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Marriage Champs

Marriage Champs

By Dr. Leslie Griffin
Managing the seasons of your love life can be tricky. Sometimes you're in a season of marital bliss and other times you're in the midst of an unrelenting storm. This podcast is for couples, in ANY season, who are determined to finish strong! Whether you're feeling great about your relationship or less than optimistic about the future, we have a word of encouragement for the winner in you! Topics include: faith, finances, intimacy, conflict, communication, parenting, infidelity, infertility, in-laws, friendship, stress, grief, boundaries and more.
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Not a Spectator Sport!
Growth is the key to relationship satisfaction and marital longevity. In this episode Dr. Griffin encourages listeners to get off the bench, get in the game and ACTIVELY participate in making their relationship thrive otherwise it simply won’t survive!
September 11, 2021
Your Marriage Shall Live Part 2: Where did it all go wrong?
Are you constantly asking yourself the same frustrating questions like, “How did we get here?” or “Where did it all go wrong?” If so, this episode may shed some light. More importantly my guest reveals a better question to ask (you’ll have to listen to the entire segment to find out what that question is) and a possible solution to get things moving in the right direction.
February 26, 2021
Your Marriage Shall Live Part 1: 364 Days Away From a Better Valentine's Day
Celebrations of love like Valentine's Day and wedding anniversaries become less common for couples "in the middle." If they even acknowledge the day, it's not with much excitement and anticipation. More than likely they experience lots of anxiety and fear.
February 14, 2021
It’s time for a new season!
This short segment is an introduction to the first two episodes of the Marriage Champs podcast which speak specifically to couple in crisis. If your relationship is in a season of dispair take a listen to "Your Marriage Shall Live Parts 1 & 2."
February 11, 2021