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Lee W Johnson

Lee W Johnson

By Lee W Johnson

A seasonal podcast with episode releases every Thursday where Lee talks about Magick, Witchcraft and Daemonolatry.

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Manipulating Energy in Magick
Everything is energy, and we interact with that energy on a daily basis, but in different ways. Find me here -
June 30, 2022
Dealing with Astral Parasites & Self-Created Thought Forms
Find me here - Partial transcript (read at There are a lot of ways that we can be attacked, psychically and astrally. Today I’m talking about two specific negative entities that you can find yourself under attack from and ways that you can deal with that. Negative entities, how they attack, how to identify them, and what to do with them if you are under attack. We are going to speak specifically about astral parasites and self-created thought forms. I think these are the most common negative entities that come along and attack people. However, it doesn’t need to be specifically somebody who are working magick, especially in the case of self-created thought forms. A lot of the time a self-created thought form is created by people who don’t work magick. I think in most cases this goes hand in hand with people thinking it ...
June 23, 2022
Communicating With Daemons
Find me here - Partial transcript (read at Today we are talking about how to communicate with Daemons, because this question comes up a lot, for obvious and good reason. When we are working with spirits, we need some kind of interaction. We are putting stuff in, we want to get stuff back. Probably the most difficult part is listening and I think the question is not really how we communicate with Daemons, but how do we listen to Daemons or how do we hear Daemons? When you are busy trying to talk to a Daemon, there is a period where you need to stop talking and open up and listen. That can be difficult, especially for somebody who is just starting out. A lot of the skills that you need in order to work with or communicate ...
June 16, 2022
Making Daemonic Pacts
Find me here - Partial transcript (read at Pacts are one of those things that are often spoken about, although usually from a Hollywood perspective. There are a lot of myths around pact making, but if you’ve read any of the old grimoires like Grimorium Verum, you would have come across the mention of pacts in there. You’ll probably find, if you’ve studied Modern Daemonolatry, that there is not a lot of mention of pacts. The reason being that Modern Daemonolators prefer to create a relationship with the Daemonic and the Divine Intelligence, the Daemonic force, the Spirits they are wishing to work with. A case of wanting to work with a particular Daemon, therefore I’m just going to make a pact and that’s it, is very rare. Usually, there’s a relationship that is created and evolves, so there’s no need ...
June 09, 2022
The Importance of Belief In Magick
Find me here - Partial transcript (read at I’ve seen a lot of people in the magical community talk about belief as if it’s something we as magicians shouldn’t have, because belief is something that is based on the understanding or acceptance of something without proof. I don’t believe that belief is something we should not have. We definitely should have belief. There are different stages we go through with our magical practice, with our path, our journey. Right at the beginning, belief is going to be a necessity because we don’t have the proof yet, but even later when we do have proof, there are still things that we need to believe in. I previously spoke about God, what is God, God versus Satan, and in that podcast I say that God is Everything and No-Thing. When we speak about the No-Thing, it’s something that we can’t ...
June 02, 2022
Daemonic Teamwork
Find me here - Partial transcript (read at I’m sure you have come across reports of people doing evocations, invocations and such things with various spirits and I’m speaking specifically in connection with the Daemons in Daemonolatry. You usually get a lot of reports from ceremonial magicians regarding this, and Daemonolators as well although the approach is usually different, but with most of these reports or testimonies, let’s state it that way, people come along, they do the work with a particular Daemon and they come back and then share their experiences. With those experiences, you usually find that they call one particular Daemon for one particular task. This has led us to believe that this is the only way it should work. I find there are different ways we can work with Daemons, but there is some kind of teamwork that happens and this can happen in two ways. If you are working on something in your...
May 26, 2022
Defining God and Satan
Find me here - Partial transcript (read at I would like to talk about God and Satan. Rather controversial topic and I think everybody has their own interpretation of what God and Satan are, depending on who you talk to and their background. Because of this channel and the topics I speak about and because I’m a Daemonolater I think it’s quite important to get an understanding of what I personally mean when I talk about God and Satan. I find it funny because whenever somebody asks me the question of who is the highest being, who is the top dog sort of thing, who is the biggest Daemon, I would say God and it gets a rather interesting reaction most of the time. Let’s start with Satan. Satan is the Adversary. When it comes to Satan, again, everybody is going to have a ...
May 20, 2022
Working With Daemonic Energies
Find me here - Partial transcript (read at Today I want to talk about what happens when we work with Daemons, the energy exchange that happens, and what takes place. I think a lot of people have this impression that we do a ritual, we evoke a Daemon into the space, usually with the use of a Triangle of Arte if you’re working with Goetia, and then we tell the Daemon what to do, it goes off and it comes back and it gives you what you want. That’s not quite what happens and I think understanding this from an energetic point of view is very important in achieving your goals. When we work with demons, they mostly like to empower us. They like to see us grow. Allow us to become stronger. Allow us to get the things that...
May 12, 2022
Daemons as Aspects of the Psyche
Find me here - Partial transcript (read at Welcome back to the podcast. This is Season 2 and we will be covering some varied topics this season, but mostly revolving around Daemonolatry. So, without further ado, let’s get straight into it. I had a question from a follower which read: "I've heard that people correspond to demons to parts of the ego. Is this true and for example how Asmodeus is the demon of lust, can you call it demonic possession if a person is driven by lust?" It's actually a very big topic and there's obviously lots of different schools of thought on this. If you look at Crowley's version of the Goetia, there is a chapter in there titled "Initiated Interpretation of Ceremonial Magick" and Crowley goes through a whole discussion of how the Daemons, even the Names of Power, the seals, the colours, the incense and all of the correspondences are used to stimulate all the senses and to stimulate sections of the brain. He says the spirits of the Goetia are portions of the human brain and...
May 05, 2022
Some Final Words on Servitors
Find me here - Partial transcript (read at The life and death of a servitor. Everything has a lifespan, including the servitors you create, but how long that lifespan is, is determined by the actual purpose of the servitor, and if something goes horribly wrong what do you do? How do you get rid of the servitor instantly? Let's have a look at those questions in more detail. When it comes to my own servitors, I have a bit of a problem or difficulty in this area, because I do come to be quite attached to them. They are my creations, they are my children and, just like my real life child, I wouldn't want to suddenly get rid of them. The actual death process can be a bit difficult, but it's a servitor and depending on what the servitor is created for, what its task is, will determine how long that servitor is active for. If it's a once-off task, then you can program the servitor...
January 27, 2022
The Appearance of a Servitor & Feeding Methods
Find me here - Partial transcript (read at The good thing about servitors is that they are your own creation and therefore you can actually create them any way you want them to appear. What they look like is completely up to you, but there are some things to bear in mind. When I was learning kabbalah I was taught that all the spirits, in this context specifically speaking about the Angels and the Archangels such as Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, and Uriel, don't have a physical body, they are bodies of energy. Imagine them as a ball of energy, and I believe this extends to all Spirits and Divine Intelligences The reason why people have given all these spirits bodies or physical appearances is because we relate better to something we can actually associate with. When it comes to servitors a lot of people give their servitors an actual physical form. Personally, I tend to create a servitor as a ball of energy. During the gestation period, the actual creation period, what often...
January 20, 2022
Creating Servitors or Artificial Elementals in Practical Kabbalah
Find me here - Partial transcript (read at Today I’m going to talk about how to create an Artificial Elemental which is the same as a servitor. We call it the Artificial Elemental in Kabbalah because it’s created from the elements rather than using personal energy or personal power which is mostly used in Chaos Magick. There are quite a few differences between the creation of a servitor in Chaos Magick compared to practical kabbalah, which is why I decided to give them each their own spot to prevent any confusion. To begin with, we're going to need to create a name and a seal, or a sigil, that represents the Artificial Elemental, much like in the Chaos Magick method. In order to do this we need to use what is called the Yetziratic Wheel. If you are familiar with Ceremonial Magic, specifically the Golden Dawn, you would have come across the Rose Cross. The Rose Cross has two parts, the rose is the central part with the cross behind it. You’ll notice that the rose has three layers of petals. The inner layer...
January 13, 2022
Creating Servitors in Chaos Magick
Find me here - Partial transcript (read at Now that we know what a servitor is, we need to find out how to create them. We actually create thought forms on a daily basis. Well, maybe not on a daily basis but more than we may think on a subconscious level, without actually consciously going about the act of creating one. To consciously create a thought form or a servitor is a lot different and it has a more direct intent to it. But let’s get straight into the actual creation. This will be a more general discussion, and I will discuss some of the aspects more indepth over the coming weeks. The first step you want to take is to create a sigil and a name. Therefore you start with sigil magick, which I have spoken about previously. Once you’ve gotten to that point where you have broken down your will sentence into a few consonants, you then created your sigil or glyph, it is that glyph that becomes the sigil of the servitor. You can go back to your collection of letters and create the name of the...
January 06, 2022
What Are Servitors & Magical Thought Forms?
Find me here - Partial transcript (read at Let’s talk about servitors or thought forms. Today’s discussion will be about servitors or thought forms generally. What they are, what you can expect, etc. Servitors are energetic thought forms that you, the magician or the witch, would create in order to go out and perform certain tasks for you. What they can do for you is really limited to your imagination. You can bring back information, you can bring back knowledge, you can spy on people, you can attract more customers and bring in more money, if you’re having problems with clients who aren’t paying then you can create a servitor for that purpose. You can create them for protection, you can create them for healing. The amount of things you can do with servitors is actually endless.  It all depends on your needs and your requirements and what you want to do with the servitor. Now, there are a variety of different...
December 23, 2021
Powering Up Your Sigils With a Robofish incl. Progressive and Possession Sigils
Find me here - Partial transcript (read at So far we have discussed how to create sigils, how to activate them, and sigil shoaling. To compliment sigil shoaling, let’s now talk about the robofish. If you are a bit adverse to fish, very sorry about that but this all comes from Gordon White, so you can blame him. The concept of the robofish came from a study that was done in 2010 at the University of Leeds wherein a robotic fish was placed with a shoal. They wanted to see how the robotic fish would influence them. As the robotic fish made very abrupt, decisive movements, the shoal would follow it. We could say that the robotic fish became the alpha of the pack. The same thing happens with most group or communal animals, even humans. The reason this becomes so significant to sigil magic and specifically to sigil shoaling is that the robofish becomes the alpha of the pack and directs all of the other sigils. Now, in regards to shoaling and the robofish, we mentioned previously that we would take our large, broad objective and split it into smaller goals, making those goals more defined in order to reach the larger objective. Because these sigils are shoaling together, they gather more and...
December 16, 2021
Sigil Shoaling and Goal Mapping
Find me here - Partial transcript (read at Last time we spoke about sigils and the no 1 reason your sigil work may have gone awry. Today I want to actually talk about sigil shoaling, and what it really has to do with fish. Sigil shoaling was created by Gordon White. Check out his blog if you haven’t already. Excellent blog and he also has a great podcast. Sigil shoaling is basically a gathering of sigils in order to reach the main objective. When we think of a group of fish, we usually refer to a “school of fish” as opposed to a “shoal of fish”, however, there is a difference between shoaling and schooling. When they’re shoaling they are gathered socially in the same spot, and it’s usually quite a large group. When they are schooling, they are all swimming in one direction and going to a destination. Taking this into consideration, the basic principle is that you create a number of sigils for the directive of the bigger intent or larger intent, and you throw them all in. You then shoal your sigils. A term that Gordon White actually likes to use is “increasing the chaos”. Imagine a group of fish that is shoaling. If you view it from the outside, from quite a distance, it looks quite chaotic, so they build up this chaos and then all of a sudden...
December 09, 2021
How to Forget Your Sigil & the #1 Reason It Didn't Work
Find me here - Partial transcript (read at So you’ve created a sigil and you have activated it, but what do you do with it now? This has become a bit of a contention, especially with new people to Chaos Magic and sigil magick. And it’s something that definitely requires a bit more explanation regarding how everything works and how it all happens. So this is probably going to be the most important video of the whole sigil magick series that I will create here. The usual instructions are to destroy the sigil and forget about it. A lot of people find this very confusing and difficult to do, because how do you forget the sigil? There is one method where you can actually create a bunch of sigils, put them away for a couple of weeks and keep going back to them and checking to see if you actually remember what the sigil represented.  When you don’t remember the representation of the desire, then you...
December 02, 2021
How to Launch a Sigil
Find me here - Partial transcript (read at Once you have created a sigil, you are going to want to activate or launch it, or whatever terminology you want to use. There are a lot of different ways you can actually launch your sigil, so I just want to go over some obvious ones, and although there's a lot of information out there about the obvious methods, there are some methods that are a little less spoken about. Now the objective here is to transfer the glyph from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind as I have mentioned previously. The way to go about this is to enter into a trance state, and that trance state can be done using whatever method suits you, so it is really a case of experimenting with as many methods as you can think of and come across in order to find the ones that actually work for you. Depending on the actual type of sigil or the type of work you are doing or even just the mood you’re in at the time, the method you use can differ. Finding those different methods that work for you gives you a nice little arsenal for...
November 25, 2021
What You Need to Know About Sigils
Find me here - Partial transcript (read at So let’s talk about sigils, what they are, how to create them, how to activate them, why you activate them, the whole process really. The main reason why I created this discourse is because the YouTube algorithm decided to spit videos onto my feed about sigil work, and to be totally honest with you, I was incredibly disappointed. The first guy wasn't quite sure if he was even pronouncing the word sigil correctly, and then proceeded to say that it's extremely ancient magic which was created in Egypt. Ok, using glyphs in magic is ancient, but you can take it all the way back to the first person who drew on a cave wall, so it's older than suggested. However, modern sigil magick was developed in more modern times, but we will get to that just now. Also, if you are going to teach a magical method, at least learn how to pronounce the most vital word of that method. The second one was a lady who suggested that sigil work and sigil magick is Chaos Magic, which therefore means that it is very weak magic. To say that Chaos Magic is very weak, is an extremely bad representation and really shows...
November 18, 2021
Very Pleased to Meet You
Welcome to my podcast! This episode is just a general hello, get to me a little better, and find out what to expect from this podcast. For more about me, please visit the LinkTree below. Find me:
November 11, 2021