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Infotech Presents: Let's Be Civil

Infotech Presents: Let's Be Civil

By Infotech
Civil discussions on civil infrastructure. Infotech, a 40+ year leader in infrastructure construction technology, invites guests from across the construction industry on to talk news, tech, policy, and more.
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Episode II: Cybersecurity Insights

Infotech Presents: Let's Be Civil

Episode III: Breaking Down BIMfi Insights
Digital project delivery; paperless construction. It’s a goal of many organizations, especially those embracing Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology. In the latest episode of Let’s Be Civil, our hosts will break down the top insights shared on a recent BIM panel discussion. DOT, FHWA, and consultant representatives shared their perspectives on the importance and evolution of BIM - and we’re here to talk about it. From the team that brought you detailed dives into the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) and industry cybersecurity, comes a new exploration of the technologies that will drive the future of decision-making, maintenance, reporting, and more.
June 22, 2022
Episode II: Cybersecurity Insights
Cybersecurity - the notion of protecting digital systems and assets from intrusion - is not a new concept, but one that increases in relevance every year. In the past few years alone, entire DOTs have been shut down due to cyber attacks. The ways we protect our networks is more important than ever. In the second episode of Let’s Be Civil, cybersecurity experts Marty Provost, Doug Couto, and Ben Smith break down cybersecurity trends, philosophies, and best practices in a moderated discussion led by Chad Schafer and Nate Binder.
January 06, 2022
Episode I: Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Impacts: Compliance, Technology & More
What will $550 billion in federal funding mean for your corner of the industry? New reporting requirements, staffing needs, and technology expectations could mark a tectonic shift for the heavy civil infrastructure industry when the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act passes. In the first episode of Let’s Be Civil, Infotech’s new podcast, industry veterans Ron Perkins, Meg the Losen, and Joe Rowland discuss the most important industry development in years. Don't miss this 45-min primer on the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act!
September 07, 2021