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Join the guys as they talk about history, culture, and more! Kiki | Celebrate | Connect
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Ep. 124: I Will Always Love Stonewall

Let's Talk About Gay Stuff

Here's to Poppers
This week Thomas, Chris, & Dusty discuss the follow-up to "What If It's Us" with "Here's to Us" by Adam Silvera and Becky Albertalli and dive into the history of poppers.
October 02, 2022
Ep. 144: Category is: Ball Culture with Jameela and Michelle
This week Thomas, Chris, and Dusty discuss Actress Jameela Jamil and media personality Michelle Visage
September 18, 2022
Ep. 143: What if its Lotus
This Week Thomas, Chris, and Dusty discuss the book What if its Us, and Lotus Development Corporation giving same sex benefits to domestic partners.
September 06, 2022
Ep. 142: It's The Crossover For Me
Thomas and Chris invite Spencer from our Spoopy Podcast for a Crossover Episode exporing the mysteries of Amelia Earheart and the Murderous Doodler.
August 21, 2022
Ep. 141: Charlie Carver's Life as a Teenage Robot
This week Thomas, Chris and Dusty discuss Charlie Carver and the cartoon 'My Life as a Teenage Robot.'
July 31, 2022
Ep. 140: The Impossible Beauties of LPAC
This week Thomas, Chris, and Dusty kiki and discuss 'The House of Impossible Beauties by Joseph Cassara' and the founding of LPAC in 2012.
July 11, 2022
Ep. 139: Big Freedia Goes to Iceland
This week Thomas, Chris and Dusty talk about the legendary Big Freedia and Iceland's historic celebration of Gay Rights
June 26, 2022
Ep. 138: Alexander has a Great Birthday
This week Thomas, Chris, and Dusty discuss the YA book 'Birthday' by Meredith Russo and the gay-ish life of Alexander the Great.
June 12, 2022
Ep. 137: Erica Kane Passes the Baton to Korra
This Week Thomas, Chris, and Dusty discuss the career of Susan Lucci who played Erica Kane on All My Children and the Anime Series The Legend of Korra.
May 29, 2022
Ep. 136: Joe Biden Declares This Is How It Is
This week Thomas, Chris, and Dusty discuss the book This Is How It Always Is by Laurie Frankel and then Vice President Joe Biden declaring his support for Same Sex Marriage in 2015.
May 01, 2022
Ep. 135: Fortune Favours Princess Di
This week Thomas, Dusty, and Chris talk about Comedian Fortune Feimester and the beautiful life and tragedy of Lady Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales.
April 18, 2022
Ep. 134: Ted Kaczynski's Achille's Heel
Thomas, Dusty, and Chris discuss the Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller and drop a bomb about Ted Kaczynski.
April 03, 2022
Ep. 133: Azealia Banks Calls Out The Homosexuals
Thomas, Chris, and Dusty discuss "The Homosexuals" documentary and the give & take relationship the LGBTQ+ community has with controversial entertainer Azealia Banks.
March 06, 2022
Ep. 132: Roy Cohn Reads Two Boys Kissing
Thomas, Chris, and Dusty review the book Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan and discuss the disgraced life of Roy Cohn
February 20, 2022
Ep. 131: Ramon Novarro bops to Kesha
Thomas, Chris and Dusty discuss silent film era icon Ramon Novarro and musical superstar Kesha.
February 06, 2022
Ep. 130: Let's Talk About Dating Ourselves
Thomas, Chris, and Dusty talk about the modern history of gay dating from cruising to AIM to Craigslist and Grindr, and so much more.
January 23, 2022
Ep. 129: Lil Nas X is Banned for his Discharge
This week Thomas, Chris, and Dusty welcome in the New Year with a kiki that spans all sorts of gay stuff and dive into some LGBTQ+ history with a discussion on Lil Nas X and the UK lifting its ban on gays serving in the military. 
January 09, 2022
Ep. 128: Being Out and Smart with Jack Berger
This week Thomas, Chris, and Spencer Kiki about gay stuff and talk with Jack Berger about the History and Future of LGBTQ+ magazines
December 26, 2021
Ep. 127: Wendy Chandler's Little Life
This week Thomas, Chris, and Dusty discuss the novel A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara and talk about Utah Teacher and Volleyball Coach Wendy Chandler (née Weaver).
December 12, 2021
Ep. 126: House of Spoopy does Gucci
This week the Let's Talk About Gay Stuff and Our Spoopy Podcast do a mash-up, cross-collaboration episode.  They talk gay stuff and murders!  They dive into the murders of John Lloyd Griffin and Tommy Lee Trimble, two men who were murdered for being gay, and the infamous murder of Maurizio Gucci, which inspired the Lady Gaga movie, House of Gucci.
November 28, 2021
Ep. 125: Rupaul and the Princesses of Power
This week Thomas, Chris, and Dusty discuss the life and achievements of the Queen of Drag Rupaul Charles and talk about the animated streaming television series She-Ra and the Princesses of Power a reboot of the 1985 classic
November 14, 2021
Ep. 124: I Will Always Love Stonewall
This week Thomas, Chris, and Dusty discuss the iconic Whitney Houston Ballad I Will Always Love You,  and talk about the book The Stonewall Reader.
October 31, 2021
Ep. 123: Flashback - Let's Talk About LGBTQ+ History Month
This week the boys flashback to their fabulous interview with the founder of LGBTQ+ history month Rodney Wilson.
October 24, 2021
Ep. 122: The Spirit of Coming Out
This week Thomas, Chris, and Dusty catch up after a long hiatus! The guys talk about Spirit Day and Chris’ Coming Out Story!
October 17, 2021
Ep. 121: Flashback - The AIDS Crisis
This week the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) used the term AIDS for the first time, over one year after the CDC reported the first cases of AIDS. In this episode, the guys discuss the AIDS crisis and how it ravaged the gay community in the 1980s.
September 19, 2021
Ep. 120: Flashback - Remembering the LGBTQ+ Icon Edie Windsor
This week the guys remember Trailblazer Edith Windsor, the plaintiff in the landmark Supreme Court case United States v. Windsor, which paved the way for marriage equality in the United States.
September 17, 2021
Ep. 119: Flashback - Remembering the LGBTQ+ Heroes of 9/11
The guys remember the tragic events of September 11th and recall the LGBTQ+ heroes of that fateful day.
September 10, 2021
Ep. 118: Flashback - Dr. Evelyn Hooker - The Hooker and Ally We Needed
This week the guys flashback to the episode where they talk about Dr. Evelyn Hooker – the ally who advocated for homosexuality to no longer be considered or studied as a mental disorder.
August 29, 2021
Ep. 117: Flashback - Paying Tribute to Marsha Pay-It-No-Mind Johnson
This week the guys flashback to the episode where they talk about LGBTQ+ icon and pioneer to today's LGBTQ+ right movement Marsha P. Johnson.
August 22, 2021
Ep. 116: Flashback - Mama Jose Sashays the Way for Equality
This week the guys flashback to when they talked about Jose Sarria aka Empress Jose I – the Widow Norton, the first Empress of San Francisco, who paved the way as an LGBTQ+ activist dating back to the 1950s and was the first known openly LGBTQ+ person to run for public office
August 15, 2021
Ep. 115: Flashback – Striking a Pose in Paris with a Ball
This week the guys flashback to when they talked about the iconic documentary ‘Paris is Burning,’ they began their sordid affair with ‘Pose,’ and  Kendall learns how to pronounce ‘ball’ (or is it ‘boll’?)​
August 08, 2021
Ep. 114: The Gravity of Annie Hindle
This week the guys broaden the kiki as Thomas, Kendall, Chris, and Dusty dive into the story of drag king Annie Hindle and they go 'Between the Covers' to review "The Gravity of Us" by Phil Stamper.
August 01, 2021
Ep. 113: Elton John Gives Olivia Rodrigo her Driver's License
Thomas, Kendall, and Chris talk about the rise of Olivia Rodrigo in the whip her snap her segment, and discussed Sir Elton John and his sobriety.
July 25, 2021
Ep. 112: Christine Hallquist and Montgomery Clift Go to the Movies
This week Thomas and Kendall discuss the historic gubernatorial run of Christine Hallquist and the successful & tormented life of Monty Clift.
July 18, 2021
Ep. 111: Our Guncle Richard Simmons
This week Thomas, Kendall, and Dusty go between the covers to discuss Guncle by Steven Rowley and debate fitness guru Richard Simmons' place in LGBTQ+ history.
July 11, 2021
Ep. 110: Lili Elbe and Tab Hunter go to Hollywood
Thomas and Kendall talk about transgender pioneer Lili Elbe and Hollywood heartthrob Tab Hunter.
July 04, 2021
Ep. 109: Let's Have a Kiki
This week Thomas and Kendall are joined by Chris, Dusty and Spencer to discuss the Stonewall Inn Uprising and why Pride still matters.
June 27, 2021
Ep. 108: Let's Talk About Edie with Judith Kasen-Windsor
Thomas and Kendall talk some serious LGBTQ+ history with Judith Kasen-Windsor, the surviving spouse of Edie Windsor, whose landmark Supreme Court victory in the Windsor v United States case gave us marriage equality in 2013.
June 20, 2021
Ep. 107: Jennie June has a Constant Craving for k.d. lang
This week Thomas and Kendall discuss transgender pioneer Jennie June and musical icon & LGBTQ+ pioneer, k.d. lang.
June 13, 2021
Ep. 106: Mary Jones, A Legendary Child
This week the guys dive deep in LGBTQ+ history and discuss Mary Jones, a transgender mistress of the 19th century and, Dusty takes us "Between the Covers" to discuss "Legendary Children" by Tom Fitzgerald and Lorenzo Marquez.
June 06, 2021
Ep. 105: Lucy Hicks Anderson and Angelina Jolie Celebrate Pride
This Week Thomas and Kendall discuss the life of transgender pioneer Lucy Hicks Anderson and bisexual icon Angelina Jolie.
May 30, 2021
Ep. 104: Let's Talk About Gay Stuff Celebrates Two Years
Thomas and Kendall celebrate the podcast's two year anniversary and give you another dose of LGBTQ+ history. The boys discuss the life and career of comedian Margaret Cho and dive deep into history as they discuss Albert Cashier, a Civil War veteran and transgender man.
May 23, 2021
Ep. 103: Frank Kameny gives Nikki a Tutorial on LGBTQ+ History
This week Thomas, Kendall, and Chris dive into LGBTQ+ history as they discuss an LGBTQ+ icon, Frank Kameny, and Chris whips us into shape when he discusses Nikki Tutorials in the latest ‘Whip Her, Snap Her’ segment.
May 16, 2021
Ep. 102: Annet Negesa Gets Investigated by J. Edgar Hoover
This week Thomas and Kendall discuss Ugandan runner Annet Negesa and the controversial former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover.
May 09, 2021
Ep. 101: Speaking Polari in the Dream House
Thomas, Kendall, and Dusty talk about the unique and mysterious gay language of Polari and Dusty goes 'Between the Covers' to review the Carmen Maria Machado memoir In the Dream House.
May 02, 2021
Ep. 100: LTAGS Celebrates 100 Episodes with Rodney Wilson
Thomas & Kendall celebrate the 100 episode milestone for Let's Talk About Gay Stuff. What better way to celebrate a podcast about LGBTQ+ history than to chat with the man who put LGBTQ+ history on the map, er, calendar, Rodney Wilson, Educator & Founder of LGBTQ+ History Month.
April 25, 2021
Ep. 099: Kim Petras, George Takei, Oh My!
This week the guys talk George Takei and Chris discusses Kim Petras in the latest 'Whip Her, Snap Her' segment.
April 18, 2021
Ep. 098: Butt's at the Folsom Street Fair
This week Thomas & Kendall discuss the history of the Folsom Street Fair and Archie Butt's heroic efforts during the sinking of the Titanic.
April 11, 2021
Ep. 097: The Prettiest Mormon
This week Thomas, Kendall, and Dusty go "Between the Covers" to discuss 'The Prettiest Star' by Carter Sickles and then dive into the start and the LGBTQ journey of the Mormon Church.
April 05, 2021
Ep. 096: Lady Gaga Telephones Robert Jeffery Dover
This week Thomas and Kendall saddle up to discuss Robert Jeffery Dover, who is the first active Olympian to come out, and they go gaga over the one and only - pop, fashion, and culture icon - Lady Gaga.
March 28, 2021
Ep. 095: Dumbledore tours the Coral Sea
This week Thomas, Kendall, and Chris talk vaccines, the Vatican, and a vast amount of LGBTQ+ history.  Kendall discusses the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea and Chris gives us another segment of 'Whip Her, Snap Her!' to discuss the LGBTQ+ relevance of Dumbledore & the "Harry Potter" series.
March 21, 2021
Ep. 094: Thomasine Hall and Carrie Chapman Catt Have a Kiki
This week Thomas & Kendall talk about true LGBTQ+ pioneers - Intersex colonial Thomasine Hall and suffragist Carrie Chapman Catt.
March 14, 2021
Ep. 093: Between the Covers with Thomas' Mom
The guys have a good time as they go 'Between the Covers.' First, Dusty shares his LGBTQ literary review on the book "Milk Fed," by Melissa Broader.  Then, the guys take a left turn as Thomas' mom has a surprise drop in!  Take a listen as she dishes on the podcast - feedback is a gift!
March 07, 2021
Ep. 092: Hattie McDaniel Appears in One Magazine
This week Thomas & Kendall dive into some LGBTQ+ history as they discuss the One Inc Supreme Court and the historic Oscar win for Hattie McDaniel.
February 28, 2021
Ep. 091: Barbara Jordan and JoJo Siwa Come Out
This week the guys discuss the other side of the Texas Winter Storm of 2021 and then get serious as they discuss LGBTQ+ history.  This week Chris returns for the Whip Her, Snap Her segment to discuss YouTube sensation, reality TV star, and business woman, JoJo Siwa.  They also review the legacy of political icon, Barbara Jordan, and discuss her influence in politics and American history. 
February 21, 2021
Ep. 090: Bill T. Jones and Willy Ninja Vogue
Thomas and Kendall discuss LGBTQ+ dance icons Tony Award winner, Bill T. Jones, and legendary voguer, Willy Ninja.
February 14, 2021
Ep. 089: William Dorsey Swann Is Gay Like Me
This week the guys kiki and dive into some LGBTQ+ history! They discuss the first drag queen, William Dorsey Swann, who also was the first to fight for the right for LGBTQ+ people to assemble.  AND Dusty is back for his "Between the Covers" segment to discuss the book "Gay Like Me" by Richie Jackson.
February 07, 2021
Ep. 088: Let's Talk About Our Gay History in 50 States
This week the guys talk to award winning author, Zaylore Stout, of the book "Our Gay History in 50 States," which earned the 2020 Best Book Award for LGBTQ Non-Fiction.  Zaylore talks about his life, why he was inspired to write the book, and the importance of celebrating African American History Month and Pride Month, particularly in the wake of the murder of George Floyd in the Summer of 2020. 
January 31, 2021
Ep. 087: Spongebob's Pansy Craze
This week the guys discuss the Pansy Craze of the Prohibition Days and invite Chris from Our Spoopy Podcast for a new segment "Whip Her, Snap Her" where he shares with us what the youths are talking about.
January 24, 2021
Ep. 086: The One With the Lesbian Evelyn Hugo
This week the guys talk about the lesbian wedding on the TV show Friends and introduce a new segment with Dusty, who joins the show to talk about LGBTQ+ reads. This week he reviews the book “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” by Taylor Jenkins Reid.
January 17, 2021
Ep. 085: An American Family has a Lavender Marriage
This week Thomas and Kendall discuss the documentary series "The American Family" and Hollywood's lavender marriages.
January 10, 2021
Ep. 084: David Hernandez Jr. Saves the Brunswick Four
This week the guys discuss these topics from the week in LGBTQ+ history: A historic stand for LGBTQ+ rights in Canada when the Brunswick Four lesbians fight for their right to party The assassination attempt against U.S. House of Representatives member, Gabby Giffords, whose life was saved by her openly gay intern, Daniel Hernandez, Jr.
January 03, 2021
Ep. 083: Let's Talk About 2020
This week the guys recap top 5 LTAGS moments of 2020!
December 27, 2020
Ep. 082: Ma Rainey and David Sedaris Shake their Bon Bon
This week the guys invite Dusty as a special guest host! They talk about the mother of Blues Ma Rainey; the start of the Latin Explosion with Ricky Martin, and the holiday classics of David Sedaris.
December 20, 2020
Ep. 081: Sarah Paulson is Working 9 to 5 in Australia
This week the guys invite, Chris from Our Spoopy Podcast on the show. We discuss same sex marriage in Australia; the legendary movie 9 to 5, and the illustrious career of Sarah Paulson.
December 13, 2020
Ep. 080: Raven has a Vision of Apples in Texas
This week Thomas and Kendall discuss Apple winning against Anti-LGBT Councilmen in Texas and explore why Raven Symone is So Raven.
December 06, 2020
Ep. 079: The Bishop shouts "Free Britney!" at the AIDS Conference
This week Thomas, Tony, and Kendall discuss the first AIDS Conference at the Whitehouse, the law of Buggery in Ireland, and Pop Icon Britney Spears.
November 29, 2020
Ep. 078: The Sad Laws That Rounded Up Gays and Judge Hampton Doesn't Care
This week Thomas, Tony, and Kendall discuss the anti-gay laws that rounded up men suspected of being gay in Nazi Germany and Sioux City, Iowa and Judge Jack Hampton who was censured for anti-gay remarks he made about two murder victims who were gay, Tommy Lee Trimble and Lloyd Griffin,  a case over which he presided.
November 22, 2020
Ep. 077: Jodie Foster tells Phyllis Frye to Call Me Maybe
Thomas, Tony, and Kendall celebrate the life and influence of three icons: Jodie Foster, Phyllis Frye, and Carly Rae Jepsen.
November 15, 2020
Ep. 076: Terry Sweeney and Pedro Zamora get GLAAD
This week Thomas, Tony, and Kendall discuss the advocacy of Pedro Zamora for HIV/AIDS, the impact of GLAAD, and Terry Sweeney's historic SNL debut.
November 08, 2020
Ep. 075: Bowen Yang presents Tammy Baldwin a piece of Tom of Finland Art
This Week Thomas, Toni, and Kendall talk about the trailblazing life of Senator Tammy Baldwin, The early rise of Comedian Bowen Yang, and the Iconic art of Tom of Finland
November 01, 2020
Ep. 074: David McReynolds and Tim Cook Remember Allen Schindler
Thomas, Tony, and Kendall talk about the first openly gay person to run for president, David McReynolds, Tim Cook becoming the first openly gay man to lead a Fortune 500 company, and the tragic murder of Allen Schindler.
October 25, 2020
Ep. 073: BD Wong Advocates for Same Sex Benefits at Lafayette Baths
This week Thomas, Toni, and Kendall talk about the trailblazing work of BD Wong, the raid at Lafayette Bathhouse in New York City, and Boeing's move to offer same sex domestic partner benefits to its employees.
October 18, 2020
Bonus Episode - 2020 Election Edition Interview with Annise Parker
Thomas, Tony, and Kendall interview Former Houston Mayor Annise Parker, President and CEO of the LGBTQ Victory Fund and Victory Institute. They discuss her lifetime of activism, her time in politics in Houston as a City Council member, Controller, and Mayor, and her leadership supporting LGBTQ candidates across the globe.  Don't miss this interview with the first out LGBTQ mayor!
October 18, 2020
Ep. 072: Dusty Does Gay Stuff
This week we celebrate National Coming Out Day!  Last year on Episode 19, Thomas, Tony, and Kendall shared their coming out stories. This year they invited long-time support and friend of the show, Dusty, to share his story.  You don't want to miss hearing about his coming out journey - from a shy young boy in school, to a married man with children, working in education, to a proud out gay man today.  A story worth the listen!
October 11, 2020
Ep. 071: Urvashi Vaid, Walter Jenkins, and Althea Garrison Talk About Politics.
Thomas, Toni, and Kendall talk Politics. They discuss the activism of Urvashi Vaid, the scandal involving Walter Jenkins, and Althea Garrison being the first Transgender Person elected to a state legislature. 
October 04, 2020
Ep. 070: Annie Leibovitz photographs Gus Kenworthy while listening to Paul Jabara.
This week Thomas, Tony, and Kendall talk about Gus Kenworthy blazing trails for LGBTQ athletes, the hits of Paul Jabara, and the infamous artistic works of Annie Leibovitz
September 27, 2020
Ep 069: Billy Porter and Cassidy Lynn Campbell celebrate the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell
This week Thomas, Toni, and Kendall Discuss historical LGBTQ wins; Billy Porter's historical Emmy Award win, Cassidy Lynn Campbell's homecoming queen, and the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell.
September 20, 2020
Ep. 068: Billy Eichner ACTs UP in Mommie Dearest
Thomas, Toni, and Kendall talk about the comedy of Billy Eichner, the Protest of ACT UP on Wall Street, and the Cult Classic Mommie Dearest.
September 13, 2020
Ep. 067: Rachel Maddow and Edie Windsor get GAY!
This week Thomas, Tony, and Kendall kiki about the legacy of Edie Windsor, the premiere of the Rachel Maddow Show, and the history of the word gay!
September 06, 2020
Ep. 066: Lily Tomlin and Dr. Hooker ACT UP
Thomas, Toni, and Kendall discuss the life of Lily Tomlin, the legacy of Dr. Evelyn Hooker who advocated to declassify homosexuality as a mental disorder, and the prank on Senator Jesse Helms courtesy of ACT UP. 
August 30, 2020
Ep. 065: Tim Cook, Candis Cayne, and Renee Richards have a KiKi
Thomas, Toni, and Kendall discuss the ascension of Tim Cook to the CEO position, The Pioneering Career of Transgender Icon Candis Cayne, and the life of Transgender Tennis Star Renee Richards.
August 23, 2020
Ep. 064: Jose Sarria and Rikki Streicher walk down the staircase
Thomas, Toni, and Kendall discuss LGBTQ political pioneer Jose Sarria, San Fransisco LBGTQ Activist Rikki Streicher, and the film Staircase.
August 16, 2020
Ep. 063: Melvin Boozer and Keith Haring do Magic
Thomas, Toni and Kendall discuss the nomination of Melvin Boozer as Vice President, the life and art of Keith Haring, and the story of Magic Johnson
August 09, 2020
Ep. 062: Steve Lobbies George Bush in the Name of William Simpson
This week Thomas, Toni, and Kendall kiki about these topics: the nomination of George W. Bush, the Murder of William Simpson, and the life of Steve Endean.
August 02, 2020
Ep. 061: Alexis Arquette eats her Kooky's on MTV.
Thomas, Tony, and Kendall discuss the week in LGBTQ history and dive into these topics: The lesbian bar Kooky's (minute ~17:00) The life of Alexis Arquette (minute ~38:00) The launch of MTV (minute ~1:06:00)
July 26, 2020
Ep. 060: The Catholics play a Trick on Chrysler
Thomas, Toni, and Kendall talk about Catholicism, review the movie Trick, and discuss Ron Woods fighting for gay right at the Chrysler Corporation
July 19, 2020
Ep. 059: Drew and Cheyenne take a peak "Behind the Mask"
This week Thomas, Tony, and Kendall discuss the lives and coming out stories of these LGBTQ celebrities: Actress, director, film producer, feminist, Drew Barrymore (minute ~12:00) Actor and Broadway star, Cheyenne Jackson (minute ~37:00) Former MLB umpire, Dave Pallone, and his memoir, "Behind the Mask," hitting The New York Times' Best Seller's list (minute ~59:00)
July 12, 2020
Ep. 058: Lester and Nancy watch Megan Rapinoe win a World Cup
This week Thomas, Toni and Kendall talk about these topics: The triumphant soccer star and Olympic gold medalist, Megan Rapinoe (minute ~13:00) The hidden story of former Wyoming Senator Lester Hunt (minute ~54:00) The lackluster support from former First Lady, Nancy Reagan, for the LGBTQ community and early AIDS victims in the 1980s (minute ~1:22:00).
July 05, 2020
Ep. 057: Logo TV debuts with a tribute to Paul Broussard and reruns of The Real World San Francisco
This week Thomas, Tony, and Kendall kiki, get heated, and remember these major events in LGBTQ history: The premiere of The Real World San Francisco and it's trailblazing HIV / AIDS storyline (minute ~26:00) The brutal murder of Paul Broussard in the context of today's fight for equality (minute ~56:00) The debut of the Logo TV channel, the first LGBTQ advertiser supported channel in the U.S. (minute ~1:39:00)
June 28, 2020
Ep. 056: George Michael waves the Pride Flag for The Upstairs Lounge
Join Thomas, Tony, and Kendall as they kiki and dive into these topics: The life of gay pop icon George Michael (minute ~21:00) The Upstairs Lounge fire in New Orleans, which resulted in the deaths of 29 members and allies of the LGBTQ community (minute ~48:00) The Pride flag - the first time the flag was displayed and the evolution of the LGBTQ community's symbol of hope! (minute ~1:03:00)
June 21, 2020
Ep. 055: Craig Rodwell Says Hi to The Queen at the International Conference on AIDS
This week Thomas, Tony, and Kendall discuss these topics: Gay rights activist Craig Rodwell ( ~min 25:00) The classic drag queen pageant documentary "The Queen" (~min 46:00) President George HW Bush declining an invitation to attend the 6th International Conference on AIDS to speak at an event for anti-gay Senator Jesse Helms. (~ min 1:16:00)
June 14, 2020
Ep. 054: One Magazine Interviews Cole Porter About His Time With Laverne Cox
Thomas, Toni and Kendall discuss these topics: The landmark Supreme Court case with One Magazine (min 35:00) The historic life and accomplishments of Cole Porter (min 51:00) A historic Time Magazine cover with Laverne Cox (min 1:20:00)
June 07, 2020
Ep. 053: Walt Whitman and Anderson Cooper read poetry at the YMCA
This week Thomas, Tony, and Kendall discuss Anderson Cooper's life and impact on journalism, review the debate surrounding the sexuality of Walt Whitman, and dig into the connection between the YMCA and gay men. Estimated Time Stamps for Topics: 18:00 - Walt Whitman 42:00 - Anderson Cooper 1:21:00 - YMCA
May 31, 2020
Ep. 052: Let's Talk About Anniversaries!
Thomas, Toni, and Kendall finish out a year in podcasting with this celebratory recap of the year's episodes. Check out some of their favourite moments.
May 24, 2020
Ep. 051: Cason Crane takes International Mr. Leather to Harvard Secret Court
Thomas, Toni, and Kendall talk about Cason Crane becoming the first openly LGBTQ person to climb the Seven Summits, discuss the International Mr. Leather competition, and learn about the Harvard Secret Court, which sought to investigate and remove gay students from Harvard.
May 17, 2020
Ep. 050: Liberace and Janet Jackson go to Cairo
Thomas, Tony, and Kendall talk about the closeted life of Liberace, Diva-ship and Ally-ship of Janet Jackson, and the unjust arrest of 52 men in Cairo, Egypt.
May 10, 2020
Ep. 049: Billie Jean and Christine see *NSYNC live!
Thomas, Toni, and Kendall talk about the struggles of coming out with Lance Bass, Billie Jean King, and Christine Jorgesen.
May 03, 2020
Ep. 048: Lord John Browne and Jason Collins have a Lavender Scare
Thomas, Tony, and Kendall discuss two high profile coming out stories with former BP CEO Lord John Brown and NBA pro Jason Collin, and they talk about the struggle for lesbians to have their voices heard as the women shake things up with the National Organization for Women in what is known as the Lavender Menace.
April 26, 2020
Ep. 047: Julius hosts a Sip In to discuss the First AIDS case, discrimination, and the Hate Crime Statistic Act
This week Thomas, Toni, and Kendall talk about some milestone events: A Sip-In at Julius in New York, the first AIDS patient in the USA, and the inclusion of Gays and Lesbians in the Hate Crimes Statistics Data collection.
April 19, 2020
Ep. 046: Deborah Batts and Abraham Lincoln become Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
Thomas, Toni, and kendall discuss the first openly lgbt federal district judge Deborah Batts, the curiously gay nature of Abraham Lincoln, and the founding of The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
April 12, 2020
Ep. 045: Robin Tyler and Vladmir Luxuria stick up for Ryan White.
The boys discuss the first out lesbian on live T.V. Robin Tyler, the brave life of Ryan White, and Vladmir Luxuria the first openly trangendered person in european governent.
April 05, 2020
Ep. 044: Selena Quintanilla and Marlon Brando perform at Harvey Milk High School
This week Thomas, Toni, and Kendall kiki about legends when they discuss the life and murder of Selena Quintanilla Perez, the iconic career and rumors of Marlon Brando, and the LGBTQ school, Harvey Milk High School
March 29, 2020
Ep. 043: Perez Hilton discusses a Supreme Court Ruling at the White House
Thomas, Toni, and Kendall kiki about the controversial celebrity news entrepreneur Perez Hilton, a Supreme Court ruling about gay teachers in Oklahoma, and the first White House meeting to discuss LGBTQ rights. 
March 22, 2020
Ep. 042: Rosie and Bayard Aren't Allowed to March in a St. Patrick's Day Parade Because They're Gay
This week Thomas, Tony, and Kendall discuss comedian, actress, and power lesbian, Rosie O’Donnell, civil rights & LGBT rights activist and mastermind of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, Bayard Rustin, and the unhappy times the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New York City cast on LGBT organizations by not allowing them to march in their parade.
March 15, 2020
Ep. 041:Lorraine Hansberry calls the police on John Wayne Gacy from her Dover Hotel room.
The boys discuss The famous playwright Lorraine Hansberry, the detestable John Wayne Gacy, and the police raid on the Dover Hotel.
March 08, 2020
Ep. 040: Jenny Jones invites Roseanne and Jean O'Leary to talk about a lesbian kiss
Take a listen this week as Thomas, Toni, and Kendall discuss feminist and lesbian pioneer Jean O'Leary, a lesbian kiss on the TV show Roseanne, and the tragic murder of a guest who revealed his gay crush on the talk show Jenny Jones.
March 01, 2020
Ep. 039: Elizabeth Taylor shouts "I Will Survive" to Jerry Falwell
This week the boys discuss Elizabeth Taylor's selfless fight to support her friends with HIV/AIDS, the Iconic disco hit "I Will Survive" winning the first and only grammy for a disco song, and the fear-mongering of Jerry Falwell
February 23, 2020
Ep. 038: When Slyvia, Dame Edna and Audre kiki.
The boys discuss sylvia rivera, dame edna's legacy, and Audre Lorde's might
February 16, 2020
Ep. 037: Michael Sam and Gavin Newsom score a win for Larry King
Thomas, Toni and Kendall discuss Michael Sam coming out, Gavin Newsom Marrying gay couples in San Francisco, and the controversial case surrounding Larry King's Death.
February 09, 2020
Ep. 036: Jon and Gertie join the Drag Race
Thomas, Tony and Kendall discuss the premiere of Rupaul's Drag Race, Republican House Rep. Jon Hinson's sex scandal, and writer, Gertrude Stein's checkered past.
February 02, 2020
Ep. 035: The Golden Gate Bridge Protest starring Gia Carangi in her own WWII
Thomas, Tony, and Kendall discuss the tragedy of LGBTQ people in WWII, the life of Model Gia Carangi, and The Golden Gate Bridge Protest.
January 26, 2020
Ep. 034: James Gaylord teaches Pete Buttigieg about the Gay-Straight Alliance
Thomas, Tony, and Kendall talk about gay stuff: The Gay-Straight Alliances in schools, Gaylord v. Tacoma School District, and presidential hopeful, Pete Buttigieg.
January 19, 2020
Ep. 033: Anita Bryant's L-Word: Legislation
Thomas, Kendall, and Toni talk about the hit television series "The L-Word", discuss the Anti-Gay Activist Anita Bryant,  and run through the 1975 Civil Rights Amendment Act.
January 12, 2020
Ep. 032: Jack, Karl, and Paul OH MY!
Thomas, Tony, and Kendall discuss three special guys: Paul Lynde, Karl Baer, and Jack Baker.
January 05, 2020
Ep. 031: Sandy Boys read about the The Transexual Phenomenon in Life Magazine
Thomas, Tony, And Kendall discuss firsts - the first crossover gay pornography film "The Boys in the Sand," the first use of the term transexual in the book, "The Transexual Phenomenon," and the first story by a major news magazine, "Life," which discussed the positive change being pursued by the gay rights movement.
December 29, 2019
Ep: 030: Billy Tipton and Alan Turing Join the Society for Human Rights
This week the boys kiki about jazz musician Billy Tipton, mathematical genius Alan Turing, and the Society for Human Rights 
December 22, 2019
Ep. 029: Gay Government workers writing the DSM in Philadelphia
Thomas, Toni, and Kendall talk about the removal of homosexuality  from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder,  Review the movie Philadelphia, and discuss the ban of Homosexuals working in government.
December 15, 2019
Ep. 028: Brandon Teena and David Kopay see Molly at her house
Thomas, Kendall, and Toni take on the David Kopay story, talk about the life of Brandon Teena, and discuss the infamous Molly Houses of Victorian Era England.
December 08, 2019
Ep. 027: Queer as Bette in Hawaii
The boys gush over Bette Middler, discuss the series Queer as Folk, and talk about the journey of marriage equality in Hawaii
December 01, 2019
Ep. 026: Oscar Wilde and Billy Strahorn head to Ecuador.
The Boys write up some facts about Oscar Wilde, get jazzy with Billy Strayhorn, and get gay with Ecuador
November 24, 2019
Ep. 025: Rock Hudson hanging out on West Street in his Calvins
The Boys remember the West Street Massacre, talk about the life of Rock Hudson, and get in between Calvin Klein and his jeans.
November 17, 2019
Ep. 024: Oprah enjoys an Early Frost with a Normal Heart.
Thomas, Kendall, and Tony discuss the HIV/AIDS Episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show, review the made for T.V. movie an Early Frost, and reflect upon a local production of "A Normal Heart".
November 10, 2019
Ep. 023: A Threesome with Eleanor, Jared, and Elaine
The boys discuss the Political firsts of Eleanor Roosevelt, Jared Polis, and Elaine Noble.
November 03, 2019
Ep. 022: Harper's Magazine Special Edition: Liberty and Hate Crimes
The boys discuss the raid on Harper's Magazine, talk about the building of the Statue of Liberty, and recognize the enactment of the Matthew Shephard and James Byrd Jr. hate crimes prevention act.
October 27, 2019
Ep. 021: When Harry met Hillary... oh, and Leonard was there, too.
They boys remember Harry Hay and Leonard Matlovich and celebrate Hillary Clinton.
October 20, 2019
Let's Talk About Gay Stuff Quiz Show Edition Ep. 08: HRC
Join us for another episode of Let's Talk About Gay Stuff Quiz Show Edition, with special guest Tom Jackobs a representative from the Human Rights Campaign.
October 13, 2019
Ep. 020: Divine Broke her Back on the Mountain during the March on Washington for Gay Rights
Thomas, Tony, and Kendall celebrate the National March on Washington for Gay Rights, discuss the life of Drag Queen Divine, and review  the movie Brokeback Mountain.
October 13, 2019
Ep. 019: Coming Out Stories
The Boys discuss their coming out stories.
October 06, 2019
Let's Talk About Gay Stuff Quiz Show Edition Ep. 07: Straight Allies
The boys kiki with their Straight Allies
October 05, 2019
Ep. 018: Designing Women celebrate LGBTQ+ History Month with Truman Capote
The boys celebrate LGBTQ+ History Month, discuss the life and times of Truman Capote, and delve into the television series Designing Women.
September 29, 2019
Let's Talk About Gay Stuff Quiz Show Edition Ep. 06 - LGBT Chamber of Commerce
Join us for another special episode of Let's Talk About Gay Stuff - Quiz Show edition. In this episode, we invite Tammy Wallace: Co-founder and Chair of the Greater Houston LGBT Chamber of Commerce and Founder of EnFocus Group. Tammy takes on the home team, against co-host Toni.
September 28, 2019
Ep. 017: Oliver Sipple and Jeffrey Wasson join The Modern Family
The boys discuss Commonwealth V. Wasson, talk about Oliver Sipple, and Kiki about The Modern Family television series.
September 22, 2019
Ep. 016: By the Will and Grace of the Daughters of Bilitis, It Gets Better.
The Boys gush over Will and Grace, Remember the Daughters of Bilitis, and discuss the It Gets Better Campaign.
September 15, 2019
Ep. 015: Ellen watches the Golden Girls on 9/11
The boys kiki about Ellen Degeneres, discuss The Golden Girls, and remember September 11th.
September 08, 2019
Ep. 014: Beyonce and Freddie run up on Dan White
This week the boys discuss Beyonce running the world, Freddie Mercury rocking it, and Dan White ruining it.
September 01, 2019
Ep. 013: Michael Jackson asks the Wizard of Oz about the Kinsey Scale
This week the boys kiki about the The Wizard of Oz and discuss the mixed legacies of Michael Jackson and Alfred Kinsey.
August 25, 2019
Ep. 012: Chelsea Manning and Marsha P. Johnson Celebrate the Trans Flag
Join in the kiki this week, as the boys discuss the controversial story of Chelsea Manning, celebrate the life of Marsha P. Johnson, and recognize the history of today's trans pride flag.
August 18, 2019
Let's Talk About Gay Stuff Quiz Show Edition Ep. 05 - House of Dior
 Join us for another special episode of Let's Talk About Gay Stuff - Quiz Show edition.  In this episode, we invite Miss LSVA and Miss Tony’s Corner Pocket Bearded Queen, Jacklin Dior, and her drag daughter, Dixie Wrekt, to the kiki.  Listen to this Mother vs Daughter knock out, “drag” down Quiz Show edition and learn about the Lone Star Volleyball Association and drag culture. 
August 17, 2019
Ep. 011: Jim McGreevey and Lady Bunny watch As the World Turns
This week we discuss the first gay male kiss on daytime T.V., Governor McGreevey's scandal, and the incomparable Lady Bunny.
August 11, 2019
Ep. 010: Obama and Warhol go to Paris
This week the kiki goes from Barack Obama to Andy Warhol and all the way to Paris...Paris Is Burning that is. 
August 04, 2019
Ep. 009: Beth Ford and Tim Gunn kiki at Compton’s Cafeteria
This week we chat about Tim Gunn, revisit the Compton’s Cafeteria riots, and celebrate Beth Ford. 
July 28, 2019
Let's Talk About Gay Stuff: Quiz Show Edition Ep. 04 – Best of the Besties
Join us for another special episode of Let's Talk About Gay Stuff - Quiz Show edition.  In this episode, we invite our first female guest and Kendall bestie, Martha.  She was visiting from out of town, so we decided to test her knowledge of gay stuff against her BFF, Kendall.  Which best friend comes out on top? 
July 27, 2019
Ep. 008: JLo asks Steve Rubell to join the Boy Scouts
 This week we learn about Steve Rubell, discuss policy changes with the Boy Scouts, and obsess over Jennifer Lopez. 
July 21, 2019
Let's Talk About Gay Stuff: Quiz Show Edition Ep. 03 – Battle of the Boyfriends
 Join us for another special episode of Let's Talk About Gay Stuff - Quiz Show edition.  This Battle of the Boyfriends Quiz Show Edition episode features two of our hosts’ boyfriends’ Spencer and Ben.  While love is abound for Spencer and Ben, our hosts, Thomas, Tony, and Kendall, have invited the boyfriends to test their knowledge of gay stuff (and if they actually have been listening to the podcast).  Take a listen and see which boyfriend gets to keep his gay card? 
July 20, 2019
Ep. 007: A Queer Eye spots Barney Frank in Compton's Cafeteria
This week we discuss Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, The Compton's Cafeteria, and Barney Frank.
July 14, 2019
Let's Talk About Gay Stuff: Quiz Show Edition Ep. 02 - Frontrunners
 Join us for another special episode of Let's Talk About Gay Stuff - Quiz Show edition.  Thomas, Tony, and Kendall invited InstaCouple and FrontRunners emeritus leaders, Daryl and Evan, to join in a kiki and a test of their knowledge of gay stuff.  Take a listen to learn about the LGBT+ group FrontRunners and learn which half of this InstaCouple gets to keep his gay card?  
July 13, 2019
Ep. 006: Kyrsten and Milton Walk Houston
This week we Kiki about Milton Berle, Revisit Houston LGBTQ protest, and chat about Kyrsten Sinema.
July 07, 2019
Let's Talk About Gay Stuff Quiz Show Edition Ep. 01 - Our Spoopy Podcast
 Join us for this special episode of Let's Talk About Gay Stuff - Quiz Show edition.  Thomas, Tony, and Kendall invited the hosts of Our Spoopy Podcast, Spencer and Chris, to join in a kiki and a test of their knowledge of gay stuff.  Will they earn their gay card? 
July 04, 2019
Ep. 005: Frida Kahlo Declares Idependence and Enters a League of Her Own
This week we talk about a League of Their Own, Discuss the Declaration of Independence, and learn about Frida Khalo.
June 30, 2019
Ep. 004: Lawrence takes a trip from Texas to Stonewall with Pride.
This week we reflect on a big week in LGBT history. We cover some intimate details on Lawrence V. Texas, remember Stonewall, and celebrate Pride!
June 23, 2019
Ep. 003: Same Sex Benefits for Princess Diana and Sally Ride
This week we remember Sally Ride, discuss Obama's 2009 policies on benefits for same sex couples, and we dish about the bombshell book about Princess Di.
June 16, 2019
Ep. 002: Boy George and Judy Garland remember Pulse
This week we discuss Boy George, we remember the events of Pulse Nightclub, and we KiKi about Judy Garland.
June 09, 2019
Ep. 001: When James Buchanan gave Marilyn Monroe an STD
Take a listen to this week in LGBT+ history.  This week we hit topics ranging from politics with a dish on James Buchanan to a discussion about the first reported cases of HIV/AIDS and a kiki on pop culture phenoms Marilyn Monroe and Sex and the City.
June 02, 2019
Ep. 000: Let's Talk About Gay Stuff - First Listen
 Join Thomas, Kendall, and Tony as they talk about history, culture, and more! Kiki /Celebrate/Connect. Learn more at 
May 24, 2019