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By Pastor Frank Robinson
Reaching your God-given potential, maximizing you, it’s your let them know you have arrived!! It’s time you’re’s EMPOWER!!
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Interview with Pastor John Chatmon, Author of “The Winners Only Gameplan”
Pastor, Author, Entrepreneur John Fitz Chatmon unveils his new book “The Winners Only Gameplan” - this anointed and powerful interview will shift your mindset to do only one thing.....WIN!! Listen in....
January 13, 2021
Interview w/Owner of Misfits Mafia by D.LaMae
Meet a Black Owned, up and coming, business located in WS,NC, -Deonica-Owner, Founder of Misfits Mafia by D.LaMae
December 16, 2020
Marriage & the Family Unit
Special episode where Pastor Robinson speaks on marriage and how the FAMILY NAME once meant something! A must hear! ENJOY!
September 25, 2020
It’s all about your Praise!!
Pastor Robinson provides a straight to the point look at Gen. 29:31-35. After all you’ve been through, going’s all about your Praise!!
August 31, 2020
Will the real leaders please stand up!! With guest Co-host Pastor Ruben Del Pilar!!
Leaders....this is a must listen and the way the Holy Spirit took over!!!! This is your season!!
August 18, 2020
Will the REAL Leaders please stand up! With Guest Co-host Pastor Danny Haas
Guest Co-host Pastor Danny Haas (York, PA) - discusses straight forward leadership! Where are they, who are they, and what is true leadership! A powerful, timely discussion for today’s people of God!
August 11, 2020
Interview with author Ryan Pickard - book entitled “FOCUSED”
Interview with author Ryan Pickard - book entitled “FOCUSED”
July 29, 2020
(Let’s get in) FORMATION PART 1
Beyoncé’s lyrics are powerful, but God’s Word breaths life into this powerful title!! Get ready to get will find yourself listening to this over and over!!!
July 18, 2020
The Proving Process Part 2
Part 2 of a word that will take your faith to a level beyond even your understanding!!
July 04, 2020
The Proving Process Part 1
Tired of trying things your way? How is that working out for you? How about proving God? The Proving Process will bless your, encourage you and...yes...EMPOWER YOU!!
July 02, 2020
Change!!! EMBRACE IT!!
When in the “will of God” is a hard pill to swallow...know that He is in control!!! Embrace the change!!
July 02, 2020