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Vent With S.A.S.S.

Vent With S.A.S.S.

By Jerre' Smith
It goes without saying that all mothers could use an extra layer of support and for some mothers having any level of support is uplifting. Vent with S.A.S.S the podcast is all about candid conversations with Black moms and die-hard women supporters about motherhood topics all mothers want to discuss. Join us as we invite guest speakers from the community to share their insight into different aspects of motherhood and parenting.
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Women HerStory

Vent With S.A.S.S.

Women HerStory
It's Women HerStory Month at Strong Attitudes Supporting Sistahs, Inc. Kudos to all the Queens making history by being their bold and dynamic selves. In honor of Women HerStory Month, we highlighted five Women making their own history by using their platform to empower and uplift Black Women. Listen to the storires of these powerful Queens a they discuss what it means to empower a Back Women.
April 01, 2021
A Journey to Self-Love
Self-love involves loving every aspects of yourself, including your flaws, accepting your weaknesses, and holding your own well-being and happiness to the highest standard. Starring guest speaker Christina Wilson we reflect on our individual journeys to self-love and the importance of falling in love with self.
February 24, 2021
Vent With Sass Podcast Preview
Just a preview before today’s episode
February 24, 2021