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Let's Talk Loyalty

Let's Talk Loyalty

By Paula Thomas
“Let’s Talk Loyalty” is an industry podcast for loyalty marketing professionals.

If you work in loyalty marketing, join me every week to learn the latest ideas and marketing insights from loyalty specialists around the world.
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#24: Loyalty Academy and The Wise Marketer - Partnership Announcement

Let's Talk Loyalty

#62: The Value of Loyalty Members as a Media Asset
Every loyalty programme owner has invested in capturing the attention and interest of its members, and that attention is often much more valuable than the business realises.  In this episode of LetsTalkLoyalty, we chat to WeAreSonder, a media agency dedicated to professionally valuing OWNED media channels and ecosystems, such as the channels created by loyalty programme owners.  From American Express to Virgin Australia, this interview discusses case studies of some of the incredible work that is being done around the world to unlock billions of dollars of media value that is often left untapped. If you are not yet measuring the value of the media assets within your loyalty programme, this episode will be fascinating, and offers key insights on how best these assets can be valued and commercialised, either now or in the future.  Show Notes: 1) Jonathan Hopkins - Founding Partner - Sonder 2)  3) Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows 
November 19, 2020
#61: Yuu Rewards, Hong Kong's New Coalition Programme
Yuu Rewards has taken the Hong Kong Market by storm.  Launched in July 2020, this innovative coalition programme connects ten brands and over 2,000 stores, and has already recruited an incredible two million members in its first month - a superb result in a city of eight million people.   In this episode of Let's Talk Loyalty, I interview Mark Sage to learn the key challenges of launching a coalition programme in multiple languages, with real time points allocation across fifty POS systems, replacing existing programmes in key partner brands, amidst a pandemic!   From cheesy tunes, to compelling creative, Mark shares the exciting journey of launching this fully personalised coalition programme that is delighting Hong Kong customers.   Show Notes:   1) Mark Sage - Chief Operating Officer, Yuu Rewards, Hong Kong   2) YuuRewards   3) YuuRewards Launch Song 
November 12, 2020
#60: BP Discusses Driving Loyalty in Fuel & Convenience Globally
BP is one of the world's largest oil companies, operating over 18,700 service stations and running loyalty programmes in over twenty countries worldwide.  In this episode of "Let's Talk Loyalty", I chat to Olivier Martinet who has led BP's loyalty initiatives for over twenty six years. He shares how he approaches the development of digital platforms and loyalty programmes according to the market's needs, maturity and challenges, with a laser focus on being relevant to consumers.  We discuss the importance of global standards and the need to drive loyalty "beyond points", leveraging mass personalised programmes that can effectively drive consumer behaviour. Show Notes: 1) Olivier Martinet - Global Retail Customer Insights, Data, Loyalty Programs & European Regional B2C Marketing, BP 
November 5, 2020
#59: Epsilon Talks 121 Loyalty, Contactless Loyalty and Emotional Loyalty
Today's episode of Let's Talk Loyalty showcases Epsilon's latest loyalty learnings from two of their senior Directors, featuring Tamara Oliverio as Senior Director of Loyalty and Customer Experience, as well as Julie Smith as Vice President of Loyalty Technology. Listen to this episode to learn how the US market is evolving dramatically at the moment, including brands re-inventing their programs to respond to the changing perception of what customers find valuable. Key insights include a significant shift towards "contactless loyalty" and how to approach the complex process of effective loyalty program evolution. We also discuss how brands continue to capture data, with consumers increasingly expecting it to be useful in real ways and in real time. This episode includes fascinating insights on designing & optimising loyalty programmes from some industry experts who clearly love loyalty.  Show Notes: 1)  Tamara Oliverio - Senior Director of Loyalty and Customer Experience & CLMP 2) Julie Smith, Vice President, Loyalty Technology 3) Epsilon Europe website including Loyalty week webinars, the Forrester Assessment Tool & the Guide to Contactless Loyalty  4) Epsilon USA - loyalty articles and content  5) #33: Loyalty Insights from Epsilon 6) Masters of Scale podcast  7) Foresight Factory, Trend Spottr & Trend Hunter
October 29, 2020
#58: Global Loyalty Insights from Comarch's Sidney Dunn
As the technology platform that powers loyalty programmes for global brands such as BP, Heathrow Airport, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, ADNOC Petroleum and Etihad Airways, Comarch is in a unique position globally, advising brands in all industries on their loyalty strategy and ensuring it's executed brilliantly.  We are delighted to be working with Comarch as a sponsor of the show, so in this episode of Let's talk Loyalty, I interview one of their top executives, Sidney Dunn, who shares his insights as Client and Business Development Director for Comarch in the Americas.  From the latest research on how millennials are engaging with global platforms, to advice for anyone keen to understand the benefits of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, listen to this episode to hear Sid sharing his unique perspective in a way that's both powerful and practical.  Show Notes: 1) Sidney Dunn - Client and Business Development Director, Comarch - Americas 2) - Loyalty Platform Technology
October 22, 2020
#57: Award-winning loyalty programme in Mauritius - Wiiv Rewards
Wiiv Rewards is a coalition loyalty programme launched in Mauritius by the country's largest private company IBL Group.  As a group-owned multi partner programme, Wiiv boasts eleven loyalty partners across key lifestyle categories such as grocery, pharmacy, transport and leisure, with a focus on supporting their members (known as Wiiv-ers) as a true community.  Listen to this episode of Let's Talk Loyalty to hear why Wiiv won two of the industry's most prestigious awards at this year's Loyalty Magazine Awards, including Regional Loyalty Champion Award for Middle East and Africa as well as highly commended for Best New loyalty Programme launch of the year in 2018.  Show Notes:  1) Wiiv Loyalty Programme Mauritius  2) Delphine Lagesse - Group Strategic Innovation & Excellence Executive at IBL Together, Mauritius 3) Cécile Henry - IBL Group Loyalty Manager at IBL Together, Mauritius
October 15, 2020
#56: Head for Points - Interview with the UK's leading website for frequent flyers
Rob Burgess is a leading travel loyalty expert in the UK, reporting on campaigns by airlines and hotels as well as loyalty-led credit cards in the UK market. Rob personally boasts over 1 million Avios points, 1 million Virgin Flying Club miles and over 6 million airline, hotel and credit card points. He created as a platform to share his ideas on how to get the best value from these loyalty assets, and now boasts an extra-ordinary community of 50,000 UK travel consumers who all love being recognised and rewarded for their loyalty! As a past winner of 'Editor of the Year' at the Business Travel Journalism Awards, Rob has successfully achieved what many digital entrepreneurs dream of, having left a traditional corporate career and created a compelling digital business publication that is loved by readers who enjoy his highly informed, yet independent view. Rob also acts as a consultant to the loyalty industry, focusing on the development of reward schemes which are attractive to consumers whilst cost effective for the sponsor.  In this episode of Let's Talk Loyalty, we discuss how loyalty leaders can and should connect with thought leaders online. We also discuss some extra-ordinary loyalty leaders in the UK beyond travel, including John Lewis departments stores and the iconic Danish café brand - Joe & the Juice. Show Notes: 1) Rob Burgess - Founder and Editor - Head for Points 2) HeadforPoints - the UK's biggest frequent flyer and business travel website 3) Podcast Episode / Audio Article about Joe & The Juice  
October 8, 2020
#55: Vodafone UK's Loyalty Programme - Very Me Rewards with Camilo Courtenay
Vodafone is renowned internationally as an innovative telecommunications network, operating in many of the world's most competitive markets such as the UK.  With a laser focus on customer retention and loyalty, the "Very Me Rewards" programme was launched in 2018, leveraging a portfolio of partnerships and personalised rewards, including almost 30 million rewards redeemed in just two short years.  Camilo Courtenay talks us through their award-winning customer loyalty proposition, as well as their recent gifting strategy which leverages customer feedback to build emotional loyalty with customers and their family and friends - even if they are not on the Vodafone network themselves.  Enjoy this episode and insights on "Very Me Rewards" to learn how to build loyalty in the ultra-competitive utilities sector in the UK.  Show Notes:  1) Camilo Courtenay - Loyalty Product Manager (VeryMe Rewards @ Vodafone) 2) Very Me Rewards - Vodafone UK's Loyalty Programme
October 1, 2020
#54: The Role of Simplicity in Driving Customer Loyalty - B2B Marketer of the Year - Margaret Molloy
As winner of the "B2B Marketer of the Year" award, Margaret Molloy is recognised globally as a marketing thought leader. She is the Chief Marketing Officer of Siegel + Gale, a top global branding firm based in New York renowned for delivering global insights through its annual Simplicity Index. In this interview, we explore how simplicity drives business performance and enhances the customer experience. We also discuss the role of brands in the customer journey, as well as the power shift from buyers to users, employee loyalty and some intriguing statistics that help explain the role of simplicity in driving consumer loyalty. Margaret is a true believer of keeping things simple, and she highlights how Covid-19 has made it even more important for brands to simplify.  We also discuss the role and impact of GEN Z on current marketing trends, and characteristics that define this critical consumer segment including the crucial role they play in the future loyalty market. Listen to this episode of Let's Talk Loyalty to understand how simplicity is as an increasingly powerful (yet underestimated) factor that drives loyalty in every business.  We also announce the winner of the first ever Loyalty Academy Scholarship Competition in partnership with our friends in the Loyalty Academy! Show Notes: 1) Margaret Molloy: Chief Marketing Officer - Siegel + Gale  2) Margaret Molloy on Twitter - 3) World's Simplest Brands website  4) Simplicity at Work study  5) How CMOs Commit newsletter 6) How CMOs Commit podcast 7) Future of Branding Events page 8) Siegel + Gale 9) “In their words” article by Siegel+Gale: The skills used by global CMOs to navigate COVID-19 10) Gen Z and Brand Building podcast episode 
September 24, 2020
#53: Driving Loyalty in Shell worldwide - Pavel Los shares insights on his award-winning loyalty programmes
Pavel Los is the Global Loyalty Manager for Shell, the world-renowned oil company running loyalty programmes in 21 countries.  Shell recently  topped the leader board at the Loyalty Magazine Awards, winning awards for Shell Go+ in the UK, as well as Shell Club Smart programme in China that integrates with the WeChat platform. Pavel talks us through those value propositions and also shares some insights around the use of carbon offset programmes in key markets such as the Netherlands and the UK. With the increasingly role of loyalty programme to protect commercial revenue, Pavel shares the key statistics and loyalty metrics that Shell focuses on from their central team of loyalty subject matter experts.  We also discuss the concept of coalitions and the important ingredients for success for any brand when it comes to marketing partnerships. Listen to this episode of Let's Talk Loyalty for a truly global loyalty perspective from one of the world's leading retailers. Show Notes: 1) Pavel Los - Global Loyalty Manager Shell 2) Shell Go+ - Shell's new UK Loyalty Programme  3) Shell Clubsmart - China 
September 17, 2020
#52: Connecting with Community for Local Loyalty - with Dr Chris Arnold
As a former Creative Director and senior board director of Saatchi & Saatchi, Dr Chris Arnold is a business strategist, innovative thinker and a "proudly dyslexic" champion of thinking differently.  With a deeply held belief in the power of community, Dr Chris highlights the challenges of relying on digital marketing and short-term measurable metrics that limit the full potential of a truly customer-centric mindset.  Dr Chris reminds us of the power of communities as a way to create true customer loyalty, including the opportunity to connect our loyal customers with each other in a way that builds powerful brands and businesses. Show Notes: 1) Dr Chris Arnold 2) Connect 2 UK 
September 10, 2020
#51: The Loyalty Magazine Awards
Every year, loyalty marketers around the world send off their programmes to compete with the best in the industry for the annual Loyalty Magazine Awards.  With 23 categories, the entries are carefully evaluated by a panel of loyalty experts from around the world and one winner gets to celebrate being the best in the world in their industry or region!  In this episode of Let's Talk Loyalty, I interview Annich McIntosh, CEO of the Loyalty Magazine Awards about the great entries that came out on top this year, as well as the very special Loyalty Magazine Awards 2020 online global party. Loyalty Magazine is a leading international title providing coverage of the world loyalty business. We also discuss some of the key trends she's seeing in the world of loyalty as an industry commentator and expert.  Show Notes:  1) Annich McIntosh, CEO of the Loyalty Magazine Awards 2) Loyalty Magazine Awards
September 3, 2020
#50: KPMG Customer Research - Connecting with The New Customer
As customers respond to our dramatically different world, trust is becoming an essential ingredient in business, not just to ensure customer loyalty, but to ensure business survival. In its fascinating reports on the "New Customer", KPMG reveal some dramatic findings - for example, 91% of customers do NOT want to return to the pre-Covid world.  Listen to this episode of Let's Talk Loyalty, as Nathan Beaver, Partner at KPMG UK, shares the latest insights on the "integrity economy", and how consumer behaviour is evolving, as well as the principles that loyalty programme managers need to keep in mind to connect with, and keep their most valuable customers.    Show Notes:  1) Customer Connections in Uncertain Times 2) Meet Your New Customer. The UK Customer Experience Excellence report 2020 3) Customer Connections: Competing in the New Reality 
August 27, 2020
#49: ONE YEAR BIRTHDAY - Let's Talk Loyalty - Loyalty Academy Competition
Let's Talk Loyalty is one year old on August 22nd so today we are celebrating! It’s been an incredible roller-coaster year, filled with fun, extra-ordinary guests, incredible sponsors and partners and of course an amazing audience so I’m truly grateful for every listener and every message of support that you've sent.  To celebrate our first birthday, this episode features my first competition in partnership with my friends in the Loyalty Academy – offering one lucky listener the chance to enjoy a FREE Loyalty Academy Scholarship worth $1,750! Show Notes: To enter the competition, simply sign up to our newsletter here:
August 20, 2020
#48: Etihad Guest - Loyalty Insights from Etihad Airways
Etihad Guest is the loyalty program for Etihad Airways - the flag carrier of the UAE, based in Abu Dhabi.  With over 7 million members, re-launched in November 2019, the Guest programme has continued to innovate, finding new ways to reward members who are keen to stay connected while staying home.  This episode features Kim Hardaker, a self-confessed "data nerd" who shares a compelling loyalty statistic and then explains their new and extra-ordinary "world of thoughtfulness" campaign - a great example of building emotional loyalty at a challenging time.  Show Notes:   1) Kim Hardaker - Head of Etihad Guest programme 2) Etihad Guest - Loyalty Programme of Etihad Airways. 3) Etihad Guest relaunches award winning Etihad Guest loyalty programme 4) Etihad Guest launches world first seamless miles redemption proposition via new mobile app 5) Etihad Guest rewards members while staying home 6) World of Thoughtfulness campaign 
August 13, 2020
#47: Shirley King - Loyalty Program Manager, IHG Rewards Club & Kimpton Inner Circle
Shirley King has been designing, developing and building loyalty programmes for a luxury boutique hotel brand within IHG Group, including the "Kimpton Hotels Inner Circle" as well as the "IHG Rewards Club" for over twenty-five years.  In this episode of Let's Talk Loyalty, we discuss some of her award-winning programme elements, key principles of creating extra-ordinary experiences for top tier members, as well as some exciting and inspiring updates for her career at a very challenging time for the travel industry globally.  Show Notes: 1) Shirley King - Loyalty Program Manager, IHG Rewards Club & Kimpton Inner Circle 2) Kimpton Boutique Hotels  3) Skift - Daily Travel Podcast  4) The Points Guy 5) One Mile at a Time 6) Flyer Talk 
August 6, 2020
#46: Dell's Global Loyalty Lead - Exploring Gamification
Dell is one of the world's best known computer companies, positioning itself as "powering the next technological revolution".  With a laser focus on driving clear and measurable business outcomes, Dell's Mitch Kennedy discusses his insights on the impact of transactional rewards, the power of gamification, the importance of understanding human psychology as well as the increasing importance of the Advantage Rewards program and loyalty initiatives in Dell worldwide.  Show Notes:  1) Mitch Kennedy: Global Loyalty Strategy Lead, Dell  2) Dell Advantage Programme 3) Book: Drive: The Surprising Truth about What Motivates Us by Daniel Pink  4) Book: Actionable Gamification by Yu-Kai Chou 
July 30, 2020
#45: Loyalty Insights from India - Customer Strategy Network - Kunal Mohiuddin
As a loyalty expert based in India, Kunal Mohiuddin has an extensive career as a loyalty practitioner, building innovative loyalty technology platforms and advising over fifty national and global programmes on their loyalty strategy along the way.  Kunal is a colleague of mine within the "Customer Strategy Network" - a global network of freelance loyalty consultants each with a strong background as an independent loyalty practitioner and he brings a unique perspective from India. Truly a "global voice of loyalty". Listen to this week's episode of Let'sTalkLoyalty to hear some great case studies from Kunal's extensive career as well as his insights on new technologies driving loyal behaviour in the future.  Show Notes:  1) Kunal Mohiuddin  
July 23, 2020
#44: Leveraging Subscriptions to Create the Ultimate Loyalty
Consumer behaviour is changing dramatically, and business models need to evolve to find ways to create loyalty even beyond loyalty programmes. One way is by incorporating a subscription model in your business, a model that drives commercial loyalty way beyond simply points or prizes.  In this episode of "Let's talk Loyalty", I'm discussing how and why I'm subscribing for more products and how I'm seeing the model being used in new and unexpected ways. For businesses that can deliver superb experiences and/or increased convenience, a subscription business promises predictable recurring revenue and increased customer lifetime value.  Listen to this episode to hear executives from Ipsos Denmark and their partners in Management Consulting firm Subscrybe explain the principles of success in subscriptions - creating both "reasons to buy" and "reasons to stay" and leveraging this "exploding" business model to create the ultimate loyalty with customers.  Show Notes: 1) Jens Dupont - Associate Director @Ipsos Denmark 2) Peter Jakobsen - Senior Consultant @ Subscrybe 3) Webinar: Subscription Principles 4) Dollar Shave Club Launch Video 5) Ipsos Research Papers:  The Forces of Customer Experience; Unpacking product subscription models;
July 16, 2020
#43: Loyalty Marketing in B2B & Concepts Post-Covid - Dr David Cox
Dr David Cox is a loyalty expert and one of the few industry leaders who also boasts a PhD in loyalty marketing!  In this episode of "Let's Talk Loyalty", we discuss key concepts in motivational marketing that drive powerful commercial results, particularly in the B2B sector. Having won multiple awards for driving loyalty for clients such as IBM and Lenovo worldwide, we discuss some of the most effective techniques they use such as the power of sport to connect with members, and the importance of localisation to get the best results.  We also discuss some of the key trends in the loyalty industry emerging as a direct result of Covid-19, with plenty of insights and ideas that can help you to optimise any programme, whether B2C or B2B. Show Notes:  1) David Cox - CEO of Motivforce 2) Motivforce 2020 Awards  3) Loyalty Magazine Awards June 2020  4) Loyalty Articles 
July 9, 2020
#42: Loyalty Leadership using NPS and Customer Lifetime Value - with Rob Markey, Bain & Company
As the founder of Bain & Company's Customer practice, Rob Markey is the one of the world's leading authorities on customer loyalty, having co-created The Net Promoter System® - the industry metric and framework now used by more than two thirds of Fortune 1000 companies.  Rob co-authored the best-selling book "The Ultimate Question 2.0" with Fred Reichheld, and he is now a keynote speaker, leader of the NPS Loyalty Forum and a podcaster on customer and employee experience.  In this episode of Let's Talk Loyalty, we discuss the insights that led to the development of the NPS framework as our industry's most used (and abused) measurement tool, as well as how Bain and Company is currently advising its clients to more thoroughly measure, monitor and share customer health indicators in order to encourage a more "patient' approach from investors and management alike. Show Notes: 1) Rob Markey: Customer Experience Transformations | Loyalty | Strategy & Marketing | Author | Speaker | Podcaster 2) Rob Markey's website 3) The Ultimate Question 2.0: Driving Good Profits and True Growth 4) Net Promoter System: Website and podcast 5) HBR 2003: The One Number You Need to Grow   6) HBR 2020: Spotlight Series - Articles by Rob Markey, Pete Fader and Dan McCarthy and Jack Brennan
July 2, 2020
#41: Bryan Pearson - Loyalty Personality of the Year and LoyaltyOne former CEO
Bryan Pearson, the former CEO LoyaltyOne is known globally as a leader in loyalty, retail marketing and analytics.  He is also the author of the bestselling book "The Loyalty Leap: Turning Customer Information Into Customer Intimacy" as well as "The Loyalty Leap for B2B." He has also been awarded a lifetime achievement award by Loyalty Magazine as “Personality of the Year” in 2018. In this episode of Let’s Talk Loyalty, we discuss some of the key success factors for the coalition model for loyalty in global markets, as well as some innovative ideas emerging in the retail sector as we adjust to a new reality beyond the global pandemic. Show Notes: Bryan Pearson – Former CEO of LoyaltyOne Bestselling book: The Loyalty Leap by Bryan Pearson – Forbes articles by Bryan Pearson Case Study - Flâneur Wines in Oregon The Loyalty Report 2019 - Brand Loyalty Article - 5 Key Insights about Gen z
June 25, 2020
#40: Loyalty Lessons From Wharton School's Professor of Marketing
This episode of "Lets Talk Loyalty" was inspired by some exciting ideas emerging from academic leaders who are increasingly helping investors to consider the future lifetime value of customers (not just historic revenues) when valuing a firm. "Customer Based Corporate Valuation" (CBCV) is a concept developed and commercialised by Peter Fader, Professor of Marketing with the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, together with Dan McCarthy to help investors and loyalty marketers apply ever more sophisticated financial models to our businesses to accurately understand the value of our customers as a strategic asset. These models are generating exciting insights for C-Suite Executives, and the episode discusses how we as loyalty marketers can ensure we educate our company leaders to appreciate and value the loyal customers and relationships we nourish.  Show Notes:  1) Professor of Marketing, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania  2) Dan McCarthy - Assistant Professor of Marketing at Emory University 3) Leigh McAlister - Professor of Marketing - University of Austin  4) Harvard Business Review - Jan/Feb 2020 issue articles - "The Loyalty Economy."  5) Theta Equity Partners  6) Customer Centricity: Focus on the Right Customers for Strategic Advantage - 2012 Edition (New Edition Scheduled July 2020)  7) Bain & Co - How to Calculate Customer Value 
June 18, 2020
#39: Sky VIP UK with Head of Customer Loyalty, Rob Chandler
As the UK's largest broadcaster, Sky has access to some of the top entertainment assets in the world including The Premier League for football fans and the PGA Tour for golf lovers.  Some years ago, the company recognised some key underlying challenges to retaining happy customers as they began to challenge how the brand offered preferential rates to new customers rather than existing ones. Many believed the brand wasn't being as loyal to them as they were to Sky! This insight allowed a fundamental shift in the business to firstly ensure a consistent product offering to customers but also add in a powerful programme to acknowledge customer loyalty, particularly over longer periods of time.  With a clear intention for customers to feel loved, in 2017, Sky launched its VIP programme, the first tenure-based programme in the industry which continues to promise that "the longer you stay, the better it gets".  From delivering exclusive live experiences for over a million customers a year, to now delivering even more extraordinary & innovative virtual experiences, Rob Chandler shares how Sky VIP is each day creating new and exciting ways to really say thanks to its customers.   Listen to this week's episode of "Let's Talk Loyalty" podcast for exclusive insights on loyalty long term as well as innovative loyalty ideas in lockdown.  Show Notes: 1) Rob Chandler - Head of Customer Loyalty - Sky UK 2) All Customer's Are Not Created Equal - by Stan Phelps  3) The Gamification Revolution: How Leaders Leverage Game Mechanics to Crush the Competition - by Gabe Zichermann
June 11, 2020
#38: ebookers Bonus+ Rewards Programme
In the travel sector, a compelling loyalty programme can be a key differentiator for customers - for airlines, hotels and also for online travel agencies. ebookers UK was originally launched in 1998 as the UK's first online travel agency, adding the "Bonus+" programme in 2016.  Listen to this episode of "Let's Talk Loyalty" to hear how has built a simple and generous loyalty programme - particularly focused on mobile users, along with insights on the KPI's they are measuring and how they're thinking about their members priorities amid Covid-19.  Show Notes: 1) Nicola Helfet 2)  3) Bonus Plus Programme 4) Boots Advantage Loyalty Programme  5) TK Maxx 'Treasure' - Retail Loyalty Programme
June 4, 2020
#37: A Compelling Concept - Return on Loyalty
Statisticians are familiar with the concept of “self-selection” but it’s rarely discussed, understood or accounted for when determining your “return on loyalty”. Simply because your most loyal customers have joined your programme, does not mean your programme improved or caused them to become more loyalty. In today’s fascinating discussion around the challenge of “self-selection”, my two guests who co-founded the "customer science" firm Ellipsis, discuss how they isolate, measure and define the levers within a loyalty program to understand what’s working, what’s not and why!  Listen for a masterclass on the concept of “return on loyalty”, NPS and how to separate correlation from causation using data insights. Show Notes: 1) Tim Tyler – Managing Partner at Ellipsis & Company 2) Adam Schaffer -  Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Ellipsis & Company 3) Return on Loyalty - 4) Whitepaper – Return on Loyalty  5) Whitepaper - Your Loyalty Strategy Depends on Your Program Age   6) 7) The Mismanagement of Customer Loyalty – Harvard Business Review article
May 28, 2020
#36: Rakuten Rewards
With over 15 million members, Rakuten Rewards is one the world’s largest cash back programs, and to date it has paid out over $2 billion to members across online and offline retail stores in the United States!  In this episode of Let's Talk Loyalty, I interview Kristen Gall, President of Rakuten Rewards, to understand the power of affiliate marketing, their partnerships with American Express and Live Nation - as well as their global sponsorships with FC Barcelona, The National Basketball Association (NBA) and The Golden State Warriors.  Listen also for some fascinating insights on exactly what retail trends are emerging amid Covid-19 and the categories consumers are slowly beginning to spend on again. Show Notes:  1) Kristen Gall - President, Rakuten Rewards  2) – leading Cash Back service in the US 3) – Rakuten Americas corporate site 4) – Rakuten global site 5) Rakuten Optimism Conference 6) Marketplace 3.0 - by Hiroshi Mikitani (Author)
May 21, 2020
#35: What the Brits Want From Loyalty
Loyalty Managers around the world often look to the UK for inspiration and exciting new ideas and trends. YouGov is the UK’s “most quoted research agency” on consumer opinion, and earlier this year, together with Mando Connect, they again turned their attention to understanding what British consumers really want from loyalty programmes.  Listen to this week’s episode of “Let’s Talk Loyalty” to hear us discuss the 2020 UK loyalty whitepaper, including some exciting new innovative UK loyalty programmes – and also some concerns on how much more we need to do before our loyalty programmes appeal to younger consumers. Show Notes: 1) 2) Mando Connect  3) Charlie Hills 4) Joe Flagg 5) UK Loyalty Whitepaper - What the Brits Want from Loyalty 6) Are Loyalty Programmes Even More Important in These Challenging COVID-19 Times? Article on The Wise Marketer 
May 14, 2020
#34: 119 Customer Loyalty Ideas to beat COVID-19
On 20th March 2020, Adam Posner posted a call to action on LinkedIn asking loyalty and business professionals worldwide to collaborate and contribute ‘119 customer loyalty ideas to beat COVID-19'.  By the 7th of April 2020, the target of 119 ideas was achieved and an eBook was compiled featuring expert insights from 63 loyalty experts around the world.  In this episode of "Let's Talk Loyalty" I interview Adam for his favourite ideas and share my own. A super useful eBook at this unusual time of challenge yet with some emerging opportunities to evolve.  Show Notes:  1) Adam Posner 2) The Point of Loyalty 3) 119 Ideas to Beat Covid-19 4) "For Love or Money" - Report on 2020 trends in the Australian Loyalty Market  5) Australian Shoe Shop Goes Digital First 6) For Good Causes UK 
May 7, 2020
#33: Loyalty Insights from Epsilon
As the loyalty platform partner for brands like Dell, Dunkin' and Walgreens, Epsilon powers customer conversations and communications for some of the best brands in the world. In this episode, I interview their Vice President of International Operations, Joseph Taylor who shares his insights on key opportunities for loyalty program managers around the world. With a background running customer programmes and platforms for leading brands like Adidas and Nokia, Joseph explains how best to manage complex global data privacy requirements, programme design evolution and even the sensitive but important area of managing programme liability in the current challenging climate of Covid-19. We discuss how loyalty programmes are becoming an even more critical tool for brands to build trust and relationships - beyond just transactions and rewards. With fascinating insights on loyalty preferences around the world, Joseph shares his experience how members have vastly different expectations of brands and their loyalty programmes in countries such as China, Japan and France. A truly global perspective with plenty of ideas for programme managers worldwide. Show Notes: 1) Epsilon EMEA  2) Privacy Article by Joseph Taylor  3) Nielsen 4) IRI Research 5) You Gov 6) Kantar     7) Ipsos 
April 30, 2020
#32: AAdvantage - Caring for Loyal Customers through Challenging Times.
As President of the AAdvantage Program and Vice-President of Customer Loyalty and Insights at American Airlines, Bridget Blaise-Shamai leads a team of over 700 loyalty and customer service professionals running one of the world's most popular loyalty programs. Founded in 1981, the American Airlines Advantage program boasts almost 40 years of expertise with a clear intention to continually delight customers - even during this current quarantine when so many of us cannot travel. Bridget (who I am delighted has Irish heritage) shares how American Airlines is focusing on destination inspiration, exciting options to enjoy ground-based rewards as well as an innovative "lifetime status"  opportunities in order to keep customers engaged, and also some of the key lessons she and her team have learned along the way. Show Notes:  1) Bridget Blaise-Shamai  2) AAdvantage Program  3) 4) Simon Sinek  5) Shelly Palmer
April 23, 2020
#31: Innovative Ideas and Emerging Tech in Loyalty
In today's episode of "Let's Talk Loyalty", I chat to Simon Rowles, a fellow Customer Loyalty Marketing Professional (CLMP) and CSN consultant for Australia. Simon has a unique background in technology development which gives him a fascinating perspective on emerging technology in the loyalty industry and how disruptive platforms can offer innovative ideas that truly drive increased customer engagement and retention. Led by some great loyalty statistics, Simon discusses how Australia is responding to Covid19 and talks through some exciting ideas that will appeal to loyalty programme managers worldwide. Show Notes:  1) Simon Rowles: 2) Beyonde  3)  4) 5) 6) Ben Evans – newsletter - 7) Mark Ritson - 8) Bob Hoffman - 9) Wise Marketer -
April 16, 2020
#30: (Before Covid 19) Five UK Trends for 2020
This episode of "Let's Talk Loyalty" was recorded in early March 2020 - some weeks before all of our lives were consumed by the very real threat of the Corona Virus. I had written an article about the key UK Trends predicted in 2020 for my colleagues in Liquid Barcodes - and wanted to share these ideas with my own audience as well as theirs. The UK market is a dominant influence on marketing worldwide and one of my favourite resources to stay up to date on how technology, communications and UK culture are evolving is published by Mindshare.  Every year, they publish a report on UK trends which is useful and insightful, so this article discusses their conclusions on the top five trends for 2020 - and indeed for the decade to come! From 5G, through to adoption of innovative technologies such as 5G, and the insatiable demand for quality content, this episode summarises how consumers are feeling about emerging trends - ideas and insights that loyalty marketers need to consider as we plan and manage our programmes. With thanks to Liquid Barcodes. Show Notes: 1) Mindshare UK 2) Mindshare UK Trends Report. 3)  Liquid Barcodes - Loyalty Marketing Platform for Convenience Retailers
April 9, 2020
#29: Rewarding Loyalty with Luxury Experiences.
The Chalhoub Group is the largest retailer for luxury across the Middle East since 1955 with over 12,000 employees and a portfolio of some of the most exclusive brands in the world. With over 700 stores, the Group has spent the last two years defining and developing a unique loyalty programme proposition to appeal to premium customers and the luxury brands themselves.  In this episode of "Let's Talk Loyalty", I interview Nida Unas, Head of Group Loyalty at Chalhoub Group who tells us about MUSE - the programme that has been developed to reward premium Chalhoub customers with luxury experiences.  She shares with us some of the new ideas and solutions emerging through the programme as malls in the Middle East remain closed for now. Show Notes:
April 2, 2020
#28: Corona Virus Challenges - Solutions for Convenience Retailers
With much of the world locked down for the forseeable future, the conversations around loyalty are changing. Safeguarding our customers, our staff and ourselves has become our biggest concern.   While businesses adapt and loyalty programmes evolve, agile retailers who may never have needed to allow their customers to "pre-order and pre-pay" are now recognising the power of digital platforms to support social distancing, particularly in convenience retail.  As a consultant to the convenience industry, working with Liquid Barcodes, this episode unapologetically promotes a unique online solution and a tool that can be implemented by any retailer in just one week, in order to help retailers protect their customers and staff, and further build trust and loyalty long-term.  Show Notes:  Bob Stein The (pre) "Order and Pay" solution from Liquid Barcodes (loyalty platform for convenience retail)
March 26, 2020
#27: Customer Loyalty and Landscape Research - South African Insights
With an extra-ordinary career spanning almost 30 years for some of the world's top loyalty brands, Amanda Cromhout is a recognised leader in loyalty. Now based in South Africa, she has created a dedicated loyalty agency which publishes an annual white paper on the key trends in loyalty with South African consumers. Listen to this week's episode to learn why some consumers in South Africa DON'T use loyalty programmes, and which ONE programme they rate above all others (if they HAVE to choose). Plus hear about the grocery programme that launched in late 2019 and signed up an amazing one MILLION members in just their first week.
March 18, 2020
#26: Australia’s Favourite Loyalty Programme - flybuys – 5 Lessons Learned in 25 Years
Coalition programmes are notoriously difficult to get right. Managing partners, data and a compelling value proposition are extremely difficult to do – but the power and potential of these programmes is extra-ordinary – as proven by flybuys Australia when it recruited a million members in its first week alone! Phil Hawkins is Operations Director for flybuys and has spent much of his career supporting its incredible success. In this episode of “Let’s Talk Loyalty” Phil talks us through 5 lessons he has learned about loyalty marketing over the last twenty-five years. Show Notes: Phil Hawkins flybuys Australia
March 11, 2020
#25: Skywards - Loyalty Programme for Emirates and Fly Dubai - Interview with Dr Nejib Ben Khedher
Airline loyalty programmes around the world are recognised and respected as the pioneers of the industry, driving billions of dollars of ancillary revenue for those that truly delight their members. As one of the largest airlines in the world, Emirates Airline is approaching the 20 year anniversary of its loyalty programme Skywards which now boasts over 27 million members around the world. Today's episode features an exciting conversation with Dr Nejib Ben Khedher, Divisional Senior Vice President in Emirates who has led the digital transformation of Skywards in recent years - including some key statistics and incredible insights on what's working well for Skywards already and what to expect in the industry in the years to come. Show Notes:  Skywards Loyalty Programme Dr Nejib Ben Khedher, Divisional Senior Vice President, Emirates Skywards at Emirates
March 4, 2020
#24: Loyalty Academy and The Wise Marketer - Partnership Announcement
This week I am super excited to announce a partnership with my friends in "The Wise Marketer™" - the world's most widely read source of news, and insights on everything to do with loyalty and customer-centric marketing.  Both they and I are equally passionate about sharing knowledge in the loyalty industry and this partnership is the perfect way to do that. Today's episode features an interview with the CEO of The Wise Marketer - Bill Hanifin - a group which also includes the "Loyalty Academy™" and the Loyalty Guide, known as the bible in the loyalty industry. I am extremely proud to be working with the team there to add my "voice" and interviews from around the world as weekly content for their audience and excited to be part of the world's biggest loyalty community.
February 26, 2020
#23: Dan Gipple on Leveraging Loyalty Psychology to Drive Social Change.
Loyalty programmes are best known as a powerful tool to drive consumers to buy more and spend more however in some rare cases such as "Bella Mossa" in Italy, the programme is drive social change and sustainable behaviour.  In this episode, Dan Gipple, founder of Better Points, together with Marco Amadori of the City of Bologna Public Transport Authority, created a unique programme to incentivise residents of Bologna to cycle, walk and use public transport instead of driving - and with remarkable results. This loyalty programme was even featured by the BBC in their "World Hacks" series! We discuss human behaviour, the psychology of consumer loyalty and some ways in which programmes can be funded when the objectives are non- commercial. Show Notes: BBC News - Clip featuring the city of Bologna's loyalty programme.  Bella Mossa - Using Rewards to incentivise citizens of Bologna to drive less frequently, Dan Gipple. Better Points Platform. 
February 20, 2020
#22: Driving Loyalty Using CX or "Customer Experience" Mindset
CX – or “customer experience” has exploded in recent years as a powerful business tool that truly drives customer loyalty and advocacy – not “just” using structured loyalty programmes, but by re-engineering your whole business in order to delight customers. Today’s episode of “Let’s Talk Loyalty” features an interview with Michael Killeen, founder of the “CX Academy” to figure out why so many companies are appointing CX professionals in their senior management teams, and how we as loyalty professionals can leverage our expertise in customer retention in order to lead CX initiatives. Listen to learn what brands are seen as the global leaders in CX and how you can upskill and apply similar powerful frameworks in your company. Show Notes:
February 13, 2020
#21: Loyalty Lessons from Australia
Australia is renowned as a sophisticated market when it comes to loyalty - and who better to talk us through it than Sarah Richardson - Chairperson of the Australian Loyalty Association. Sarah has an extensive career that spans over twenty years in direct marketing, CRM and also strategic loyalty programmes on both the agency and client side.  Sarah now operates her own consultancy firm and loves to bring together the loyalty community in key cities in Australia to share ideas, training and inspire each other. Show Notes:
February 6, 2020
#20: Leveraging customer passions for your loyalty programme.
Film, music and games are all assets that loyalty programme owners can leverage to drive emotional engagement with members. Listen to this episode to hear partnerships expert Tom Sugg from Brand Culture London explain how to leverage the power of the world's most popular entertainment brands as partners to engage your customers around their passion points. 
January 30, 2020
#19: Loyalty Experts Worldwide - An Interview with the "Customer Strategy Network"
Running a loyalty programme can be challenging in many ways - with so many internal stakeholders and members to manage,. From platform decisions, through to legal and privacy management and of course increasing expectations for programmes to drive measurable returns.  Who can you turn to for advice, a second opinion and access to global loyalty brain power? One place is the "Customer Strategy Network" - of which I'm delighted to be a member.   Our organisation is a global network of loyalty practitioners available to support loyalty projects on a freelance and flexible basis as needed.  Today I chat to Nick Chambers who leads the Customer Strategy Network and we discuss the types of projects we support and work we do - for those time when you might need some extra support to optimise your loyalty programme.  With fifteen loyalty experts across 11 countries worldwide, there's always help on hand if you need it.  Show Notes:
January 23, 2020
#18: Trends in Loyalty - My Predictions for 2020
Today's episode discusses my ideas on loyalty TRENDS emerging for 2020 and beyond.  Beyond the more frequently-touted ideas around personalisation, subscription programmes and environmental considerations, I've chosen three topics that excite me that include some innovative opportunities to consider as you plan your programme's evolution. Show Notes: 1) The CX Academy: 2) Gartner Customer Experience Survey: 3) McCafe Campaign - Creating Emotional Loyalty: 4) PWC Report on Voice Assistants:
January 16, 2020
#17: Deon Olivier Discusses Fuel Loyalty, Health Insurance Loyalty and Propositions for Financial Services Loyalty
Deon Olivier is an expert loyalty consultant in South Africa with over two decades of experience across telecommunications, financial services and fuel and convenience retail. Today we discuss Discovery Vitality - a world-leading loyalty programme within the health insurance, car insurance and banking sectors. We also discuss some unique concepts within retail banking as well recent developments in fuel retail and convenience stores in the South African market.  Show Notes: Deon Olivier: Harvard Business Review Case Study: Press Release: Apple Technology:
January 8, 2020
#16: British Gas Rewards - Award Winning Loyalty Programme
Today's episode of "Let's Talk Loyalty" features exclusive insights from an award-winning UK loyalty programme that's loved by millions. The brief: How can you make customers feel truly recognised and appreciated when faced with negative media perceptions, industry regulations and an intensely competitive landscape? British Gas Rewards set out in 2017 to do exactly that.  Instead of a points-based coalition programme, customers were asking for simplicity and exclusivity and so the new British Gas Rewards team created a unique format and customer proposition in record time.  In partnership with detailed data and UK loyalty market insights from their partnerships/marketing agency Mando-Connect, British Gas built an award-winning loyalty programme that has successfully reduced churn and increased NPS with millions of customers.  Listen in to the last episode of our first season of "Let's Talk Loyalty" to learn lessons on how a passionate team can achieve speed and scale when driven by a vision of excellence and empowered by C-Suite support.      Show Notes: British Gas Rewards: British Gas Rewards Partnership Agency: Report/research: What UK consumers think about loyalty:
December 18, 2019
#15: KPMG Global Report - The Truth About Customer Loyalty
KPMG is one of the world's top management consulting firms and one of the "Big Four" accounting organisations globally with offices in over 150 countries globally. Its advisory services include advising governments, public and private firms on best practice in customer experience and driving loyalty. This includes comprehensive research including its latest report entitled: " The Truth about Customer Loyalty" - described as a report in which the world’s consumers reveal what keeps them coming back.  A comprehensive interview discussing this brand new global loyalty report (published November 2019) with Selim Tanfous, KPMG Associate Director for the Lower Gulf Region. Show Notes: The Truth About Customer Loyalty - 2019 edition Customer Experience Report 2019 edition. Me, My Life, My Wallet (2018 KPMG Loyalty Research Report)   Other Loyalty Resources:    Loyalty 360 - The Association for Customer Loyalty  
December 11, 2019
#14: British Airways Executive Club - Airline Loyalty Insights
The British Airways Executive Club is an industry-leading loyalty programme designed to engage frequent fliers all over the world. This episode discusses how British Airways is using the Executive Club to differentiate itself in the truly competitive landscape of airline travel. As Loyalty Manager for British Airways, Niall Rooney shares his insights on key trends in loyalty marketing and how customer preferences and performance are driving the airline's internal thinking to ensure these key customers are continually recognised and rewarded.  Niall also shares some great statistics on how and why British Airways Executive Club continues to improve capacity to reward seats for customers, as well as key areas of focus for the airline. Show Notes: 1) Innovation Agency that British Airways Executive Club partnered with for loyalty ideas and insights. 2) Press Release and key statistic: "British Airways Greatly Boosts Reward Seat Availability" 3) Simple This episode is published in partnership with Simple - the go-to source for everything in global aviation.  
December 4, 2019
#13: Earth Rewards - A Loyalty Solution for the Environment
Climate change is the number one concern for millions of people around the world - whether we've been directly affected by it or simply alarmed by the damage our lifestyles are doing to the planet. It's time to find tools to measure and minimise our impact on the planet and Earth Rewards is a brand new solution doing exactly that! Listen to this episode to learn how ANY loyalty programme can partner with Earth Rewards to make a real difference to the environment and impress consumers by demonstrating a real commitment to taking action. We also chat about how we as individual consumers can take positive action too. Show Notes: Website: Nielsen Research on Importance of Brands supporting the environment: Deloitte Millennials Research: Report. Book by Mike Berners-Lee: How Bad Are Bananas? Contact: Email: paula (at)        
November 27, 2019
#12: Award-winning Loyalty in Italy - AS Roma and Advice Group
Sports fans are incredibly loyal advocates of their Clubs - sometimes from generation to generation. So why would a professional football Club like AS Roma invest in a loyalty programme??  This episode discusses the clever strategies and approach taken by AS Roma with the help of their agency Advice Group - resulting in them winning three separate loyalty awards in the 2018 Loyalty Magazine Awards - including Best Regional Champion of the Year for Western Europe. I interview Laura Cagnacci about their strategy and performance and insights from various industries driving loyalty and direct relationships with customers.    
November 20, 2019
#11: Why Loyalty Programs Fail - FREE Report
For anyone involved in designing and operating loyalty programs, a key goal is to understand why loyalty programs can sometimes fail to prevent that happening to yours! The "Delphi Report" is released each year to source insights from leading loyalty practitioners around the world and this year's topic is exactly this question. This free report features insights from 34 experts from 14 different loyalty markets around the world for their insights on "Why Programs Fail". This podcast discusses the top five and explains where you can download the full report for free.  Produced and directed by Mike Capizzi of Marketing Strategists LLC, co-founder of The Wise Marketer Group and Dean of The Loyalty Academy.   Resources: Download the FREE report "Why Loyalty Programs Fail"
November 13, 2019
#10: Loyalty in 7-Eleven Denmark with Managing Director Jesper Østergaard
7-Eleven Denmark won the "NACS International Convenience Retailer of the Year" 2019 award - having reinvented its business from a kiosk operator to a destination for Danish consumers to enjoy fabulous healthy food. From perfecting its products to connecting with customers, 7-Eleven is a customer-centric company with a vision to continuously innovate as a world-leading retailer, already operating a powerful loyalty programme with a mission to truly connect with customers.  Join episode ten to hear how Managing Director Jesper Østergaard thinks about winning customer loyalty, using global insights and digital tools to differentiate his stores in the busy world of convenience retail!  Show Notes: Consumer trends insights and reports:
November 6, 2019
#9: 7 Lessons from 7 Loyalty Experts
After seven incredible interviews, this episode looks back at the seven key lessons I've learned from my expert guests on the show. "Let's Talk Loyalty" is designed to be educational and inspiring for any of us focused on engaging customers and retaining them to drive profitable business growth.  This summary episode is perfect if you've missed any of the great interviews - so you can listen back to anything relevant - or simply catch up with some inspiring statistics about our industry.   
October 30, 2019
#8: Lessons from a Loyalty Expert: Leanne Papaioannou
Few loyalty professionals can boast in excess of two decades of expertise running loyalty programmes across both consumer and business brands. Leanne Papaioannou set up "Chilli Pepper" as Ireland's only dedicated strategic loyalty agency over sixteen years ago, to advise customer-focused clients how best to capture, understand and convert marketing insights in to loyalty programmes and customer strategies that drive true brand advocacy.     Leanne's expertise spans fuel and convenience retail, insurance, telcos, energy and our conversation includes insightful ideas from the evolution of loyalty practices in the Irish market, through to the latest global insights on capturing and driving your net promoter score in new and useful ways. Key Resources Recommended in this Show: 1) Glassbox brands concept: 2) Net Promoter Score concept (NPS): 3) Customer Trends and Insights: 4) Forrester Research: Customer Loyalty Playbook 2019   Contact Details:                      
October 23, 2019
#7: Award-winning Loyalty Success and Storytelling in South Africa
Helène Brand is one of the team of loyalty marketers responsible for the outstanding performance of the internationally-recognised and award-winning loyalty programme in South Africa called "My School My Village My Planet". In this episode, she talks through the advantages and challenges of using a community-based loyalty programme and the incredible results that can be achieved when it's done well.    Helène now works as a freelance marketing consultant and she's passionate about using storytelling to define your brand's purpose, creating compelling concepts which drive consumer loyalty both directly and indirectly.   She also shares a fantastic example of leveraging intentional behaviours to drive social change with a case study about an organisation called "Global Citizen" - a new model for loyalty that brands can connect with if they are focused on creating social or environmental change. Show Notes:  Hèlene Brand - LinkedIn profile Email:  Resources Don Miller’s StoryBrand: Book and Podcast Michael Hyatt: Lead to Win podcast  Nudge: Book by Thaler and Sunstein on how to improve decisions about health, wealth and happiness - useful as someone in the loyalty space who wishes to influences customer behaviour that will maximise benefit for the customer and the business.  
October 16, 2019
#6: Driving Loyalty Through Charity
It's been said that loyalty marketing is one of the most powerful and effective tools for any commercial marketer - and Crispin Rogers can prove it. Download this show to hear from the man who originally led the assessment and development of loyalty programmes for Shell worldwide - a notoriously challenging industry to drive profitable customer behaviour.  Crispin shares insights across fuel retail and payments and then shares his own truly big idea - to access the £7 BILLION of unspent loyalty points in the UK market alone - helping customers donate them to the charity of their choice.  This podcast talks through how "For Good Causes" ensures customers, brands and charities all benefit from leveraging the power of loyalty programmes to benefit whatever charity or cause their customers care about. Crispin Rogers: Show Notes: - MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet programme
October 9, 2019
#5: Award-winning Loyalty - Insights from the Middle East
Episode five of "Let's Talk Loyalty" discusses an award-winning loyalty programme in the education sector in the Middle East region. Today I chat to its creator, Manav Fernandez, a loyalty consultant based in Dubai who developed the entire strategy, identity, value proposition, platform solution and communications strategy for "GEMS Rewards" programme - developed as a unique way to help offset the costs of private education for families. The programme won the "Loyalty Magazine" award for the BEST loyalty programme in the Middle East and Asia region in 2018. Show notes of useful links/assets mentioned by Manav: Online Learning: - Coursera - - -   Books:  - Sapiens by Yuval Harari - Hitmakers by Derek Thompson   Contact Details: Email: Linkedin:    
October 2, 2019
#4: The Loyalty Guru - An Interview with Mike Atkin
Mike Atkin has advised, launched or worked on over 85 loyalty programmes in his 30 year career to date and is one of the best known experts in the loyalty industry. His work spans every sector from grocery (Tesco), to fuel retail (BP and Shell) through to coalition programmes and loyalty platform technology.  A real loyalty expert to listen to and learn from about loyalty marketing.    Twitter #loyaltyguru   Show Notes: Training Sources: for CLMP (Customer Loyalty Marketing Professional) Qualification. for Customer Experience training. Staying up to date/Loyalty Resources and References: - Loyalty Newsletter - UK Loyalty Conference Oct 2019 - US Loyalty Conference March 2020        
September 25, 2019
#3: Award-Winning Loyalty in Ireland
3Plus is the award-winning loyalty programme for the Three mobile phone network in Ireland. This show discusses the history of 3Plus, what it offers customers and the superb results it has achieved in the last few years.  Contact details for Siobhan Lynch, Loyalty Manager, 3Plus Ireland:
September 17, 2019
#2: Award-winning Insights from India - Sanjeev Nichani, Raymond Rewards
As a loyalty marketing professional, Sanjeev Nichani has worked with some of India's top loyalty programmes, including Loylty Rewardz - a programme for over 100 million banking customers in India, AIMIA, and now Raymond Rewards, a men's retail fashion proposition that recognises and rewards customers across all markets segments and across 1,000 retail stores. Includes insights on launching a loyalty programme within a franchise business, upcoming ideas to engage with members in digital channels and where Raymond Limited is focusing its commercial strategy in 2019 through to 2025.
September 6, 2019
#1: Let's Talk Loyalty
An introduction to your show host - Paula Thomas and a background to the show. Designed exclusively for loyalty marketing professionals, this episode introduces some of the key people in the industry as well as the main media publications for loyalty marketing professionals.
August 22, 2019