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Doing Divorce Different

Doing Divorce Different

By Lesa Koski
Alleviate your fears of divorce and do it a different way. Join Family Law Attorney and Mediator Lesa Koski and co-host Kim Geiken (who used to be a client and became a mediator) for candid conversations to take the fear out of Divorce.
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Welcome to the Doing Divorce Different Podcast Episode 1

Doing Divorce Different

#13 Don't Forget to do These Things After the Divorce Paperwork is signed with Attorney Annie Brose
You do not want to miss this!  So often when the divorce is done we want to run into a whole and hide.  You do always need your self care but don't forget how important changing your beneficiary designations, transferring your retirement plans and making sure your real estate deeds are up to snuff.  These are all things we help you remember during your divorce process.  We always persuade clients to actually take care of them while they are going through the divorce.  You don't want anything hanging around to muck up you ownership.  Annie Brose is a well known attorney whose practice encompasses Estate/Trust planning, real estate and business.  She has all the tips for updating your assets after divorce.  You can find Annie at:  Firm Website Lesa Koski's Website Instagram facebook Linkedin
September 21, 2021
Self Coaching Through Difficult Stuff
In this episode I share my self help and coaching tips.  You will learn how to coach yourself and take responsibility for your outcome.  A 5 step process will prepare you for a difficult conversation or mediation session.  Dealing with anger in the moment is real, learn some tricks to handle this and other difficult feelings.  Finally find out how a peaceful mindset is available to you.  website instagram facebook  linkedin 
September 14, 2021
Dealing with Anger and Other Difficult Feelings with Dr. Elizabeth Cohen #11
If you are alive this episode is for you.  We all deal with difficult feelings and negative thoughts; whether we are going through a divorce or other life experiences.  The lovely Dr. Elizabeth Cohen shares her insight on how to grow through these feelings and thoughts; making divorce a true gift. You will get insight on how to handle difficult situations in the moment and how to prepare for them ahead of time.  The first major lesson is taking the judgment off your feelings.  If you are going through a divorce you should be angry.  Dr. Elizabeth calls it righteous angry.  Allowing yourself to feel this and all difficult feelings is the first step to healing.  If you are heading into a situation that you know will be difficult "book end it".  Do something nice for yourself before the situation and do something nice for yourself after.  Listen to learn tips on how to deal with negative feelings that pop up in a difficult moment.  Please join us now and learn more in Dr. Elizabeth Cohen's book, Light on the Other Side of Divorce.  You can find Dr. Elizabeth on her website, click here.  Lesa Koski's website Instagram Facebook Linkedin
September 7, 2021
Keep Your Children in Relationship with Both Parents Through Divorce With Dorcy Pruter, Founder and CEO of Conscious Coparenting
You will enjoy hearing Dorcy Pruter's amazing story of experiencing and then becoming a solution to parental alienation.  It is so important for children to be in relationship with both parents.  "When a child rejects a parent they are rejecting 1/2 themselves", Dorcy Pruter.  Learn tips on how to help your child bond again and authentically communicate.  Find Dorcy on her Website. Lesa Koski's Website Instagram Facebook Linkedin
August 31, 2021
Divorce is an Opportunity with Susan Guthrie, Esq.
You will feel relief about divorce after listening to leading dispute resolution professional Susan Guthrie.  Susan shares her divorce journey and how it changed her law practice.  Learn how to be intentional with your divorce mediation.  "Looking at the past is what got you that serving you now?" Susan Guthrie.  If you are struggling through divorce this podcast is for you.   Find Susan Guthrie at:         Website                                                                           Instagram                                                                         Facebook                                                                         Divorce and Beyond Podcast Find Lesa Koski at: Website  Instagram Facebook
August 25, 2021
Take the fear out of Divorce #8 with Brian Burns
This episode will ease your mind about how the divorce process is affecting your kids.  Join Kim and I as Marriage and Family Therapist Brian Burns gives you multiple tips on how to help your kids be ok through divorce.  Also learn how you can find out if you are ready for divorce.  Reach out to Brian at  Share your healing divorce stories with us at  The name of the netflix movie is The Marriage Story! Website Facebook Instagram Linkedin  Twitter
August 17, 2021
Parenting #7
Help your children thrive through divorce! Learn how to become a united force even through divorce.
August 12, 2021
Doing Divorce Different Episode 6 with The Laughing LoveBugs
In this episode you will learn how to deal with stress through laughter.  Join us as we learn how laughter can change your life and it doesn't even have to be something that you think is funny.  Lauren and Alik AKA The laughing lovebugs share their story of healing through laughter.  Go to for more information about how to begin a healing journey through divorce.
August 3, 2021
Doing Divorce Different Episode #5 with Coach Tracy Pleschourt
In this episode you will learn the 5 simple steps to self coaching from my very own personal coach Tracy Pleschourt.  Join us and begin the healing journey through divorce.  Find Tracy at  Please use the code VIP to get 50% off her upcoming crash course.  Find us at
July 27, 2021
Doing Divorce Different Episode 4 with Michelle Kniess
If you are wondering about your divorce options this episode describes when mediation is appropriate and when you may want to get attorneys involved.
July 20, 2021
Doing Divorce Different Episode #3
Learn all about Collaborative Law with our special guest Attorney Angela Heart.
July 13, 2021
Doing Divorce Different Episode #2
This Podcast is a Business Talk Radio interview of host Lesa Koski.  You will learn all things mediation!
July 5, 2021
Welcome to the Doing Divorce Different Podcast Episode 1
We are so excited to share our stories and talk all things divorce!  Get to know my good friend and former client Kim Geiken as she shares her adventures through the divorce journey.
June 28, 2021
Welcome to the Doing Divorce Different Podcast
Host Attorney and Mediator Lesa Koski and Kim Geiken (a divorce mediator client who became a mediator) bring you all things divorce.  Alleviate the fear of Divorce and learn how you can do it different, better.
June 23, 2021