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The Women’s Club

The Women’s Club

By Letlotlo Morule
This is the second leg of Khulisa Mfazi and this is a safe space created for women and non-binary individuals. This space focuses on all conversations relating and regarding women. It created for us to empower each other, educate and assist each other to rise above our circumstances.
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Men, Stop Killing Us.

The Women’s Club

Men, Stop Killing Us.

The Women’s Club

Men, Stop Killing Us.
Women are being killed, by men, on a daily basis. We are tired, we are sad, we are hurting & we are mourning. This is an episode to ALL men in effort to voice our pain regarding Gender Based Violence.
June 23, 2020
Phonecall Conversations with Women’s Club ft Le Nanza
In this episode, we chat to DJ and Radio Presenter, Le Nanza. We chat about her growing career, the importance of women in the entertainment industry and she offers some advice to anyone attempting to penetrate the entertainment space! Enjoy it!
May 30, 2020
Phonecall Conversations with The Women’s Club ft Tebogo Mphahlele.
In this episode, we chat with Tebogo Mphahlele. She is the founder of Lead Young SA Foundation & Women Network Africa. She is an agent of change and an advocate for women all over Africa!
May 15, 2020
Phonecall Conversations with The Women’s Club ft Tshepang Langa.
In this episode we have an insightful conversation about black hair and beauty and we touch on many aspects such as maintenance & the hardships of being a black girl in South Africa with 4c textured hair.
May 1, 2020
Phonecall Conversations with The Women’s Club ft Athabile ‘Athabz’ Ngxamngxa
Today we’re having a conversation with Athabile Ngxamngxa, Head of Brand & Activations, for Homecoming Events! We chat all about the entertainment world & more about how Homecoming Events continues to successfully reign in the event space!
April 24, 2020
Turn Passion into Impact.
In this short episode we engage about the importance of creating impact and why one should strive to have a positive impact upon their world and upon the the people around them.
April 3, 2020