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let god die podcast

let god die podcast

By Let god die
Let god die is a weekly podcast serving as a vehicle to open up conversations and hear about what God's done in people's lives. We see everyone's story as the death of their former perceptions of God; and we believe that there is great value in sharing those experiences.
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112 - paul granger - eyes open to God at work

let god die podcast

the let god die diaries 01: agenda
Josh shares some of the backstory of let god die and about realizing in the past that he was approaching God with a personal agenda.
October 3, 2019
Bonus: guest spot on the "Where did you see God?" podcast
Josh shares a little bit about what's to come with let god die episodes and he was a guest this week on the "Where did you see God?" podcast this week! We'll be back next week with the first let god die diaries episode!
September 26, 2019
from the archives: repost 06 - evan koons
Evan Koons, host of the video series "For the Life of the World," shares his story and we talk about what our salvation is for. Focus is placed on "being saved" but not much focus is placed on what that salvation is FOR. Check out For the Life of the World - Evan's new movie -  Twitter - @evankoons Originally posted August 17, 2016
September 19, 2019
from the archives: repost 05 - andrew alojipan
 Andrew from Kept on Hold joins us again to talk about having a willingness to pray difficult prayers, surrendering our own desires for God's best. check out Andrew's music -  Originally posted January 19, 2016
September 12, 2019
from the archives: repost 04 - jesse campbell
 Jesse Campbell joins us again to discuss trusting God and remaining obedient when things don't go as expected.  Jesse -  Rural Empowerment in Uganda -  Originally posted August 03, 2016
September 5, 2019
from the archives: repost 03 - tommy green
 Tommy Green from metal band Sleeping Giant shares about the vehicle of music to share the gospel and shares his story of experiencing grace and rescue from choices of the past. Sleeping Giant - The REV Gatherings - Featuring Sleeping Giant's song "Death Knell."  Originally posted June 29, 2016
August 29, 2019
from the archives: repost 02 - seth and melanie studley
 Seth and Melanie Studley, from the Anatomy of Marriage podcast, join us to share about their near divorce and their commitment to growth and true healthy transparency. We talk about the healing that's taken place in their marriage and about what healthy transparency looks like. Josh's wife Kendra joins as a guest cohost!  Originally posted April 13, 2017 
August 22, 2019
from the archives: repost 01 - joel kime
 Sometimes our actions have irreversible results. Forgiving ourselves is made near impossible due to the walls created by those hurt by our actions. Joel's story is one of receiving grace and forgiveness in the face of tragedy. We hope it challenges you to give grace and to recognize that we've all been recipients of extraordinary grace through Christ.  Originally posted March 16, 2017
August 15, 2019
117 - erica harris - the deception of self-sufficiency
Erica's story was marked by clinging to a lot of her own self-sufficiences before coming to Christ and many life circumstances were stacked against her.  God grasped hold of her heart and changed her in a very real way! Erica shares her story of growing up in a very unstable family environment, surviving hurricane Katrina as a child, and friends who had an influence on her life leading her to come to know Jesus.  
August 8, 2019
116 - janelle maree - hope past trauma
Poet and teacher Janelle Maree shares her story of childhood trauma and having a long history of anger with God. She shares the value of peace and clarity in the midst of turmoil and how God has redeemed so much of what had been meant for evil.
August 1, 2019
115 - mitch marcello - fresh expressions of church
Williamsport's Mitch Marcello shares about the ministry he's involved with called Fresh Expressions and we talk about exploring different ways of engaging with the community. We talk about how it might not be a horrible thing that many churches are closing their doors - though we acknowledge that it is never something to celebrate, it at times gives opportunity to passionate followers of Jesus to rise up.
July 25, 2019
114 - dave bindewald - created to play and explore
 Dave shares about the necessity to continue to play and explore as adults. These words are often relegated to children and Dave has dedicated his life to helping adults access their curiosity in ever-expansive ways. His journey brought him to start the Center for Play and Exploration 3 years ago 
July 18, 2019
113 - alex washburn - more than coincidental encounters
2 Christians and 1 atheist walk into a Walmart... Alex was an atheist who was looking for answers when several Christians crossed his path at just the right time in his life.  He explains "Wow, God, You must be real" as he realized these encounters were more than coincidental.  We also talk a lot about the importance of liturgical practices in Alex's daily walk with Jesus and about his podcast "Creeds & Deeds."  Check out Alex's podcast "Creeds & Deeds" -
July 11, 2019
112 - paul granger - eyes open to God at work
This week's guest is Paul Granger, host of the "Where Did You See God?" podcast.  Paul shares about his passion for sharing stories of God at work and challenges us to have eyes open to where God is at work in the here and now, today.
July 3, 2019
111 - amy savoie - no shame in brokenness
"The beauty of humans is that we're all broken and that's the one thing we have in common and there shouldn't be shame in that" Amy shares about her journey with hypochondria and depression that culminated in a mental breakdown this past January. We talk about the stigmas related to mental health issues that held her back from getting proper help. Through community, therapy, medication, and her reliance on Jesus, she finally feels like she is fully herself. We're so honored that Amy shared her story so transparently with us and we're excited to share it!
June 27, 2019
110 - bethany gemus - surrendering control
"I was very controlling about what people knew of me. I didn't want them to know things about me that I hadn't shown them." Bethany shares her story of surrendering control to allow the Holy Spirit to do a work in her heart. message Bethany! -
June 20, 2019
109 - Anthony Shimanek (part 2 of 2) - embracing unpalatable truths
Anthony Shimanek joins us again for part 2 of our conversation.  We talk about the difficult things that Jesus taught and the desire to embrace them.  To not shy away from them, even if it means that it may scare people off.
June 13, 2019
108 - Anthony Shimanek (part 1 of 2) - free from keeping up appearances
Anthony shares his story of being set free from the pressure to fake being close to God and coming to a place of sincerity in his walk with Jesus. This is part 1 of a 2 part conversation - part 2 coming June 13.
June 6, 2019
107 - Calvin and Josh - our stories are in process
We were tagged by John LeBoeuf from the Creative Coping podcast. He references Youngman Brown's show notes from Your Creative Push podcast - he says, "We are going explore the fact that your story doesn’t have to reach a completion for you to start sharing it. You simply have to share what’s inside of you. The closer you can get to that message, the better it will be…not necessarily in quality, but in the weight that it carries for you and for others." We're tagging Chris and Courtney from Uncomfortably Yours to do the same - share your story as it is right now - with the incomplete unresolved pieces.  past let god die episodes - Creative Coping podcast - Uncomfortably Yours podcast
May 29, 2019
106 - Nate Allen - patience with the healing process
Nate Allen (Good Saint Nathanael, Destroy Nate Allen, Nate Allen & the Pac-Away Dots)joins us again to share about his journey of healing from past spiritual abuse. Nate shares that healing has been a long-continued process for him. Nate talks about the necessity to be patient with our own process of healing and forgiveness and to be patient with others as well. episode 034 with Nate -
May 23, 2019
105 - Byron Zeigler - pointing to the Good Shepherd
Our guest Byron Zeigler shares about the struggles and triumphs he's experienced in his first year pastoring a small church in Bellefonte, PA and the necessity to always point people to Jesus, instead of to himself. Check out Byron's podcast we reference -
May 17, 2019
104 - John LeBoeuf - God can handle our messes
Poet, podcaster, husband, and dad John LeBoeuf shares about realizing that God is able to handle his doubts and struggles. We talk about his poetry as Johnny Anomaly, why he sometimes feels like an anomaly in the poetry scene, and his journey in coming to see that many of us see God as too weak to deal with our junk. Johnny's poetry - Johnny's podcast - If you'd like to support us in the making of this podcast, it would be greatly appreciated!
May 9, 2019
103 - Tina DeSeta - healing in its proper time
Tina shares about past trauma associated with sexual abuse and about the need to allow space and time for others and ourselves to recognize the need for healing.
May 2, 2019
102 - Caleb Schirmer - Living In The Grace Of The King
Caleb Schirmer shares about having a willingness to reach out and recognize Jesus as King - that he is not the hero of his story. Check out Caleb's blog - All past episodes -
April 25, 2019
101 - Crystal Bird -God's goodness amid tragedy
"I think what has brought me to this stage in my faith is a truckload of tragedy." Crystal Bird shares openly about her life's journey through loss, cancer, trauma, and depression.
April 18, 2019
100 - a look back at the first 99 episodes!
Calvin and Josh talk about some of their favorite episodes so far and what they've learned through the podcast. Several listeners offer their thoughts as well! MUCH longer version available at
April 11, 2019
099 - Welcome Back!!!
After a very long break, we're back with episode 099! This episode is a brief overview of life for Josh and Calvin over the last 8 months or so!
April 4, 2019
098 - Michael Rosado - When Willingness Exceeds Obligation
Youth minister and worship director Michael Rosado shares his story of moving from a place of dutifully following Jesus to a place of seeing it as an honor and privilege to follow Him. Check out Michael's music at
July 26, 2018
097 - Eric Stevenson -uncomfortably unsure: i encourage you to doubt...
Eric Stevenson from the band Pocket Vinyl shares about embracing uncomfortable topics in life, valuing understanding over answers, and whether we should do away with the word "Christian" altogether.
July 20, 2018
096 - Christian Holliday - God's Presence In Every Moment
Christian Holliday of the Gaffer Project shares his experience of living as a ragamuffin who loves experiencing the presence of God in the everyday moments.
July 13, 2018
095 - jordan doyle - healthy fear leading to reverence
Jordan Doyle from the band Gaffer Project shares about their album "Slowknife: a study of fear" and how a healthy approach to fear can result in having a positive reverence for the difficult things in life.
July 6, 2018
094 - josh & calvin - part 2: the desire to live - not just tell - the story of God
We talk about having the desire to live out the story of God in our lives. Calvin tells his version of Jesus's interaction with Mary and Martha and we chat about being present and available. We're giving away 1 copy of Anthony De Mello's book "The Way to Love," let us know if you're interested! Submissions accepted through July 10.
June 28, 2018
093 - josh & calvin - part 1: not the hero of our story
We give some life updates and Calvin shares about what he's been learning - that we were never meant to be the strong character in our own stories, but that it's about Jesus being our strength.
June 21, 2018
092 - bruce stubbs - a wanderer's journey
Bruce shares how a free steak dinner while hitchhiking in the 70's changed the trajectory of the rest of his life, leading to living on a Christian commune in Florida living daily life as the body of Christ.
June 14, 2018
091 - chris bernstorf - being known in community
Chris Bernstorf and host Josh Mozug talk about Matthew 7:21-23 and about allowing ourselves to be known by others in community. Chris's poetry - Matthew 7:21-23 21 “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22 On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’ 23 And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.’
June 7, 2018
090 - greg coles - single, gay, christian
Greg Coles, author of "Single, Gay, Christian," shares his story of surrendering his sexuality to God and finding community and family as part of the body of Christ. Check out more about Greg and his book -
May 31, 2018
089 - mike sares - righteousness like filthy rags
Mike Sares, pastor of Scum of the Earth Church in Denver, Colorado, shares his story of becoming a pastor and seeing his need for God's grace. Mike tells us about how he identifies with the perspective of the older brother in the story of the prodigal son and that although he may not have gone his own way, he still has lost sight of the heart of the Father. Check out
June 30, 2017
088 - monika fout-kowalewski - devastation overshadowed by grace
Trudging through the loss of her husband and on the brink of losing her mind, Monika found healing and grace through the darkest time of her life. Monika shares her story of God's goodness and how He brought so much into her life at a point when she thought her best days might be behind her.
June 22, 2017
087 - trevor heyd - respectfully undignified
Skateboarder/beatboxer/evangelist Trevor Heyd talks about respecting others and their viewpoints while being unashamed sharing about Jesus. Check out Trevor's ministry -
June 16, 2017
086 - zack bowman - life beyond commiseration
Commiserating about the pain is only part of the process, as we talk about moving past talking about our brokenness, and coming to a point of dealing with it. Zack shares his story about the darkest time period of his life and experiencing God's active role in his life in the process.
June 9, 2017
085 - mark nicks - humility is never self-deprecation
Mark, singer of Cool Hand Luke and Polyvalent, shares about coming to a point of valuing who God's made him to be, rather than seeing himself as less. The track at the end is "Are You Coming?" from Cool Hand Luke's album "Of Man."
June 1, 2017
084 - david mantel - determined to confront doubts
David Mantel shares his story of confronting doubts in his walk with Jesus and coming to value understanding more than answers. Check out his project Naal at and
May 25, 2017
083 - Share your story with us!
A lot of people say "everything happens for a reason." We believe, that although this sentiment is a nice thought, that it often leads to frustration and discouragement when good reasons can't be found. We're looking for stories of how God used what was meant for evil, for good. We'll be using the audio provided for a future episode of the podcast. You can send the audio of your story to
May 19, 2017
082 - mark thompson - a desire for Jesus above all else
In trouble with the law and facing possibly prison time, Jesus got ahold of Mark's heart and dramatically changed the trajectory of his life. Mark's testimony video -
May 12, 2017
081 - mike lewis - saying yes to a life of giving
Mike Lewis, host of the Giving is Believing podcast, shares about reluctantly going on a mission trip to Haiti that drastically changed the trajectory of his life. Mike talks about he and his wife's decision to saying "yes" to giving and choosing to live lives of generosity.
May 5, 2017
080 - jon whaley - church mindset vs. kingdom mindset
Jon joins us once again to talk about the Church. We delve into having a broader perspective than the confines of our own church buildings and looking at supporting the Church's efforts to grow the kingdom of God. You can check out Jon's new church plant website at
April 27, 2017
079 - jon whaley - experiencing God through a willingness to obey
Jon shares his story about joining a worship band in high school hoping to be a rock star and having his motives checked. Currently in the process of starting a church in southeast Michigan, Jon shares stories of God's direction and clarity through simple obedience.
April 20, 2017
078 - seth & melanie studley - emptying the trash cans of our marriages
Seth and Melanie Studley, from the Stronger Marriages podcast, join us to share about their near divorce and their commitment to growth and true healthy transparency. We talk about the healing that's taken place in their marriage and about what healthy transparency looks like. Josh's wife Kendra joins as a guest cohost!
April 13, 2017
077 - josh & erica burkey - the church's approach to suicide and depression
Josh and Erica Burkey from the Victims and Villains podcast share about depression and suicide and how the Church can more effectively reach hurting people.
April 6, 2017
076 - jeanette hickman - Catholic roots: rooted in Jesus
Christian Welch joins as guest co-host in our conversation with Jeanette Hickman. Jeanette was on the podcast sharing about redefining success for episode 027. We welcome Jeanette back to share her story of coming to follow Jesus and we approach some stereotypes we've experienced related to Catholicism. Jeanette in episode 027 -
March 30, 2017
075 - mike dente - called to ministry in France
Mike Dente, former singer of the band Roadside Monument, shares about God's call on his life away from a career in music and to what was meant to be a short term church plant in Paris. 20 years later and still in France, Mike is now a pastor and part of a Bible college startup. We talk about the differences in what it looks like to be a Christian in France compared to America and what he's learned through a different cultural context. Here's the link to the video we referenced - Check out the Bible college -
March 23, 2017
074 - joel kime - product of radical grace
Sometimes our actions have irreversible results. Forgiving ourselves is made near impossible due to the walls created by those hurt by our actions. Joel's story is one of receiving grace and forgiveness in the face of tragedy. We hope it challenges you to give grace and to recognize that we've all been recipients of extraordinary grace through Christ.
March 16, 2017
073 - josh stone from outward conversation
Josh Stone of traveling discussion group Outward Conversation updates us on what's been new and what he's learned on his travels. We also delve into the dangers of making it our pursuit to avoid sin, rather than to grow in our love for Jesus and as a result have less desire for sin. Josh and Dylan's episode with us! - Neo-Nazi story -
March 9, 2017
071 - beckie nemcheck - dedication to the next generation
Beckie shares about the call in her life to invest in the younger generation of youth.
February 23, 2017
070 - josh & calvin's interview on the sectarian review podcast
Check out our interview on Danny's podcast!
February 16, 2017
069 - danny anderson - from a passive to active faith
Danny Anderson from the Sectarian Review podcast joins us to discuss the problems with Christian celebrity and issues that are damaging within the Church. Danny shares about his story of becoming active in his walk with Jesus and his start with his podcast. Josh's interview on the Forgetting Walls podcast -
February 9, 2017
068 - ian simkins - own your regrets to release them
Ian shares about the many times he's fallen into ministry roles he's not equipped for and God's faithfulness to grow him and work despite his self-perceived inadequacies. A pastor now, Ian tells us about some of the struggles he faces in ministry and we talk about the value of owning our mistakes in the process of repentance. Ian's 60 second sermon about regrets and repentance -
February 2, 2017
067 - rebeca pedrosa - enthroning Jesus in dc
Rebeca Pedrosa joins us to share about the 24/7 worship ministry David's Tent in Washington DC. We talk about worship, she shares about her journey from Brazil to Norway to DC, and about the ways God has grown her along the way. We also feature the song "Say" by Alive City. Music video for "Say" - Alive City -
January 26, 2017
066 - curtis deBellefeuille - valuing impractical intimacy
Curtis shares about some ups and downs in his faith and recently seeing the need for intimacy in his relationship with God. We talk intimacy in relationships and how impractical it often is to spend time with God, yet entirely necessary and always worth it.
January 18, 2017
065 - levi the poet - healing through healthy vulnerability
Josh pits Levi against Calvin for a game of "Angsty lyric or Angsty Bible verse?" Levi shares about his mom's book, spoken word poetry, and WE share an audio clip of Levi's mom telling stories from Levi's childhood. The track "The Great American Game" comes from Levi's album "Correspondence (a fiction)"
January 11, 2017
064 - jody macallister-humbles - God's goodness despite tragedy
Jody the Mother (Levi the Poet's mom) shares about her debut memoir, Counting It Joy, focusing on her family's journey through her husband's depression and suicide. We discuss the Church's approach to mental illness and the goodness of God despite unspeakable tragedy. Enter our contest by sharing your favorite let god die episode on Facebook with the tag #letgoddie - 2 winners will be chosen randomly to receive copies of Jody's book!
January 4, 2017
063 - karl fisher - called out of vocational ministry
The founder and owner of Alabaster Coffee Roaster & Tea Co. in Williamsport, PA talks with us about his call out of vocational ministry into the marketplace. Karl shares about the challenges he faced as a youth pastor as well as the challenges of conducting business with a mission in mind. Check out Alabaster on Facebook or at the link below! Email Karl -
December 28, 2016
062 - loyal thurman - unifying underground subcultures
Loyal has had a heart for reaching young people for decades. Seeing the need to relate to those in the hardcore music scene, he founded Unified Underground - a national ministry of Youth for Christ focused on building relationships with those involved in a variety of underground subcultures.  Loyal - Unified Underground -
December 21, 2016
061 - scott smith jr - from obstacle to opportunity
Scott's disability caused him to see the need to rely on God at an early age. The obstacles in his life haven't been limitations to him, but opportunities that have directed him in ministry and taken him places he never expected to be. If you'd like to support what we do -
December 14, 2016
060 - kashif khan (part 2 of 2) - experiencing God’s active goodness
Kashif Khan, drummer and singer of Wither, shares about becoming aware of God's activity in his life, experiencing God's goodness, and operating in prophetic gifting. Kashif's testimony video - Wither - Wither's song "Benevolence" is used at the end of this episode.
December 7, 2016
059 - kashif khan (part 1 of 2) - transformation of a former satanist
Kashif Khan, drummer and singer of Wither, shares about growing up in a Jewish household, turning to satanism, and having a genuine encounter with Jesus that changed his world. Wither -
November 30, 2016
058 - keyoung - free spirit called to a season of stability
Spoken word/hiphop artist Keyoung (Jeff Stuckel) shares about identity, finding God through the music scene, and finding value in stability in his current season of life.
November 23, 2016
057 - justin rose - singing the story of God at work
Justin Rose from the band Families joins us to talk about story telling and discuss what Biblical narratives relate most to him.
November 16, 2016
056 - peter nevland - God's way vs. the 'right' way
Spoken word poet Peter Nevland shares about God's call on his life from the corporate world to pursue his passions and follow God's way over the "right" way. Check us out at
November 9, 2016
055 - quaitisha ford - coming out of homosexuality
Wife and mother Quaitisha Ford shares about God's call on her life to come out of the homosexual lifestyle and turn to Him. If you would like to talk to Quaitisha further, you can message her through her page -
November 2, 2016
054 - micah bournes - the God of every culture
Micah Bournes joins us to share about how he ventured into spoken word and his new soul album and learning to value differing cultural expressions of faith in Christ. Download his music and poetry for FREE at
October 26, 2016
053 - josh mozug - does God want us to be happy?
"God wants you to be happy." "I just want my kids to be happy." They sound good, they sound right. But what is God's heart regarding our happiness? Josh shares about how this mindset misconstrued his understanding of God on this week's podcast.
October 19, 2016
052 - katie dorband - when what happens is not God's will
Children's director, worship leader, wife, and mother of 3 Katie Dorband joins us today to talk about God's will. Does God's will always occur? Does everything that happens align with His desires? What are we saying to each other in the midst of tragedy? check out our podcast resources at or
October 12, 2016
051 - quin snyder - confessions of a pastor: struggling with unforgiveness
Youth pastor Quin Snyder shares about dealing with unforgiveness and the root issues causing it in his life. We also feature the track "Dark Depths" from Kevin Schlereth
October 5, 2016
050 - greg cahalan - coming to the end of yourself
Pastor Greg Cahalan shares the story of God's call on his life, losing his way, and going through the painful process of seeing his need for God by coming to the end of himself. Check out our podcast resources at
September 28, 2016
049 - jack napier - confessions of a pastor
Jack Napier from Metro City Church in Taylor, MI - ( shares some of the struggles associated with being a pastor and leading others. Check out our resources at
September 21, 2016
048 - justin peters - perspective is everything
Justin Peters shares the story of how Jesus transformed his life and that having the right perspective makes all the difference. The song featured at the beginning of the podcast is "I've Been Places" by Household. Check out Household on Facebook - and on Bandcamp -
September 14, 2016
047 - calvin holloway - the sufficiency of Christ's sacrifice
Calvin shares what he's been learning about the sufficiency of Christ's sacrifice. Check out our podcast resources -
September 7, 2016
046 - josh and calvin - life and let god die updates!
Josh and Calvin share updates about their lives and new things coming for let god die! Subscribe for the month's resources - 5 in total - through our Patreon page - or check out our FREE resource - pdf & audio file -
August 31, 2016
045 - tim seneker - here on purpose for His purpose
Tim Seneker shares about adoption and God's redemption in his life since birth. The poem referenced is by Micah Bournes - Check us out at
August 24, 2016
044 - evan koons - what is our salvation FOR?
Evan Koons, host of the video series "For the Life of the World," shares his story and we talk about what our salvation is for. Focus is placed on "being saved" but not much focus is placed on what that salvation is FOR. Check out For the Life of the World - Evan's new video series - Twitter - @evankoons
August 17, 2016
043 - michael davenport - faith that transcends the theoretical
Deidox films producer Michael Davenport shares about documenting stories of God at work and his own journey to Jesus. Check out for some incredible videos of God at work in ordinary peoples' lives. Their newest film can be rented or bought at
August 10, 2016
042 - jesse campbell - obedience beyond discouragement
Jesse Campbell joins us again to discuss trusting God and remaining obedient when things don't go as expected. Jesse - Rural Empowerment in Uganda - If you'd like to support us -
August 3, 2016
041 - omer young - redefined retirement
Omer Young joins us once again to share about aging and thinking differently about retirement. "you keep the idea in your mind that the great commission applies to you... I really believe it's hard to get old if you're doing that."
July 27, 2016
040 - omer young - forsaking vague forgiveness
Omer Young shares about the power of forgiving specifically rather than vaguely.
July 20, 2016
039 - outward conversation - facilitating transparent discussion
Josh and Dylan from traveling discussion group Outward Conversation share about learning to walk in the freedom of Christ and having the desire to help others break down walls in their own life so they can fully live the way they were created to.
July 13, 2016
038 - annamccarthy - individuals are not concepts
Blogger and author Anna McCarthy shares her story about learning that God is a giver of good gifts as opposed to one who just takes. Anna shares her approach when dealing with difficult topics - recognizing that individuals are involved and not only ambiguous concepts. Anna's blog - If you would like to support our podcast -
July 6, 2016
037 - Tommy Green - radically rescued from regret and shame
Tommy Green from metal band Sleeping Giant shares about the vehicle of music to share the gospel and shares his story of experiencing grace and rescue from choices of the past. Sleeping Giant - The REV Gatherings - Featuring Sleeping Giant's song "Death Knell." If you believe in what we're doing and would like to support us, check out our page here -
June 29, 2016
036 - Collin Melton - resolving to accept the unresolved
Collin Melton - husband, father, wanderer, seeker of truth and purpose - shares about accepting what we don't have clear answers about and always striving towards growth. We feature the track "Steve Jobs" from Andrew Warner's latest album available at
June 22, 2016
035 - Pastor LU - acknowledging the relevance of the gospel
Pastor LU of Murrysville Alliance Church in Murrysville, PA shares about engaging with people through the gospel in a way that doesn't attempt to MAKE it relevant, but simply acknowledges that it is. We also feature hip-hop/spoken word artist Keyoung's song "Blood Charm" from his album "Illogical Rest" available at FB -
June 15, 2016
034 - Nate Allen - on the road to healing
Destroy Nate Allen frontman Nate Allen joins us to discuss his journey of healing from past spiritual abuse. Check out Nate's music at If you have any questions or want Nate to recommend someone if your area, send him an email -
June 8, 2016
033 - Ryan Gutowski - missional life in the neighborhood
Georgia resident Ryan Gutowski joins us to share about house church in his neighborhood and about opening their home to their neighbors. We also feature New York band Furnace Creek's song "Blackbirds" from their EP "Dysphoria" available at on FB - Check out more about the missional community in Georgia at
June 1, 2016
032 - Kevin & Jessica Schlereth - trusting the God who provides
Jessica and Kevin Schlereth share about following God's call on their lives to tour full time and trusting Him to provide along the way. check out Jessica's blog: listen to Kevin's music:
May 25, 2016
031 - Kevin Schlereth
Musician Kevin Schlereth joins us to share his story and delve into subtle self-centeredness that creeps into the Christian walk. We also feature Nashville artist Brettan Cox's new song "Walking on Air" from her album "Blood Red Blooms" out May 19th!
May 18, 2016
030 - Zachary Kamin - led to Jesus by a Muslim
God often uses unexpected sources to lead people to Him. Zach shares his story about how a Muslim friend told him about the Gospel, ultimately leading him to want to know Jesus.
May 11, 2016
029 - Jack Napier - impossible to be saved?
Pastor Jack Napier shares about coming to terms with the fact that following Jesus out of his own strength IS impossible but that through Christ and only through Christ, it is possible.
May 4, 2016
028 - Aaron Long - when God lets our plans fall apart
Worship leader Aaron Long shares about his trip to France and leading worship in a refugee camp. video from Josh's trip to Uganda
April 27, 2016
027 - Jeanette Hickman - recalculating success
Jeanette Hickman, spoken word poet from West Palm Beach, Florida joins us to talk about livings successfully.
April 20, 2016
026 - Ronnie Webster - affirming the progression of each others' identities
Ronnie Webster shares his story and about the ministry he leads called Identity House in Richmond, Virginia. Check out his video series Wrecked with Ronnie at the link below!
April 13, 2016
025 - Christian Welch - the illusion of morality
Spoken word poet Christian Welch shares his story about coming to the realization that morality is a fabrication and that God's grace is the standard. check out Christian's poetry at
April 7, 2016
024 - Brittany Tasch - limitless love that precedes our performance
Brittany Tasch joins us to talk about learning that God's love does not change based on our performance and about serving her community in Williamsport, PA.
March 30, 2016
023 - Margie Maierle - seeking to see through God's eyes
Margie Maierle shares her story about loving others no matter what and having a desire to serve and see others through God's eyes. Please consider helping her efforts with the soccer field in Detroit!
March 23, 2016
022 - Tremar Little - God of relevant grace
Tremar Little joins us to share his story of Jesus meeting him where he's at and showing Himself relevant. check out Tre's music -
March 16, 2016
021 - Amy Savoie - reluctant "victim" of undeserved grace
Amy Savoie shares about dealing with anxiety and being pursued by God's undeserved grace.
March 9, 2016
020 - Luke Sampson - time heals no wounds
Luke Sampson joins us and shares about the process of healing from past hurt and we approach the saying "time heals all wounds."
March 2, 2016
019 - Gordon Scheerhorn - finding freedom through total surrender
Calvin's mentor Gordon Scheerhorn joins us to share his story of discovering that through surrendering his life to Jesus, he could begin living in freedom to live a full life.
February 24, 2016
018 - Mark Salomon - trusting (rather than fearing) God's sovereignty
Singer-songwriter Mark Salomon of White Lighter, Stavesacre, Neon Horse, Outer Circle, and the Crucified joins us to share about growing in the understanding of the sovereignty of God. Mark's podcast - The following songs were used in this podcast - White Lighter - "Swan" The Crucified - "Your Image" Stavesacre - "Gold and Silver"
February 17, 2016
017 - Adam Coffman - when God reaches into dark places
Blogger Adam Coffman shares his dynamic story about God's presence in the dark moments of life and being with us in periods of brokenness.
February 10, 2016
016 - Chris Bernstorf - when God doesn't fit our definition of 'good'
Spoken word poet Chris Bernstorf joins us to share his story and talk about the differences between our concept of good and what it means that God is a good Father. listen - follow - watch -
February 3, 2016
015 - Jay Costlow - embracing identity in Christ beyond natural tendencies
Our friend Jay Costlow from Pennsylvania joins us to talk about God giving her empathy for people and working beyond her introversion.
January 27, 2016
014 - Andrew Alojipan (part 2) - a willingness to pray difficult prayers
Andrew from Kept on Hold joins us again to talk about having a willingness to pray difficult prayers, surrendering our own desires for God's best. check out Andrew's music - and if you'd like to support his band's future touring ventures
January 20, 2016
013 - Andrew Alojipan (part 1) - living aware of God's pervasive presence
Kept on Hold frontman Andrew Alojipan joins us to talk about living aware of God's presence for part 1 of 2 episodes. check out Andrew's music - and if you'd like to support his band's future touring ventures
January 12, 2016
012 - Adam Dorband - God gives you what you desire?
Youth pastor Adam Dorband joins us to talk about what is often misunderstood about Psalm 37:4 - "Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart." We discuss the difference between delighting ourselves in God and delighting ourselves in the results that we want to see. Check out Adam's podcast at
January 6, 2016
011 - Sean Smith - awakened to true purpose
Sean Smith joins us to talk about God's redemption from addiction and finding true purpose in Christ. Sean's testimony video - Renew -
December 30, 2015
010 - David Hardie - making difficult what God has made easy
We sit down with David Hardie from Beaver Falls, PA(president of Suncrest Camp, associate pastor, graphic artist) to talk about youth ministry and the difficulties we often find ourselves in while walking with Jesus. Suncrest Camp - chippewa alliance church - eschaton clothing -
December 23, 2015
009 - BONUS EPISODE - Jesse Campbell - Part2
009 - BONUS EPISODE - Jesse Campbell - Part2 by Let god die
December 20, 2015
008 - Jesse Campbell - God of high expectations?
Living self-conscious vs. Christ-conscious. Does God have high expectations on us that we can't attain? Jesse Campbell shares his story about overcoming feeling not good enough to follow God and finding that Jesus is enough.
December 16, 2015
007 - Dan Wixtrom - growing in the truth of who God says we are
Dan Wixtrom from band Furnace Creek joins us to talk about keeping an open heart in the search for the truth and of our identity in Christ.
December 9, 2015
006 - Shane Cox - Father with a heavy hand of punishment, or a loving hand of correction?
Shane Cox, pastor of Take Hold Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, joins us to talk about seeing God as Father.
December 2, 2015
005 - Tony Gebhard - i once had sight, but now i see
Musician Tony Gebhard shares about living with the "gift" of blindness.
November 25, 2015
004 BONUS EPISODE - the problem with thanksgiving?
Being thankful is great, but it's only part of the equation...
November 23, 2015
003 Chris Pasik - the dull life or the full life?
"God is not 'big-chief-no-fun.'" Youth minister Chris Pasik joins us to talk about the full life in Christ compared to the dull life many perceive it to be. MetroCityChurch.TV Check out more at
November 18, 2015
002 Zach Maas - God of grace or God of wrath?
Spoken word poet Zachary Joseph Maas joins us to talk about poetry, God's grace vs wrath. Follow Zach at Check out more at
November 11, 2015
001 Podcast Intro
Introduction to the weekly podcast addressing misunderstandings and misconceptions about who God is and what it means to follow Him.
November 3, 2015