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Let’s Talk Ethnic

Let’s Talk Ethnic

By Let’s Talk Ethnic
Three young people passionate about issues and challenges faced by the diaspora community.

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Season 3 Episode 4: Collaborative Discussion on Mental Health with the SM Podcast
Hi guyssss! Welcome to our final episode of Season 3 where we’ve been discussing mental health for a number of weeks. This week we’re delighted to have Laila and Hakimah from the SM Podcast (also known as the Somali Mindfulness Podcast). We hope you enjoy the listen & join us very soon for Season 4! Make sure you keep up to date on our social media and stay connected - take care & stay safe!
April 05, 2021
Season 3 Episode 3: A Professional Perspective on Mental Health with Zahrah Bashir
Hey guysssss!! Thanks for joining us again this week - apologised for the missed week but we’re backkkk! This week we’re joined by Zahrah Bashir from Diverse Cymru where she discusses her experience with helping & supporting young people with managing their mental health!
March 29, 2021
Season 3 Episode 2: A Personal Perspective on Mental Health with Amira Hayat
Hiiii guys! Today we discuss mental health on a deeper level with special guest, Amira Hayat.
March 15, 2021
Season 3 Episode 1: Mental Health in the Community
Hey guysss!! We are backkkk with a bang for Season 3. This season we’ll be discussing mental health in the BAME community & what our thoughts are.
March 08, 2021
Season 2 Episode 4: A Life Before and After Crime
Hey guyssss! Welcome to the last episode of season 2! We end with an interview with someone who previously lead a life of crime. We hear their story of life before and after crime and the effects it has had on them and others. A very interesting and humbling insight into a world most of us have no real idea about!
October 12, 2020
Season 2 Episode 3: Peers - Who Is the Company You Keep?
Hi guysss! 👋🏼. In this weeks episode we’ll be discussing how the company you keep may affect you and may have an impact on your life decisons/choices.
August 26, 2020
Season 2 Episode 2: Importance of Youth Work with Guest, Ali Abdi.
Hi all! Thanks for joining us again this week. We’re delighted to have a well renowned member of the community, Ali Abdi as a guest speaker this week. We’ll be discussing the importance of youth work in our communities and how lack of services for youth has a play on the increased number of crimes, followed by advice from Ali on how to get in touch if you’re in need of support. See you next week!
August 16, 2020
Season 2 Episode 1: The Criminal Justice System - Are You Born Guilty?
Hi guys.. So, we’re back with a bang with season 2! We hope you enjoyed season 1 and thank you all for the support and feedback we received, it’s been amazing! We’ve got some really exciting guests and episodes coming up so be sure to listen in. We hope you enjoy our first episode back where we discuss the criminal justice system and raise the question, “are you born guilty?”. Be sure to send us a DM or email if you would like to give us feedback and/or join us for an episode. Catch you next week!
August 09, 2020
Season 1 Episode 4: Migration, Immigration - How Do We See It?
Hi guys! Thank you for listening in to last weeks episode - we’re glad you all enjoyed it. Today’s episode is the 4th and final episode for this season 😢. We’re so happy with all the support and feedback we’ve received over the last few weeks & we will be back before you know it! Til then, take care and be sure to keep up with on our social media, @LetsTalkEthinic.
June 21, 2020
Season 1 Episode 3: Lack of Women in Senior Roles within the Workplace
Hey! Welcome back to our third episode. We are joined by a special guest - Amina Ahmed who will be discussing some challenges faced by women within the workplace and how to combat these issues. Hope you enjoy!
June 14, 2020
Season 1 Episode 2: Institutional Racism within Work and Education
Hi guys! Welcome back. On today’s episode we will be highlighting the issues surrounding institutional racism within work and education. This episode touches on some personal experiences both from ourselves and listeners. Thank you to all who shared their stories - we really appreciate it! We are aware that there is a lot more on the topic, however this is merely an ounce of the injustices that are happening around us everyday.
June 07, 2020
Season 1 Episode 1: Who Are We?
Hi! Welcome to our first episode of Let’s Talk Ethnic. This episode will give you a brief idea of who we are and what being from a diaspora background means to us. We hope you enjoy it! Be sure to tune in next Sunday 8pm for the next episode. Follow us on Instagram & Twitter @LetsTalkEthnic if you have any questions, queries or if you want to be a guest in the future. Speak soooon!
May 31, 2020