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The Legal Podcast

The Legal Podcast

By Legal Hub Uganda
A simplified discussion of pertinent legal issues in Uganda by expert lawyers.
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The vital importance of the data protection
In this episode of the Legal Podcast, our very own Mr. Herbert Odeke, discusses data security with Mr. Mbago Aquila Timothy, a lawyer with interest in the protection of peoples data. is it possible to protect yourself and your rights in a world which is getting digitalized by the day, and how? listen in.
April 20, 2022
Access to Justice Innovations in Uganda
Access to Justice remains one of Uganda's persistent justice issues. Innovations have been touted as one of the ways of addressing some of the access to justice problems in the country. The Hague Institute for Innovations of Law (HiiL) had been pioneering and promoting justice innovations in Uganda and across the world. In this edition of 'The Legal Podcast', we host Rita Ngezi, the Justice Accelerator Head at HiiL Uganda and Anatoli Kirigwajjo, the CEO of Yunga Technologies to discuss HiiL's work in Uganda aimed at enhancing access to justice.
December 09, 2021
Small Claims: How to Recover Money in Small ClaimCourts in Uganda
Money lending businesses are on the rise in our communities and at times, payment of the money remains a problem. This leaves the lenders with no option but to enforce recovery mechanisms. In this podcast, Legal Hub Uganda hosts a legal expert Mr. Donald Masa, the CEO of LegIT Innovations to discuss issues around recovery of money using the small claim procedures and the courts that handle small claims in Uganda.
December 08, 2021
Engaging young adults with lived experiences in care
Very many children for reasons they have no control over end up living a part from there families. Some children end up in care, in this podcast, we host Madam Patience Angabire, a probation and social welfare officer Nakawa Division, Olivia Eularia, a care leaver, and Madam Susan Ajok, Country Director, Child's i Foundation Uganda.  
October 20, 2021
The Right to food (Ateso)
In this edition of the legal podcast, we host Jonathan Ochom to discuss the right to food in Uganda.
October 15, 2021
Effects of Covid-19 on Land Rights (Ateso)
Covid-19 has greatly affected people's land rights. In this edition of the Legal podcast, we host Jonathan Ochom to discuss the implications of Covid-19 on land rights in Uganda.
October 15, 2021
Covid-19 and Children's rights. (Ateso)
Covid-19 has had dire implications on children's rights. In this podcast, we host Jonathan Ochom and Emmanuel Elau to discuss children's rights, how they have been affected by Covid-19 and possible ways of promoting children's rights.
October 15, 2021
Covid-19 and Domestic Violence in Uganda. (Ateso)
Covid-19 has led to an increase in cases of Domestic violence in Uganda. In this edition of the legal podcast, we host Emmanuel Elau and Herbert Odeke to discuss matters around domestic violence.
October 15, 2021
Covid-19 and Access to Justice in Uganda. (Ateso)
Covid-19 has in many ways affected access to justice in Uganda. Very many Ugandans have been left with little or no opportunity to address issues that affect their daily lives. In this edition of the Legal Podcast, Emmanuel Okia hosts Emmanuel Elau and Jonathan Ochom to discuss just how grave the problem is and suggests timely interventions.
October 15, 2021
Implications of Covid-19 on law and Human Rights (Ateso)
Covid-19 has undoubtedly put aspects of human life to a test. Among others, matters concerning human rights violations were reported country wide. In this edition of the legal Podcast, Okia Emmanuel hosts Emmanuel Elau our Lead Attorney and Jonathan Ochom our Team leader to discuss the effect Covud-19 has had on the law and human rights and insights on the way forward.
October 09, 2021
Access to Justice During Covid-19 (Luo)
Access to justice is fundamental in ensuring that peoples rights are protected, Covid-19 has inhibited this right in so many ways. in this Podcast, Kiiza Oscar hosts Lucy Adong and Kennedy Owor to discuss emerging issues around access to justice and how peoples rights can be protected.
October 08, 2021
Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Uganda (Luo)
Persons with Disabilities in Uganda have equal rights with other people. In this Episode, Kiiza Oscar hosts Lucy Adong and Kennedy Owor  to discuss rights of persons with disabilities among other things
October 08, 2021
Effects of Covid-19 on land rights (Luo)
Covid-19 has had dire consequences on land rights in Uganda. Problems such as land grabbing and illegal eveictions took center stage. In this podcast, Kiiza Oscar hosts Lucy Adong and Kennedy Owor to discuss the effect of Covid-19 on land rights.
October 08, 2021
Effects of Covid-19 on employment in Uganda (Luo)
Covid-19 has affected people lives in so many ways, one such effect has been on employment. Many people have either lost jobs or had to deal with injustices at employment directly linked to Covid-19. In this Podcast, Kiiza Oscar hosts Lucy Adong and Kennedy Owor to discuss just how grave the problem is and the way forward.
October 08, 2021
Effect of Covid-19 on Children's Rights (Luo)
Children have been greatly affected by Covid-19, in this podcast, Kiiza Oscar hosts Kennedy Owor and Lucy Adong to discuss children's rights, emerging issues during the covid-19 period and the way forward in ensuring that children are protected.
October 08, 2021
Covid-19 and Domestic Violence (Luo)
Covid-19 has seen a drastic rise in domestic Violence cases all over Uganda. In this Luo Podcast, Our host Kiiza Oscar hosts Kennedy Owor and Lucy Adong to discuss the forms of domestic, how it manifests and the way forward among other things. 
October 08, 2021
Keeping Children Safe During & After the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Power of the Community Voice.
COVID-19 and its related impacts on the community has altered our daily lives. These affected the mot vulnerable persons in the community like the children. In efforts to reduce the spread, measures like closure of schools, and institutions were adopted by the Government and this affect the children. In this episode of The Legal Podcast, we host Annet Nabuuma (Probation & Social Welfare Officer - Mpigi District), George Mugoma (Community Volunteer on Children's Welfare) and Evelyne Nanteza (Child i Foundation's Project Manager) to discuss what measures are being taken to keep the children in Uganda safe during and after the COVID-19 Pandemic.
October 01, 2021
Alternative care-family based care for children in Uganda.
Family is crucial to the development of a child. However, certain circumstances force children to be out of their parents' care. In this episode of The Legal Podcast, we host David Adoke (Child's i Foundation), Caroline Bankusha (Alternative Care Expert) and Emmanuel Elau (Legal Hub Uganda) to discuss family-based care as an alternative way of bringing up children.
September 23, 2021
Demystifying Business and Human Rights in Uganda
The concept of corporate accountability is tailored towards ensuring that companies/ businesses adhere to global human rights standards in the course of their work. In this episode of 'The Legal Podcast', we host Mr. John Mwebe, a land rights activist and member of the Uganda Coalition on Corporate Accountability to discuss the intersection between business and human rights.   
August 27, 2021
Understanding the Mailo land Tenure System.
Mailo land tenure has been a subject of intense debate over the years and it remains the most legislated land holding system in Uganda. In this edition of 'The Legal Podcast', we host John Mwebe, a land rights activist and in his own words, 'a proud Muganda' to trace the origins of this land tenure and analyse some of contemporary debates about it.
August 16, 2021
Psycho-social and mental well-being during Covid 19
Covid 19, not only shook the world, but put many people out of their comfort. It has brought a new wave of challenges, and through them, people are coming out stronger, and unfortunately in some cases worse-off, here in Uganda and world over. In this Podcast, we host Mr. Osire Maurice Tukei a psychologist and founder Psycare Uganda to discuss mental health, how it manifests, how to avoid it in the first place. We are also joined by Mr. Emmanuel Elau, a Lawyer and co-founder Legal Hub Uganda. Enjoy the show. 
July 22, 2021
Dealing with land under the covid-19 lockdown.
Dealing with land has always been complicated in Uganda and world over. In this podcast, we host Counsel Stella Rose Akutui to discuss land security during lockdowns and some pertinent issues that arise in land transactions and possible ways to prevent the occurrence of land disputes in the first place. this podcast is a re-tro
July 14, 2021
Punishments under Uganda's Laws.
It is common to hear different types of punishments that courts give to wrong doers in our society today. In this episode, we explore why punishments are relevant and the different types that courts have imposed on wrong doers over the years. Listen and get an understanding of punishments.
July 10, 2021
Dealing in Children's property
This episode of 'The Legal Podcast' focuses on children's property rights in light of the growing practice of parents buying property, especially land and registering in children's names entirely or as co-owners. While this is commendable, it has occasionally posed challenges incase parents or guardians want to dispose such property to handle some of their genuine needs. How does this play out legally? Our own Lucy Adong walks us through the intricacies associated with this practic. Listen in...
July 09, 2021
The court system in Uganda
Uganda's court system is based on English common law and customary law. The system comprises of courts of Judicature, Magistrate courts, Local Council Courts and other quasi judicial organs. In this edition of 'The Legal Podcast', Adv Emmanuel Elau delves into this system in greater detail hierarchically....
July 01, 2021
Do you know what makes a contract valid?
Contracts are an essential part of building and strengthening relationships especially in the business world. For whatever reason, be it employment or commerce, it is critical for actors to have written contracts. But what make contracts valid?  In this edition of 'The Legal Podcast', we host Adv Emmanuel Elau, the co-founder and Lead Attorney of Legal Hub Uganda to explore the significance of valid contracts.
July 01, 2021
The Effectiveness of the Data Protection and Privacy Act, 2019
In December 2018, Uganda enacted the Data Protection and Privacy Act, 2019. The Act, among other things, provides for; the protection of the privacy of the individual and of personal data by regulating the collection and processing of personal information. With the passing of this law, Uganda became the 23rd African country and the first in East Africa to have enacted a comprehensive legislation on data protection and privacy. In this episode of 'The Legal Podcast' by Legal Hub Uganda, we discuss the effectiveness of this legislation...
June 10, 2021
The Procedure of Converting Leashold land to Freehold land in Uganda
In Uganda, the law establishes a number of systems under which land can be held. one such system is the leasehold system. increasingly, Ugandan citizens who hold land under the leasehold system are converting their interests to freehold. In this episode, we discuss the conditions to be met and the procedure of converting your land from leasehold to freehold.
June 04, 2021
A glimpse at fraudulent land transactions in Uganda
75% of land cases handled by the High Court of Uganda are directly related to fraud. It is safe to say that the figure is not representative of all land fraud matters as others are never reported because some victims resign to there fate. In this episode, we talk about land fraud, how it manifests, potential victims of land fraud, due diligence and other things geared towards ensuring that you do not become a victim of land fraud.    
May 27, 2021
A quick glance at the Sexual Offences Act 2021
When the Parliament of Uganda passed the Sexual Offences Act, 2021, there was an uproar from certain sections of the society especially activists who argue that the law in its current form threatens certain fundamental human rights. In this podcast, our Research & Litigation Lead, Lucy Adong explains some of the contentious issues in the new law which is currently awaiting presidential assent.
May 19, 2021
Understanding the role of LCs in handling land conflicts in Uganda
Land cases are prevalent in Uganda. Due to the inaccessibility as well as technical, financial, and psychological challenges associated with the mainstream courts, many people use Local Council Courts (LCCs) for dispute resolution, especially in land related matters. In this edition of 'The Legal Podcast', we explore the law related to the operation of the LCCs and more specifically their role in handling land matters. we further delve into the practical steps and advantages of seeking justice through these Courts.
May 12, 2021
Cohabitation and Land Rights: A review of the High Court Decision
Most cohabiting couples in Uganda believe that living together, especially for a long time grants them the same rights as legally married couples. In this podcast, we host Ms Rebecca Atayo, a family and property rights lawyer from LANDnet Uganda to share her insights in light of a recent High Court decision  which established the existence of a marriage by conduct ("constructive marriage") in a land dispute involving an unmarried couple that had lived together since 1970. Please listen...
May 06, 2021