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Let's Have The Talk

Let's Have The Talk

By Alana & Judy
Why is it so awkward to talk about sex and pleasure with the people closest to us? Why is it especially complicated with our parents? Does it have to be? Alana and Judy don’t think so! Judy Oliver, LMHC and Alana Ogilvie, LMFT, CST are a mother/daughter therapist team on a mission to make sex, pleasure, intimacy and relationships easier to navigate. From questions about the mechanics of sex to the dreaded “am I normal?” they are on a mission to help parents and partners have better informed conversations about sex and connection. So, get ready, because it’s about time we had “the talk.”
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Sex Goals 2021
In this episode, Alana and Judy discuss 2021 sex goals, and why authenticity counts for so much. P.S - if goals are not your jam, that's OK! There's still a little something relevant in this episode for you. Citations for this episode: Clear is Kind. Unclear is Unkind. ~Brené Brown The Gottman Institute https//
February 2, 2021
We're Back! F*ck You 2020
In this episode, Judy and Alana discuss the impacts of 2020 on the collective sexual psyche and on relationships to self and others. Citations for this episode: Who's Having More Sex During the Pandemic? It Depends on Your Politics. ~Dr. Justin Lehmiller Why is Modern Love So Damn Hard? ~Esther Perel
January 19, 2021
The Kingdom of Virginity
Hint: It's make believe. In this episode Judy and Alana talk about the concept of virginity, where it comes from and why it can be toxic to healthy relationships. Citations for this Episode: "Sex Education" on Netflix The Hymen: A Membrane Widely Misunderstood by Michael Castleman, M.A. Patriarchy, Pop Culture and The Taboo of Adult Male Virginity by Sarah Sahagian Averett, P., Moore, A., & Price, L. (2014). Virginity Definitions and Meaning Among the LGBT Community [Abstract]. Journal of Gay & Lesbian Social Services, 26(3), 259-278. doi:10.1080/10538720.2014.924802
October 20, 2020
Building (Sexual) Anticipation
In this episode, Judy and Alana answer a question from a listener, addressing the various difficulties of building anticipation (in and out of a global pandemic). Citations for this episode: John and Julie Gottman
October 7, 2020
Am I Normal?
In this episode, Judy and Alana discuss what's "normal" in the realm of sex, sexuality, bodies, and bodily functions. Let's be real though, there's no such thing as normal, especially when it comes to sex and sexuality. Citations for this Episode: Nagoski, D. A., & Nagoski, P. E. (2019). Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle. Ballantine Books. American Psychiatric Association. (2013). Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (5th ed.). Arlington, VA: Author.
September 15, 2020
Welcome to Our Podcast! Who are Judy and Alana?
This is the first episode of Let's Have the Talk- a mother/daughter podcast about sex, sexuality and sexual health. In this episode Alana and Judy talk about their respective journeys to becoming sexual health counselors and reminisce about what it was like to get and receive "the talk." As mental health professionals they also discuss ways giving and receiving "the talk" that support the growth and curiosity of both kids and parents alike.
September 1, 2020