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Free and happy life

Free and happy life

By Leo (kind and gentle) Force
Thoughts that I share with you

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4. May - personal AI coder
Good time of the day or evening or night, wherever you currently are.  Today is the 4. May 2021 It is a late evening in Munich, southern Germany, where I currently am.  It was a normal, cold-ish for spring and especially for May, day.  May the fourth be with you.  Relatively recently we had a conversation with my oldest nephew about software development and artificial intelligence development, in particular.  I told him that I'd love to have an AI coder, which would create software, in exactly the same way I want to have it.  My nephew is a software developer and he told me that he is against such type of AI, because this type of AI would leave him without work.  Instead of telling him, that he, obviously is not a person, who, apparently, at least at this point of time, will free human coders from oppression of work; please pay attention, that I didn't say from creation, because the creative people will always find the ways to create.  Instead of that I asked him the following questions:  What would you do, if you didn't HAVE to work for money? What he would do, if his real needs were covered and he still would be FREE; free to do what is really important for him personally, for the planet he lives on and for all living beings and organisms... to make / to create on his own by himself or in the "on demand" teams and groups? What would you do?  What would you make? What would you create? I didn't tell to him, however what I thought was, that he apparently is not the liberator of software developers from the slavery of thinking that software developers like any other people have to work for money to be able to live on our planet.  We, so called "humans" are the only once, who are slaving to live on our planet.  Yes, of course, there is this one 1%, who don't have to work to live, the other majority however is slaving to survive.  Work is the modern days slavery, where the vast majority of beings who work, believe that they are free. Unfortunately, there are only a very few being on our planet, who are really free. The others are hopelessly enslaved by money and have accepted the current model for normal.  FUXK no, it is not normal at all. And the saddest thing is, that this majority will pull the beings, who live differently, back into their slavery or this majority will do everything possibly to prevent the beings, who live differently, to change the fuxked up model of our current reality.  Change is scary for many, because the other better outcome is not yet seen by this majority and only leading with some positive example(s) is possible to make the change.  I also need money to survive at the current stage and under the current situation, however, I'm at least aware about it and I'm striving to live in a world, where all people are happy and FREE to live exactly there, where they want to live and to do exactly that, what they really want to do, as long as it doesn't cause any harm to anything and / or anyone.  #money_has_to_disappear Thank you for listening I hope you'll find the future podcasts as well, till then, I wish you all the best. Yours, Leo Force. May the Force be with you!
May 4, 2021
Self introduction
This podcast is my self-introduction  Good time of the day or evening or night, wherever you currently are. Today is the 28th of April 2021  Local time in Munich, where I currently am around 14:30.  It's a sunny, warm-ish day, today.    My name is Leo Force.  This is my chosen name, not the name I was born with.  On my website I describe myself as  the real me: a scanner [definition by B. Sher in one of her books “Refuse to choose”], a social multipreneur, a curious mind, a change catalyst, a child of Earth and Universe. I consider myself being an Earthling. I'm an empath and ambivert some people call us extroverted introverts, mostly vegan, I do yoga and meditations. I'm polyamorous, sex positive and straight. I love independent, intelligent and good-looking women with beautiful bodies and beautiful souls. I love raw desserts: raw cakes and raw cupcakes. I’m still learning to communicate using conscious and harmonic communication, which includes the principles of radical honesty, transparency, openness, empathy, non-violent communication, “The Work” by Byron Katie and permanent and never-ending conscious kindness. I live to my best possible capacity by living by the following principle: “do as you will, as long as you do no(t) harm anyone and / or anything”. My personal mission statement be happy be independent and free have a home (or two) to live (not just a bouncing point to return to) live in places where I feel great speak many various languages fluently play several musical instruments be an amazing life partner to my female life partner(s) be a wonderful parent to our children be healthy and full of energy at any age At the current time in me live two opposites: – one dreams about living in a world, where money don’t exist even as a term. In a world, where people are free, happy and live in harmony with each other. – the other one wants to live on an Earth-similar planet only with my own family without any other people with a possibility to visit Earth any time we want to or to live on our own two islands: one in tropics and one in subtropics (Mediterranean) and own several real estate properties all around our beautiful planet Earth, on different continents and in various places and countries. If you want to know more about me, feel free to visit my website and my content on various social media platforms. I hope to see you in my future podcasts.  Goodbye. 
April 28, 2021