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By LEFT OVER Podcast
We are Aarjan and Nikita, two South Asian leftists trying to make sense of the surreal times we are trapped in. Every week we’ll have conversations with incredible guests on a wide range of topics, from climate change to media to football to music, all within in the context of the pandemic, late capitalism and fascism, and try to work out what might be left over after it all ends...

Produced by Sarah Sahim.
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LEFT/OVER Episode 7. - Rebellion Without A Cause feat. Kate Flood


LEFT/OVER Episode 25. - Progressive Patriots feat. Perry Blankson
While we transition to our new lineup, Aarjan is joined this week by Young Historian Perry Blankson to dive into the history of imperialism and independence in Africa, and the politics of Pan-African Socialism. Chronicling the histories primarily of Kwame Nkrumah, Patrice Lumumba and Thomas Sankara we delve into stories of revolutions, coups, liberation and betrayal and examine the ways in which the fate of the African continent has still been controlled by the former colonial powers long after independence. In the context of recent discussions about the possibility for the left to reclaim a 'progressive nationalism', we take a look at what such a thing can mean in the fight for self-determination and dignity against the forces of colonialism and capitalism. /// SHOW NOTES /// /// CREDITS /// Host: Aarjan Guest: Perry Blankson Production: Sarah Sahim Music: Cardio /// Volta Jazz - Djougou Toro
July 30, 2021
LEFT/OVER Episode 24. - World In Motion feat. Trevor Bastard
Streatham Rovers' finest, Trevor Bastard, makes up this week's trio for our Euro 2020 retrospective. We chat about international football, dickhead players, the crimes of John Terry, culture wars, and the racial abuse suffered by England's young black players from their own supporters. We delve into the more problematic aspects of English football culture, where that fits into football fan culture and whether critiques of it verge onto classism. Most importantly we look at the way in which the 90s still casts a shadow over England football culture, how football has attempted to outpace racial nationalism, and how players have acted as an opposition to the government. /// SHOW NOTES /// /// CREDITS /// Hosts: Aranyo Aarjan /// Nikita Guest: Trevor Bastard Producer: Sarah Sahim Music: Cardio /// Spandau Ballet - Through the Barricades
July 23, 2021
LEFT/OVER Episode 23. - Conspiraboomer Tropicana feat. Ruairi Wood
One of Left Twitter's finest, Ruari Wood, joins Aarjan to sit vigil over the world's sickliest leader, Jair Bolsonaro, and discuss how Brazil's modern history paved the way for his disastrous leadership: from military junta rule to Lula's Workers Party,  to Sergio Moro and the Lava Jato Scandal. In the present, we look at the similarities between the rule of Bolsonaro and Modi, in particular their war on indigenous people, the recent worldwide phenomenon of left-wing electoral victories being accused of being riddled with "irregularities" with no basis in reality, and looking to the future, with Lula's imminent return to politics, whether he might come up against any of these "irregularities" himself. /// SHOW NOTES /// /// CREDITS /// Hosts: Aranyo Aarjan Guest: Ruairi Wood Producer: Sarah Sahim Music: Cardio /// João Gilberto - Chega De Saudade
July 16, 2021
LEFT/OVER Episode 22. - Desi Dialectics (Vol. II) feat. Sarah Sahim
Sarah's back for our continuing rampage through the worst British Asians that culture and politics have to offer. We learn how to run an effective prison with Katharine Birbalsingh, get back into deconstructing race-grifters with the 'Don't Divide Us' movement, unravel the twisted tale of Nigel Keith Anthony Standish Vaz, and revisit the political aspirations of Raheem "the Enochophile" Kassam. /// SHOW NOTES /// /// CREDITS /// Hosts: Aranyo Aarjan /// Nikita Guest/Producer: Sarah Sahim Music: Cardio /// El Michels Affair - Murkit Gem
July 9, 2021
LEFT/OVER Episode 21. - If I Ain't Got EU feat. CountRthe
This week, we are joined by Rob from Podcasting is Praxis to do a post-mortem of the past five years since the EU Referendum in 2016. We take a trip down memory lane, reliving the strange and barely believable events leading up to and following the referendum and the broad political and cultural legacy of Brexit. We talk about everything from the emergence of the culture wars as the de facto mode of British politics, the rise of pro-EU grifters steeped in anti-leftism and dodgy funding, the way in which Brexit ended up spelling doom for Corbynism, and much more. /// SHOW NOTES /// /// CREDITS /// Hosts: Aarjan /// Nikita Guests: CountRthe Production: Sarah Sahim Music: Cardio /// TPRMX - Beethoven - Ode to Joy Remix
June 25, 2021
LEFT/OVER Episode 20. - Property-Owning Democracies feat. Owen Hatherley
On the fourth anniversary of Grenfell, we're joined by Owen Hatherley, author and culture editor of Tribune magazine, to talk about the preventability of the tragedy, the deliberate machinations that obfuscate the fight for justice, and the lack of reckoning of the broader issues in the aftermath. Stay tuned for a condensed history of British social housing, the disaster of Right to Buy, an ongoing mess of local authorities and their various delegated bodies and contractors, and what the future might hold. /// SHOW NOTES /// /// CREDITS /// Hosts: Aarjan /// Nikita Guests: Owen Hatherley Production: Sarah Sahim Music: Cardio /// Christian Loeffler - Mosaics
June 18, 2021
LEFT/OVER Episode 19. - Got the Trots feat. Phoebe Roy and Wariotifo
In an assembly of British Left podcasts, we're joined by Phoebe from 10k Posts and Masters of Our Domain, and Wariotifo from Reel Politik to discuss the pernicious presence of Trotskyists (both current, and former) within UK politics. We look at the rise and fall of Living Marxism, the journal of the Revolutionary Communist Party, and the dispersal of its various contributors as professional contrarians or into the agribusiness sector. And holding a neocon mirror to them with the authors of the Euston Manifesto; two self-appointed arbiters of the 'real left' whose entire purpose is (and was) to oppose the left at every turn. /// SHOW NOTES /// /// CREDITS /// Hosts: Aarjan /// Nikita Guests: Phoebe Roy /// Wariotifo Production: Sarah Sahim Music: Cardio /// Sarah Sahim
June 11, 2021
LEFT/OVER Episode 18. - Speaking Asylum feat. Siobhan McGuirk
This week we're joined by film-maker and anthropologist, Siobhán McGuirk, to talk about the proposals to overhaul the UK asylum system, and how these aren't evils unique to Priti Patel. We talk about the construction of who and what a migrant is, even from supposed arbiters of accountability like the United Nations, how this construction hurts asylum seekers and the most vulnerable, and why we must be abolitionists when it comes to borders. /// SHOW NOTES /// /// CREDITS /// Hosts: Aarjan /// Nikita Guest: Siobhán McGuirk Production: Sarah Sahim Music: Cardio /// Parapar feat. Moushumi Bhowmik, Oliver Weeks, Ben Heartland and Rosalind Acton - Jessore Road
June 4, 2021
LEFT/OVER Episode 17. - Hip Young Gunslingers feat. Mic Wright
We chat to writer and former music journalist, Mic Wright, about just why so many of our worst cultural and political commentators found their voices as 'hip young gunslingers' in music publications such as NME and Melody Maker. From the bizarre and unsettling philosemitism of Julie Burchill, to the self-mythologising of Caitlin Moran, the bald and insipid politics of Dorian Lynskey, John Harris' lack of taste, the radicalisation of Eve "air biscuit" Barlow, and these characters' various attempts to remain relevant. /// SHOW NOTES /// /// CREDITS /// Hosts: Aarjan /// Nikita Guest: Mic Wright Production: Sarah Sahim Music: Cardio /// M People - Moving On Up
May 28, 2021
LEFT/OVER Episode 16. - From the River to the Sea feat. Huda Ammori
We're joined by Huda Ammori, co-founder of Palestine Action, to talk through the ongoing occupation of Palestine, including the recent bombardment by Israel and the attempts of settlement expansions in Sheikh Jarrah which formed its catalyst. We discuss displacement, demographics, and the erasure - both physically and ideologically-of history. Journey through the post-Cold War market liberalisation, strengthening business and diplomatic relations between India and Israel, including Israel's sale of arms to be used against the inhabitants of India's own occupied territory of Kashmir, and where UK manufacturing fits into all of this. We also try to get to grips with how toxic the discourse about Israel and antisemitism has become in the UK and how it continues to be cynically wielded as a silencing tactic when talking about Palestine. /// SHOW NOTES /// /// CREDITS /// Hosts: Aarjan /// Nikita Guest: Huda Ammori Production: Aarjan Music: Cardio /// The Auracle - Cornfields (Instrumental)
May 21, 2021
LEFT/OVER Episode 15. - Modi Operandi feat. Nicole-Ann Lobo
Our series on India continues with an examination of the current COVID crisis there. This week we're joined by writer and journalist Nicole-Ann Lobo to talk about the market deregulation and lack of investment in infrastructure that has exacerbated the crisis, ongoing government censorship, neoliberal devaluation of human life, the long-standing colonial nature of the Indian state… and a brief aside about cow piss. /// SHOW NOTES /// /// CREDITS /// Hosts: Aarjan /// Nikita Guest: Nicole-Ann Lobo Production: Sarah Sahim Music: Cardio /// Moheener Ghoraguli - Prithibita Naki Choto Hote Hote
May 14, 2021
LEFT/OVER Episode 14. - The Sewer Report
This week we've read the much-criticised Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities so you don't have to. Rifling through the veritable treasure trove of poor logic, bad-faith readings of statistics, and what happens when you start an investigation with a conclusion in mind and try to work backward despite all evidence to the contrary. We ask serious questions; like do we really need the moon? Was this report the result of a TikTok hex? And why are so many cops called Keith? Stay tuned for discussion about the phenomenon of ethnic minority right-wing grifters and the death rattle of representation and liberal identity politics and the disgusting lengths this country will go to in order to uphold racist and discriminatory policing.  Bill and Melinda Gates, our DMs are open. /// SHOW NOTES /// /// CREDITS /// Hosts: Aarjan /// Nikita Production: Aarjan Music: Cardio /// Arkist - Fill Your Coffee
May 7, 2021
LEFT/OVER Episode 13. - A Sex Work in Progress feat. Molly Smith
We're joined by activist and co-author of Revolting Prostitutes, Molly Smith, to talk about the sex workers' rights movement, what we're doing and who we're fighting against. We talk about how the 'end demand' model doesn't really work in the context of an industry where poverty creates the demand itself, and the economic and border violence that props the legislation up. In addition, we talk about the employment of strategic ignorance to disregard workers' voices. We have a candid discussion about trafficking, and the various ways it's either applied as a 'gotcha' in the debate with no real care or understanding of its roots and nuances or outright ignored, how the application of laws that are supposed to target pimps and clients overwhelmingly, and disproportionately, hurt sex workers, and how the internet censorship that has been trialled on sex workers affects us all. /// SHOW NOTES /// /// CREDITS /// Hosts: Aarjan /// Nikita Guest: Molly Smith Production: Sarah Sahim Music: Cardio /// Siriusmo - Liu
April 30, 2021
LEFT/OVER Episode 12. - A State of Insecurity feat. Hussein Kesvani
This week we're talking about the ideological and practical dangers of British counter-extremism with author, journalist and Trashfuture co-host Hussein Kesvani. We discuss the end of the Quilliam Foundation/Quilliam and its dodgy funding and founders, predominantly our favourite special boy, Maajid Nawaz, as well as looking at how Tommy Robinson fits into all of this. We also discuss the reorganisation of the state-surveillance-trojan horse PREVENT strategy and the carceralism it props up, in conjunction with the very British culture of curtain-twitching suspicion and its manifestation in the othering of the South Asian & Middle Eastern diaspora. /// SHOW NOTES /// /// CREDITS /// Hosts: Aarjan /// Nikita Guest: Hussein Kesvani Production: Sarah Sahim Music: Cardio /// TMSV - Hyperfocus
April 23, 2021
LEFT/OVER Episode 11. - Liquid Assets feat. Tom Usher
We're joined this week by Tom Usher to talk about the most British fanaticism: football. We talk about our own connections with the sport, primarily with Arsenal, and how the atmosphere at the grounds can transcend into a religious experience and the tribalism that comes with the territory. We delve into this current England team and whether it's really coming home (unlikely) & try to reconcile our own socialist politics with the hypercapitalism of top tier football - a world where the clubs and players we love operate as brands and sportswash the inordinate abuse and corruption that allow it to function. /// SHOW NOTES /// /// CREDITS /// Hosts: Aarjan /// Nikita Guest: Tom Usher Production: Sarah Sahim Music: Cardio
April 16, 2021
LEFT/OVER Episode 10. - Guardians of the Galaxy Brains feat. Dawn Foster
This week we are joined by a very special guest, author and journalist Dawn Foster, to discuss the gatekeepers of British liberalism, The Guardian newspaper. We delve into the mythology of The Guardian, from its origins with the Peterloo Massacre to CP Scott's 'A Hundred Years' essay, its rise to global prominence in the digital age, and the various ways it shat the bed during the Corbyn years, including Dawn's dismissal after writing that Tom Watson article. All the while taking a detour through the Guardian's short-lived Shoreditch coffee shop. #GuardianCoffee. An enormous thanks to Dawn particularly for making sure this episode could still go ahead despite the very serious issues during recording.  /// SHOW NOTES /// /// CREDITS /// Hosts: Aarjan /// Nikita Guest: Dawn Foster Production: Sarah Sahim Music: Cardio /// mattlikestapes - nicely /// mattlikestapes - collapsed garlic star
April 9, 2021
LEFT/OVER Episode 9. - Union Cracked feat. Elijah Fynmore
Elijah from Podcasting is Praxis joins us to talk all things Scottish Independence. Journey through Alex Salmond's sordid past, unpack the transphobia within the Scottish independence movement (and resistance to it) and learn how to pronounce "Alba". We also attempt to interrogate Scotland's place within Britain's imperial past and whether independence could provide an opportunity for reckoning with it.  Yet more Donald Trump shenanigans and as much George Galloway we could talk about before collectively sicking up everywhere. /// SHOW NOTES /// /// CREDITS /// Hosts: Aarjan /// Nikita Guest: Elijah Fynmore Producer: Sarah Sahim Music: Cardio /// Comin' up Threes - Kelly the Boy from Killane
April 2, 2021
LEFT/OVER Episode 8. - Desi Dialectics (Vol. I) feat. Sarah Sahim
The newest member of the LEFT/OVER crew, producer Sarah Sahim gets in front of the mic for us to delve into why British Asians in our politics & media are so deeply embarrassing. From Sunny Hundal's bald-faced wrongness to Sajid Javid's role in the "Tequila Crisis" of the 90s and forgettable tour through the Great Offices of State. We also take a look at the void of humanity that is Rishi Sunak, muse over whether Priti "the Piranha" Patel's authoritarian streak extends into the bedroom, and peruse the career of the nation's favourite Hipster Analyst, Ayesha Hazarika. /// SHOW NOTES /// /// CREDITS /// Hosts: Aranyo Aarjan /// Nikita Guest/Producer: Sarah Sahim Music: Cardio /// paul mond - panjabi bounce
March 19, 2021
LEFT/OVER Episode 7. - Rebellion Without A Cause feat. Kate Flood
This week we're joined by Kate Flood to discuss activism and organising in the UK, particularly its difficulties and limitations. We talk about questions of accessibility, accountability, internationalism, solidarity, examine the shitshows that are Extinction Rebellion & the Socialist Workers' Party, and try to envision how we can move forward and confront the new challenges we'll face as we move out of lockdown. /// SHOW NOTES /// /// CREDITS /// Hosts: Aranyo Aarjan /// Nikita Producer: Sarah Sahim Guest: Kate Flood Music: Cardio /// Stimming x Lambert - Trauerweide
March 12, 2021
LEFT/OVER Episode 6. - Undisciplined Guerrilla Warfare (pt. 2) feat. Sinan Kose and Jack Frayne-Reid
We’re back for part two of our review of Adam Curtis’ newest docuseries with Sinan and Jack. Concluding with Eldridge Cleaver’s penis pants, populism in the form of National Bolshevism, the proto-fascist proto-Glastonbury Festival and, the Chris de Burgh to Jihad pipeline.  /// SHOW NOTES /// /// CREDITS /// Hosts: Aranyo Aarjan /// Nikita Guests: Jack Frayne-Reid /// Sinan Kose Produced by: Sarah Sahim Music: Cardio /// Nested Shapes - Scrape (Ghost Tapes)
March 8, 2021
LEFT/OVER Episode 5. - Undisciplined Guerrilla Warfare (pt. 1) feat. Sinan Kose and Jack Frayne-Reid
We are joined by Twitch streamer and YouTuber Sinan Kose and Jack Frayne-Reid of Reel Politik and GapeCast to talk about Adam Curtis' new BBC docuseries, Can't Get You Out of My Head: An Emotional History of the Modern World. Tune in for a discussion about the parallels between Chairman Mao's wife and Van Morrison, the turbulent life of British Black Power leader & hair-beneficiary Michael X, chaos theory, Soviet prison life, masturbating dolphins, and try to get to the bottom of who really killed John F Kennedy /// SHOW NOTES /// /// CREDITS /// Hosts: Aranyo Aarjan /// Nikita Guests: Jack Frayne-Reid /// Sinan Kose Music: Cardio /// AnnenMayKantereit x Parcels - Can't Get You out of My Head (Cover)
March 5, 2021
LEFT/OVER Episode 4. - Ranting & Raving feat. Riley Quinn and StefGotBooted
We are joined this week by Riley Quinn, host of Trashfuture and The Bottlemen podcasts, and StefGotBooted of Twitter infamy, as we take a deep dive into the intersection of dance music and politics. Join us as we take our best shot at emulating a smoking area conversation about why techno lends itself to purism, the radical roots of carnival, and try to answer once and for all: is raving anti-capitalist? /// SHOW NOTES /// /// CREDITS /// Hosts: Aranyo Aarjan /// Nikita Guests: Riley Quinn /// StefGotBooted Music: Cardio /// Distance - No Warning [Chestplate Records] /// Gorgon Sound ft. Junior Dread - Rise [Peng Sound]
February 26, 2021
LEFT/OVER Episode 3. - Genetically Modi-fied feat. Amardeep S Dhillon
This week we are joined by Amardeep S Dhillon to talk about the recent Indian Farmer’s Protests in Panjab, the rise of Narendra Modi, the Elderly Hindu WhatsApp Industrial Complex & why the British Left is seemingly so reluctant to talk about India. This is the first of what will be a series of episodes focusing on South Asia, covering history, politics, culture and the indescribable madness of the Subcontinent.  /// SHOW NOTES /// /// Credits /// Hosts: Aranyo Aarjan /// Nikita Guests: Amardeep S Dhillon Music: Cardio /// Poojan Sahil
February 19, 2021
LEFT/OVER Episode 2. - Border Cancelled feat. Ali Tamlit and Nick Sigsworth of the Stansted 15
For our first ever guest episode, we are thrilled to talk to Ali & Nick of the Stansted 15 about their 2017 action to halt the deportation of sixty migrants on a chartered flight to West Africa. We discuss the long-protracted, legal battle against the state which they recently won, ask whether or not shoes should be classified as 'devices', and question the wider implications this case could have on protest in the UK. Join us as we delve into the hostile environment - from New Labour to the scapegoating of migrants during the pandemic, and Britain's continued failings at reckoning with its colonial past, as we try to comprehend how we got here as well as how we can resist the racist border regime.  /// SHOW NOTES /// /// Credits /// Hosts: Aranyo Aarjan /// Nikita  Guests: Ali Tamlit /// Nick Sigsworth Music: Cardio
February 12, 2021
LEFT/OVER Episode 1. - Civilisation and Its #Content
 /// New podcast just dropped /// Join Aarjan and Nikita for a rambling discussion about the last year-and-a-bit, the now, and how the hell we got to this point. Come lose your minds with us as we try to get to grips with Keir Starmer's (literal) car crash leadership of the Labour Party, the time when Nikita joined Toby Young's COVID skeptic dating forum, and the burgeoning phenomenon of yoga fash.  The giant baby takeover is on. Get involved. /// Links /// 88% of Conservative election ads are misleading /// Donald Trump's meeting with Mohammad bin Salman, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia /// Steve Baker on Sky News talking about the appointment of Paul Dacre and Charles Moore /// Q Shaman cleanses the Arrowhead Mall in Glendale, Arizona /// Keir Starmer gets confronted by Jodie, the white supremacist yoga teacher, on LBC /// /// Credits /// Hosts: Aranyo Aarjan and Nikita Music: Cardio
February 5, 2021