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Legal Talk Podcast

By Legal Talk Podcast
This podcast is to analyze business law & other important legal matters in Nigeria. Join us as we provide constant legal perspectives and insights on various aspects of Nigerian law for the benefit of the general public.
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Importance And Procedure For Trademark Registration In Nigeria

Legal Talk Podcast

What's Trending: Nigeria's VAT Controversy featuring Barrister Olusola Jegede
A federal high court in Port Harcourt on August 10, ruled that it was the right of the Rivers government to receive VAT in the state – restraining the FIRS from collecting VAT and personal income tax in Rivers State. The state had argued that it was against the constitution to generate VAT that is later shared to other states. Mr Olusola Jegede gives his legal perspective on the matter.
September 14, 2021
Procedure For Purchase Of Landed Property In Nigeria
In Nigeria, it is now a common saying that the fear of land speculators (Omonile) is the beginning of wisdom. No wonder the courts are flooded with land matters where landed property is now scarce asset in an place like Lagos. Lawyers continue to advocate due deligence in purchasing land in Nigeria to avoid being a victim of scammers and fraudulent representation in property sales. So why are there so many issues when it comes to purchasing landed property in Nigeria? Are there facts which a person must know before purchasing a landed property in Nigeria? After finding a landed property that suits the needs and is within the budget of a buyer, what is the first step to take? In this episode of Legal Talk, Two lawyers, Mr Olusola Jegede and Mrs Bolanle Akinlabi explain to our host, Kemi Fola-Adeyemo, the process of purchasing a land before, during and after.
August 23, 2021
How To Obtain Business Permit And Work Permit in Nigeria
Are you wondering what a business permit is or you're not sure if it is only foreigners coming into nigeria that require one. In this episode guest lawyers, Olusola Jegede and Tolulope Ayika speak with Kemi Fola-Adeyemo on the benefits of have a business and work permit in Nigeria.
August 14, 2021
Grounds For Divorce And Annulment In Nigeria
Are you wondering what are the ways to end a marriage in Nigeria? or what are the types of marriages that can be dissolved or annulled by a court in Nigeria? How many years must a person be married before he/she can file for Divorce? Lawyers, Mrs Bolanle Akinlabi and Mr Olusola Jegede joins Kemi Fola-Adeyemo in answering these questions and more.
August 07, 2021
Steps For Setting Up Business In Nigeria By Foreign Investors
Foreign nationals and entities can fully own a company in Nigeria but what are the procedures involved? In this episode, Mr Olusola Jegede explains to our moderator, Kemi Fola-Adeyemo the steps needed to do business in Africa's most populous nation as a foreigner.
July 31, 2021
Copyright Registration & Remedies For Infringement In Nigeria
What is a copyright? Why is it important and how is it different from a trademark and patent. Join Kemi Fola-Adeyemo as she seeks these answers and more from our guest and Lawyer, Olusola Jegede, on this episode of Legal Talk.
July 24, 2021
Importance And Procedure For Trademark Registration In Nigeria
A trademark is said to be a recognizable word or phrase, signs, or symbols that are registered to differentiate them in the marketplace. In this episode of Legal Talk Podcast, Principal Partner at the Resolution Law Firm, Mr Olusola Jegede speaks with Kemi Fola-Adeyemo on the importance and process of registering a trademark in Nigeria
July 16, 2021
Company Registration Procedure in Nigeria
Starting a business entails understanding and dealing with many issues including legal, financing, sales and marketing, intellectual property protection, human resources, and more. In this maiden episode of Legal Talk Podcast, Principal Partner at the Resolution Law Firm, Mr Olusola Jegede speaks with moderator, Kemi Fola-Adeyemo on the legal intricacies and procedures of company registration in Nigeria.
July 09, 2021