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Let's Talk Family Law

Let's Talk Family Law

By Let's Talk Family Law
A family law podcast focusing on all aspects of family law including divorce, custody, support, division of assets, protection from abuse, alternative family issues, adoption, grandparents' rights, property agreements, child support and others. Please contact our office at 610.272.5555 if you have any questions.
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Let's Talk Finding a Family Law Lawyer

Let's Talk Family Law

Let's Talk What to Bring to Your First Family Law Appointment
When you are going to meet with your family law attorney, what should you bring? Family law partner, Carolyn Mirabile discusses which documents can help your attorney gain a better picture of the marital estate for the divorce in this Let's Talk Family Law podcast episode. These documents include tax returns, liabilities and bank account statements. Learn more about what you should bring to your first family law appointment by listening to this podcast on your favorite app.
May 19, 2022
Let's Talk About How Much It Costs to Get Divorced
When filing for divorce, everyone always asks how much does it cost to get divorced and what makes divorce so expensive? In this Let's Talk Family Law episode, family law partner John Zurzola looks at the process, opportunities, and pitfalls that can make divorce expensive. He starts with how attorneys are paid and how you are charged for services. Learn more about what you need to know about the cost of divorce by listening to this podcast on your favorite app.
April 14, 2022
Let's Talk Mediation, Arbitration, and Conciliation
What is the difference between mediation, arbitration, and conciliation? How does each of these affect a family law case such as divorce or child custody? Who needs to be present during each of these proceedings? Learn more about what you need to know about mediation, arbitration, and conciliation by listening to this podcast.
March 03, 2022
Let's Talk New Child Support Guidelines for 2022
Pennsylvania has issued new Child Support Guidelines that went into effect on January 6, 2022. In this episode, Family Law Partner, Carolyn Mirabile, discusses what you need to know about the updated Guidelines, including new increases, and how your child support case may be impacted by the new law. 
January 12, 2022
Let's Talk Retaining a Family Law Lawyer
Do I have to pay a retainer fee to my family law lawyer? How does a retainer work, and is it refundable? Family Law Partner Skip Persick provides details on how a retainer works and what to expect. In this episode, Skip discusses how consultations work, the attorney-client relationship is established, what a fee letter is, and more.
July 05, 2021
Let's Talk Finding a Family Law Lawyer
Do you need an attorney for your family law case? How do you find the right attorney for you? When it comes to family law, it's essential to have the right attorney by your side to help make informed decisions. In this podcast episode, Lawrence J. "Skip" Persick provides tips on how to find the right family law lawyer for you. Learn more by listening to this podcast on your favorite app by clicking the icon below, and share this episode with others who may be interested.
February 22, 2021
Let's Talk Family Law 101
What is family law, and what does it include? Family law attorney Skip Persick discusses the basics of divorce, child custody, child support, and more. This episode provides information on what is included in a divorce, how to obtain protection from abuse orders, adoption, and marriage. Listen to this podcast on your favorite app by clicking the icon below, and share this episode with others who may be interested.
January 21, 2021
Let's Talk Child Custody and Quarantines
How are child custody orders being affected during the COVID-19 pandemic? Family law attorney John Zurzola discusses custody litigation during the lockdowns, the timeline of cases, how lockdown ordinances affect custody agreements, and quarantine requirements. This episode provides examples of child custody procedures for Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery counties. John also discusses invoking legal custody and emergency custody due to possible COVID-19 exposure.
November 30, 2020
Let's Talk Adoption
There are different avenues to adopt, such as step-parent, birth, grandparent, international, juvenile dependency and adult adoptions. Each family's road to adoption looks a little different. Join Weber Gallagher partner Lawrence "Skip" Persick as he sits down with partner Caitlin Goodrich to learn more about adopting. Caitlin provides a unique insight as an adoptive parent and her road to adoption through fostering. Skip and Caitlin also discuss what potential adoptive parents should consider, expectations, and the process through the court.
November 02, 2020
Let's Talk Family Law Taxes
Join Weber Gallagher Partner, Carolyn Mirabile, and guest, Donna Pironti, a forensic accountant specializing in matrimonial litigation support and tax consulting, for our next episode of Let's Talk Family Law. Carolyn and Donna discuss essential details about finances you need to review when going through a divorce.
June 22, 2020
Let's Talk COVID-19 Court Update Part 2
Weber Gallagher Family Law Partners, Carolyn Mirabile, Lawrence "Skip" Persick and John Zurzola, discuss the opening of courts in Bucks, Chester, Montgomery, Philadelphia and Delaware counties. Our lawyers review the essential details regarding how family law cases are being handled as courts begin to open during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here to tune in now!
May 18, 2020
Let's Talk COVID-19: Court Update
Weber Gallagher Family Law Attorneys, Carolyn Mirabile, Lawrence "Skip" Persick and John Zurzola, discuss the State of the Courts in the five-county Philadelphia area. Our Attorneys review the essential details regarding how family law cases are being handled during the COVID-19 pandemic while the Courts are closed.
April 15, 2020
Let's Talk Child Custody
Family Law Attorney John Zurzola discusses all the steps involved in a child custody case in family court. He starts off explaining child custody and the definitions of what physical, primary, shared, sole and partial custody all mean. Then, John touches on the complexities of “standing” and “in loco parentis.” Next, he goes into detail about the actual filing of a custody complaint through mediation and then court. John explains what can happen in time-sensitive cases when your actual court date may be months away. Finally, he takes you through a typical custody trial, covers the 16 factors a judge must use to decide your case, and what you must do to modify your custody order or relocate to another state.
February 24, 2020
Let's Talk Calculating Income in Support
The fifth episode in our "Let's Talk Family Law" series features our Attorney, Carolyn R. Mirabile, and her special guest, Mark H. Bradford, CPA, CFE, as they discuss complex support issues in family law cases. Mark is an expert in forensic accounting at Asterion Consulting in Philadelphia. He specializes in assisting clients in family law matters and has been qualified as an expert throughout the Commonwealth. In this episode, Carolyn and Mark discuss several topics about how income is calculated in support proceedings. Carolyn reviews what the Pennsylvania Statute and Rules define as income, and Mark explains which documents are used by forensic accountants to determine net income available for support. Carolyn and Mark discuss an analysis of cash flow, including income from rental and commercial properties, compensation packages, lifestyle, retained earnings, trusts, and retirement plans.
January 27, 2020
Let's Talk Man to Man
Family Law Attorneys Lawrence J. “Skip” Persick and John Zurzola delved into specifics about how to navigate family law cases in Pennsylvania as a man/father. In this episode, they discuss protection from abuse orders, divorce, child custody and child support. Skip and John also examine the financial side of things by reviewing earning capacity, tax credits and equitable distribution. They cover each of these topics in detail while explaining why it’s essential to always keep in mind the child's or children’s best interest.
December 30, 2019
Let's Talk Divorce
Family Law Attorney John Zurzola gives all the info you need to know about how to get divorced in PA and NJ. In this episode, John goes step by step and answers common questions such as how to get divorced, how is property divided and how are child support and alimony calculated. John covers fault and no-fault divorce, common law marriage, equitable distribution, and Pre Nuptial Agreements and Post Nuptial Agreements. John also discusses the difference between a 90-day divorce and a separation divorce.
November 25, 2019
Let's Talk Domestic Violence
Family Law Attorneys Lawrence “Skip” Persick and Donna Marcus discuss Domestic Violence laws in the state of Pennsylvania. They walk through steps a person can take to file domestic violence-related documents, such as a protection from abuse order, and what to expect after submitting the documents.
October 28, 2019
Let's Talk Child Support
Attorneys Carolyn Mirabile and Lawrence “Skip” Persick discuss the nature of child support laws in Pennsylvania. Our Attorneys discuss frequently asked questions, such as: · What is child support? · How do you file for child support? · What happens after you file for child support? · How is child support determined? · How does the Domestic Relations Section get money out of the other parent? · How to reevaluate an old child support order?
September 26, 2019