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Let's Talk Purity

Let's Talk Purity

By The Edifi Podcast Network
Welcome to the "Let's Talk Purity Podcast" with Richard and Brittni De La Mora. Purity isn't just for singles -- it's for everyone. It's not just for a season of life -- it's a lifestyle. Join hosts Richard and Brittni De La Mora as they redefine purity.

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Fame, Money and Popularity: Why We're Still Empty, Discontent and Anxious Even When We Seem to 'Have It All'
Brittni and Richard De La Mora break down why so many of us are still empty, discontent and anxious even when we seem to have it all, with Brittni sharing her own journey with fame and money and her ultimate realization that contentment comes from a relationship with Christ. "You can't be content if your heart is full of contaminations," she proclaims. Listen to this powerful show and check out other "Let's Talk Purity" episodes here:
April 5, 2021
Sexual History and Trauma: How to Find Healing, Hope and a Breakthrough
Brittni and Richard break down the difficulties that can come with sexual history and trauma, how to navigate difficult conversations and how to find hope and a breakthrough amid this chaos. This powerful conversation can help people struggling with a partner's sexual history or with their own journey. 
March 29, 2021
Struggling With Porn, Sin or Negative Thoughts? Here's How You Can Conquer Internal Chaos & Find Healing
Brittni and Richard explore what it means to have a pure thought life — and how to combat internal chaos. "We're waging wars in our mind every day," Richard proclaims. And Brittni adds, "We want to help [you] conquer your thought life," going on to encourage people to "renew" their minds. Listen to this powerful episode of "Let's Talk Purity."
March 22, 2021
Understanding Sexual Purity (Featuring Ashley Key): 'Keep Your Mind in Line With the Spirit of God'
Ashley Key joins Brittni and Richard to discuss sexual purity — what it means, how to navigate it and why God's conviction must always lead us. Among Key's powerful points, she emphasized the importance of being careful surrounding what we watch and listen to: "When you watch things, when you listen to things, when you're engaging in certain conversations, that then engages your mind to start thinking of those things ... you want to keep your mind in line with the spirit of God."
March 15, 2021
What's The Problem With Porn?
Richard and Brittni De La Mora answer a question many are asking in today's chaotic culture: What's the problem with porn? The two don't hold back as they explore a topic many have become too silent on. "Porn is an epidemic to the world and also to the churches," Richard proclaims in this must-hear episode. Dive right in and subscribe today!
March 9, 2021
Behind The Scenes of the Porn Industry
Brittni and Richard De La Mora go behind the scenes of the sex industry in an effort to help dispel myths and help people understand what really happens. Rather than a glamorous industry, they explain the true nature of porn.  As Richard proclaims, "Often times, what we see is far different from what's going on behind the scenes." Brittni and Richard take you inside the truth and help affirm your faith in this episode of, "Let's Talk Purity."
March 1, 2021
How to 'Keep Your Eyes on Jesus' in the Midst of Chaos, Depression and Pain
Brittni and Richard De La Mora explore the importance of keeping our eyes on Jesus in the midst of chaos, struggles and pain, with Brittni sharing how the Bible transformed her perspective during one of the most difficult moments of her life. "I actually was dating a guy who was murdered. He was stabbed in front of me. They had to put me in a hotel for a few days, because they couldn’t find the people who did it and they wanted to protect me," she explained. "I saw a Bible. I wasn’t a Christian. I was still in the porn industry during this time and I remember taking that Bible ... I just started reading all the scriptures that pertained to everything that I was going through and I would write out the scriptures as they spoke to me, and I was so liberated during that time." Listen to Brittni and Richard share perspective that will help you on your own journey.
February 22, 2021
Confronting Your Past
In this episode of "Let's Talk Purity," Richard and Brittni De La Mora dive deep into what an effective healing process looks like. You'll never find healing by avoiding your pain, but you will find healing when you confront your pain. This podcast is brought to you by  Check out the podcast and subscribe:
February 15, 2021
Redefining Purity: What You Thought You Knew Might Be Wrong
What is "purity?" Richard and Brittni De La Mora expose some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding purity, explaining why it's "not a sex issue," and exploring what it really means to embrace a lifestyle of purity. Whether you're single, dating, engaged or married: you'll want to hear their powerful message about life change and transformation.
February 8, 2021