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Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget

By Tenement Yaad Media
Hosted by Gen-Z Jamaicans, Lest We Forget reflects on past events of the Caribbean and how they shape the region we live in today; both socially and psychologically.
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The Walter Rodney Riots
On October 15th of 1968, the University of the West Indies lecture, Dr. Walter Rodney, was banned from entering the country; the left his pregnant wife and son in Jamaica without him. When students at UWI learned that their professor was barred from re-entry in the country and stranded on an airplane, a protest organized by students at the university would take place beyond their control turned into a riot as Rastafarians, unemployed youth, and disenfranchised persons in society who Rodney has impacted joined the protest. What would transpire is levels of anti-blackness, violations of human rights, police brutality, government propaganda and nationalism, that ripple throughout the Jamaican society and the Caribbean in the days to follow.  Song: Riot - Damion Marley and Sean Paul
October 11, 2020
The Impact - Part 1
On the first installment of our the impact series, which details the contribution of Dancehall creatives in our societal space, we breakdown the discography of legendary artists, Beenie Man & Bounty Killer Song: Who Am I - Beenie Man Song: Down In the Ghetto - Bounty Killer
September 28, 2020
PNP & The Tale Of Three Gullies
In the 1970s, the first PNP led administration underwent measures to upgrade and developed the Lilford, Sandy and Mcgregor Gully in the Kingston and St. Andrew area. These three projects would give rise to unseen levels of corruption thus resulting in millions of dollars been stolen, a government worker been killed and Michael Manley, prime minister and party president, calling the police on his own political party.  Song: Gully Side - Mavado
September 13, 2020
Nutri Bulla and Milk
Under the leadership of Jamaica's first woman to be a Minister of Education Dr. Mavis Gilmour, the famous Nutribun school feeding program of the Phillippines was introduced in Jamaica back in the 1980s. Under that program, buns, bulla cakes, milk, fruit juices, and later cheese bread introduced in Jamaica schools and were proposed to be a good alternative to the cooked food feeding program that was in place. However, a number of societal problems allowed the Nutribun to not be as effective as it could be.  Song: Ting - A - Ling, Shabba Ranks 
August 9, 2020
One Day, Some Men Roll Up In Parliament With Guns and Took Over Government
The Jamaat al Muslimeen coup attempt was an attempt to overthrow the government of Trinidad and Tobago, instigated on Friday, 27 July 1990. Over the course of six days, Jamaat al Muslimeen, held hostages at the Red House (Parliament building) and at the headquarters of the state-owned national television broadcaster, Trinidad and Tobago Television (TTT).  In the end, the prime minister was shot, persons died and numerous others would never be the same again.  Song: Babylon Fallin - Kabaka Pyramid 
July 19, 2020
The Clarks Phenomenon
From the community of Somerset in England, rose the shoe brand of Clarks. It was the Desert Boot, "inspired" by North African soldiers that allow the company to become a global phenomenon. In the 1960's it took off in Jamaica but not in the way anyone expected; wearing a Clarks in that decade could result in you been beaten by the police and in some cases thrown in jail.  A banned in 1973 by the Jamaica prime minister at the time,  Michael Manley, resulted in an increase in its popularity; so much that it became the shoe of choice for musicians and socialites. For the next couple of years, the Desert Clarks, Wallabees and Desert Trek became a national phenomenon. In the 2000s, it started to lose its popularity to Nike and Adidas that is until Vybz Kartel, a popular dancehall deejay was asked a question by his mentee, Popcaan.  Song at the beginning: Clarks - Vybz Kartel, Popcaan & Gaza Slim Song at the end: Clarks Again - Vybz Kartel
July 5, 2020
The Three Times An Anti-Chinese Riot Took Place In Jamaica
In 1918, the first of 3 Anti-Chinese riots took place in Jamaica. It began in Ewarton, St. Catherine between a Chinese grocer who found his black employee in bed with a police officer. The Chinese grocer brutally beat the black man but a rumour spread that the Chinese and his friends had killed the black man and pickled his corpse which then instigated the riots. 20 years later, in 1938, the Labour Riots gave birth to the uprising of looting and arson attacks on the Chinese grocery establishment. Then the trifecta occurred in 1965 when three Chinese brothers brutally attacked their black Joyce Copeland over the purchasing of a radio. There is also another version of the latter event where it is rumoured that the Chinese man was having an affair with said black employee. Still, a riot broke out.   Song at the beginning: Bubblin' Over - Zap Pow Song at the end: Bubblin' - Protoje
June 21, 2020
The Time Bob Marley Kick Down His Manager
In 1976, on the 3rd of December, at his residence of 56 Hope Road, Bob Marley survived an assassination attempt mostly by his manager, Don Taylor, been a barrier between him and assassins. Almost 3 years later in a Gabonese hotel room, Bob Marley would spend over 3 hours kicking and beating Don Taylor. The incident would go on to influence one of Marley's most famous track, Bad Card Song: Bad Card - Bob Marley & The Wailers
June 7, 2020
The Tivoli Gardens Story
It was back in the 1950's that the government of Jamaica made plans to redevelopment the crime ruined and inhumane living conditions that was Back - O - Wall. A community given that name for it was populated by persons who were cast aside by society i.e Rastafarians, criminals, and the poor. Post Independence and under the leadership of the Minister of Development and Welfare, Edward Seaga, Back-O-Wall was developed into the widely praised model community of Tivoli Gardens. From petty gang violence of the 1960s to bloody political violence in the 1970's, Tivoli Gardens' reputation was far from good by the 1980s which saw the rise of Lester "Jim Brown" Coke, the successor to the don of the area in the 1970s, Claudie Massop. When Jim Brown died in 1992, his son, Christopher "Dudus" Coke, took over and that started the slippery slope that would become the community we know of today. Enduring three different incursions in the past 25 years, that led to the deaths of innocent civilians, the story of the model is still been written today, and it is not a happy read.  Song: Uptown Downtown - Dre Island
May 24, 2020
Merlene Ottey vs The World
On this podcast, we break down the Olympic career of one of the world's greatest sprinters of all time, The Most Honorable Merlene Ottey. Competing professionally for Jamaica for over 20 years, Ms. Ottey has never won an Olympic gold medal even though she has earned, 6 bronze and 3 silver medals making her one of the Games' most decorative track and field Olympian. However, 2 years after the 2000 Games in Sydney, Ms. Ottey switched allegiance to Slovenia. This came off the yields of the Ottey - Peta Gaye Dowdie controversy at the Sydney Games. Song: Mavado- On the Go
May 10, 2020
Bring In All Rastas Dead or Live - The Coral Gardens Story
The Coral Gardens Story surrounds a series of events which saw from April 11-13, after a violent altercation at a gas station in Montego Bay, Jamaican police and military forces detained Rastafarians throughout Jamaica, killing and torturing many after been given orders from then Prime Minister and National Hero the Right Excellent Alexander Bustamante.  With this episode being released on its anniversary dub "Bad Friday" each year, it is only fitting that we detail what led to this horrific incident. We tell the story of how the Rastafarians community was created in Jamaica and detailed the continuous system to oppressed its members since the 1940s.  Song: Blessed Is The Man - Kabaka Pyramid ft Chronixx
April 10, 2020
The Time Marcus Garvey And Norman Manley Came To Blows ...Well Almost
In 1932, a dispute over the construction of a gas station led to a heated argument between future national heroes of Jamaica, then KSAC councilor, The Right Excellent Marcus Garvey, and the then most sought off lawyer in the country, The Right Excellent Norman Manley. This joined a series of disagreements between the two national leaders: the most recent at the time involved Garvey's legal case where he brought his first wife Amy Ashwood to court over adultery allegations. All at the same time he was married to another woman; a fact unknown to both of his "wives".  Song: Do Sumn - Konshens
April 5, 2020
RIP Seaga But You Still Have These Politicians Out Here Sweating
Shortly after coming to power in 1972, looking for ways to demonstrate its break with the past, the government of Jamaica led by Michael Manley's People's National Party adopted the Kariba Suit as its uniform. The Government even passed a law in Parliament affirming the correctness of the outfit for official functions thus serving as a replacement for the traditional three-piece suit popularized by the former colonizer, England. However, the opposition, the Jamaica Labour Party, led by Edward Seaga, was not having it.  Also, the crew shouts out their love and appreciation for the most inspirational Prime Ministers' spouse in Jamaica's history: Beverly Anderson Duncan (formerly Beverly Anderson-Manley). We forever stan her and the example she set for intelligent, opinionated dark-skinned women with coily hair in a society where they were never seen and never heard.  Song: Three Piece Suit by Trinity
February 23, 2020