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Let's Get Blunt With Cat

Let's Get Blunt With Cat

By Cat
A podcast where conversations go left field, real quick. Season 2 of Let’s get blunt with Cat- get your joints/blunts ready every Wednesday at 5 pm.

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Let's Get Blunt With Cat

How soon can we be real?
What's up beautiful ass people! I hope you all have been doing great things and been mentally right during this pandemic.  I have BEEN asking my guests about their opinion on long distance relationships- so I had to ask both of these Aquarius's if they could do it. We talk creating fake pages- BEING SINGLE UNTIL MARRIED???? and with as much as I love talking about sex, I had to talk about something important like STD's.  Stay tuned & thank you for listening! xx (don't forget to like/share/rate) 
April 30, 2020
The Colleagues
In this episode I have dope ass producer, KP from @TheColleagues, meet me at Patchwerk recording studios in Atlanta to talk about his music producing career and what it's like to work with known artists like Raheem Devaughn, Nipsey Hussle and more.  We also get into conversations about big ass "hell no's" in marriage and of course we get BLUNT. I hope you guys enjoy this episode as much as I did. Don't forget to rate and review it-- you can also leave a voicemail and I'll gladly play it on my next episode! Xoxo  Songs played-  Liquid Gold & Distance from The Colleagues 
March 29, 2020
WHAT'S UP EVERYONE!  I missed you guys and hope everyone has been staying safe and healthy during these crazy times. In this episode I brought my boy @Thatdamnziggy in to talk about his book- The Rules of engagement (10 rules on how to keep a fck buddy) We talk about his book, break it down and get into different topics like following "just anyone" back on social media and Ziggy's worst sexual experience.  Hope you all enjoy! Xoxo  (If you enjoyed and missed me, go ahead and rate/review the show)
March 26, 2020
Nice and Marinated
Hey everyone!!  Get ready for today's episode as it is extremely explicit.. we talk about being non-monogamous in relationships, squirting, farting, buttplugs AND MORE HONEY!  I linked up with new twitter friends- Marissa (@Mizar_777) and Brittani (@Brittanimonay) and let me tell you.. WE GOT ACQUAINTED AKAY! I hope you guys laugh as much as we did during this episode!  Don't forget to rate and review!  Xoxo
February 28, 2020
Timing Is Everything
In today’s episode, I have the gorgeous artist and songwriter- Leena, blessing the show with her talent and how she started doing music full time. We talk about timing being everything in this life, traveling, relationships and of course.. fetishes. I hope you guys enjoy it! (Don’t forget to rate and review!) Xx Happy listening! @_leenaofficial @letsgetbluntwithcat
February 20, 2020
Let It Go
Hey! Tonight's episode is one of my favorites! I have my Twitter friends Miguel and Ray blessing the show. We talk relationships, trauma triggers, and you know I had to ask them a question about sucking toes.. and found out they AREN'T toe suckers. @m_vestment @raybands972 I hope you enjoyed! Xoxo  (Don't forget to rate and review)
February 14, 2020
Life Coaching 101
In this episode, I have my friend/ life coach- Alexis giving her insight on mental health/ substance abuse. I asked my followers on instagram to send over any questions regarding mental health, relationships and substance abuse so we have the answers for you!  I hope you guys enjoy this episode- take notes whiles smoking ya joint!  (Don't forget to rate and review if you enjoyed this episode)  Thank you for tuning in! Xoxo Follow my podcast page on IG @Letsgetbluntwithcat Guest - @Queencavo 
February 5, 2020
There's A Truth To Every Joke
Hey everyone!  You know what day it is- Let's get blunt with Cat baybeh baybehhh! This episode is about Midnite's comedy journey, how he started and answers if comedians are truly depressed. Hope you enjoyed and write a review for me! Xx 
January 29, 2020
Get On Yo' Neck And Give Me Knees!
In this episode, my girl Nicolette & I get real about foreplay.  The want's and don't wants. If you don't know Nicolette, you're about to see how nashhhty she can get. We also talk about feet lovers.. so all my feet worshippers.. this ones for you. Hope you guys enjoy and laugh with us!  xx SN- if y'all enjoyed this episode, please rate and review!  Thank you for tuning in!
January 22, 2020
What Do You Believe In?
Hey hey hey!  Hope everyone has had a great week!  In this episode I brought my good friend Ace, to talk about things all my fellow sapiosexuals would consider music to their ears. We go from talking about relationships and getting over hardships, having a wife while still seeing other people, to smoking while on the way to church.  Hope you all enjoy! Please rate and review!  Xoxo Songs played- Man in the mirror- Michael Jackson  Black lip bastard- Ab Soul
January 15, 2020
What Does Wealth Mean To You?
Hey you guys!  In this episode I have my people from the brand @uncommonwealth come over and talk about CBD oil for women's libido, uncovering dead bodies, to having sex with teachers!  Hope you guys enjoy!  Don't forget to leave a review for me if you enjoyed today's podcast!  Xoxo  Songs played- Nothing to it - Snoh Aalegra  Sedona - Kota the friend 
January 8, 2020
Long Distance Relationships
Hey loves, Happy New Year! Thank you for being patient and staying tuned for this NEW season of "Let's get blunt with Cat" In this episode, I have my boy Tony, a social media influencer, talking about his previous experience with *Long-distance relationships* We also talk about influencing, inspiring and how to start! If you enjoyed- please leave a review or if you have any questions don't hesitate to leave a comment. Xoxo Songs played- Todavia no se me olvida- Contragolpe De Froy Espitia Ya me entere- Egwa
January 1, 2020