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"The Journey Back To Self"

"The Journey Back To Self"

By Leisa Nadler
"The Journey Back To Self" is exactly that, how do we find who we were born to be and come home to self. Through our enlightened state of mind and body, we experience personal fulfillment. I share alot of my journey of self-abuse, mental illness, sexual trauma, abandonment, toxic relationship, suicide & so much more. Why do I do this because through sharing you will discover your past does not define your future. My divine guests & I come here to serve your soul so you can rise to a multi-dimensional space through love, let us all awaken & transcend with unconditional LOVE!
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Relationship to Food and Your Body

"The Journey Back To Self"

Relationship to Food and Your Body

"The Journey Back To Self"

Relationship to Food and Your Body

"The Journey Back To Self"

"Heart Chakra Activation and Alignment"
Let me take you on a journey of a very different kind. In this episode I use one of my divine gifts to connect with you at a DNA and cellular level. I use Light Language, "The Language of LOVE", to ignite your heart and clear what is blocking it from allowing love to be ignited fully within your. This is something for you not to understand just put some phone air plugs in lie down in a comfy place, close your eyes and receive.  WARNING: Do not try to understand or make sense of this! It is just for you to receive and allow the beautiful process :-) Now lie back and enjoy divine one xx
June 26, 2019
Relationship to Food and Your Body
Join myself and the amazing Celeste Rains-Turk where we dive deep into the relationship with your body and food. Celeste is a number 1 best selling author of "Believe your way to Badass", hosts her own podcast series and is a national level speaker. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and is a NASM certified personal trainer.... so trust me she knows her stuff. Celeste is on a mission to help people Build More Than Just a Body. Did I mention she is a on stage high level competitor as a Bikini Model.  This women knows what it takes to go through ups and downs and love the skin she is in.   
June 14, 2019
Beautiful Heart Felt Interview With Anne-Louise Harbutt
'Anne-Louise is a transformational coach on a mission to empower women to move past their fears and limiting beliefs so they can find a place of true self acceptance which has a positive impact on their business, their finances, their health and their relationships.  She is highly intuitive and she uses this incredible gift when working with clients so they get to do the deep inner work that gets powerful results.' Join us as we talk all about her "Journey Back To Self" and she shares so juices insights and tip on all things self love and mindset Love and Light  xx
June 14, 2019
Why Oh Why Am I Doing This ?
In this first ever episode I share with you WHY I am doing this. Why I am sharing the most intimate and vulnerable parts of me and WHY NOW!!! Join me on this first episode and feel into what is coming next. My mission on earth is to help as many people as I can learnt that "THEIR PAST DOES NOT DEFINE THEIR FUTURE". 
June 11, 2019