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The Let's Thrive Show: The Pursuit of Health, Happiness & Success

The Let's Thrive Show: The Pursuit of Health, Happiness & Success

By Ian Anderson
I am on a journey to discover and expose what it takes to thrive. Join me as l dive into the search for optimum well-being, overcoming adversity, building resilience, chasing financial freedom, developing a growth mindset, the continual battle to connect with a sense of purpose, and more. I'll share what I discover as I explore the latest research and interview people from all walks of life, from those who have discovered what it means to thrive, to others who are still trying to figure it out. Hosted by Ian Anderson.
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Well-being: The Pathway To Thriving
In this episode I'll share why a holistic approach to well-being is the foundation to building I life of thriving.  When we consider the ability that something/someone has to be able to perform or operate at it's optimum, we realize that it requires all of the major parts/pieces to function at their best. This is true for humans, meaning that our ability to live optimally relies on boosting the state of each pillar of our well-being, of which there are eight - Physical, Emotional, Social, Intellectual, Occupational, Environmental, Financial & Spiritual. Follow me on your favorite social platforms - @zoeticwellbeing Please feel free to provide feedback or suggestions for future episodes to
July 6, 2021
What does it mean to thrive?
In this episode, I will share insight into what it means to thrive and how that relates to the concept of self-love.  Please feel free to send feedback, or topic suggestions for future episodes to Cheers.
June 29, 2021