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Let's talk with Dominick

Let's talk with Dominick

By Dominick Morisseau
Let's do this again. sit down, grab a seat and let's talk! My name is Dominick, a graphic with a lot on my mind. I think it's time for some of us to have a talk about things we need to talk about but oftentimes simply avoid. I will start the conversation. I am not a professional just a black man Speaking his mind. Are you ready?
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Let's Talk : Cops killing our young
It with a heavy heart and troubled mind that I woke up every day this week. every day has been news related to cops killing a black man, a black Kid, a young Hispanic kid, and a young 16-year-old daughter.. I wanted to take the time to share some of my thoughts 
April 22, 2021
Haiti From Then to Now
A quick reflection on Haiti's current situation and a brief history. Listen, as I have a talk with a friend Jodel about the impact of Haiti's Current horrific situation, a quick history timeline of Haiti, Its a political state, the violence, and the corruption, and a moment of hope. 
March 18, 2021
Relationships and Solitude
I am no relationship expert, Just sharing my thoughts and opinion. In this episode, I want to jump into how important it is for an individual to sometimes take the time for solitude once ins a while. Listen to what I have to say - let's talk about it ...
March 11, 2021
The Month Of March!
The month of March is a special month to remind us all to celebrate women. I have a short story that means a lot to me, a concern to express about being a Black man and my worries about possibly being a failure to my growing kids.  i hope you enjoy this talk.
March 1, 2021
New start and " Proelium "
This is not my first podcast but I wanted to do a new fresh podcast to take it back to what I wanted to do in the first place/I will share my opinion, inspirations, and struggles with you. take a minute and listen. Thank you //  Side note and mentions: Just a black DadCast
February 24, 2021