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Let's Chat! With Mikey

Let's Chat! With Mikey

By Mikey 'Majesty' Glam
Get ready to sit back, relax, and chat with America's most loved catfish, Mikey 'Majesty' Glam (even though he's not really about that life anymore)
Mikey brings new guests on to talk about the latest happening in the world of entertainment today, and more. This podcast is brought to you by MGC Enterprise.
MGC: Show the inner you.
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Bunny Tales with Penny
Mikey brings on his friend model and entertainer Penny, also known as @princesspunchurface, who shares who own experiences with becoming a model at a young age, and her time staying at the Playboy mansion! She even gives some scoop on celebs like Holly and Bridgette from The Girls Next Door, and Paris Hilton! Penny has had some wild times, and we get to hear all about it! Mikey also takes calls from listeners, and gives his best advice on dealing with bullies, and self-confidence. 
December 9, 2020
Free 2 be me With Tan Mom + Internet Drama
Mikey talks with Patricia Marie AKA "Tan mom", known for her tanning scandal that took place around 2008. She explains what it was like going from living a regular life, to having the paparazzi follow her everywhere, waiting for her at her house, and even her kid's school! She even discusses new music in the works, and a brand new book scheduled to come out around Christmas time. Mikey also talks about his experience going viral on TikTok because of Perez Hilton and Trisha Paytas, only for the video to be delete minutes later. All this, and some more "catfish" drama in this episode of Let's Chat! With Mikey
November 24, 2020
Cheeto Dust & Spilled Tea with Auntie Momo
Mikey spills all the tea about season 7 episode 19 of MTV’s Catfish. He answers the most commonly asked questions he’s gotten over the past 2 years, and shares exclusive details about how it really went down. This week’s guest host is youtuber Auntie Momo! Known for her catfish reviews, she’s the perfect guest for such a topic! She opens up about her personal journey with creating videos, to her very own catfish experience! All this and more on this Catfish themed episode!
November 15, 2020
Life Stuff with Lisa Lampanelli & Nikki Boyer
Mikey brings on his friend former insult-comic turned life coach/ workshop leader, Lisa Lampanelli to talk about finding your passions, and what really matters in life! Lisa shares her own experiences with finding her path, the experimentation she's gone though to get to where she is, and the best advice she says she's ever gotten. Also on the show as the guest host is Nikki Boyer, who you might know from The Wendy Williams show, The Straight Talk With Ross Mathews Podcast, or her own podcast The Daily Smile. Mikey and Nikki discuss her life coaching and how she came to the realization that this was the path for her, and she shares her very own "daily smile" with us. Both Nikki and Lisa share their advice for people who are struggling with anxiety due to the pandemic and the election.  Let's Chat! With Mikey is brought to you by MGC Enterprise and
November 8, 2020
TMI with Perez Hilton & Tea Talk with Ciel
Host Mikey 'Majesty' Glam interviews original influencer Perez Hilton about his book TMI: My life in scandal. He also chats with entertainer and model Ciel $avagery about problematic celebs such as Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star. Get ready to sit back, relax, and chat with your host Mikey Majesty each week with new guests and topics, keeping you wondering "Whats next?" every time. 
November 1, 2020