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Care Campaign For The Vulnerable.. Let’s Talk About... Elderly Care

Care Campaign For The Vulnerable.. Let’s Talk About... Elderly Care

By Care Campaign For The Vulnerable
Care Campaign For The Vulnerable is a national , not for profit, safety in elderly care organisation helping support families and care workers that contact us. We are also lead influencers promoting the need for safety monitoring in all care homes championing better care and safety to our elderly especially those living with dementia. Come and join in our conversation
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One Year On - Covid Pandemic in Care Homes
Care Campaign for the Vulnerable (CCFTV)  was set up over seven years ago to help offer guidance, advice and direct support to families and care workers while championing the rights of our elderly.   Since the start of the Covid pandemic, our not for profit, national safety in elderly care organisation has seen our workload increase with reports coming in of neglect, revenge evictions and families facing a ''blanket ban'' on visiting care homes when it was evident loved ones were declining both emotionally and physically from having family no contact.  One year on from this devastating crisis - our vulnerable elderly have been left without a voice and families have fought to be with elderly relatives, even at the end of their lives.  Throughout this heartwrenching time, we understand the challenges and hardship care providers and staff were faced with and the sterling work so many managers did offering risk assessments to allow safe visits to happen.  Care Campaign for the Vulnerable is leading the call for a public inquiry on the handling of our care homes and the treatment of our elderly.  We want to have examined the confusion on the Government's guidance that was placed around care home visitation and therefore we ask was enough done by this Government to protect our most vulnerable elderly in care and nursing homes during this pandemic.  We speak to a family member CCFTV supported called Jane, a Senior Sales Consultant whose father suffered from Parkinson's and Lewy Body dementia and was evicted from his care home because his daughter questioned his care and the care providers ''unfair'' visitation restriction policy.
March 23, 2021
Whistleblower -'' Reporting abuse lost me my job''
Care Campaign for the Vulnerable speaks to a care worker who reported abuse against an elderly resident in her place of work.  She talks about carers that raise concerns are not always protected.
November 04, 2020
A grieving family’s response to end of life visitation restrictions during Covid
Carol Griffiths and Jackie Perkins talk to Care Campaign for the Vulnerable on the devastating impact on one daughter denied to be with their mother during her final moments in a care home during Covid.
September 16, 2020
Let's Talk About... Elderly Care with Robert Kilgour, Executive Chairman of Renaissance Care
Robert Kilgour is a Scottish property developer, invester, philanthropist and serial entrepreneur.  His first business venture was running a stall selling jeans and t-shirts at Edinburgh's Ingliston Market while still a student at Stirling University.  A decade later, in 1988, he founded Four Seasons Health Care, which opened its first care home in May 1989.  When Robert left the company in 2000 it was the UK's fifth largest care home operator, running 101 care homes and employing 6,500 staff.  Four seasons is currently one of the UK's largest care home operators with about 190 care homes, caring for around 9,000 residents and employing over 12,000 staff.  In 2004 he founded and is currently the Chairman of Renaissance Care which operates 15 care homes in Scotland and employs 1,100 staff.  Robert is also founder and CEO of Dow Investments Plc, now in its third decade.  He is a Director and co founder of video and security systems specialists, NW Security Group and was also a founder shareholder and until he engineered its sale in 2019, Chairman of Kingdom FM Radio.  Robert holds several other Non - Executive Directorships and Senior Advisor roles. Born in Edinburgh, brought up in Fife and educated at Loretto School in Musselburgh, Roberts now decides his time between London and his home in Fife, whenever possible raising money for MacMillan Cancer Support. We are delighted he has joined Care Campaign For the Vulnerable’s podcast Let’s Talk About Elderly Care... welcome Robert Kilgour.
July 08, 2020