businesses are not Sam's only focus. He's also a follower of Christ and prioritizes his family. Being a dad to Heidi and Liam is the highlight of his life. He and his wife Lauren are best friends and enjoy traveling the world together.  Fly fishing and spending time outdoors and teaching his kids to enjoy this passion is his “WHY”, income-producing real estate is what gets Sam out of bed in the morning in order to produce the lifestyle his family deserves. Book Recommendation: The 5 Love Languages of Children by Gary Chapman, 10X Rule by Grant Cardone Prayer Request: For our country, for less division in our country, for healing as far as health and economic healing for those hurt by Covid.  Connect with Sam: Website: HOME | Mficlub, Facebook: (1) Sam Newell | Facebook, Phone: 801-995-2220 Connect with Lee: Website: THREEFOLD - Real Estate Investing (, Email:, Phone: 937-400-3044
March 9, 2021
Transitioning from Active to Passive Investing to Achieve Lifestyle Design with Dwaine Clarke #37
My guest today, Dwaine Clarke, experienced success as an active real estate investor. He successfully built a portfolio that produced significant cash-flow. But, he realized he was forced to put in a lot of time and energy into this active business. He longed for a less time-intensive investing path. This led Dwaine to passive investing.  Dwaine still has a brokerage where he works a "day-job", but his investing is primarily passive. Because he runs his own brokerage and invests passively, he is able to do his work from anywhere in the world. This means he can travel to his wife's home-country in Europe for weeks or months at a time. This freedom has enriched Dwaine and his family's life exponentially. Dwaine longs to educate others on the benefits of passive investing in real estate. Check out his great podcast: ‎Wealth Through Real Estate Investing Show with Dwaine Clarke on Apple Podcasts Book Recommendation: Tax Free Wealth by Tom Wheelwright Prayer Request: For the health of our nation and for the world, and for those struggling economically. Dwaine reminds us, "God is in control." Connect with Dwaine: Website: Generated Homepage - Passive Investors Club - Passive Real Estate Investing, Email:, LinkedIn: Dwaine Clarke | LinkedIn Connect with Lee: Website: THREEFOLD - Real Estate Investing (, Email:, Phone: 937-400-3044
March 2, 2021
A Recap of Threefold's Own 45-Unit Apartment Building Purchase with Me and My Partner Kevin Waymire #36
Threefold Real Estate Investing has closed on our first true apartment syndication! We purchased a 45-unit apartment building in Dayton, OH! Seven investors joined with us in this great deal and we couldn't be happier for them and their families! We know this asset will provide meaningful cash-flow immediately and generate incredible wealth over the next few years. My business partner, Kevin Waymire, and I sit down to recap our path to taking down this multifamily investment. We go back to the beginning and talk about how we found this property. We take you through the underwriting process, the inspection period, securing the financing, the day of closing, and our take-over of the property with our property management company.  Connect with Lee: Website: THREEFOLD - Real Estate Investing (, Email:, Phone: 937-400-3044
February 23, 2021
Part-time Real Estate Investing for Full-time Professionals with Derek Clifford #35
What would you do if the condo you purchased for $150,000 was suddenly worth $100,000 and you had to move for work? My guest today, Derek Clifford, and his wife found themselves in this unenviable situation. Instead of selling their condo at a loss, they decided to turn it into a rental. This investment property provided very little cash-flow over the following years, but they eventually sold it about 8 years later for a $120,000 profit! They took this money, used a 1031 exchange, and purchased a handful of SF homes in the Midwest that cash-flowed extremely well!  Derek has since transitioned into MF investing and has truly figured out how to build systems and processes to allow him and his wife to continue building their portfolio while they both work full-time. If you would like to follow in Derek's footsteps, check out his great new book: Part-time Real Estate Investing for Full-Time Professionals: Upgrade your mindset, portfolio and finances in less than a year while working eBook: Clifford, Derek: Kindle Store and check out he and his wife's great podcast: Elevate Your Equity Podcast - YouTube Book Recommendation: Part-time Real Estate Investing for the Full-time Professional by Derek Clifford Prayer Request: Issues with infertility- pray that Derek and Sophie would be blessed with a child! Connect with Derek: Website: Elevate Equity | Leveling up your equity!, LinkedIn: Derek Clifford, MBE, PMP | LinkedIn, Phone: 925-307-6265 Connect with Lee: Website: THREEFOLD - Real Estate Investing (, Email:, Phone: 937-400-3044
February 16, 2021
Find Your "Why" to Empower You to Build a Successful, Impactful Apartment Syndication Business with Whitney Sewell. #34
In 2017, a hard-working family man, Whitney Sewell, with a background in military, law enforcement, and yes – horse training, went all-in on a dream that had been building for quite a while. Life Bridge Capital, LLC. was founded out of a love for structure and discipline, a unique interest in real estate, and a desire to help others create passive income that would support and bless their families. Whitney began working with accredited investors to help them improve their investment returns via the exceptional opportunities that multifamily syndication offers. After Whitney and his wife adopted the first 2 of their 3 beautiful adopted children, he unearthed an even deeper why – a way that he could use Life Bridge Capital to not just operate as a business, but to bless those in need. They pledged to give 50% of their profits to orphans and their adoptive families, and continue to do so to this day. Book Recommendations: The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod Event Recommendation: Radical Secret Church Prayer Request: Whitney asks that we pray that he and his wife would be strategic and good stewards, especially with their foundation. He also asks for prayer for wisdom.  Connect with Whitney: Website: Home - Life Bridge Capital, Email:, Phone: 540-585-4338 Connect with Lee: Website: THREEFOLD - Real Estate Investing (, Email:, Phone: 937-400-3044
February 9, 2021
Using House-Hacking To Go From a Broke Teacher to Retired By Age 35 with Bryce Stewart
On today's Threefold Real Estate Investing • A podcast on Anchor episode, we talk with Bryce Stewart, a former school teacher who was able to quit his job at age 35 through house-hacking small multifamily properties.  Check out Bryce's newly released book detailing his incredible journey: House Hacker's Guide to the Galaxy: Use Your Home To Make Millions and Retire Early: Stewart, Bryce, Chambers, Katie: 9781736344217: Books Bryce remembers the day he realized he needed to make a major change in his life. It was the day his wife found out she was pregnant with their second child. While Bryce and his wife were thrilled to be blessed with another child, they knew this meant she would have to quit her job and they would have to rely solely on Bryce's teacher salary. Bryce knew he wasn't going to be able to provide for his family unless he increased his income. This is when he remembered talking to a coworker years earlier about the power of house-hacking.  Bryce had very little money and no experience with real estate investing. So, he took out a small loan from a family member and purchased a duplex with an FHA loan. He moved out of this duplex a couple years later and purchased a triplex right next door with another FHA loan. House-hacking apartments was not easy for Bryce's family. At one point they were living in a 2-bed apartment with 3 kids! But, the sacrifices they made produced the life of their dreams. Today, Bryce owns and manages 30+ units that bring in >$13,000 per month. He and his wife do not have W2 jobs. Instead, they are able to design their life on their own terms as they manage their MF portfolio.  Book Recommendation: The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It Paperback - by Michael Gerber Prayer Request: Young Life- Bryce is the chairman of the board for this great youth ministry. Covid has been difficult for this ministry, so they could use prayers for continued funding and continued engagement from local high schoolers. Connect with Bryce: Website: About Bryce Stewart — Bryce Stewart, YouTube: Bryce Stewart - YouTube Connect with Lee: Website: THREEFOLD - Real Estate Investing (, Email:, Phone: 937-400-3044
February 2, 2021
Disrupting Real Estate with Marketing Strategies for Off-Market MF Properties with Drew Kenning
My guest today, Drew Kenning, is focused on finding off-market multifamily deals. Drew's focus is not uncommon. Finding off-market deals is what most investors long for these days. What is different is Drew's approach. His team is highly sophisticated and is able to gather incredible data. He shares great techniques that you can implement to find off-market deals for you and your team. Join me today as we learn from Drew! Book Recommendation: Zero To One by Peter Thiel Prayer Request: pray for tenants in their buildings who are facing economic hardship.  Connect with Drew: Website: MANOR STRAITS | Team Email: , LinkedIn: Drew Kenning | LinkedIn Connect with Lee: Website: THREEFOLD - Real Estate Investing (, Email:, Phone: 937-400-3044
January 27, 2021
Building a $4M Multifamily Portfolio by 25 with Axel Ragnarsson
Instead of building a career in the corporate world, my guest today, Axel Ragnarsson pursued multifamily real estate investing at a very young age. He hustled and networked as much as he could.... and he experienced a lot of success. Axel built a four-million-dollar portfolio by the age of 25!  In today’s episode, we hear from Axel about how he got into the multi-family real estate investment business, how he accumulated the financing in order to get started, the importance and function of networking and establishing in-depth relationships with people in the business, and how Axel creates content as a part of his business plan. He also shares with us some useful tips in meeting new investors, the most difficult aspect of his journey, and much more.  Axel is the host of the Multi-Family Wealth podcast, ‎The Multifamily Wealth Podcast on Apple Podcasts, and founder of the real estate investment firm, Brickleaf Properties. Book Recommendation: The Book on Negotiating Real Estate by J Scott, Mark Ferguson, Carol Scott Prayer Requests: For everyone to stay healthy and gainfully employed. Connect with Axel: Email:, LinkedIn: Axel Ragnarsson | LinkedIn Connect with Lee: Website: THREEFOLD - Real Estate Investing (, Email:, Phone: 937-400-3044
January 19, 2021
From Sleeping in a Closet Under a Friend's Staircase to Nearly Financially Independent with Real Estate with Austin Linney
My guest today, Austin Linney, has had a wild ride on his journey to real estate success to say the least. He is very open about his past addictions and poor life choices. He hit rock bottom when he was kicked out of his parents house and forced to live under his friends staircase. And this was only one of his rock-bottoms! However, through it all, he maintained his strong work ethic and determination to do more with his life. Eventually, he dealt with some of his deep-seeded emotions and got honest about what he wanted in his life. He also improved the people he spent time with and allowed to fill his head with ideas.  Today Austin is nearly financially independent through his real estate investments. He hosts a great podcast, ‎Construct Your Life With Austin Linney on Apple Podcasts, and coaches students longing to better construct their lives, many whom have struggled with addictions themselves. Austin is such an inspiration to me and is inspiring his coaching students, his podcast listens, and his followers all over the world.  Book recommendation: Escape the Rat Race by Robert Kiyosaki Prayer requests: Austin asks us to pray for people with addictions as they are often really struggling this time of year. He also asks us to take extra time with our kids and all those we come into contact with. Connect with Dave: Email: Website: Home - Construct Your Life Podcast | Austin Linney Connect with Lee: Website: THREEFOLD - Real Estate Investing (, Email:, Phone: 937-400-3044
January 12, 2021
Achieving a Dream of Living on a Sailboat for 10 Years by Using the 1031 Exchange with Dave Foster
My guest today is someone who had a big dream (moving his family onto a sailboat and traveling the world for 10 years), worked very hard, executed a plan, and achieved that dream.  Dave Foster started by purchasing a duplex in his hometown of Denver, Co. He flipped this property and made a great profit. That was until the IRS took their share- 40% of the proceeds. He realized that this strategy would not allow he and his wife to realize their dream. Then, he learned about the 1031 exchange. He immediately changed his investing strategy. Dave got to work building a portfolio in Denver. Then, he sold his entire portfolio, and using the 1031 exchange built a new portfolio in his new hometown in Connecticut. He was able to use a large amount of tax-deferred gains to significantly grow his portfolio. He also used the 121 Homestead Exemption when he sold his home so that he paid no taxes on the profit.  Dave repeated this process once more as he moved from Connecticut to Florid. Then... Dave moved his family onto a sailboat and lived out his dream for 10 sweet years with his young kids.  Dave's favorite quote: Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.  -Mark Twain Book Recommendation: Proverbs by Solomon, What Ever Happened to Penny Candy by Richard Maybury Prayer Request: That we can all be the hands and feet of Jesus and love others. Connect with Dave: Email: Website: Keep your tax dollars working for you with a 1031 Exchange ( Connect with Lee: Website: THREEFOLD - Real Estate Investing (, Email:, Phone: 937-400-3044
December 30, 2020
Moving from Single Family Rentals to Apartment Syndication and Staying Patient with Julie Holly
Julie Holly grew up riding the waves of real estate. Yes, family gatherings did involve industry conversations. She began her career as a public school teacher at the age of 22 and left the security of that occupation for residential real estate four years later. She managed the family’s residential rentals with zero delinquency and damage which she attributes to prayer and the power of good relationships with tenants. After feeling like the real estate market was topping, Julie and her husband decided to sell their SF portfolio. They sat on their profits until Julie discovered apartment syndication. She knew immediately that she was best suited for this asset class. She immersed herself and consumed as much education material as she could. She has created a fantastic network of like-minded investors and started a fun, informative podcast, Ask Me How I know.  Julie has worked hard to purchase her first apartment building, but she's also staying true to her metrics and remaining patient. Above all, Julie is focused on following Christ and pursuing God's plan for her and her family! Book Recommendations: High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard, The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones Prayer Request: Julie would like prayer for wisdom in order to navigate this difficult time.  Connect with Julie: Email: LinkedIn: Julie Holly | LinkedIn, ‎Ask Me How I Know: Multifamily Investor Stories of Struggle to Success on Apple Podcasts Connect with Lee: Website: THREEFOLD - Real Estate Investing (, Email:, Phone: 937-400-3044
December 22, 2020
Knowing Your Market and Being Ready to Act Quickly with JJ Harrison
My guest today has been husting as a broker in Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio for 20+ years. He has established a network of apartment investors ready to buy and sell property. Apartment owners often ask him to sell their properties off market, and many multifamily buyers look forward to his frequent emails containing all of his off-market properties. He's the kind of guy you need to know in your market.  Join me as JJ Harrison explains what you can do in today's hot market to find a good deal and also ensure you are ready to act when that time comes.  Connect with JJ: Email:, LinkedIn: Connect with Lee: Website:, Email:, Phone: 937-400-3044
December 15, 2020
Take Your Retirement From Wall Street to Main Street with Josh Plave
Josh Plave is the founder of Wall to Main and a full-time multifamily investor. Investing with his family, they hold a portfolio of over 700 units across three markets. Josh's experience in retirement accounts began at 16, when he opened his first Roth IRA and began trading equities. Since then, after the unfortunate passing of his grandfather and mother, he was left with multiple Inherited IRAs. Through careful research and structuring, Josh has been able to further the legacy of prior generations and accelerate the growth of his family's capital. He considered many asset classes and settled on multifamily real estate investing.  Book Recommendations: Multi Family Millions by Dave Lindahl, The Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim and Renée A. Mauborgne Prayer Requests: Josh is moving his family across the county and he and his wife are expecting their first child! Connect with Josh: Website:,  Connect with Lee: Website:, Email:, Phone: 937-400-3044
December 8, 2020
A Construction Manager with Dreams of Working for Himself and Traveling the World with Rory Cummins
Are you able to live the life you want while working in your current job? My guest today, Rory Cummins, had a good job and a good life, but he wanted more. He longed to work for himself and travel the world. His job as a construction manager didn't allow him the freedom he longed for. So, he started investing in real estate as a side hustle. After he had built up a small portfolio, he was able to leave his job and travel the world.  When he came back to reality, Rory knew he would have to work hard to build up a sustainable portfolio that would provide enough passive income for him to work for himself on his own terms and travel at will. He found that short-term rentals provided him the greatest cash-flow, so he began building a portfolio. However, this path has not been passive and Rory is still working toward his goal of more passive income.  Book Recommendations: The One Thing by Gary Keller, Multiple Streams of Income by Robert Allen Prayer Requests: For everyone's health including his own family. Connect with Rory: Email: Connect with Lee: Website:, Email:, Phone: 937-400-3044
December 1, 2020
From a Financially Illiterate Firefighter to a Reality TV Flipping Star to Buying Apartments with Dave Seymour
While working as a firefighter, Dave Seymour knew only one way to improve his financial position- trade more time for money. Eventually, Dave found himself with more debt than he could afford, a ruined marriage, and nearly losing a relationship with his son. Shortly after the 9/11 attack, Dave was laid-off. He calls this a divine intervention, because this is when he found real estate investing.  Dave's passion for the business and his propensity to tell it like it is landed him his own real estate reality series on A&E. He had a lot of fun being the star of a show, but it only last four years and he still needed to make a living with real estate. He transitioned to buying multifamily assets with his partner in Florida.  Prayer Requests: Healing for this country. Book Recommendation: Free E-book "The Secrets Behind Commercial Real Estate Success" at Dave's website Connect with Dave: Website:, Call: 781-922-4418 Connect with Lee: Website:, Email:, Phone: 937-400-3044
November 24, 2020
House Hacking a 4-Plex, A House Flip Disaster, and Finally Settling on Large Apartments with Fritz Ritter
Fritz Ritter started his real estate investing journey by house hacking a 4-plex. He made many mistakes, but he was always covered by the other tenants who paid for all of his expenses. On the other hand, when his first house flip went south, he was stuck with paying for all the extra expenses himself. It was these two, very different experiences and outcomes, that convinced Fritz that multi-family investing was the best path for him.  Fritz is a great example of how anyone can get started in real estate investing with very little money and/or experience. He made many mistakes, but because he persevered, he found success. His 4-plex is now providing he and his business partner significant cash-flow every month. Meanwhile, his residents are paying off his mortgage and he's enjoying great tax benefits! Fritz is now working with his partners at Kronos Investment Partners to purchase large apartment buildings.  Free E-book! Book Recommendations: The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity by Edwene Gaines, The Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book by Joe Fairless Prayer Request: Fritz would appreciate prayer for all the education material he and his business partners are producing. They long to deliver great education to others.  Connect with Fritz:, Facebook:, LinkedIn: Connect with Lee: Website:, Email:, Phone: 937-400-3044
November 17, 2020
Using Social Media to Netork and Raise Big Money for Big Deals with Esther Reizes-Lowebein
After moving her family to a new area in New York and facing a changing work environment, Esther Reizes-Lowebein decided to make a career change. She left the healthcare industry where she was a Speech Language Pathologist, and moved into the real estate industry. She quickly became more interested in commercial real estate as opposed to residential because she enjoyed working with investors.  Utilizing social media has allowed Esther to quickly grow her network. Others began to notice her growing network with her presence online and she was asked to raise money for a large commercial real estate deal. Esther accepted the challenge and quickly raised the necessary capital. She is now raising money for several apartment syndication sponsors.  Check out Esther's article in New York Lifestyle magazine: Book Recommendations: No book recommendations, but listens to Diary of an Apartment Investor Podcast by Brian Briscoe Prayer Requests: Safety for our world. To be rid of Covid-19 Connect with Esther: LinkedIn: Connect with Lee: Website:, Email:, Phone: 937-400-3044
November 10, 2020
From Business Owner with Zero Assets to Full-time Investor with Over 4,000 units with Darin Batchelder
Darin Batchelder decided to get involved purchasing real estate in the fourth quarter of 2017.  He purchased a new construction duplex, but then searched for a way to go after larger deals. He was very familiar with the multifamily asset class but wanted to learn how to purchase larger deals. He joined a multifamily mentorship group in the Dallas area and by the beginning of 2018 he started to invest passively into other sponsors multifamily deals as well as started to underwrite and go after his own lead sponsor deal. He closed his first lead sponsor deal at the end of 2018 which was a 76 unit townhome community. In total he's invested in over 4,000 multifamily units- seven deals passively with other sponsors, one deal as the lead sponsor, and one deal with two well established general partners for a small  minority stake in the deal. Book Recommendations: The Honey Bee by Jake Stenziano and Gino Barbaro, Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss Prayer Requests: Strengthening of relationships with wife and kids Connect with Darin: Website:, LinkedIn: Connect with Lee: Website:, Email:, Phone: 937-400-3044
November 3, 2020
Earning, Saving, and Investing with the FatFire Method on the Way to a Great Life- with Jean D'Amico
Jean D’Amico has spent nearly 20 years in the digital media industry.  He has developed marketing programs with some of the biggest brands in  the world like Coca-Cola, AT&T, Hilton, and Walmart. While advancing  his successful sales and consulting career, Jean became disenfranchised  with corporate life. He started to consume vast amounts of financial  literacy advice, reading dozens of books about investing and retirement.  At the same time, he began investing in residential real estate. Over a dozen years, Jean grew his portfolio and achieved financial  independence. While chatting with friends and colleagues, he realized  that most of his peers were similarly displeased with their paths up the  corporate ladder and were looking for more. He began to consult on a  freelance basis and realized there was tremendous demand for a company  that could help bridge the theoretical with reality — hands-on,  real-life help in rethinking passive income and escaping the rat race.  FatFIRE Group was born with the goal of creating hundreds of financially  independent clients living their best life. Book Recommendations: Multiple Streams of Income by Robert G. Allen, The One Thing by Gary Keller Prayer Requests: For this country to get through the election and the rest of 2020 peaceably Contact Jean: Website:, Email:, LinkedIn: Connect with Lee: Website:, Email:, Phone: 937-400-3044
October 28, 2020
From an IT Sales Job and 8 Rentals to 800 Doors with Abel Pacheco
Despite having incredible success in his IT sales career, Abel realized that he'd have to work harder and harder just to maintain his income. Every year his expected sales were increased as well as his responsibilities. He also worried he wouldn't be able to save enough for the retirement he wanted for himself and his family.  As he began to educate himself on ways to build wealth outside of his W-2 he found real estate investing. He started with single family rentals. Over 10 years, he purchased 8 rental properties. He then realized if he continued to purchase SF rentals, it would take him another 20+ years to achieve his goals. So, he continued to educate himself and he realized that apartment syndication was the key to growing his wealth. He began by passively investing in several syndications with experienced operators in his area.  Now, Abel sponsors his own deals and has added another 400+ doors to his portfolio. His investing success has allowed him to quit his W-2 and he now has more time freedom than he ever has.  Abel is a Christ follower with a great story and a great message to all who seek financial independence and a better life of pursuing Christ and pursuing God's plan for your life. Check out his website and his new e-book! Book Recommendations: ABC's of Real Estate Investing by Ken McElroy, Crushing it in Apartments and Commercial Real Estate by Brian Murray, The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis Prayer Requests: "That He (God) would always remind me to keep His kingdom first. If I do that, everything else will fall into place." Contact Abel: Website:, Email:, LinkedIn:, Abel's Free E-Book: Connect with Lee: Website:, Email:, Phone: 937-400-3044
October 20, 2020
A Campus Pastor Feels Called to a Larger Impact Through Real Estate Investing- with Ellis Hammond
What is your true, God-given calling in this life? Most of us are limited by time and money, so we don’t even dare to dream about fulfilling our purpose. But what if God is calling you to do something different? What if God is calling you to leave your job? What if multifamily investing could give you the freedom to pursue your calling? To live a life of significance? To make a real impact in the world? Ellis Hammond is the founder of Kingdom Capitalists,  the #1 mastermind for Christian real estate entrepreneurs. In 2018,  while Ellis was serving as a full-time college pastor, he and his wife  invested in a $600K duplex in San Diego. Nine months later, they added a  144-unit multifamily property in Memphis to his portfolio. Today, he  manages a network of investors seeking passive income opportunities  across the US with the goal of increasing their income and impact. Book Recommendations: Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson, True Riches: What Jesus Really Said about Money and Your Heart by Gregory Baumer and John Cortines Prayer Requests: Ellis and his wife are selling their house and moving into an apartment. He is starting a fund and he's continuing to grow his community. Contact Ellis: Website:, Email:, LinkedIn: Connect with Lee: Website:, Email:, Phone: 937-400-3044
October 13, 2020
From Foreclosure and Repossession to Success in Real Estate Investing with Todd Pultz
While sitting on the couch with his future wife, inside his house that had just been foreclosed, Todd Pultz looked out his window to see his truck getting towed. He knew that it was getting repossessed because he hadn't been making payments. This was the moment Todd decided he needed to get organized and take responsibility over his finances so that he could provide well for his future family.  He went through a lot of ups and downs, but today, Todd owns and manages over 100 units in Dayton, Ohio. He does all this while still working full-time. He is also a dedicated husband and father. He's working hard to build a great life for his family and those around him.  Prayer Request: Todd's niece and nephew have a young child with cerebral palsy and just had another baby, so they're going through a tough time.  Contact Todd: Email:, Bigger Pockets: Connect with Lee: Website:, Email:, Phone: 937-400-3044
October 6, 2020
How a Marine Took Control of His Financial Future through Mutifamily Real Estate with Brian Briscoe
While a member of the Marine reserves, Brian Briscoe had no control over when he might be called to deploy. So, he took control and transitioned to active duty. He and his wife were starting their family and they couldn't stand the thought of Brian getting deployed during the birth of one of their children.  Brian decided to seize more control over his life as he jumped into multifamily real estate investing. He had already seen the benefits from investing in single family homes, but quickly realized this wouldn't provide him with the scale he needed to provide the freedom and control he and his family were looking for.  Today, Brian has hundreds of multifamily units under management and is very close to taking total control of his life- He will soon be retiring from the military and moving his family to their dream location, among their extended family in Idaho.  Brian's Prayer Requests: To continue doing "the little things" that his faith and his family strong. Contact our Guest: Website:, Podcast:, Email: Connect with Lee: Website:, Email:, Phone: 937-400-3044
September 29, 2020
House-Hacking a Duplex, Losing Money on a Flip, and Then Pursuing Apartment Syndication with John Stoeber
When John Stoeber graduated college, he looked at the compensation package for his first job and realized he was not going to make enough nor did he have enough vacation time to take the annual ski trip he was accustomed to taking every year. This led him to investigate ways to make extra, passive income. He decided that real estate was the best way for him to earn extra income while working his full-time job.  He started by house-hacking a duplex in Baltimore, MA. He then lost a lot of money on a flip. Finally, with a couple partners, he decided on apartment syndication (though he does plan to house-hack again). After many months of grinding-it-out, his team was able to purchase a 30 unit apartment complex.  The 3-year goal for his company to have $10,000 of cash flow in  three years (August 2021). If you have similar goals, this is a great episode for you! Book Recommendation: Real Estate Finance and Investments- Risks and Opportunities by Peter Linneman Prayer Request: Success for newly launched podcast- Millennials In Multifamily Podcast- and their free e-book on underwriting.  Contact our Guest: Website:, Facebook:, Podcast: Connect with Lee: Website:, Email:, Phone: 937-400-3044
September 22, 2020
Starting with a Broken Down Triplex and then Gaining Time-Freedom Through Real Estate Investing with Gabe Petersen
Gabe is a great example of someone that decided he wasn't satisfied with not being able to control his schedule, his time, his life. He had a good job, but he wanted more freedom. He started with a "run down" triplex. This project did not go as planned. But, because he stuck with it and continued to work through each issue, he was able to turn this triplex into a great profit. He has since invested in many deals, has started his own investing team, has his own podcast, and most important- he now has control of his time. Gabe gets to make his own schedule every day.  Prayer Request: For everyone to get through COVID-19 Contact our Guest: Website:, Podcast:, LinkedIn: Connect with Lee: Website:, Email:, Phone: 937-400-3044
September 15, 2020
Taking Advantage of Real Estate Investing Tax Advantages with Yonah Weiss
Today we are joined by a real estate tax expert, Yonah Weiss. He focuses primarily on cost segregation. If you're wondering about the tax advantages that come with investing in real estate, this episode is for you.  Yonah has helped hundreds of real estate investors in saving Tens of Millions of Dollars in income tax through Cost Segregation with Madison SPECS, and have been a guest on over 100 of the top real estate podcasts on the subject. He says, "It’s not about how much you make, it’s about how much you keep." Prayer Requests: Success for everyone- success means something different for everyone. Clarity for Yonah and for everyone.  Contact our Guest: Website:, LinkedIn: Connect with Lee: Website:, Email:, Phone: 937-400-3044
September 8, 2020
Selling His Company, Retiring, Getting Bored, and Then Finding Real Estate Investing with Paul Moore
After graduating from Ohio State,  Paul entered the management development track at Ford in Detroit. After five years, he left to start a staffing company. He scaled and sold the company to a publicly traded firm. After a brief “retirement”, Paul began investing in real estate in 2000 to protect and grow his own wealth. He's completed over 85 real estate investments but it was a very successful multifamily project in 2010 that convinced  him of the power of commercial real estate. This has been his focus ever since. This led him to author his first book, The Perfect Investment- Create Enduring Wealth from the Historic Shift to Multifamily.  Paul is married with 4  children and lives in Central Virginia. He strives to abide with God and to follow Jesus daily. Paul is a great role model for all of us real estate investors who long to live meaningful, God-honoring lives.  Books: The Complete Guide to Buying and Selling Apartment Buildings by Steve Berges, Hosting the Presence by Bill Johnson Prayer Requests: Paul's second daughter is heading off to Bethel College in CA. Also, Paul is working to find the best in class operators with whom to place his investor's capital. Contact our Guest: Website:, Email:, Bigger Pockets: Connect with Lee: Website:, Email:, Phone: 937-400-3044
September 1, 2020
From High School Dropout to Full-Time Real Estate Entrepreneur with Marcus Maloney
Growing up on a farm and raising piglets to sell at auction, Marcus Maloney began to understand entrepreneurship and investment at a young age. However, it took him until the age of 36 to fully jump into real estate investing. He had many missteps along the way including dropping out of high school and selling drugs on the streets of Chicago. But, he never lost his faith in God and kept coming back to his longing to follow Jesus. He knew God had a plan for his life. Today, Marcus has completed dozens of local (Phoenix) and long-distance (Chicago) real estate transactions. He owns a portfolio of rentals which provide him consistent monthly income. Marcus is extremely humble and says if he can succeed in real estate investing, anyone can.  Book recommendation: The Power of Broke by Daymond John Prayer Request: That Marcus would have the strength and perseverance to continue down this road that God has for him and his family. Contact our Guest: Website:, Email:, Facebook: Connect with Lee: Website:, Email:, Phone: 937-400-3044
August 25, 2020
Turning to Multifamily Real Estate to Provide for His Family After a Life-Changing Medical Diagnosis with Ben Leybovich
Before ever starting his career as a professional musician, Ben was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis which made it unrealistic for him to continue on his life-long dream of becoming a professional musician. This devastating news caused Ben to reassess how he would provide for his family. After extensively researching his options, he settled on real estate investing. He quickly realized he needed to buy more units under one roof if he wanted to scale to the point of having the necessary cash flow to provide for his family's needs. He moved into small apartment buildings and grew a portfolio that not only provided for his family, but allowed him to move his family to Pheonix, AZ where they are living the life of their dreams and Ben is now pursuing large apartment complexes.  Quote from Bed: “The truth is you need both. You need cash flow to stay in the game, and you need equity to become rich.” Contact our Guest: Website:, Email:, Bigger Pockets: Connect with Lee: Website:, Email:, Phone: 937-400-3044
August 18, 2020
Burning the Ships, Taking a Leap of Faith, and Acquiring His First Apartment Building After 10 Long Months with Zach Haptonstall
Our guest today is a great example of "burning the boats" and going all-in. Zach had a great job in the healthcare industry and was making $200k per year while in his early 20's! What more could a guy ask for? But, Zach was not satisfied because he felt like a slave to his job and wanted to pursue his own dreams instead of working for someone else's. So, he quit his job and pursued real estate full-time with no back-up plan. Because of his hard work and persistence, he was able to close on his first apartment building 10 months later. These 10 months were extremely difficult for Zach and his self-worth and faith in God were tested. Zach had to rely on his faith, consistent action, and finding good partners to overcome all of the challenges and reach his goal. He now controls 420 units spread over five properties worth more than $48 million.  Zach's prayer requests: That everyone continues to be safe and wedding planning goes well. He's marrying his fiance this October! Zach's book recommendations: ABC's of Real Estate Investing by Ken McElroy, Miracle Morning Millionaires by Hal Elrod Contact our Guest: Website:, Email:, Phone: 602-859-5458 Connect with Lee: Website:, Email:, Phone: 937-400-3044
August 11, 2020
How a Mom with a Full-time Job as an Epidemiologist Achieved Financial Freedom with Whitney Hutten
Have you ever asked yourself this question: How can an average person like me get ahead (dare we say create wealth)  without taking on a second job or working more hours?  Today… not in 20+  years! This is the question our guest, Whitney Hutten, asked herself before she got started with real estate investing and it's the questions she now asks her clients.  Whitney took her retirement account and turned it into 22 cash flowing rental properties. Today she shares the incredible story of how she built a rental property empire  out of a 401(k) account by leveraging the power of a team! You’ll love  how she made $50K on one of her first deals (without paying a dime of  the mortgage herself) and how she used the method known as  “the stack” to keep building! You do not want to miss this  inspirational story of how an “average Jane” accomplished extraordinary  things through real estate! Whitney's Prayer Request: Being better aligned as a community and coming together during this time.  Contact our Guest: Website:,  Email: LinkedIn: Connect with Lee: Website:, Email:, Podcast:,  Facebook:, LinkedIn:
August 4, 2020
From Golf Course Management to Apartment Asset Management with Kyle Mitchell
Kyle Mitchell and his wife don't have any kids yet, but they began thinking about how much time they were required to spend at their W2 jobs and decided they wanted more time-freedom. Kyle was working 70+ hours per week managing a golf course, and while he enjoyed his work, he didn't enjoy driving an hour every morning and afternoon and having no control of his time. He discovered multifamily real estate investing and took a huge leap of faith. By taking massive action, he quickly built a portfolio of apartment buildings and is now controlling $17,000,000 in assets.  Kyle credits consistency for his success thus far in multifamily real estate investing.  Kyle and his wife set clear goals before getting started in real estate investing to ensure they are striving for the same future. Now, they are committed to maintaining great communication to ensure their relationship flourishes. Contact our Guest: Website:, Podcast:, LinkedIn: Connect with Lee: Website:, Email:, Podcast:, Facebook:, LinkedIn:
July 28, 2020
John Casmon- Using Multifamily Investing to Gain Control Over His Family's Financial Future
As a marketing executive, John excelled at holding budget and campaign accountability for Fortune 500 companies including General Motors and MillerCoors. But, the Great Recession of 2008 taught John that having a good job and excelling at your job does not mean you can't abruptly lose that job and find yourself in a financial hardship. He watched as many of his colleagues and close friends suddenly found themselves with no job and no income. He was determined to gain more control over the financial future of his family. This lead him to multifamily investing. John founded Casmon Capital Group after realizing many working professionals needed the benefits of real estate investing, but did not  have the desire to become a landlord. He has helped families invest in over $90M in multifamily apartments to create generational wealth and  impact. He hosts the Target Market Insights podcast and is the co-founder of the Midwest Real Estate Networking Summit. 6 C's of Raising Capital: Confidence, Credibility, Connections, Channel, Communication, Consistency Contact our Guest: Website:, Podcast:, LinkedIn: Connect with Lee: Website:, Email:, Podcast:, Facebook:, LinkedIn:
July 21, 2020
Alina Trigub- Choosing Where to Invest and Who to Invest With
Alina Trigub found herself in a common situation with a common problem. She had a tax problem. She had a good-paying job, and she lived in a high-tax state, so she was losing a lot of money to taxes. In an effort to escape this issue and also invest some of her savings to produce passive income, Alina discovered multifamily real estate investing. But, because she was busy with a demanding job and lived in a state with low returns for real estate investors, she decided to invest out of state with an experienced apartment syndicator.  If you also have a demanding, high-paying job, you're losing a lot of your income to taxes every year, and you long to invest some of your savings to produce passive income, this is the episode for you. You can follow in Alina's footsteps to find an experienced, skilled, trustworthy multifamily real estate investor to invest your hard-earned money into a hard asset that produces steady cash-flow, provides tax benefits, and builds your net worth.  Contact our Guest: Website:, Email:, LinkedIn: Connect with Lee: Website:, Email:, Podcast:, Facebook:, LinkedIn:
July 14, 2020
Gino Barbaro- From Restaurant Owner to 1500+ Units by "Dreaming Big, But Starting Small."
Gino Barbaro (along with his partner Jake Stenziano) has skyrocketed from a restaurant owner in New York, to controlling over 1500 units, writing an Amazon best-selling book- Wheelbarrow Profits, building a huge multi-family education platform,  and running several of the most popular real estate podcasts, all while pursuing his wife Julia and raising six kids.  In this episode, Gino tells his amazing story and explains how anyone with enough of a "why" behind their goals, and enough perseverance to push through the hard times, can follow in his footsteps. He talks about the four phases of financial freedom and references his 3-step framework- Buy right, Manage right, and Finance right. There is so much great information and actionable advice in this episode, so make sure you've got your pen and paper ready! Contact our Guest: Website:, Podcast: Connect with Lee: Website:, Email:, Podcast:, Facebook:
July 7, 2020
Should You Hire Professional Property Management? Advice From Someone who Started Her Own Property Management Company.
Have you struggled with deciding between managing your own rental portfolio or hiring third party management? Maybe you're managing a small portfolio, but are starting to realize continuing to self-manage while you grow is not the best use of your time. Maybe you enjoy managing your own properties, but you'd like to improve your processes and procedures. Our guest today, Lori Lyons, started a property management company after living through the frustration of working with sub-par property management companies managing her rental portfolio. Her company now manages >800 units and she's gained invaluable experience that will help you better understand all that goes into managing rental properties. She'll help you understand what makes a good property management company and what makes a good owner of rental properties.  Contact our Guest: Website:, Email: Connect with Lee: Website:, Email:, Facebook:
July 2, 2020
Husband and Wife in their 50's get Laid-off in the Same Year, Go All-in on Real Estate Investing
Today's guests, Mark and Janet, had an experience that would send most couples into panic mode- they were both laid off in the same year! They had high-paying jobs and were planning to retire within the next decade, but suddenly found themselves with zero W2 income. Thankfully, Mark and Janet had begun to invest in real estate five years prior. They had built up a small portfolio of rental properties and had created some serious momentum. So, they took this regrettable situation and turned it into an opportunity. They now control over 12.6 Mil in real estate and are well on their way to financial independence through multifamily real estate investing. This episode is so relevant today with so many people finding themselves without a job due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Listen and learn how you can turn this scary situation into an opportunity to start your own real estate business and achieve financial freedom.  Connect with our guests at: Website:,, Email: Connect with Lee at: Website:, Email:, Facebook:
June 23, 2020
Quiting His Job, Moving to OBX, and Building a $30 Mil Contracting Company
Many people are stuck in a job that monopolizes all of their time and energy, leaving very little for their faith and family and keeps them from pursuing their true passions. Greg Dickerson found himself in this situation as he was traveling all over the country, moving his family to different locations, and working 70-80 hours per week. Deep down he has a passion for entrepreneurship and he couldn't suppress it anymore. He also wanted to be able to pursue his faith and his family on his own terms. So, he left his job and moved his family to the Outer Banks, SC to pursue his dream of building his own business. He quickly started a contracting company that grew to a $30 Mil company in just 12 years. He has bought, developed and sold over $250 million in real estate, built and  renovated hundreds of custom homes and commercial buildings, developed residential and mixed use subdivisions and started 12 different  companies from the ground up. Greg currently coaches and mentors entrepreneurs and real estate  investors all over the world helping them start, grow and scale their  businesses, raise more capital and do bigger deals. Connect with our guest at: Website:, Facebook: thegregdickerson, LInkedIn: Connect with Lee at: Website:, Email:, Facebook:
June 16, 2020