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Daydreamer's Podcast

Daydreamer's Podcast

By Lexa Marie
Welcome to the Daydreamer's Podcast, My Name Is Alexa....but I like to go by my nicknames of Lex or Lexa! Just a few things about this podcast, I'm a chatter and I love talking about things that mean a lot to me such as video game topics like ACNH and other games I like, I also chat on the topic of music including some of my favorite artists, songs, albums ect...on occasions I'll throw a few of my own thoughts on things I feel in the moment....think of it as a hangout session, where you can relax, enjoy and be yourself!
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Let's Talk: Grease (Music Soundtrack) Ep. 16
Hiya....Happy Friday! In today episode we go a little out of our comfort this episode and talk about everybody's favorite movie (majority) Grease, mainly it's most famous and well known songs all while giving our best and honest thoughts of each song, just a chill movie soundtrack kind of Friday!  
May 15, 2021
Just Chatting (Thursday Mood) Ep 15
In this unexpected episode, I discuss my current feelings on the day and how it's okay if you're feeling a little off with it, sometimes there's days where you know it's better to take a break to regroup and recharge so that you can come back feeling like your best self or when you're just feeling in a better mood overall!   
May 13, 2021
Let's Talk: Harry Styles Self Titled Album and Paramore's After Laughter (4 Year Anniversary) Ep 14
Hiya....In today's (Wednesday's) episode, we take a look at two different artists and combine them into one episode giving a bit of an early celebration to both their albums, Harry Styles Self Titled album and Paramore's After Laughter album which both released on May 12 this time tomorrow back in 2017, We also discuss a bit on their journey as well as other things! 
May 12, 2021
Just Chatting... Ep 13
In this episode, we just have a bit of a chat on a couple of things, involving personal thoughts of mine, little reminders to ourselves's nothing special just a chill slight personal Friday chat!
May 8, 2021
Now Playing.....Why So Serious By Alice Merton Ep 12
In this episode we take a look and have a bit of a chat on a song that has been stuck in my head these days called Why So Serious by the artist/musician Alice Merton and discuss on it's meaning a bit as well as just having a bit of a chat in relation to it and about the day!   
May 5, 2021
Monday Moods (Now Playing Symptoms By Ashley Tisdale....2 Year Anniversary) Ep 11
Hiya! In today's podcast episode we start off with a bit of a chat about Mondays and discuss the 2 year birthday of Ashley Tisdale's latest album Symptoms, we also do a little comparison on her 2 other albums of Headstrong and Guilty Pleasures with Symptoms and just a few other things involving the topic!!    
May 3, 2021
Animal Crossing: New Horizons May Update Chat (My Thoughts) Ep 10
In today episode, I chat and give some thoughts on the recent updates of Animal Crossing: New Horizons and talk about a few things I am excited to discover with it, what changes I'm hoping they've brought to the game for the month of May and just hoping that we finally get to see that beautiful café pigeon that we all love and would really like to see....NO SPOILERS if you may know something, please and thank you!
May 1, 2021
Stardew Valley Thoughts (So Far) Ep 9
In this episode, I talk about my experience playing Stardew Valley so far, as well as giving a few thoughts about the game and I might mention Animal Crossing a few times in this episode as well!  P.S. Wishing Stardew Valley a very late belated birthday.....I missed it by two months....I didn't even realize this game made 5 years, but technically yesterday added 2 months to those 5 years, so I kind of caught it, but also just missed it.....that's crazy!!
April 28, 2021
Music Personalities (Lyrical Messages, Favorite and Least Favorite Genre's ect...) Ep 8
In this episode we have a bit of a chat about music and how you can take a glimpse into someone's personality of who they are based off some of their musical taste, I also discuss a few songs that's been playing in my head with artists steaming from Kane Brown, Charlie Puth ect... it's just a bit of a chill and relax kind of episode! 
April 26, 2021
Show Yourself (Titled Inspired By Frozen 2) Ep 7
In today's episode, I talk a little about how weird our voices can sound to ourselves, along with knowing that it's alright to just be you and not feel like you have to change or apologize for it, sometimes you can feel like apart of you needs adjusting, but being aware and learning to embrace that originality and authentic version of yourself, is just as good compared to feeling as though you need to do things a certain way.... The best thing you can do is to go out there, be you and do your best....with that you'll find that everything will just naturally fall into place!!
April 23, 2021
Now Playing...A Stranger Time By Alexz Johnson Ep 6
In this episode I discuss my favorite artist Alexz Johnson and her 2017 album A Stranger Time, this album has a lot of meaning to me and I wanted to give a few thoughts on the tracklist as well as try and interpret what I feel to be the meaning of the songs....quite a long episode, but I hope you enjoy it! 
April 20, 2021
Now Playing.....Frozen 2 Soundtrack Ep 5
In this episode, I discuss the soundtrack of Frozen 2 and give my thoughts on the main tracks of the movie as well as two bonus songs which is Panic! At The Discos version on Into The Unknown & Kacey Musgraves Version of All Is Found
April 15, 2021
Introducing...Alexz Johnson (Instant Star, Tracks From The Epic Sessions: An Unreleased Album ect....) Ep 4
In this episode we go a little bit off script to introduce you to one of my all time favorite artists, Alexz Johnson and talk briefly about the time I became a fan of hers, we also go over a few of her unofficial unreleased tracks in Wings Of A Dove, Steal My Love & (I Was) Never In Love, it's just a chatting session really and I wanted an excuse to talk about her and possibly recommend not only a new artist, but some new music as well... P.S. I sing a bit....hopefully it's alright to you guys....
April 8, 2021
Reflecting Upon Reflections.... Ep 3
For today's episode, I thought we'd sit and have a chat about reflections and no I'm not talking mirrors, we all have a lot in are heads these days so a little reflecting can help to keep the ole headspace clear a bit.....    
April 5, 2021
Let's Talk: 1 Year Of Animal Crossing New Horizons (3/20/21) -Ep 2
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
In this episode I discuss my thoughts on Animal Crossing New Horizons so far a year in, along with some hopes of improvements to come with the game in future updates and some ideas to what I would like to see be included and added into the game as well in the near's a bit of a longer episode, but I hope that you all enjoy it nonetheless!! 
March 30, 2021
Ice Breaker Blog Post
Just as the title states....this is my ice breaker moment to start off, In this first podcast episode we just talk about the best way to break the ice a bit when feeling nervous about whatever you're nervous about! It's simple, not a lot to it, but I think you'll find it to be a little something special  R.I.P. To Robin Williams who was a little bit of an inspiration to this post...  
March 20, 2021