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Leg Lengthening Podcast

Leg Lengthening Podcast

By Victor Egonu
Listen in to hear the stories of interested candidates, patients and experts in the field of leg lengthening. This surgery has changed my life...hear how it can change YOURS!
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Leg Lengthening Podcast Episode 12: Interview with Dr. Fran Guardo
In this special in-depth and insightful interview with Dr. Fran Guardo, the director of the Rehabilitation Department at the Paley Orthopedic & Spine Institute in West Palm Beach, FL (USA).   We discuss a multitude of aspects around the importance of Physical Therapy after Limb Lengthening Surgery due to different conditions including Congenital Femoral Deficiency (CFD), Limb Length Discrepancy (LLD) and Cosmetic Stature Lengthening (CLL).    Dr. Paley entrusted Dr. Guardo to run the PT department to ensure good patient outcomes and successful rehab processes and she has exceeded expectations with a growing department that puts both child and adult patient care at the forefront of its operation.   With a variety of credentialing qualifications that exude experience, Dr. Guardo and her team of over 30 PT's and OT's are not only helping patients recover after LL procedures but also leading by example as Dr. Guardo teaches a physical therapy course for therapists who are interested in entering the rehab of limb lengthening.   Contact information for Dr. Guardo: you can reach her by inquiry at either of the two following site links…    1)   2)
August 30, 2020
Leg Lengthening Podcast Episode 12: Interview with Dr. Janet Conway
In this very special interview with Dr. Janet Conway of the Rubin Institute for Advanced Orthopedics (RIAO) & International Center of Limb Lengthening (ICLL) at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, MD, we discuss her take on various topics surrounding the cosmetic stature lengthening surgery to get taller.   Dr. Conway was my limb lengthening surgeon who did an amazing job for me and so I had to wrap up my final entry in my top limb lengthening (LL) surgeons with her.  With over 20 years of experience as a limb lengthening and deformity reconstruction specialist, she is one of the best when it comes to ensuring a good outcome when aiming to get taller.    Contact information for Dr. Conway: Ask questions or setup consultation:   1. Site:  2. Email: TIME-STAMPS:  1:50 – Dr. Conway’s interest in field of Limb Lengthening   5:00 – How to determine how much length to gain safely   9:05 – Cool thing about the internal lengthening nail (PRECICE & STRYDE)   10:50 – Determining distraction rate & the fine line of lengthening    13:30 – Picking your limb lengthening surgeon wisely (experience is KEY!)   16:00 – Signs & Symptoms to look for during lengthening   18:05 – Time it takes to go from “Surgery” to “Walking w/out Assistance”   20:15 – Regaining a normal walking gait   23:20 – Physical Therapy Recommendations for the traveling or international patient during lengthening   26:20 – Importance of Flexibility BEFORE Surgery   27:25 – Pain management & preparation   31:05 – Should elite athletes even get stature lengthening in the first place?   33:35 – Benefits of having a world-class team of LL surgeons at ICLL Sinai Hospital – Baltimore, MD   37:30 – Best way to reach out and contact Dr. Conway for a consultation    38:45 – Final words to all prospective LL patients
August 18, 2020
Leg Lengthening Podcast Episode 11: Interview with Dr. Donghoon Lee
1. 2. YouTube Channel: TIME-STAMPS:   1:45 – Dr. Lee’s passion for Limb Lengthening & Deformity Reconstruction  4:00 – Recommended safe length in order to regain pre-surgery function  6:00 – Proportions - lengthening one segment (femurs or tibiae) vs. both  7:50 – Timeframe between first & second LL surgery for maximum length   9:45 – Cosmetic arm lengthening for ideal proportions  10:50 – Lengthening devices offered for Femurs (Precice/Stryde) & Tibiae (Precice, LON, LATN)  13:10 – Pros & Cons of each lengthening device for simultaneous deformity correction and lengthening  16:20 – Patient Pain management: short-term during lengthening and long-term down the line  18:50 – Lengthening for older patients especially if they have arthritis in hip or knee joints  20:45 – Patients he doesn’t recommend limb lengthening surgery for  22:40 – His 0% major complication rate and advice on selecting an EXPERIENCED surgeon!  27:15 – Dr. Lee’s Frustration! - Treating complications from other surgeons lengthening clinics  29:15 – Indications future limb lengthening patients should be aware of after the procedure  31:05 – Dr. Lee uses BMAC to assist with healing in tibial lengthening   32:05 – His thoughts on HGH on bone healing after surgery  33:30 – Mentally preparing a patient for limb lengthening surgery & patients backing out last minute  35:30 – Athletic recovery post LL surgery on function and what a prospective patient should expect  38:10 – DALRI recommendations for International patients  39:15 – Best way to reach out and contact Dr. Lee for consultation   39:37 – Final words of advice to interested patients considering the limb lengthening surgery
July 17, 2020
Leg Lengthening Podcast Episode 10: Interview with Alfonso
This is my first interview with a cosmetic stature lengthening patient. In this special sit-down with Alfonso, he explains what the first few weeks of his limb lengthening procedure has been like.  Alfonso had his bilateral femoral limb lengthening surgery done on May 22, 2020 via the STRYDE internal lengthening nail. I have posted the time-stamps below if you're interested in a particular topic: 1:00 – Alfonso’s discovery of LL  1:55 – Reason he wanted to get taller  3:15 – Factors that helped with the decision to do procedure  5:40 – Alfonso’s distraction/lengthening phase  6:30 – His aspirations to be a leader and desire to be “looked up to”  8:20 – Fitness level prior to surgery  9:00 – Fears of losing athleticism  11:00 – Excitement leading up to the surgery  12:00 – His take on the pain right after the procedure & cycle of meds to manage pain levels  13:40 – Swelling & Inflammation post-op… “Thick-like-Thanos!”  15:00 – Doing activities and getting around post-op via STRYDE internal nail  16:45 – PT session experiences  18:35 Taking showers  22:05 – Worries of skewing Proportions  25:00 – At home exercise routine  26:05 – Sustained slight injury when pushing too much too soon. TAKE CAUTION Stryde or no Stryde  27:00 – Physically preparing for the surgery  27:50 – How Pain impacts Sleeping  30:35 – Most of the pain is located near the tibial tuberosity  31:20 – Alfonso’s “Special Routine” to manage energy levels after surgery: Meds à Sleep àExercise  33:10 – Doing detailed oriented tasks w/ pain pills  34:40 – Nutritional Supplements to help recover  37:55 – Thoughts before making the final decision to get the LL done  39:30 – Plans to get the full 8cm of length of the Stryde nail in femurs Alfonso's email: please be respectful if reaching out to Alfonso; a few words of encouragement would be nice.
June 18, 2020
Leg Lengthening Podcast Episode 9: Interview with Dr. Dror Paley
In this special interview with Dr. Dror Paley of the Paley Orthopedic and Spine Institute in West Palm Beach, FL we focus our discussion on fundamentals of Stature Limb Lengthening Surgery as Dr. Paley also stresses the crucial importance of having an experienced LL surgeon.   Contact information for Dr. Paley: Ask questions or setup consultation... 1. 2:00 – Dr. Paley’s Start in Limb Lengthening (LL) 4:30 – Amount of lengthening procedures he does 6:00 – LL is a 4-Dimensional Surgery 8:30 – Fundamentals of LL 9:40 – Limiting factor of LL & compliance of soft tissues 13:45 – How muscle excursion comes into play regarding lengthening 17:15 – Amount of time needed per day for PT 18:00 – Putting in nails is the easy part…knowing how to adapt and improvise is key 19:45 – Physiotherapy at Paley Ortho & Spine Institute are vigilant for problems 24/7 21:45 – Potential Complications & knowing how to prevent them 23:45 – Trade-offs: Losing function over pushing for extra CM in height IS NOT acceptable! 24:35 – Dr. Paley’s Lengthening Ultimatum 25:15 – How long to get back to fitness level (running marathon) 25:45 – Surgical interventions to fix complications 26:55 – Patients coming to him from other LL centers to “fix” complications 27:50 – Fibula fixation is super crucial among many other experienced-based techniques 29:00 – Various Prophylactic measures that should be taken to avoid problems 30:00 – Prospective Patients…Beware! – Surgeon EXPERIENCE IS KEY! 32:30 – How to pick a surgeon properly  34:40 – Potential Long-Term Complications 37:55 – Dr. Paley’s frustration w/ the LL industry becoming a “Mercenary-Business” 40:00 – Dr. Paley’s Warning Message to LL Candidates 42:50 – LL is a Team Sport: Having the right infrastructure of clinicians is important for success 45:30 – Proportions – how LL affects it and what really matters in the overall scheme of things More on YouTube
June 14, 2020
Leg Lengthening Podcast Episode 8: Interview with Dr. Robert Rozbruch
In this special interview with Dr. Robert Rozbruch of the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City, NY we go into the deep details of stature lengthening that only a truly experienced surgeon of his caliber could do. Dr. Rozbruch is a true legend in the field of limb lengthening and complex reconstruction. Contact information for Dr. Rozbruch:  Ask questions or setup consultation... Time-Stamps below... 1:50 – Dr. Rozbruch’s passion for orthopedic surgery and transition into Limb Lengthening 7:00 – Fundamentals of Limb Lengthening 7:40 – How stature/cosmetic limb lengthening fits into his practice 9:20 – Who qualifies as a candidate for stature lengthening 11:50 & 13:10 – How much length can you gain in femurs vs. tibiae 14:10 – Prefers to lengthen femurs over tibiae 14:40 – Soft tissues lengthen & grow too! 15:10 – Iliotibial band release in femur lengthening 16:35 – Gastro-Soleus recession in tibiae lengthening typically over 4cm but depends on individual 19:20 – Limb proportions 21:20 – Arm Lengthening 23:15 – Potential Complications (1. Infection, 2. Nerve damage, 3. Blood clots, 4. Stiffness, 5. Bone) 28:35 – Long Term Problems = “temporary obstacles.” Address them early and properly 31:15 – Qualifications your LL doctor should have 33:55 – Will the NEW bone be as strong as OLD bone? 35:00 – Advantages of recent stronger, internal STRYDE Nail by NuVasive 36:00 – When does Normal Walking Gait return after LL (ex: 8cm in femurs) 37:05 – How important is Physiotherapy to optimal recovery on scale of 1-10? 38:15 – When can a patient resume physical activity post-LL surgery 39:00 – Arrangement options for patients who come from out of town/country/overseas 40:50 – Frequency of Checkups & therapy 41:20 – Ideal Patient Qualities 42:00 – Are patients satisfied with outcome of LL Surgery? 43:50 – How to reach out and contact Dr. Rozbruch for questions or consultation 44:30 – Options for Consultation: in-person & virtual/telemedicine 45:40 – Advice to those considering LL surgery 46:00 – Patient – Doctor Trust Relationship Dr. Robert Rozbruch:   1. Limb Lengthening Facebook:  2. Instagram:  3. Dr. Rozbruch YouTube:  4. HSS YouTube:
May 23, 2020
Leg Lengthening Podcast Episode 7: Interview with Dr. Dimitrios Giotikas
I had the pleasurable opportunity of interviewing Dr. Dimitrios Giotikas of Athens Bone & Joint Reconstruction Center in Athens, Greece on the topic of limb lengthening surgery to get taller.    Dr. D.G. exhibited his years of experience and how he embodies absolute safety and care for his patients.    Website for Athens BJR - Dr. Dimitrios Giotikas:    Another great interview with one of the world's best in Limb Lengthening, feel free to skip to a particular topic using timestamps below...    1:15 – Background in orthopedics to Athens BJR & Limb Lengthening  7:50 – Patient concerns: Pre-Op planning of Body Limb Proportions  11:20 – Functional Recovery Post-Op  13:00 - Evolution and future of limb lengthening  14:55 – Pricing Policies  16:25 – Max Lengthening Goal of Patient  20:50 – Dr. DG’s Motto  21:40 & 24:25 – Potential Complications  26:45, 28:45, 30:10 –Physiotherapy onsite or can they go home  31:30 – When a normal walking gait will return  34:45 – If patient falls behind on PT, will they have major problems?  35:40 – Are patients satisfied with new height and improved quality of life?  41:00 – Final words of advice for those researching cosmetic limb lengthening
May 10, 2020
Leg Lengthening Podcast Episode 6: Interview with Dr. Kevin Debiparshad
I had the pleasure of interviewing yet another world renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. Kevin Debiparshad. He is the founder of The LimbplastX Institute in Las Vegas, NV with a focus on bone deformities and cosmetic Limb Lengthening to get taller.  We discussed several topics ranging from the optimal recovery using specialized surgery techniques, pain, proportion and multiple other topics.  Give the episode a listen to hear about Dr. Debiparshad's passionate perspective on the world of limb lengthening. His website is:
May 2, 2020
Leg Lengthening Podcast Episode 5: Interview with Dr. Shahab Mahboubian
In my first limb lengthening expert interview I had the honor of speaking with Dr. Shahab Mahboubian of the Height Lengthening Hospital in L.A., California.    We discussed a variety of leg lengthening topics including:   Which bones you should lengthen first if considering both femurs and tibiae  The importance of a support network for optimal recovery  Typical patient timetable return to sports and athletics  The rate of patient happiness   So give it a listen and if you find it helpful share it with those who might find it helpful! Dr. M's website: Dr. M's Instagram: @heightlengthening  
April 17, 2020
Podcast Upload Delay due to COVID-19
Hey guys, I just want to let you know why there hasn't been a podcast in a bit. I had about 3 episodes lined up prior to the coronavirus outbreak and ever since the follow-up with the candidates who were going to share their story decided to postpone the interview. I understand and I hope you do too. This is a tough time for all of us. I will be reaching out to a few orthopedic surgeon doctors in the field to see if this is a good time (although I feel like they have joined the COVID-19 battle too). If not, I may just do a solo episode every now and then based on topics/questions I get asked about all the time. Touch base with your loved ones! Talk later, Victor
March 21, 2020
Leg Lengthening Topic Talk: Potential Complications
Yeah, of course the doctors won't "highlight" the leg lengthening surgery complications for you as they don't want you to worry too much. And although they're pretty rare, they can occur.   Things like...  Non-union (aka: bone heals too slow or not at all)  Premature Consolidation (aka: bone heals too fast)  Thrombosis (aka: blood clot that could dislodge and cause embolisms)  Fat embolisms   Hardware Malfunction (aka: broken rod or screws)  Infection (aka: bacteria that gets into incision sites...keep it clean!)  Nerve damage (loss of sensation)  Loss of Flexibility & ROM (do your therapy or might lose it for good) If you want to watch the video version you can see it here:
March 7, 2020
Leg Lengthening Podcast Episode 4: Dr. Kwei Quartey
Dr. Kwei Quartey is an actual patient who got the Leg Lengthening Surgery done in 2015 by Dr. Maboubian in Los Angeles, California to increase his height near 3". Kwei made went into solid detail explaining the process of his procedure, his struggles, his complications, and most importantly his satisfaction of result of getting taller. He also gives his two cents on the cost of the surgery, and some psychological advice for getting through it. In fact a great way to pass the time while down if you plan to, or are currently undergoing the leg lengthening surgery is to check out his novels via links below... ___________________________ Being a leg lengthening patient and doctor of medicine Kwei has utilized his new "stance" on life to inspire others through his series of crime fiction novels as an extremely well-established author, receiving several awards including LA Times Best Seller List in 2009 and Best Male Author the following year.  Wife of the Gods (2009) was the acclaimed debut novel in the Inspector Darko Dawson series, a police procedural set in Ghana. Next in the series came Children of the Street (2011), Murder at Cape Three Points (2014), Gold of Our Fathers (2016), Death By His Grace (2018). Death at the Voyager Hotel, a mystery e-novella not in the Darko series, was published July 2013. The January 2020 publication of The Missing American heralded the beginning of a brand new series, the Emma Djan Investigations and on Instagram @crimefictionwithkweiquartey You can find his books on Amazon and other book vendors: Wife of the Gods The Missing American
March 5, 2020
Leg Lengthening Podcast Episode 3: Sepo
Sepo is a 19yr old university student from Namibia, Africa who is currently 5'0 and wants to gain some height. She exploits the reasons behind her desire as wanting to boost her personal happiness and her willingness to face the rigorous procedure head on for a life full of confidence and improved self-worth. Although she knows that the investment is steep, she also touches on why she feels the US is the ideal region to have the procedure done. Even at her young age, she realizes that she wants to live the majority of her life happier without a having a fixable insecurity such as short stature holding her back! (I had to trim more than I wanted to and you'll slightly talk over each other at some points due to the international latency audio lag...regardless still a great listen!)
February 25, 2020
Leg Lengthening Podcast Episode 2: Matt
Matt is a 23 yr old recent university graduate who is currently 5'6" and desires to get taller. He has been following the leg lengthening procedure for nearly 8 yrs and understands Height Dysphoria is a real mental health issue. Although he was able to mitigate the accumulation of student debt, the cost of the leg lengthening surgery is a major deterrent. In the episode, you'll hear Matt discuss his deep-internal-perspectives on how he believes the surgery can cure the intense pain of height dysphoria
February 19, 2020
Leg Lengthening Podcast Episode 1: Adam
In this first episode of the leg lengthening podcast I speak with Adam about his desire to get the procedure done. He drops some serious value bombs about the surgery as well as giving insight into why "Self-Worth" is super important in general. Give it a listen and share your comments about your leg lengthening story.
February 15, 2020