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let's be inspired

let's be inspired

By Bells Box Collective
Welcome to Let's Be Inspired! A sweet little spot for creatives and entrepreneurs to gather and communicate on the things that make our world turn and inspire us in our businesses. We believe that life is better lived together and that we were all created for connection. For many of us, those things are often missed out on in our daily we have created this space to bring you new friends, new advice and best of all, new inspiration to help you thrive in this crazy world as an entrepreneur​!
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Episode #3 Let's Be... Book Worms! A book review: Building A Story Brand by Donald Miller

let's be inspired

Episode #12 Let's Be... Inspired By Our Why!
Buckle up babes because this episode is all about women empowering other women!  Today we're tuning in with storyteller, extraordinary Marisa Selman as she tells us all about her journey into operating a Fairtrade nonprofit called The Marketplace. When I say that she's a beautiful storyteller, y'allbetter believe that I spent the entire hour captivated by her story of working with women all over the world to make an impact on their lives. Marisa has spent the better part of the last decade being called to empower women in impoverished countries and situations that are hard for most of us to even imagine through different ministries in through her organization, they find talented crafts-women and help them improve the quality of their lives, of the lives of their children and that of their entire communities. By partnering with them to bring their goods to the United States and share their stories.  What we are covering today with Marisa... What a fair-trade business is.  What path has taken her to rescue 8 women from Sex Trafficking.  How her journey into entrepreneurship has evolved to better fit her why.  Visit Marisa here: The Marketplace NC Facebook Instagram Download our Free Printable Here! 
April 25, 2019
Episode # 11 Let's Be... Zen!
 Episode #11 is all about bringing mindfulness and meditation into our lives as business entrepreneurs! Today's episode also includes a 2-minute guided meditation to get you feeling relaxed and ready to take on the day! Visit Megan McFadden at: Weekly group class- Tuesday evenings 7-8:30 PM Monthly classes: Tarot Circle- 2nd friday of every month 7-9 PM Yoga Nidra with Acoustic Lullaby- Next one Sunday May 12 6-7 PM Megan would love to offer a special discount for listeners of Let's Get Inspired to book there first one-on-one Yoga and Meditation session. This 60 minute session would normally cost $75, but I can discount it to $50! To take advantage of this deal listeners can email at to book an appointment!  Visit Bells Box Collective at: Facebook Instagram Website
April 18, 2019
Episode #10 Let's Be... Introspective In Our Business Relationships
I'm sitting in the hot seat today and Megan is interviewing me on a topic that has been on my mind lately! Since I started this podcast over the past 10 weeks, I've been amazed at the awesome people that have shown up here and it has had such an impact on me and my attitude towards how I treat my business relationships today.  I think that there might be a bit of a lack of thoughtfulness when dealing with our business relationships and I know that we can change it. Honestly, this episode involved a lot of soul searching for me and after this, I'm so inspired to handle situations a bit differently than I have in the past!  What we are covering today... ✨Realizing when we weren't so thoughtful. ✨How to stop getting yourself in situations where you feel underappreciated. ✨How to better appreciate our colleagues!  Grab Our Free Collaboration Worksheet here!  Visit us at: Website, Instagram, Facebook
April 4, 2019
Episode # 9 Let's Be...Young + In Business
We so often hear amazing stories of women talking about leaving behind the nine to five for the entrepreneur life. And I just love those stories. But what if there were some of us out there that don't necessarily need to have that experience and know right away what we want our paths to look like? What would some of our careers look like if we just let our stories be written then and there by following our passions and our instincts instead of letting societal norms be the driving force behind our decisions?   Megan began her career as a hair and makeup artist when she was just 18 and has since made a splash in the wedding scene here in the Carolinas. She now has a team of artists that work with her and she's always looking for ways to grow and expand her business.   What we are covering today with Megan... How following your passion can lead to long-term success. The struggles of being young & in business. How to turn those negatives into positives.  Visit Megan at: Website, Instagram, Facebook Visit us at: Instagram, Facebook
March 28, 2019
Episode # 8 Let's Be... Goal Crushers
When we were little, Alice in Wonderland taught us that if we don't know where we're going, any road will take us there. Okay, maybe we didn't think too much about that when we were six and enjoying the fun and colorful adventures in Wonderland. But these days as an entrepreneur, this is a pretty pivotal idea for me.   If we don't have direction in our businesses, we can choose just about any route; we don't have a destination without direction, goals or a plan. We're just letting our businesses operate instead of achieve. And I don't know about you, but I want my business to achieve some pretty big things! Setting goals to help give us that direction is one of the most important things that we can do. So, I've asked my favorite goal crushing guy to sit down with us and give us the inside scoop.  After 13 years in the corporate world as a senior vice president of marketing for a financial firm here in Charlotte, Jason saw a gap in the financial world that needed to be filled, so he took matters into his own hands. Last year, along with his business partner bestie, he started not one but two companies, one a wealth management firm, and the second is an educational platform to help coach people on how to accelerate their path to financial security.  So, when I sat down and made my list of who I wanted to come on the podcast to talk about goals, I just knew we had to make room for my sweet husband and his expertise in our pink little glittery corner.    What we're covering today with Jason... Why traditional goal setting doesn't work for most of us. How we can change our mindset to being able to set goals we actually want to accomplish. The action steps that we need to take to get the end result that we truly want. Click here to download our Goal Crushing Worksheet! Visit Jason at: Two Waters Wealth,  Purpose to Fufillment  & Facebook. Visit us at: Website & Instagram
March 14, 2019
Episode #7 Let's Be...Balanced!
Being balanced is a crazy hard thing to do as creative entrepreneurs! Especially when you're juggling running your full-time business, managing your personal life and wearing ALL the hats. Now, what if you were to throw a part-time job in the mix, what would your life look like?! I'm going to take a wild guess and say that it would take quite a bit to keep things harmonious in our lives. Well, my new friend Kate from Kate Lynn imagery does just that. Four years ago, Kate was working a full-time job and kept her photography passion as a hobby. When Kate lost her grandma back in 2016, she took a step back and realized that her career wasn't doing anything to help her follow her passions. She realized that she was ready to step into the world of being a full-blown business babe.    The only hold-up was that pesky little thing called money and walking away from her full-time job meant the loss of some pretty sweet income. Kate did not let that stop her from taking the leap and finding a way that she could pursue her passion for photography and still be financially secure!   For those of you out there that are on the fence of leaving your nine to five, you're going to love this episode! What we are covering today with Kate What her current business structure looks like Her motivators behind creating this business  Strategies that she implements into her daily life to stay balanced Click here to download our Harmony + Balance Worksheet! Visit Kate at: Website Instagram Facebook Visit us at:  Website Instagram
March 7, 2019
Episode #6 Let's Be... A Community!
Episode #6 is all about building a community! We are pretty darn passionate about it finding a place that you can express yourself and connect with others to truly build your tribe. Well, lucky for us, we just happen to be in a sweet little town that is all about building a strong community!   Over the past decade, Old Town Cornelius has been involved in a movement to brush off the dust to reveal and celebrate the unique history of this town. Bella Love has been providing a new wave of art and culture to the area by bringing events and opportunities for this community to gather and celebrate. This movement created by Bella Love has been so successful that we're now seeing the development of our very own cultural arts district here in Lake Norman. How cool is that?!     And even more cool is the fact that behind a lot of these big moves is communication and events director, Jess Boye. She runs this business along with her partner Case, the founder. Together, they have created Bella love and all the magic that's been happening here!    On top of this, they’ve also created Old Town Cornelius, an online publication that gives us the inside scoop on the cultural arts district. They've opened up Brick Row, which is a meeting and event space. Annnnd they've opened up Old Town Public House, which is a sweet little coffee shop and neighborhood pub. Here’s a little secret, they have prosecco on tap! So, you know it's our favorite!   What we are covering in todays episode with Jess:  some of the cool things that she has her hands in behind the scenes of this community ways that her vision has changed since becoming a mother  the importance that history and the people in it have in building a community. Click here to download your Community Building Worksheet! Find Jess at: Old Town Cornelius Old Town Public House Facebook  Instagram  Visit us at Instagram
March 1, 2019
Episode #5 Let's Be... Healthy + Happy
Episode # 5 is all about being healthy and happy as entrepreneurs! I don't know about y'all, but one area that I struggle with is finding some balance when it goes into juggling everything that's on my plate. When I think about every box I need to check daily..... Being a successful business owner, being a great wife, keeping up with our home successfully managing my social calendar, eating healthy and exercising! It's a lot!!  Gone are the days when I worked in nine to five job and had after hours and weekends that weren't full of work.  So most days I'm super proud of myself if I manage to check off two or three of those things. Ok, I'm just going to be honest here. For me, the items that tend to get the shaft are eating healthy and exercising and it isn't because I don't love both of those things. There's nothing better to me than feeling amazing after a hot yoga class or cooking a beautifully balanced meal for my husband and myself. Unfortunately I've slipped down this slippery slope of grabbing a bar here and there, eating out way more than I should, and skipping those workouts that I love so much in exchange for a little more time in the office and I think that this is a common thing when I'm talking to my friends that run businesses. And you guys, this is just so not cool that we're taking care of everything else and everyone else but pushing our health and happiness to the wayside to be taken care of at another time, which is why I've invited my Gal Samantha Eaton by to chat with us about changing this.  Sam is a nutrition and eating psychology coach and today we're diving into some of the issues that we face as entrepreneurs. We're going to be talking about some of the negative influences that we deal with every day and why we tend to put our own self care on the back burner. She's also going to be talking about ways that we can change this pattern of behavior so that we can be the healthy, happy business women that were meant to be. I don't know about you, but I want to be the woman that kicks butt in my business because my body and mind are fueled up in the best way possible.  So tune in as we dive deep into ways we can be healthy and happy!  Download your 5 day challenge here and snag your healthy eating list here!  Visit Sam at instagram @healthyeaton Visit us at instagram @bellsoxcollective
February 21, 2019
Episode #4 Let's Be... Joyful In Business
Y'all, today I've invited my favorite happy little peanut, Demi Mabry, to pop by, drink champagne and chat about the importance of being joyful in our journeys as entrepreneurs. Demi is a beautiful, bubbly soul who truly believes that the magic of having a joyful spirit can change your life and your business. She's a successful wedding photographer who's built up our business and not one, not two but three areas over the last several years. First in Virginia, then down to the low country of Charleston, South Carolina. Demi has now made her way up here to Charlotte and she's been here for just one year. But thanks to her awesome attitude, she's managed to find her tribe and is making those awesome moves that we love to see our fellow lady entrepreneurs make! Today we're having a little powwow on her take on how we can make that big olcomparison trap a thing of the past, what we can be doing to show up and get noticed when we're networking and most importantly, how we can be joyful in business. This episode is sure to put a smile on your face and I have a feeling that by the end of it, you'll not only want to be besties with this one, but you'll also walk away with a better attitude towards all those things in our businesses that we don't always love to do. So grab a glass of bubbly and let's join in on the fun.  Download your free printable here!  Visit Demi here! website: instagram:
February 14, 2019
Episode #3 Let's Be... Book Worms! A book review: Building A Story Brand by Donald Miller
Well we started a book club...and we couldn't be more excited! Each month we meet up in our sweet and pink studio to chat about our pick of the month. We dish on ways that we can incorporate the teachings of the book, we ask for guidance and assistance from each other, and then we use the awesome free worksheet that I create to help along the way.  I want this to be something that I can share with my listeners all over, so every month we'll be doing a sweet little book review right here on Let's Be Inspired. Our book pick for January was Building a Storybrand by Donald Miller.  Join us as we dive into our thoughts about the book and hear from Certified Story Brand Guide, Sloan Milliken as we ask him ALL the questions that we have about what its like to be a Story Brand Guide and how we can incorporate the SB Framework into our businesses!  Want to get a head start on February's book? Start reading The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte and tune in next month as we review it!  visit us at :  find Sloan at: find Donald Miller at: download our free printable:
February 6, 2019
Episode #2 Let's Be... Women In Business
Episode number two is all about women in business!  Today we're dishing on the importance of being a female in the business world because having a solid foundation of why and how we do what we do is pretty darn important. Join us as we chat it up with  Junior Achievement of East Tennessee's President Callie Archer.   Callie not only rocks out her day job of leading and inspiring the youth of Tennessee about all things, business entrepreneurship and financial literacy, but in our spare time, she's part of a husband and wife team that's always creating new business ventures and opportunities to hustle and as if that wasn't enough of an impressive resume for our very first guest.  Callie also created a program inside Junior Achievement called JA Miss Business to help encourage, inspire, and educate the future female business leaders of tomorrow. Yeah, she is one smart cookie and an amazing advocate for women in business. During today's episode, we're going to be chatting about some of the trends that we're seeing when it comes to women and our journeys into business and entrepreneurship. We're also going to be hearing from some of her tips for goal setting and staying on track so that we can ensure success.  *Follow Callie on Instagram @ja_easttn  *Check Out her amazing Business Coach, LeeAnn here. * And of course, grab your free printable and create your own Success Panel at this sweet spot here! 
January 22, 2019
Episode #1 Let's Be... Inspired
In today's episode we are diving behind the scenes to share with you why we started this podcast and the real reason that it is so important to us! So grab a coffee, settle in and join us in our little corner of the podcast world as we walk you through the importance of being inspired in your business and how we plan on being here to ​help all of us out in that big ol task of chasing our dreams!
December 6, 2018