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Lee After Dark

Lee After Dark

By Lee Rowley
This is THE non-business podcast for business owners. Entrepreneurs get to talk about anything BUT work for 20 minutes - no filters and nothing off limits! (They get to share info about their products, services, or audience gifts afterward.)

Why? Because there's more to being a business owner... than just business.
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Lee After Dark Ep19 - Stef Katz

Lee After Dark

Lee After Dark Ep45 - Krystle Jenna Dookoo
Success in “The City” to Cow Tipping Lessons? Crazy fun interview with Krystle begins with her move at 20yo to NYC from Trinidad. A single child, from a small town and island, away from her home, family and friends for the first time… and up for a challenge. How did she make it in “The City that Never Sleeps”? (I’ve been there and it doesn't. Don’t ever get a room street side facing Times Square). Answer: finding people with the same interests. Compartmentalized Friends. Ones to go the movies with. Another group to work out with. Another group to swim in the fountain in Central Park… Yeah. No. That’s not real. Her view of life and words to live by if you want success: “If you wanna go fast, go alone; if you wanna go far, go with others.” Bringing this episode to a close would be advice on “cow tipping” and Krystle offering instructions for using the NYC Subway (now I get it, after 60 years). 2:00 - moved from Trinidad, Tobago at 20 to NYC. First time away from her family, friends and home. 5:20 - compartmentalized friends; big city and best way to meet friends was to find those with similar interests. Friends to go to movies with, friends to go to the gym with, etc… 9:00 - started writing as a way of dealing with tragedy. Writes from the heart and emotion so readers identify with her. 13:00 - “If you wanna go fast, go alone; if you wanna go far, go with others.” 15:00 - Understand fear… do not worry about fear, move around inside of it, and it will drop away. 16:50 - NYC Subway Instructions, now Lee can NOT get lost. 18:45 - Lee offers to show her “cow tipping” Pitch - helps small businesses with Social Media; LinkedIn account set-up; Want to know more about your bowtied host? All full episodes available at
March 20, 2020
Lee After Dark Ep37 - Amanda Relyea-Voss
Amanda is the Boss… or Like A Boss But she’s her own boss and as such makes some awesome decisions, from her “Plastic Phobia” to eco friendly clothing lines and homemade breads, soap and pasta. At a conference she attended she came across a book … The 28 Day Challenge to be Alcohol free. She took it, read it, did it and is now over 60 days and not going back. All for health reasons. She thinks better, and feels her life improved. This “Like A Boss” lady boss believes “nothing happens until you make it happen” and she lives by those words. She runs a successful media company and this podcast with her is illuminating. The world would be a wonderful place with more Amanda’s ...and there most assuredly would be less plastic in the oceans. 1:00 - Plastic phobia… Decided 3 years ago to start making things she was previously purchasing, from bread to soap to pasta… all items wrapped in plastic. 4:00 - has decided to not buy anything, especially clothing, not eco friendly. 7:00 - started tasting plastic in anything she bought wrapped in plastic, which gave this “plastic phobia”. 14:00 - alcohol free challenge for 28 days, now past 60 days… has decided to remain alcohol free. Discussion of benefits of not drinking. 18:20 - nothing changes unless you make it happen… Like A Voss Social Media Mgmt. offers social media mgmt and training for businesses.  Website: Want to know more about your bowtied host? All full episodes available at
March 20, 2020
Lee After Dark Ep46 Nick Ward
How do you turn an antagonist into a friend? Are we a society of people bashing people, doomed to destroy our society and country from within? This is what Gen. Mattis recently stated.     Nick believes our society has reached this point, and an unwillingness to change. Given our politics today, it’s hard to argue. How do we change this?    The willingness to accept change, to accept that our beliefs may need to change and can change… is growth this world needs.     Knowing you have this willingness to let go of old beliefs creates a confidence within.   Having experienced this and grown into this way of thinking, I know it enhances confidence.   A very interesting story and outlook is provided here by someone who strives to create change for the good in others, and in businesses. If Nick’s way of thinking became evident in society this might be a much better, friendlier place to live.    Watch and see for yourself.  Then tell me what you think. Agree? Disagree? Pitch: works with father in a marketing and sales solution company they own. The goal is to help businesses grow in the world, grow for the good of the world around them. Create a value story for the business.     Business: Empathy North,  Twitter and LinkedIn  Upcoming podcast - Heroes of Cannabis    Want to know more about your bow-tied host?!  Full episodes at
February 28, 2020
Lee After Dark Ep45: David Chislett
Are you stuck? Get unstuck with creativity. David views creativity as a capacity that goes unused by many. Why? People become complacent stuck in the same place for year after year. Fear of something new, of stepping outside your comfort zone keeps one from reaching the capacity and therefore remains uncreative. 2:00 The myths of calling one “creative”. Creative is a capacity more than a skill or talent. Problem solving at work uses the same “muscles” as DaVinci used when creating. 4:00 Not all people with the capacity will use that capacity. Depends upon the individual. If you want a different or better result you need to stop repeating what you are doing. 10:45 Importance of creativity to David personally is discussed.Technology has been taking jobs for over 200 years, and replacing them with better jobs. 14:00 What’s up with the t-shirt: F=C(O+CH) 15:45 Resistance to the idea of creativity… fear of stepping outside the box and giving up “who we are”. 17.30 What you’ve done is who you are… Pitch: Creativity Activator - teaches the skills to become more adaptable in life Newletter Medium Uses creativity to get you unstuck. Want to know more about your bowtied host? Full episodes at
February 20, 2020
Lee After Dark Ep44 David Alto
Humility without bragging defines Dave well. Why? Unemployed and prior to his business (helping people with LinkedIn profiles and resumes) starting up, he was doing all this for free by providing content for free on LinkedIn. Humility without bragging references his unwillingness to charge people for helping them. Why would he not charge? This goes to what most entrepreneurs go through, the fear of asking for money for work because they are unsure of themselves and their abilities. If you require assistance with resumes or job hunting on LinkedIn look him up… Dave’s your man. He provides content daily for free to help people. Hits the floor running daily… references his 94 yo mother who says “you can rest when you’re dead”... the motto he lives by… So... if you require exercise, try and keep up with him after you look him up. Good luck with that. The entire story is here, as is his contact information. Oh yeah… his family is from Finland and for centuries have raised reindeer for Santa Claus. Not really. But catch his story here anyway. Intro: 1:15 - back to Feb 2019 LinkedIn account looking for work. Learning experience doing all the wrong things. Being unemployed used LinkedIn looking for work (jobs) and by August launched his own business helping others with resume writing and LinkedIn job searches. *(He loses me here … he was out of work at Feb 2019 and spent several months looking for work and volunteering; then Sept 2019 he “left his corporate job” to fully engage his business helping people with resumes and LinkedIn pages.) 9:00 - “Humility without bragging”. Took awhile for him to realize he was good at what he liked, helping people with their resumes and LinkedIn accts. Was giving away information for free and not originally charging. 12:20 - family moved to Minn. from Finland but has never visited. 14:00 - provides information daily for people for free to help people and to capture clients. Not a fan of resume software. 18:00 - 94 year old mother “you can sleep when you’re dead” her fav saying Pitch: connect on LinkedIn easiest; check his profile out to learn more about how the profile page is meant to work… Want to know more about your bowtied host?! All full episodes at 
February 20, 2020
Lee After Dark Ep43 - Judy Hoberman
“Generosity, courage, kindness” are all just words to many. Judy has come to live by and build a business around these words. An entrepreneur, speaker, author, coach and much more… Listen to this interview with Judy and discover the essence of herself and her business ventures. This podcast will be particularly welcome and interesting to women. But you’ll need to spend the next few minutes to discover why. This world needs more people who think like Judy, but you’ll need to discover that for yourself. Intro: Generosity - requires only kindness, not $$. 3:30 - need to set boundaries with generosity, or some take advantage. Then it is not being generous. At some point one must charge for their time/knowledge. 9:00 - corporate world she was the only female in the workplace. Decided she would help one woman a day when she went out on her own. 12:00 - “courage” - an important aspect in her life... working in the corporate world takes courage; being the only woman takes courage; friends told her she was courageous for lasting as long as she did... need courage to speak up, to wait, to provide feedback, etc… 16:20 - “Kindness” - try and say something kind every day… she lives this and teaches her children to live like this. Story of the baker who made a cake for her husband… no-one ever called him to say something nice… just complaints. Pitch: “Filling in a skirt” (?) - executive coaching, author, speaker, can be found on social media under her name. Want to know more about your Bow-tied host?! All published episodes at
February 16, 2020
Lee After Dark Ep42 Alyea Sandovar
From Columbia, Alyea has lived in multiple places, first with her family, and now on her own. So much moving has corrupted her definition of home, causing a seemingly endless journey searching for “home”. In this podcast the definition of “home” is raised as a reality… What is home? Returning to Columbia, she didn’t fit. Nor in the US. She the question of “where do I fit?” has lead to a lifetime of travel, searching for “home”. We call home where we live, and work and have family. She defines her home not based upon a place or geography, but as community. She embraces differences in people and places, and is no longer stressed by moving. Pitch - game and play consultant. Summit in April for creatives of all types. How to be more creative and playful at work. Playful Creative Seminar - April 1:30 - Raises the “concept of home”... 2:00 - Mother married an American which lead to a life of travel… Costa Rica, US (FL), Paris… 5:30  - realized differences in language, word meanings and usage, and how people think. 7:00 - 1st realization she didn’t “fit” which lead to more travel… at 18 went as exchange student to Paris. Returned to US, to TX., and moved to CA. 11:00 - search for a place where she “fits”.  Finding people “like her” gave a feeling of home at that time. 13:30 - Home is not a geographical location as much as a community 16:00 - realizes she has a love/desire to travel, but is not inclined to remain anywhere for long. Want to know more about your Bow-tied host?! All published episodes at
February 16, 2020
Lee After Dark Ep41 - Andrew Jolliffe
Another copywriter on the show? Take a seat. Buckle up. We are going on a ride. In this episode we witness a first, one extraordinary copywriter interviewing another extraordinary copywriter. Mr. Jolliffe believes that to be successful in the advertising world, as a writer of content, scripts, as a copywriter… one should have a life of experience to draw upon versus graduating from school with a degree in advertising. Currently living in Paris, this former organ builder strives to continue to add “experiences” to his life. These experiences are his repository of ideas. He works at a church as a volunteer feeding the homeless, which has provided unique experiences. So grab a chair and listen to a very unique, interesting writer of 26 years explain how and why he has found success. Visit his website and see for yourself after. His advice about life resonates … let life take you where it wants. 2:00 - organ builder for 10 years then built a fireworks company. Introduced him to all kinds of people and cultures around the world. Believes people should obtain other experience in life before going into advertising after school. Family experience, personal experience, work experience, life experience… all material one can draw from in the advertising industry as a copywriter. 6:00 - believes in most all ways of making a living there is enough to go around for everyone, that we all should just be good humans… “no backbiting” needed. 9:00 - Feeds the homeless every week in Paris. Said he meets all kinds of characters that makes him realize there is no pattern to life. (Met a former nuclear physicist in the soup line.) So many things in life are out of your control. Need to let life take you where it wants to. Many people “over goal” themselves. Good to have goals but there is a need to let life educate you as well. Goals shouldn’t be so strict as to not allow change. 14:00 - information sought out in life is what we retain. By working at other things such as the church soup line you are subjected to experiences that are rich and are what will be retained. 16:50 - advice: don’t just work… live as well. Let life guide you. Had a premonition his life would be short when he was young. Thereafter had cancer but he won the battle. Pitch - 26 years a freelance copywriter in Paris, France. He is successful because of all the various perspectives from his many life experiences he brings to the table / writing from these experiences. Want to know more about your bow-tied host? All full episodes at
January 24, 2020
Lee After Dark Ep40 - Ben Baker
Today, I'm interviewing Ben Baker. This is a gentleman who understands what it takes to live a good life, and he's passionate about helping others do the same. You're going to love Ben's lighthearted humor and positive take on life.    You can find out more about Ben here:  Want to know more about your bow-tied host?!   All full episodes available at!
January 24, 2020
Lee After Dark Ep39: David Meltzer
Where do you start trying to introduce a podcast with one of the most selfless, kind people we have met to date? David is an author, has a TV show, a master course to help people and a podcast. In fact, everything he has done, does or is a part of is about being of service to fellow humans. And did I mention he was a multi-millionaire who lost over $100,000,000 dollars. Not to mention everything I mentioned above… his book, his course, his podcast… everything he has he has done so for others, and it is all offered free. Find David on LinkedIn and reach out to him. He WANTS you to. He has even gone a step further in his quest to be of service to people… Here is his number for a “Text Community” he has created. Chances are you will get to speak and message with him, and may eventually meet him. He travels worldwide and does so to meet with all of us who are touched by this person. This is a podcast you will never forget. Intro: Has TV show entitled “Elevator Pitch” 1:00 - “How can I be of service” 1st comment upon meeting Lee 2:00 - Takes the sum of all he is and has “Quantum memories” and calls it faith. Utilizes questions to 2:45 - Quantum memory - your DNA - your code … calls it your “thermostat” 4:00 - gratitude provide perspective; empathy provides forgiveness; accountability provides control; Inspiration means you are always connected to the other three and will provide a lifetime of results 7:20 - more afraid of what we can do than what we can’t do. 9:40 - discussion of his book “Gametime Decision Making” and the transition from selfish to unselfish 11:00 - money… does not buy happiness, but allows you to shop. Buy the right things it will bring happiness. 12:00 - was a multi millionaire and lost it all. 2 years before losing it all, he went through a shift in life, away from selfishness and lies and cheating… 14:50 - learn where your center is to improve your life… Pitch: doesn’t sell anything; has a podcast “The Playbook”; is a business coach and does free assessments; and will give away his book if anyone reaches out Sends it for free also; also a free course to help people… just wants to be of service. 949-298-2905 - text community he has created, just use this number and reach out… just asks people share his content and “Be kind to your future self”. Connect with David at:   Want to know more about your bow-tied host?!   All full episodes are available at!
January 16, 2020
Lee After Dark Ep38 Joel Ong
When you travel somewhere for a vacation, are you the typical tourist with a camera? When was the last time you traveled to a destination and decided to NOT be a typical tourist? Imagine taking a break, stepping outside and drawing in a deep breath of sulfur gas and smoke. And doing so hiking about 12 miles up and 12 miles down a steep mountain twice a day. After Joel’s last trip, to Indonesia, he had an epiphany of sorts. He was so struck by the people and the culture around him that he determined he would never again take his “normal” life for granted, nor could he ever ignore the culture of the people where he was visiting. After watching men work for meager wages at jobs that robbed their health (yet these same men were happy as clams) he had to learn more and understand why. Jump into this experience with Joel to learn and understand yourself who these people were, where Joel discovered these people, and what their lives are like… and moreso, what THEY are like. Your own life’s problems will seem insignificant. Why? You’ll see in the next few minutes.   Joel’s take-a-way is… welp… listen to this podcast and learn. I assure you you have never heard of anything like the people and lives described here. And then ask yourself, what’s your take-a-way? Located in and … Live from Singapore! 1:20 - 15:00  “Traveling Experiences” - met people in Croatia that are like family now; - traveled to sulfur mines in Indonesia and saw how the sulfur miners work. Was about a 12 mile (and steep) hike to the top of a crater and then down to the mines. - Dangerous and hard hike that the miners do every night while dark. Did not realize the hard life lived by these miners. - They would transport the sulfur from the mines on their shoulders (about 250#), twice a day… 12 miles to the mine to work, 12 miles out, 12 back and 12 out again… then home at night to do it again in a few hours. - Pay was about $1.00 a day. - Miners live about 45 years, due to breathing in the sulfuric smoke & gases. - what struck Joel was how happy these miners are, and friendly, and puts one’s lived and problems in perspective. - miners would craft figurines out of sulfur and enjoyed that, handing them out to tourists. - 15:00 - was encouraged to try and learn their language and how they live. Learned empathy from this trip to Indonesia to see the sulfur mines. - 18:00 - when he travels tries not to be the typical tourist, instead tries to immerse himself into the world around him, the culture, the people… tries now to make trips longer to be able to appreciate culture better. Says that is how people should look at travel. Pitch: video production company - create story driven videos for businesses so people can see what you stand for and to show your uniqueness; create videos to get to the core of your business Find out more about Joel at: Want to know more about your bowtied host?! All full episodes available at
January 09, 2020
Lee After Dark Ep37 Kelly McCausey
Adoption without the surprise Kelly opens up about her life as an adopted child, the challenges she faced growing up. How these challenges then became adult challenges as she dealt with a failed marriage and the hardship of raising sons as a single mother. Traversing the minefield of dealing with alcoholic parents, of raising 2 sons as a single mom, on top of overcoming her own hardships of being a pregnant 19yo and having to put her first child up for adoption, she has made her way in the world by creating a community built around her open discussions of what she has been through. Are you adopted? Do you have adopted children? Are you a single mom? Are you searching for community where you can commune with others like yourself? Listen to the podcast as Kelly opens up about adoptions and life as a single mom. Then visit her on her show and contact her through the show for more. 2:30 - has always felt positive about being adopted; at 19 found out she was pregnant and was unmarried. Put her son up for adoption and now wants to adopt. 6:50 - remarried and had another son, now married. 9:00 - wants to adopt a teen to see the world through a teenager’s eyes again. Feels much more prepared to handle a child now than she did at 19. 14:30 - her background of being adopted and living with alcoholic parents are a large part of why she wants to adopt and help a teen now. Pitch - 1993 had an internet radio show that grew an audience around the show. Migrated to podcasting 1994 “Work at Home Moms Radio” Launched paid membership program 2004 Show now is “Love People & Make Money” (blog and podcast) and is about creating a community around her show. “Think about content you are producing as being directed in person.” Learn more about Kelly and her work at   Want to know more about your bowtied host?   All full episodes available at
January 09, 2020
Lee After Dark Ep36 Alie Jules
“Thinking is a Lost Art” Alie has a sincere and deep interest in the stories that shape all of us. Her story starts in Finland as a kid who loves the peace and solitude of the lakes (180,000) and forests that make up Finland. Fins have SISU (grit) that comes naturally to native Fins. What is SISU? Listen and discover as it is a large part of what Fins are, their identity. What else will you discover in this podcast? Some topics covered are pushing one’s limits... and naked skydiving at the Artic Circle? And becoming a forensic pathologist? Yup. Enjoy the next 20 minutes. Alie is quite an interesting woman. Then check out her on LinkedIn and at her website. 1:30 - “Where do we come from?” What are the stories that shape us? From Finland but moved to the US at 21. Sisu (or Grit) is something that comes naturally to Fins. The ability to fight through any kind of adversity. A part of the Finnish identity. 4:00 - Finland is the “country of lakes” (180,000 lakes and surrounded by forests. As a young girl she would wander the forests, lay down and listen to nature or look at the skies. Loves the silence and self awareness if provides. 9:30 - also likes to push her limits and take some risks. At 19 she tried sky-diving at the Artic Circle. She ended up working at a sky diving company and has registered over 800 jumps, becoming a certified rigger. 12:40 - “sky diving is the best thing you can do with your clothes on, though she has seen people sky dive naked. 14:00 - wanted to be a doctor, a forensic pathologist. Just another example of her desire to constantly try new things, new challenges. Worked at this for about 5 years. 18:00 - people in general need should push themselves to learn new things… Find out more about Alie at or Want to know more about your bowtied host?! All episodes available at
January 09, 2020
Lee After Dark Ep35 Suki Van Koeverden
Suki is an extrovert born with a different name, and believes as she says was born to be “from birth a little different”. Her love of adventure has taken her from her birthplace in the UK, to France, to living in Australia on a couple of occasions, now permanently (though she may travel back to France again soon). This podcast with Suki really serves as an introduction to someone who has developed a one of a kind niche business, competition strategy. To discover more about this unique way she helps owners build their businesses, visit her website. Otherwise, to enjoy your life as much as she does, decide to live outside your comfort zone and do things that are different… … and of course avoid kangaroos when driving because we all know kangaroos do NOT read signs. 1:30 - classic middle child with the crazy name. “Set-up from birth to be a little bit different”. Sukina (her name) - phrase in Japanese meaning something “you really like”. 4:30 - in England she decided to study a 2nd language where to do so requires going to live in that country for a year, which she did… teaching English and spending time taking random trips around the country. 7:00 - lives now in Australia but is headed back to France. Had to work 3 months in rural Australia (ended up at a sheep farm) for 3 months to get her visa. 11:00 - describes Australian’s as quite friendly as opposed to UK (ex. In the elevator). Took time to get used to friendliness as opposed to thinking people wanted something from her. 16:20 - kangaroo dodging when driving is a real thing, don’t realize how big they are. 18:30 - live outside your comfort zone and do some things that are different; travel even if for a day or a week; do things that make life interesting. Pitch - competition strategist to generate leads for business; designs competitions around specific businesses to grow the business. Website: Socials:
January 09, 2020
Lee After Dark Ep34: John Klymshyn
This podcast introduces you to someone who is an optimist, who looks at life as a journey of soul searching, finding one’s passion in life and pursuing that passion. As a musician and a father, John discusses the need to do that which will bring joy to your life. And how, as a father, it’s his duty to teach this to his children, while also assure his children are raised as “productive persons of character”. Still… questions and comments within make this an even more interesting podcast: 1) language came about due to music; 2) Music is the first language on this planet and the human voice was the first instrument. This podcast is essentially about a human quest for happiness through an understanding and knowledge of language and music. But it is also about guacamole. Listen in now to an interesting, humorous and still serious podcast about one man’s soul search for happiness through serving others through music, love of language, and his optimistic outlook on life. 1:50 - views what is going on today with an optimistic vision. Views the Holidays as a way to decompress, not stress. Creates momentum going into the new year. People need to find what their passion is and pursue that. What do you want to do that will bring you joy? 6:00 - stresses the importance of “soul searching”... such as when you are up at night some nights pacing and searching for answers. 8:10 - Role as a father is to make you a productive person of character. The Teddy Roosevelt philosophy, “make your neighborhood a better place first, then your town, city, state, etc… 11:30 - language came about as a result of music. Music was the first language in the world. Music is the invisible art… you hear it but you don’t see it. First musical instrument on earth was the human voice. Can’t “see” music on the guitar; you hear it. 14:00 - leads into the reason for the comment of “talking about guacamole” … his way of lightening up a discussion. Changes the dynamic of a conversation. Brings a conversation onto a more human level. 17:40 - surachia is “convinced of its’ own importance and not a good match with guacamole. EX of humor again. 19:20 - “Need to find time for uninterrupted focus upon other things in life, other than ourselves.” Pitch: “Ask more questions” - for his. 10 daily aspirations… send him an email with “Lee After Dark” @ email: he will send you his card, aspirations and a personal message. Also found on LinkedIn: Want to know more about your bow-tied host?!    All full episodes available at
December 21, 2019
Lee After Dark Ep33 - Anthony English
Anthony English is a business coach who can help you with various aspects of business and sales. But that’s a topic for later… much later. LIke when you contact him on LinkedIn where he’s most active. But who is Anthony English? And… Why did he spend several minutes discussing birds, kangaroos, crocodiles and tourists? And why is his niche narrowed down to Rachels? Rachels???? WTH?? And then his words of wisdom such as: “if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing badly.” Just know that Anthony has a great sense of humor (crocodile crossing signs) and a great take on people. His comment “we create a prison of sorts in our heads, worrying about what others think of us” is indicative of how he thinks and looks at others. How can you NOT listen to this podcast when he says: “to a Pessimist everything is bad except himself; while an Optimist thinks everything is good except the pessimist”. “After dark comes light” and with that, his offer to provide the winning lottery numbers to anyone in the US since he is already in tomorrow. 1:30 - spoke of birds for several minutes; why? 5:10 - 21 years of age in Sydney and words of advice from Joe McGrath. When people are being unreasonable, ride them out but don’t take what they say to heart. Is a husband and father of 7 children. 9:00 - people seem to walk around worrying about what people think of them while you worry what they think of you. 11:20 - we create a prison of sorts within our own heads worrying about what others think of us. 14:00 - “to a Pessimist everything is bad except himself; while an Optimist thinks everything is good except the pessimist”. 18:00 - encouraged “setting up shop” in Sydney. Offered the winning lottery numbers because he is ahead in time (today in Australia is tomorrow in the US). * great sense of humor Kangaroo crossing signs would be a great niche market in Oz There are crock warning signs but tourists steal them, which is good for the crocks but bad for the tourists. 29:00 - “if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing badly.” Pitch - business coach … target market is “Rachel” which has lead him to look for women named Rachel, which is prominent name in Jewish community. That’s his elevator pitch, creates intrigue, gets people to contact him. Connect on LinkedIn is best… Website - Want to know more about your bow-tied host?!   All full episodes available at
December 21, 2019
Lee After Dark Ep32: Luke Kendall
Is there a pathway to happiness? Luke Kendall believes so, and seems to have found it. So what is it? Luke is a former IT guy but now makes his living happily as an author. But his pathway began with meeting his wife, whom was 22 years his senior and working on her PhD at the time. They married 6 months after meeting and remained married 30 years until she lost her fight to cancer. Marriage was just the beginning of his pathway to happiness, and his taking up writing and becoming an author of self published books is and has been his journey to happiness since. Immerse yourself in his books which may be found on Amazon/ Kindle. Luke believes happiness is found in helping others and making others happy, and this is his goal in writing. He measures success not in financial rewards, but in the number of people he serves through his writing. Check out his website and then his books which are easily found on Amazon. You’ll have found your path to happiness as well possibly, and most assuredly will help Luke find his. 2:00 - unique story. Met his wife while working, and felt they were soulmates. She was 22 years older and working on her PhD. Married 6 months after meeting, remained for 30 years. Died from cancer/dementia. 7:20 - after wife’s death and speaking with career counselor, she suggested he wasn’t happy with IT and determined since he liked to write why not take a stab. Started writing because it was something he wanted, and entirely submerged into writing to blunt loss of his wife. 11:00 - is there a pathway to happiness? Yes… through helping others, through appreciation of things around you, doing things that make you happy. 12:50 - life as a writer… started self publishing on Amazon. Did well for a while until Amazon changed algorithm and required authors to pay for ads. Likes to write books v. articles but is living off his savings, not making a lot of $$ writing. Views writing as a success based upon what readers get out of it, not what he financially gets out of it. Find out more and connect with Luke at   Want to know more about your bow-tied host?!   All full episodes available at
December 21, 2019
Lee After Dark Ep31 - Larissa Russell
Why can’t we as a people accept others for who they are? More importantly, why can’t families and parents accept their kids for who they are? These are some of the questions and points raised by Larissa Russell, a long time activist in the LGBT+ community in Canada, discussing how hard life was prior to laws of protection v. life among the LGBT+ community today. What are the results of decades of misunderstanding and mistreatment of LGBT+ youth in Canada (and elsewhere)? Soaring suicide rates, double the number of youth bullied in schools, and so much more. Listen to Larissa discuss all this and more in today’s podcast, along with some things she is now involved in to assist today’s LGBT+ youth. Intro - LGBT+ Crisis in Canada 1.30 - Come from a Canadian gay family; lived in fear because no laws to protect them. Mom was gay, brother was gay. Result was growing up with a number of issues… like suicide. Realized she too was gay, after marraige, divorce… moved out of house at 14. 4:20 - LGBT+ community has highest suicide rate of any group in Canada. Due to non-acceptance. Compounded within the youth of Canada. Estimated 20-40% of homeless* youth are LGBT. 10:00 - lack of support for LGBT kids results in 80% dropout rate* from school; need is to accept kids for who they are. Need to accept for who they are in general. 12:00 - “It’s about loving your kids” for who they are. Pitch: - “Queer Voices” new non-profit startup… give voices to LGBT kids - creativity coach- help people with anything creative …. - New podcast startup - Creative Soul Healing (LGBT, Cancer survivers, Creative people, healers)… - Feb. will see a creativity “summit” she has put together on creativity and healing.
December 21, 2019
Lee After Dark Ep30 - Nicholas Fudge
#30 - Nicholas Fudge Nick, from Australia, opens with the comment that life should be a journey of self discovery. Listen to Nick’s story of life’s trials and tribulations, and his journey of self discovery. What you discover about yourself you may not like, and can be intimidating. Learning to accept your circumstances in life, owning them and learning from them... that is Nick’s story here. Be in charge of your own reality. Understand the importance of communication, using/understanding the correct words (Story of “starving” v “hungry” he told his son). Listen here for Nick’s take on life’s journey, and his approach to this journey. 1:30 - “Journey of Self-Discovery” is what life should be. When one starts coasting through life it’s typically downhill… because we can’t coast uphill. 6:25 - “self inspection” something we as humans need but avoid, can be scary, intimidating; we tell ourselves stories to feel better, making excuses… and you know what they say about excuses… 9:00 - story of his friend who was successful, but not happy. Suffered from depression... but turned his life around. 12:30 - Married with Children; thought he found the one… she wasn’t. Maybe it was the Bob Bons? If you don’t like your circumstances, own them and move on (unlike the original Married with Children). 17:40 - make mistakes; don’t be afraid; learn from your mistakes. You are in charge of creating your own reality; teaches his two kids this, and how to communicate correctly; the inability to communicate is a problem with society today. Pitch - reconnected with a friend and former client after a trip around Australia; psychometrics to help business makers to select who are the right people to work with (their role and the culture). Business software provides platform to push job applicants through to determine suitability.. -offers free trial with anyone who gets hold of him for this.  Want to know more about your bowtied host?! All full episodes available at!
December 14, 2019
Lee After Dark Ep29: Joel Hawbaker
Joel is a 9th grade teacher, Oxford grad., plays soccer, studies history and loves to read (especially CS Lewis and JR Tolken). Discovered Tolken while at Oxford (the movie “Lord of the Rings” released). Since he reads the book before seeing the movie, he read Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, then watched the movie. Now he reads both books once every year. So here’s the question Joel asks (among others): How does an Oxford grad., someone who is a vociferous reader, a teacher, author, and coach… someone who is considered an intelligent human… screw up so often around women? And how is this relevant? I have no idea. For the answers to this and other questions that arise, please dive into this podcast for an interesting discussion with Joel Hawbacker, teacher and lover of books and history. 1:30 - JR Tolken - favorite author after reading him while attending Oxford, in England. Saw the original movie but, read the books (The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings) first before going to the movie. 4:00 - Books are life changing for him. Wrote an article comparing CS Lewis and JR Tolken that was published. Incorporates lessons from his reading into the classroom. 7:16 - “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.” JR Tolken One of many lessons in these stories/books. 9:25 - the best hearted people can always screw up (story of Sam and Gollum). Much of his classroom teachings are from books he has read. 16:10 - here the discussion evolves into his inherent ability to antagonize women of all ages. (Ex. talking with ex-wife about movies they watched in bed while his girlfriend was present). Pitch - author, speaker and coach - helps people who are divorced and remarried Learn more about Joel and connect at   Want to know more about your bowtied host?!   Full episodes available at
December 13, 2019
Lee After Dark Ep28: Lee Lander
A podcast with a more serious discussion. Lee Lander discusses life growing up with a father who suffered depression and eventually left, and a mother who suffered severely from schizophrenia. Lee openly describes her childhood and life growing up in this atmosphere, her inability as a child to understand, while needing and wanting the love and care of a mother not normally available to her. What were the effects on her life as an adult… her struggles with multiple divorces and attempts to cope, her desire for suicide… Lee explains how she has taken this dark, nightmarish segment of her life and turned it into a success… Artinology. There’s a lot going on here, alot to take in. One lesson for the listener… we never know what another person has been through or is going through in life. There are lessons in life here as we listen and learn about Lee’s journey. Intro: Discuss Mental Health and Mental Illness “Dirt Under the Carpet” 2:55 - Currently Lee and her husband are dealing with his cancer; likens mental illness to cancer in that people hesitate talking about it. 4:00 - Mom was schizophrenic, hallucinated often, radical changes daily, making life as a child very hard/weird; As a child she lacked understanding... just wanted a mom. 11:00 - parents got divorced because father couldn’t help her and fell into depression. 12:45 - growing up she and her family were poor; often her mother would just disappear, leaving them home, alone, with no electricity and/or no food. Reading the bible was her escape, then drinking, and as an adult working… 17:00 - everything changed when she became a mother and had kids, but still had problems due to all the prior issues… she married and divorced twice… realized she “was still a broken person”, suicidal. 23:00 - in recovery, she began to understand what her mother’s life, which changed her life. Her LESSONS:  1) accept who she is, accept herself 2) accept others for who they are/were 3) accept she can’t control everything… Pitch: got into creativity (writing music, photography, art)... Looking for beauty wherever she is. Found her calling. Her photography started to sell. Then became an abstract artist, painting. Photography now is geared toward nature. Want to know more about your bowtied host?! Full episodes available at
December 11, 2019
Lee After Dark Ep27: Chris Borja
What are the parallels of human life with hermit crabs? Did you know crabs do not suffer from identity crisis when they switch shells (moving from home to home)... … or that pet ferrets like to chase and be chased? And a pet Iguana can be trained to use the kitchen sink as it’s private outhouse? Listen to this interview with Chris Borja to learn about these things, and many more relevant tipbits about his life and business. One thing for sure, hermit crabs just don’t care. Listen now to find out more. 1:15 - Pet Hermit Crabs … was sitting with them when he was called for this podcast. Many parallels with Hermit Crabs and life. EX. The meldt … never stay in the same shell, and will hide for days, weeks and months while changing shells for protection. As humans we find ways to be comfortable and get stuck there. Sometimes we need to get away so we can grow. 7:00 - crabs do NOT suffer from identity crisis in different shells, whether the shell says Ohio State or ?? “Crabs don’t care”. 10:00 - loves going to Vegas. Different vibe going to Vegas v. returning home from Vegas. 12:12 - met his wife to be at video arcade at Circus Circus, both there with parents. Got married 10 years later. 15:00 - Lee after Dark on Fremont Street 16:30 - smuggled ferret into Calif. to take home as a pet. Pitch: Become a better networker, teach people how to network. Coaches, trains, consults… Network Breakthrough Academy to teach people what networking is and how to develop relationships through networking. Teach people how to serve one another. Runs virtual and live networking events. Networking not just for business but for developing friendships as well. LinkedIn Facebook Catch full episodes at!   Wanna know more about your bowtied host?!
December 11, 2019
Lee After Dark Ep22: Richard Holling
What was it like to live in post-Cold War Moscow? Nothing like you'd expect! Join Lee Rowley as he interviews Richard Holling, a brilliant man with a fascinating journey to share. (Spoiler - you can't drive through Red Square. Just don't try it.)   Connect with Richard at   Want to know more about your bow-tied host? Check out   Full episodes available at!
December 06, 2019
Lee After Dark Episode 26: Jedidiah Collins
Former NFL player Jedidiah Collins discusses the importance of a strong foundation and begins with The Point of No Return, explained in his written story “The Cocktail Party” and his “looking the monster dead in the eye as the monster smiled”.  The story continues with “King for a Day” and again in “Mowing Your Grass”. But what do these things mean to you, to the entrepreneur, to a business owner, an athlete, a student?  His mission: “empower people to own their story.” His desire is to teach people cash management and to understand “money is a vehicle and he wants you in the driver’s seat”.    1:50 - raised students 1st and Athletics 2nd. Was a football player at Washington State. Ran into a guy on campus who knew who he was and started his dream of playing in the NFL. Never drafted, but tried out and never stuck with any teams; his take away was the discipline he learned, being around the best; used the athletic curiosity to always get better.   5:10 - taught that athletics was a ticket for an education by his parents.    6:30 - great foundation was his family (wife and brothers) and identifying who he was… his desires and goal setting. Learned to stay focused on goals, not setbacks. Goals will always be of most importance. Takeaway was 1) be goal orientated and 2) remain focused on goals Goals will always be more important that momentary wins and momentary losses.    9:00 - Point of No Return - His writing: “The Cocktail Party” - Morbid reality of a violent game … gruesome take on football. Saw his 4 month old daughter in the stands with his wife after someone was injured and realized the risk of injury was real, that he was not invincible. Caused him to question what he was doing playing football and wondering if there was another way to make a living.    12:30 “That monster looked my dead in the eye and smiled.” That’s when he realized he could no longer play football.    14:00 - “King for a Day” - family (brothers and father) would play basketball and have contests and the winner was “King for a Day”. Winner gets to tell the other two brothers a chore they needed to do. Built competitive spirit in him. Learned to lose without being defeated. Learned to maintain focus.   16:16 - “Mowing your grass” Learn to focus on attitude and taking care of your own backyard. Learn to control his attitude throughout every day.    Pitch: Mission is to empower people to own their own story. Made poor and uneducated decisions regarding money. “Turned to his brothers for answers to “what do I do with all this money?” Set out on a journey while in NFL to learn how to build and handle wealth management.   Wants to be a financial educator, teaching people to become empowered in cash management and freedom. Money is a vehicle and you need to sit in the drivers seat of your own financial future.     Catch up with Jed at   Want to know more about your bowtied host? Check out   All episodes available at
December 05, 2019
Lee After Dark Ep. 25 - Shari Altergott
How does a self-proclaimed introvert and a Dave Mathews Band groupie, who has followed them around the country and to Mexico, parlay her experience into her business? The lessons are here, but for some may be different than for others.   2:30 - 18yo chance to go to Dave Mathews Band (was a rap fan prior); environment and sense of community sold her on the band.    5:00 - doesn’t understand why people could be negative about something that gives joy to others in reference to Dave Mathews shows and why some people do not like the band.   8:00 - “Dave Days” are a community, an event. Goes to see him in Mexico every year. Lent a person unknown to her $100 for a flight there.   11:00 - believes this and other bands popularity comes from a sense of humility, and creates a sense of community, makes the audience feel like they are there with the band, and are connected with the band. Band transcends the music.   16:25 - no one show stands out, enjoys them, music/songs are not repeated, so every experience is different. Most memorable was Deer Creek, Indiana. Paid for campground that ended up being someone’s backyard. A hose was the shower. Found out from a news crew there was a tornado warning. Next day her husband to be ended up breaking his knee pushing their stuck car out of the mud.    Pitch - VP at CX Edge - consulting company in material handling, in charge of marketing and customer experience. Focuses on People, Products, Profits and Feedback for the ultimate customer experience. Started her own company 2 months ago in marketing to develop the best customer experience for customers using her 4 pillars.. Cxedge on twitter, IG and FB   Want to know more about your bow-tied host? Check out!   All full episodes available at
December 05, 2019
Lee After Dark Ep21 - Jon Thor
Here’s an interesting take on life as discussed by 2 guys in black bow ties and vests. That alone is a rarity. Here is a discussion about Jon’s travels, love of music, and the most friction filled polyamorous relationship ever!    The interesting life of a freelancing sales consultant, public speaker (been on Ted Talks), and filmmaker who’s also involved in an SI startup, a website for job seekers.   Intro: Traveling… enjoys going to different countries, has lived in 4 countries.  From England currently   6:00 - U.S. Visitors version of “hold my beer” - in the Everglades with a friend visiting the US they saw a gator. His friend wondered what would happen if he poked it with a stick. Jon told him, go ahead and I’ll video record it.  9:00 - creative - moving from Iceland found old school stuff from 6 to 16yo. One picture from when he was 6yo was of him playing music, which he took up at 14. Knew then that he loved music. Enjoys the creativity of music. Often relaxes a few minutes by picking up his guitar or playing the piano a bit.   15:00 - Most friction filled polyamorous relationship is … what? Think “playing in the band”. Never got to that playing in the band for a living point, due to a documentary on life on the road as a band member.    Pitch - freelancing sales consultant, public speaker, film maker. Has a startup (AI job seeking website) with 3 others. LinkedIn profile is best way to get hold of him. Don’t worry about fitting in.Instead stand out.        Advice (Never worry about “fitting in”... instead worry about “standing out”.     Want to know more about your bowtied host? Check out!   Full episodes available at
December 03, 2019
Lee After Dark Ep20: Rocky Romanella
This is about perseverance of one young man, and grew to someone caring about his legacy. We all have one. What’s yours going to be? How and why does a 36 year UPS employee, who started by unloading UPS trailers, leave after those 36 years and become an author, speaker and CEO of his own company?  Tune in and you will discover the answers and maybe even questions for yourself to answer.  Intro: 1976 started with a job unloading trailers at UPS. Lesson was never turn down an opportunity with them. UPS believed in him so he believed in himself and as time went on he gained confidence in himself. 4:05 - learn from mistakes but we all also need someone to help us. 5:40 - “legacy” is a word of importance in his life … leave things better than you found them...  create a legacy. How are people going to remember you at the end of your career? THAT is your legacy.   9:00 - noted how he has seen/heard a distinct change in the tone of people as they age and think more and more about their own legacy. What one word describes you? What is going to be on your tombstone?  13:00 - Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus (children’s book he read to his kids)… sometime we drive the bus; sometimes we’re just in the bus; sometimes we are the pigeon.  16:00 - no substitute for hard work, but enthusiasm is needed for hard work to succeed.  19:00 - need to feel like you fit, like you belong when at a job. If you don’t have that feeling it’s not going to work.  Pitch: Book- “Tighten the Lugnuts” - fix what you can effectively. Book written in the 3rd person. $1 from every sale of the book goes to the Jimmy V fund on behalf of Coach Wooden, whom he met. As a leader (family, business, whatever) it’s not about you, it about everyone else. Be yourself, be humble. Want to know more about you bow-tied host? Check out Full episodes available at
November 22, 2019
Lee After Dark Ep19 - Stef Katz
In this episode, we take a thoughtful look through Stef, at a person’s dealing with bullying as a child, and the long term effects on self confidence years later as an adult.  This discussion takes us from the childhood thoughts of feeling rejected, or “defective” as she puts it, because she was a geek (she loved Star Trek and became a lifelong fanatic)... to realizing at the age of 50 in Orlando’s Disney World Star Trek exhibit that indeed, she was not defective, but she is a geek.  Her family has also dealt with their daughter’s cancer (now recovered and in college). Happily a geek and in knowing she cares little for what others think of her, Stef now uses her life to help others.  Join us on this brief somber but positive journey with someone who has learned to accept not only life, but herself.     ntro: How I realized “I wasn’t defective, I was just a geek.” Into Star Trek from the get go (age 15) 2:30 - At Disney World with son (2017) and realized she wasn’t defective, and she was still a geek… and these are my people. Turning point at 50 when she realized her reality, who she was and is.  7:05 - life as a kid took away her self-confidence, but now as an adult, after 50, she finally feels free because she likes who she is and doesn’t care what others think about her. She celebrates her “being a geek” and being herself. 13:00 - discussion about bullying today/online v. when she was young. 14:25 - daughter diagnosed with cancer several years ago… very hard to deal with that Daughter now doing well and is in college. Changed their outlook on life, but caused a loss of friends. Friends seemed to be afraid to talk about it or to ask her about her daughter’s cancer, so they drifted apart. Pitch: Make a Wish Trip - was a difference maker for her daughter. Stef has now put herself in that position to help others… “A Travel SuperHero” Stef will book and oversee all travel so check out her website and contact her for more information.
November 21, 2019
Lee After Dark Ep18: Riana Milne
Interested in learning about yourself? Riana will help you. But wait… there is so much more you need to know about this very talented and intelligent lady. Such as … how does a former self professed “disco queen” and former professional disco dancer, former talent agent who hob-nobbed with Freddy Mercury, a former radio personality from Philly’s top rock and roll station…  HOW DID SHE GROW...  from all of that, to become an author several times over, one who specializes in working with kids from traumatic backgrounds, to now an author and global certified love and trauma coach working with adults with potential traumatic backgrounds? Listen to Riana here and find out more about her incredible journey.  Intro - Lives in FL, from Philly and lived in Erie, PA  - enjoys life and children; family is important… being a mom is her favorite job Has written several books and enjoys writing. 4:00 - little known facts… she loves Disco and was in competitive disco dancing 5:10 - why did she become involved working with kids? Explains her work with kids from traumatic backgrounds. Lead to working with adults with traumatic backgrounds 8:00 - why does all this mean so much to Riana? Discusses background with her partner in her 2nd marriage.  Events in her life allowed her to come up with a childhood trauma checklist. She has seen first hand childhood trauma and this allowed her to learn and grow and teach because of it. 15:00 - discusses childhood, bullying, relationships with mom 16:25 - remembered life with family in Fl as a child, didn’t like dark dreary winters, loves swimming… all makes the move to FL easy. 17:43 - into music and got to meet celebrities including Freddy Mercury. Became a modeling  talent agent at 24.  Pitch: Now a global certified love and trauma coach who assists adults and several books available with some free written materials; also works with kids transitioning from HS to college and from college to work.  Want to know more about your bow-tied host? Check out Full episodes available at
November 21, 2019
Lee After Dark Ep17: Jarrod Haning
Jarrod Haning - how has he done 4 Ted Talks? How can he split an arrow Robin Hood-style? Find out all this and more on this episode of Lee After Dark - the non-business show for business owners!  Intro - split an arrow Robin Hood style from 50’ 1:50 - talks about taking archery up again, practiced until he could split an arrow. Realized that became expensive. Was focused on that goal because just wanted to (enjoyed it), and practiced until he was very good. Interest v. talent   7:35 - “everyone should do a Ted Talk at least once.” Has done 4 Ted Talks. All one needs to do is apply.  Why do a Ted talk? “Everyone has something to say”. Format for Ted talks is very different for each area and location and subject. 13:25 - “two degrees from Kevin Bacon” … a friend was a standin for Kevin Bacon 15:00 - was a ft professional musician. Talked about how he scaled his business and added income streams to his music teaching business, cutting his time spent working/teaching in half while doubling his income. Want to know more about your bow-tied host? Check out All full episodes available at
November 21, 2019
Lee After Dark Ep15: Nelson Toriano
What was it like being a gay, Asian male in San Francisco at the height of the 90s rave scene? Nelson Toriano is here to tell us on another eye-opening, always unfiltered Lee After Dark!   2:00 - tech boom has changed SF culturally in many aspects; explains different sections of SF (Haight, Castro… etc) and the different cultures in each area… 5:00 - Twin Peaks Bar and story to racism in the gay community; breakdown of races in gay community and stereotypes. 12:10 - how to find warehouse parties, use of drugs and the intensity of life and confusion 17:00 - grandparents died… importance and effects of that upon his life 19:10 - stereotype of gay men is something that has bothered him a long time; gay men are mostly normal people… 22:20 - Pitch: Business - CEO of a personal training business and education in financing for personal trainers. 24:30 - mention of book he wrote and what it’s about - explains business concepts in terms for personal trainers Wanna know more about your bowtied host? Check out! Full episodes are available at!
November 14, 2019
Lee After Dark Ep14: Breindy Dreyfuss
Breindy Dreyfuss... ok, we've gotta skip the intro on this one. Just buckle up and check out the interview already!  Intro: Oops… Lee forgets to send the link for the call and gets spanked.  2:35 - “How I come up with my crazy posts.” 5:30 - Discussion moves to mental health and her depression. Very open about life’s issues, her issues.  10:15 - LinkedIn helps her deal with her feelings and is a place for her to relate experiences. 13:50 - the effects of humor in her family and life in dealing with emotions 15:35 - Possibly the worst joke ever told.  19:00 - LinkedIn tips … 22:30 - Pitch - Project funding specialist - connects people who have $$ with those who need $$ Large financial projects, land acquisition, etc… Connect with Breindy at Wanna know more about your bowtied host? Check out Full episodes are available at
November 14, 2019
Lee After Dark Ep13 Jason (Yisroel) Picker
What's it like living in Israel after growing up in Brooklyn? What led Jason (Yisroel) Picker to help parents understand the unique pressures that kids today face? How can you have your prayer hand-delivered to the Wailing Wall?  All this and more... on today's Lee After Dark!  Intro: Brooklyn NY born; spent 1st year after HS in Israel 2:15 - Masters in Social work from Israel 3:40 - judge yourself, not others… who am I with “Joe”, not who is Joe? 5:00 - Parking spot story, woman making a fire engine wait for her to parallel park 6:30 - life in Israel v. NYC - don’t need cars, more walking, more time with family, less expectations and more freedom in Israel 9:00 - working with kids has allowed him to realize the disconnect between adults and kids today because of the differences in technology and society now. 15:12 - growth begins when you step outside your comfort zone, when you get that hug you need, then growth stops.  16:45 - raising kids with ADHD, low impulse control…  21:40 - college kid looking for beer money story at Ohio (State?) 23.57 - can’t let your peaks or valleys define you Find out more about Jason at!  Wanna know more about your bow-tied host? Check out! All episodes available at
November 14, 2019
Lee After Dark Ep12: Mark Struczewski
WHY has Mark Struczewski been running for 793 days straight? Is he running from someone? Is someone running from him? Dive into this episode of Lee After Dark and find out!    Oh, and Mark shares some other excellent insights on gratitude, comfort zones, and a bunch of other great stuff, too. For more about Mark, hop over to: and take him up on his “7 Day Productivity Challenge” or a FREE coaching call!    Want to know more about your bowtied host?   More full episodes at
November 11, 2019
Lee After Dark Ep11: Fredrik Sandvall
Traveling is Fredrik Sandvall's favorite activity. In fact, we recorded this episode while he was enjoying his second home home in Sweden, in the country on a lake... away from the constant energy and crowds of London.  Join us for another fascinating interview on Lee After Dark, where entrepreneurs just get real. Connect with Fredrik at And pick up his book at Want to know more about your bow-tied host? Check out All episodes are available at
November 10, 2019
Lee After Dark Ep10: Dave MacDonald
Ever wanted to peer into the deeply secretive and highly dangerous world of homebrewing? Well, we're going there with Dave MacDonald, who shares his love of the craft, as well as some insights into the homebrewing subculture. We'll also find out how he finds balance and joy as an entrepreneur, parent, and human being. Find out more about Dave at or ! Want to know more about your bow-tied host? Check out! All episodes are available at 
November 10, 2019
Lee After Dark Ep9: Gary Monti
On this episode of Lee After Dark, Gary Monti joins Lee Rowley for an insightful discussion on secular Buddhism, letting go of attachment to outcomes, and embracing past hurts to welcome each day with hope, clarity, and inner calm. If you're a stressed-out entrepreneur, don't miss this conversation!   Find out more about Gary at Want to know more about your bow-tied host? Check out More episodes at
November 09, 2019
Lee After Dark Episode 8: Tyler Christiansen
Tyler Christiansen joins Lee for a powerful Lee After Dark - step behind this entrepreneur's business, and you'll find a genuine human who appreciates the value of life and family.  You can find out more about Tyler at Want to know more about your bow-tied host? Check out  
November 07, 2019
Lee After Dark Ep7 - Anita Toth
Not a fan of traditional meditation? Neither is Anita Toth. But join us for this episode of Lee After Dark, and you'll find out what kind of meditation she IS a fan of (you might already be doing it). This firey entrepreneur also shares her affinity for chaos, powerful mindset insights, and a whole lot more!  Find out more about Anita at! Lee After Dark gives entrepreneurs to talk about anything BUT their work for a while. Why? Because there's more to being a business leader... than just business. Catch more episodes here, and get to know your host at!
November 06, 2019
Lee After Dark Ep6: Jody Aberdeen
What happens when you immerse in day-to-day Parisian life instead of limiting yourself to the tourist "must-sees" For Jody Aberdeen, the experience was life-changing! We talk about the differences in attitudes between Paris and U.S. cities and how they impact happiness, productivity, and quality of life!  You can connect with Jody at Lee After Dark is about giving entrepreneurs the chance to talk about anything BUT business for 20 minutes (they get to share their offers/businesses afterward).  Why? Because there's more to being a business leader... than just business!  For more about your host, check out 
November 06, 2019
Lee After Dark Ep5: Ryan Narus
What's the life of a trailer park empire builder look like? As entertaining as you'd think! Hang out with Ryan Narus and me on this episode of Lee After Dark.... as we discuss crazy tenants, martial arts, wiretapping, and a whole bunch of other fun stuff you won't get on just ANY podcast. Favorite Quote: "I realized that the opposite of confidence is being uncomfortable." Connect with Ryan at or Want to know more about your bow-tied host? Head to!  
November 04, 2019
Lee After Dark Ep4: Paul Sando
Paul Sando wants to change the world. And meet Gary Vaynerchuk. Grab a helmet, because today's Lee After Dark is going to be a wild ride! From getting caught masturbating in the computer lab to getting comfortable with one's identity, Paul delivers... and then some! Connect with Paul at! Want to know more about your bow-tied host? Just head over to For more episodes, visit
November 03, 2019
Lee After Dark Ep3: Isabel Firecracker
What was it like growing up in Columbia during the Cartel wars of the 1980s? Why is kitesurfing so relaxing? Is Auschwitz as gloomy as you'd expect? In this episode, I chat with Isabel Firecracker, who answers all these questions and more! Check out the episode, and go connect with Isabel at!  Want to find out more about your bow-tied host? Then go to!  More episodes at Please subscribe and share!
November 03, 2019
Lee After Dark Ep2: Joe Gonzalez
Joe Gonzalez - “It’s about the rhythm”  Joe discusses how martial arts became more than a hobby... but a way of life. “This is not what’s in the movies.” The concept of rhythm has guided his energy both in martial arts and real life! Check out Joe at: Want to be a guest?   Go to and send me a quick message!
November 03, 2019
Lee After Dark Ep1: Vinnie Dangerfield
This no-filters discussion with Vinnie provides a brief glimpse into how our early life and upbringing, even if negative at the time, can be morphed into a positive driving force. "To live life like a champion you have to connected, convicted and committed.”⁣ ⁣
November 02, 2019