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LeggLife Podcast

LeggLife Podcast

By Adam Legg
Welcome to the LeggLife Podcast! We're Adam and Sherri Legg and we live in Anchorage, Alaska. We love travel, adventure, Disney, and journeying through life together. This is a place for us to dive deep into topics we want to discuss and have conversations around things that are important to us. Subscribe to the LeggLife Podcast on your favorite podcasting platform.

New episodes every Saturday morning!

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LeggLife Podcast :: What Would We Do If We Won The Lottery? :: Episode 4
One of our friends over on Instagram recently asked us how we would spend the money if we ever won the lottery. As we started to talk about this we figured it would make a fun podcast topic, so here we go! We're talking about what we would splurge on, what we would buy, how we would give it away, and other things we would do with such a HUGE amount of money.
January 16, 2021
LeggLife Podcast :: Enneagram :: Episode 3
Today's podcast episode is all about the Enneagram! If you aren't familiar with Enneagram, it's a personality test that we know and love. We're talking about what Enneagram numbers we are, how we use this information in our relationship, and why we think personality tests like this are important for all interpersonal relationships.  If you want to take a free Enneagram test, visit
January 11, 2021
LeggLife Podcast :: Making Friends as an Adult :: Episode 2
In today's podcast episode we're talking about how in the world you make friends as an adult. It's so much easier when you're younger, but as you grow up, making friends can be hard! We talk about why, what you can do, and some of our best practices around relationships.  Thanks for listening!
January 8, 2021
LeggLife Podcast :: New Years Resolutions & Goals :: Episode 1
In our first full episode we're talking about why we don't like the term "new years resolution" as well as discussing goal setting, how to be successful, and how to have grace for yourself when you fail. Thanks for listening! More episodes coming soon!
January 7, 2021
LeggLife Podcast Trailer
We're excited to launch the brand new LeggLife podcast! This is a place where we can dive deeper into some of the topics that we love and want to spend more time talking about! We're excited to have you join us here. 
January 7, 2021