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Let's Ask My Friends

Let's Ask My Friends

By Let's Ask My Friends
A podcast with three friends—Deepansh, Yuvraj and Chiranjeev—asking the right questions, one episode at a time. The idea is simple: we talk about the hard questions, casually.

We believe that friends usually have all the answers in their anecdotes and banter. All it takes is a question. All it takes is asking. So, let's ask my friends.
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Are You Alone or Are You Lonely?

Let's Ask My Friends

What's Up, Man?
For the last episode of this season, we decided to talk about the most important question: what's up, man? The idea is simple, we talk about our lives, what changed throughout the year, how the pandemic changed our lives and perspectives. We also talk about our families with a whole lot of banter, our experiences with work and relationships. This episode is longer than our usual because it's just three friends talking. The banter would check out too, and you'll see it's dialed up in this one. We decided to do one of these at the end of each season so this is a tradition now. It's also a way to say that we're definitely coming back after a short break. We sincerely hope you liked what we brought you for these thirteen episodes. We also hope we added some value to your life. All in all, we'll be back and with more thoughtful but awesome conversations soon enough. What a wild ride this has been! It all started from a Whatsapp group chat. Also, we mentioned in the episode that we're revamping our Patreon. As of the release of this episode, the revamp is pending, but it will be live along with the second season.
January 18, 2021
What Are Your Priorities?
Priorities are something that most people don't talk about much. We often claim to have priorities that our actions go entirely against. It's typical behaviour. For example, someone who says that financial freedom is their priority and yet fails to contain their splurging is not in sync with their real priorities. You can think of countless examples from so many lives you're privy to, including your own. Most of us falter at some point when it comes to priorities. In this episode, we wanted to touch upon our current priorities, how we prioritise, what our understanding of the entire idea is, how we avoid errors, how we fail at it and so on. We hope you enjoy our little discussion! Also, we're on Patreon now so if you feel we're doing a good job, feel free to support us!
January 2, 2021
What Do Boundaries Mean To You?
Boundaries are important. They're important not just for individuals but for all social relationships in an individual's life. When boundaries are enforced correctly, be it in personal, professional or social situations, they help us live our lives as per our comfort and understanding. There's also a downside when the boundaries get too stringent. We explore all of that and more in this episode. We talk about our experiences with both enforcing and breaking boundaries, why we find boundary-setting difficult, how we actually define boundaries and so on. We hope you'll like this episode! Also, we're on Patreon now so if you feel we're doing a good job, feel free to support us!
December 19, 2020
How Often Do You Overthink?
Are you a chronic overthinker? All of us are guilty of overthinking. Most of us have a friend who says, "Damn, man. You think too much," or maybe, we are that friend for many people. So, we decided to ask the same thing. During this episode, we talk about our individual experiences with thinking about things and then thinking about thinking. We try to answer how we define what "over" is for all three of us. We also share what works for us, what has worked for us in the past, things and tools we use to cut our thought from going into that spiral. We think you'll like this episode. If you don't, we'll keep thinking about it, going in circles, wondering what happened. Also, we're on Patreon now so if you feel we're doing a good job, feel free to support us!
December 5, 2020
What is Fitness to You?
Fitness is important. We won't bore you with clichés and quotes on how a fit body leads to a fit mind. However, we touched this topic because fitness is also very toxic, if not one of the most toxic topics out there. The reason is because people don't understand what fitness is to them. It means different things to different people. Fitness for an athlete and a programmer are bound to mean different things. Yet, they go to the same gym and get the same trainer. It's a lot of hullabaloo without much consequence when it comes to getting fitter. That's why most people quit. In this episode, we talk about our experiences and journeys towards finding our definitions for fitness. Spoiler alert! It means different things for all three of us. We hope we can help you find what it means to you as well. ---------- Note: This episode is slightly more explicit than our usual episodes. We felt it better to let you know here even if the Explicit E is already on it.
November 20, 2020
How Do You Deal With Failures?
Everybody fails. There’s no lie about it. Failure sucks and hits hard, and usually when we’re already down. It can be difficult to get out of a failed situation. It could be a failed business, a failed relationship, or even a failed task. There’s no scale here. It’s all equal. However, in failure lies learning. In failure, lies hope to try again. Therefore, we wanted to ask each other how we deal with failures. What motivates us to get out of our slumps, what struggles we’ve had, and how failure and the act of failing has made us who we are over the years. Also, we’re on Patreon now so if you feel we’re doing a good job, feel free to support us!
November 7, 2020
How to Build Your Routine?
In the last episode, we discussed why routines are important. The reason for splitting the idea of routines into two episodes—the why and the how—was to make sure we give both the motivation and the process equal time and attention. So, in this episode, we talk about the best practices (please take that with a grain of salt) that work for each of us, the different methods that we use to build our routines, the ways we track habits, and more importantly, how do we rebuild a routine once it's broken. As always, you can find the references and shownotes at Also, we're on Patreon now so if you feel we're doing a good job, feel free to support us!
October 23, 2020
Why Should You Have a Routine?
Since self-improvement is nothing without mentioning routines, we decided to pick the question as well. However, routines are a broad stroke, if nothing else. So, we decided to split the episode into two parts: the why and the how. This is the why of routines, and here we talk about our experiences with routines, how they've built us up, how they've helped us, and so on. In the episode, we touch upon how routines are everything that remains when a crisis arrives, how we're always in a routine, and other ideas we feel are worth hearing at least once. In the next episode, we'll discuss how we build routines. As always, you can find the shownotes on, and we're on Patreon if you'd like to support us and help us keep this going.
October 10, 2020
What's YOLO for You?
You only live once! The phrase YOLO has reverberated throughout the past decade. For us, though, this phrase carries a double-meaning. While "you only live once" is a perfect statement to push people into action. Towards spontaneity, it also brings with it, some level of caution. When it is not a call to action, it is a warning. In this episode, we explore this duality in the ever-present acronym. Throughout the conversation, we realise how all of us perceive it differently when it comes to action and warning. Coincidentally, we arrive at a neat metaphor to, perhaps, balance it all out. This may be our wildest yet most thoughtful episode yet. As always, you can find the shownotes at Also, we're on Patreon now, and we'd love it if you could help us do what we do!
September 26, 2020
When's It Okay To Compare Yourself To Others?
Comparisons are often frowned upon, and of course, they don't make us feel great most of the time. However, there's a not-talked-about upside to comparing yourself with others. In fact, if done right, it can become a brilliant catalyst to push you in a better direction. Our friendship thrives on healthy rivalries and pushing each other forward. In this episode, we talk about exactly that: when is it okay to compare yourself to others? As always, you can find the shownotes on Also, we're on Patreon now. So, if you like what I do, help us sustain it and get exclusive access in return!
September 12, 2020
What's Your Relationship with Money?
After realising that not everyone talks to their friends about money, we decided to bring that as a question as an episode. Money is essential, there's no denying that. Still, there has to be a balance between its importance for a person and the things that they genuinely value. In this episode, we discuss our individual relationships with money, our journeys with finance so far, how we save or accrue money, things that we've tried, ideas that we follow and so on. This is a packed episode! We've also shared the resources we've mentioned in the shownotes at
August 28, 2020
What's Your Life Beyond Your Instagram?
In a slightly offbeat topic, we decided to discuss how social media apps, especially Instagram, have people censor significant aspects of their lives to only post content of a certain kind. The conversation takes an unexpected turn, though when we realise that each social media platform today now offers a new way to express yourself. The possibility and the sheer differences in each of our approaches made us realise how each platform can add value to each person's life differently. Throughout the episode, we also touch upon feedback loops, setting boundaries, toxic positivity, app management and other healthy social media usage practices which might help you cope with the new normal of platforms all around.
August 15, 2020
Are You Alone or Are You Lonely?
In this episode, we wrestle with the differences between when someone is just alone and when that turns into loneliness. Since each of us have had our own tryst with both of them, the discussion evolves into a collection of interesting anecdotes. We also share how we cope with loneliness, what works for us and what we feel could be the way to get out of loneliness once it hits you. There's no denying it always hits, eventually. We hope this helps you out in some way, and we hope our collective experience through this conversation is worth your while. Find the show notes on
August 1, 2020