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Purity Culture, Josh Harris, & now what // ASHLEY TRABUE

An episode of Let’s Talk About It with Lauren & Adam

By Lauren & Adam
On this podcast, we want to help start or continue conversations about the beautiful & messy parts of life. Although we both had a conservative upbringing, we’ve since grown out of a lot of our traditional ways of thinking. Breaking down topics like purity culture & racism, while demystifying things like feminism & love. Stepping away from our evangelical church background, all the while leaning into God & moving forward in our Christian faith. We seek truth & love Jesus, and just like Jesus we invite ALL to the table. That is where you come in. Without further ado — let’s talk about it.
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More places to listen

Manufactured faith? Man made religion? - ADAM PALMER (pt2)
Let’s take a look at religion.
August 21, 2019
Christian Media, Mental Health & Church Culture (pt.1) - ADAM PALMER
This is just part ONE of our conversation with Adam Palmer. Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks. This week we talk about our Christian music bands and our experience with mental health challenges and the response of the church. @theadampalmer_
August 10, 2019
Purity Culture, Josh Harris, & now what // ASHLEY TRABUE
We don’t have answers, just experiences. Purity Culture is a HUGE topic with many varied experiences. The three of us had similar upbringings, but different journeys that lead us to where we are today. If you align with purity messages, this is not in any way condemning you - I’m happy it worked for you. For us, however, we have each had damage we’ve had to work through because of the purity messages preached at us. I hope this inspires you to look inward and potentially join us in this conversation. Insta: @ashleytrabue Her link to all her sites: https://linktr.ee/ashleytrabue
July 29, 2019
Gay Woman Finds Identity In Christ - KEE DWANE
In this episode we talk to the ever so lovely Kee Dwane. She finds her identity in her faith - through Jesus. Years ago, she came out as gay, then trans, and since then doesn’t really “identify”, as she now recognizes and finds identity in her faith through Jesus - not her appearance, gender, sexuality or preference. She shares her struggles of being pulled between a more conservative upbringing and the pressures she felt through the LGBTQ+ community. She bravely battles with dysphoria and the confusion that brings in an already confusing world. She is a courageous soul with a compassionate heart. She loves Jesus and welcomes anyone who so desires to reach out to her. See her contact below. Email: authentikee@gmail.com Facebook: Kee Dwane Instagram: @authentikee
July 13, 2019
Podcast 00 - intro // who we are
So it begins. In this episode, we introduce ourselves. We open up to you about who we are and a few things that we are passionate about. In the future episodes, we will have interviewees all from different backgrounds. We open up the conversation to people from all walks of life. We will also include our own stories and share things we have been through that shaped us today. I hope you found this episode fun and somewhat insightful. Thankful for everyone who joins this conversation. Even by tuning in. We love you!
July 4, 2019
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