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Live, Love, Laugh with Lexie

Live, Love, Laugh with Lexie

By Lexie Carducci
Living in London - loving life! Currently freelancing as a presenter, property finder and journalist in fashion, music, events and general lifestyle. Multi award winning radio presenter at Riverside Radio. This is my podcast 'Live, Love Laugh with Lexie' and catch up on all things fashion, pop culture, life hacks and general chit chat! As well as radio and presenting I'm an expert in property working as a property finder, relocation agent, developer and landlord. I also write my own lifestyle blog at
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#17 Live, Love, Laugh with Lexie in Lockdown - On Screen Skills, Hard Seltzers, Sunhats and Neo Mint
This week I chat to Debbie Catt from Catt Consulting about our on screen skills and etiquette, we've all been having virtual calls / meetings and presentations and even online interviews but have we thought about how to get out personality across on video? Debbie has some useful tips and tricks! I also look at the popular US drinking trend of hard seltzers, the alcoholic sparkling water drinks that are low in calories, affordable and delicious, sounds good right? Also it's all about sunhats in this week's fashion fix, and some Father's Day gift ideas. As well as what's trending in the fashion and celeb world what about the whole world in 2020? I look at some 2020 predictions from WGSN from fashion to food and the colour of the year - Neo mint! Join me for the next 20 minutes for all of this! Oh and if you'd like to find out more about Debbie att here's her website -
June 21, 2020
#16 Live, Love, Laugh with Lexie - Quarantine Martinis, Bikinis and Properties!
Martinis, Bikinis and Property, I have it all covered in the next 25 mins! How to make the famous quarantini cocktail, it has immune boosting powers too, as if we needed persuading! It's so hot hot hot out there so I thought I'd share some great bikinis in this week's fashion fix and I chat property with Fran Moynihan and Oliver Sloggett-Taylor from Savills Riverside Waterfront branch in London. Now that the property market is back open how is everything working, what precautions are being taken on viewings and of course is it actually a good time to be in the market? Being a property finder, relocation agent, landlord and developer myself I also add my two pennies worth! I wrote a blog on the subject too which you can read here: Plus I have my usual celeb gossip and as well as that I reveal why 99,000 people have signed up to receive Boots' No 7 latest beauty buy and what it claims to do. So enjoy, the next 25 mins are on me! Lexie x
June 07, 2020
#15 Live, Love, Laugh with Lexie - Basil Fawlty in an inflateable hot tub with prosecco popcorn
Paul Goldsmith and Katherine Vince from Twisted Reality Theatre join me today to talk about their unofficial 13th episode of Fawlty Towers called 'Lockdown' which they filmed, well in lockdown! It has put a smile on so many people's faces and has even been featured on ITV and BBC! You can watch the episode here: I've researched some great inflateable hot tubs and paddling pools for this gorgeous weather, pop one in the garden, on a balcony or heck why not inside your house! Accompany that with some interesting popcorn flavours including curry and prosecco (separate flavours not together, that would be taking it too far!!) throw in some binge worthy TV and readable books to pass the time and you have yourself the perfect night in! Enjoy! Lexie x You can watch the unofficial 13th episode of Fawlty Towers here:
June 07, 2020
#14 Live, Love, Laugh with Lexie - Lockdown Locks, Lockdown Birthday, Lockdown Snacks
Today I chat with celebrity hairdresser Jamie Stevens (you may have caught him on Lorraine on ITV a couple of weeks ago!) as he gives his advice on looking after our hair in lockdown, should we be trying to home colour or cut, what are some simple ways to style our hair at home now that we can't nip out for a blowdry until July 4th and what on earth do the settings on hair clippers mean, I don't want to give my boyfriend an egg head cut by accident! Also, I celebrated my 29th Birthday in lockdown last week so thought I would share tips on how we made the day fun despite not being able to go out - from balloons to afternoon tea to dressing up. And let's not forget all the snacking we've been doing, I discuss my 5pm ritual of crisps and dips and whether it's hummus, salsa or guacamole that gets my vote for best accompaniment! And of course my usual celeb gossip and fashion fix for you! Enjoy! Lexie x You can watch any of Jamie's styling videos here: And give him a follow on the gram here:
June 07, 2020
#13 Live, Love, Laugh with Lexie in Lockdown! - Dancing Leopard, Dalgonas & Dangerously tight shorts
Dancing Leopard has been one of my favourite brands for a long time, I keep coming back for more and have a collection of their pieces in my wardrobe so it was lovely to chat to marketing manager Roaise not only about their gorgeous bright clothing range inspired by India and Ibiza but also how they have turned their Instagram into a positive community for their followers to be involved in throughout lockdown I also look at the fashion trend of workout wear at the moment including our obsession with cycling shorts! AND I teach you how to make that insta fabulous Dalgona coffee, it's really easy and tastes yummy! (That's coming from me and I don't even like coffee!!) So the next 20 minutes are for you to chill da F out and enjoy! Lexie xxx
June 03, 2020
#12 Live, Love, Laugh with Lexie in Lockdown - Cancelled wedding, home festival, rainbows and smiles
Another week at home! Don't worry I've got your weekly dose of all that's trending, gossip, fashion and fun! This week I chat to my friend and now wedding blogger Larissa about how she has dealt with having her wedding cancelled because of Coronavirus, like many people she has had to postpone it and then means finding a new date and working with providers to move everything around and what about now having a whole extra year to plan, is there anything you might change? You can read more tips and advice on her blog we also chat about how we celebrated her would have been wedding day via Zoom. Talking of celebrating cancelled events I also give you some great ideas about how to bring the festival to your home! And of course I talk about what's trending fashion wise and it's all about rainbows from dresses to espadrilles, I'll also look at some fashion facts from the Queen and why she is always in a rainbow of colours! So sit back, grab a coffee and enjoy 20 mins of chill time! Lexie xxx
June 03, 2020
#11 Live, Love, Laugh with Lexie in Lockdown - Immune Boosting Positivity Queen ft Birdsong
Still in lockdown! This week it's time to pump some positivity back in our lives with some positive stories to come out of lockdown and I chat to the queen of positivity herself, business coach, well being advisor and author of Ladies, Let's Get Going, Teresa Bulford Cooper about why now is a good time to put plans into action and even start your dream business. Also I look at little tips and tricks to boost our immune system and keep you up to date with what's trending from Celeb gossip (who has split and who is thinking of tying the knot?) to Fashion (the mint green colour is everywhere right now! Oh and because we've been having such lovely weather I actually recorded this episode outside so you may hear a little blackbird putting in his two pennies worth! Enjoy! Lexie xxx You can buy Teresa's book here: and find out more about her here:
June 01, 2020
#10 Live, Love, Laugh with Lexie in Lockdown! - Going GREEN with banana bread, wearing a pillow
This week is all about going green! Still in lockdown and enjoying some great weather which is making us all want to go outside but what to do there? I chat to Sarah and Katie about what they are growing in their gardens and share tips on what you can grow at home and you don't even need a garden, a balcony or windowsill will do just fine! Plus I look at what's trending this week from bake offs on the gram (is it even isolation if you haven't made banana bread?) and the numerous social media picture challenges from the #OneMinuteSculpture to the #PillowChallenge and of course the #5kchallenge and I look at fashion trends too and those amazing #Coronavirus charity Tshirts donating money to where it is needed! Lexie xxx
May 22, 2020
#9 Live, Love, Laugh with Lexie in Lockdown! - Pilates, Procrastination organisation and post
This week I chat to Anny Hooker from Pilates at Home With Anny about her live classes on Facebook twice a day! I have so far managed them all, proud!! I look at more fitness with the best running app including one that lets you chase zombies ha! If you're looking for some gift ideas for a special occasion try some of these letterbox goodies from chocolates to flowers that fit through the door! Making homemade facemasks from products around the house, even avocado and finally getting organised at home, give Mrs Hinch a run for her money with these life organisation tips and tricks. Lexie xxx
May 22, 2020
#8 Live, Love, Laugh with Lexie - Pause 4 positivity in lockdown, read Rebecca Thornton The Fallout
So we've been in lockdown now for nearly 8 weeks so I'm back with Live, Love, Laugh with Lexie in LOCKDOWN! This time I bring you a pause for positivity segment to discuss what we can be doing with this time whether that's working on ourselves, trying something new or simply chilling the F out, one this is reading, so I chat to Rebecca Thornton about her new book The Fallout. Plus the usual celeb gossip and Fashion fix to keep you up to date with what's trending and a huge Easter Extravaganza with ideas for decorating the house or making things at home. Lexie xxx
May 22, 2020
#7 Live, Love, Laugh with Lexie - To my Rocky Horror, Only Fools don't enjoy Piano Works in Devon
OMG it's been a busy one!! We headed to Devon to bask in the gorgeous February sunshine we got and stayed in the most peaceful part of the South Hams, walked the South West Coast Path, bought some art, watched the Rocky Horror and Only Fools and Horses musicals back to back, took Dad to London's non stop live music venue for his Birthday so I chat to marketing manager Charlotte about how amazing Piano Works is! And of course the usual weekly Fashion Fix, Celeb Gossip and Lexie's life stories about a pair of jeans... PLUS it's pancake day so have a listen whilst flipping away! Love from Lexie xxx
March 05, 2019
#6 Live, Love, Laugh with Lexie - Collect me from Oliver Bonas in the gold lambo before Shipwrecked
If it's trending, I'm talking about it! From the fake news stories of Meghan Markle's baby bump and Gemma Collin's Dancing On Ice fall to who had a cheeky kiss at the NTAs. The nominations for the Brit awards, the new app to rival Uber that lets you ride in a gold supercar, heinz's new ketchup and a fashion focus on Oliver Bonas! It's all in this week's episode, under 30 mins of easy listening on your way to / from work, at the gym, on a walk or in the car!
January 29, 2019
#5 Live, Love, Laugh with Lexie - It's a numbers game, 7 rings, 10 yr challenge
For everything less serious than Brexit!! Find out which celeb's used car you could have bought off ebay, who's slating their BF's partner, Ariana drops her new single and this time we got the music video upfront too, who's been nominated for BAFTA, how to vote for the NTA's on Tuesday and a great life quote from Ricky Gervais!
January 20, 2019
#4 Live, Love, Laugh with Lexie - 1999 was 20 years ago and we're doing Veganuary!
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! How was 1999 20 years ago, back then there was no party like an S Club party and here we are doing Veganuary! Hands up who's feeling old?? Well remember age is just a number people and you're only as old/young as you feel!!! Sick of getting sick? I've got some great winter life hacks for you, some New Year resolutions we can actually keep. If you're struggling with Veganuary or the thought of going vegan, don't fear because I've got 10 foods you would not think are vegan but infact are! Plus your new year fashion fix, celeb gossip and TV updates. Love Lexie xxx
January 11, 2019
#3 Live, Love, Laugh with Lexie - Christmas special - Xmas TV, Xmas Tipples, EXmas Thank U, Next!
It's my Christmas special featuring your 2019 anticipated return of Dancing on Ice, a list of fun facts from Ariana's Thank U, Next video (can you spot them all?), Festive Tipples including M&S mince pie martini and the absolute genius wrapping made easier life hack! So if you're driving home for Christmas, doing your Christmas Wrapping or eating mince pies and sipping on mulled wine by the fire put me on for 20 mins of festive fun! And a Merry Christmas, have a fabulous one! Lexie xxx
December 24, 2018
#2 Live, Love, Laugh with Lexie - Sequins, Snakes and Man Perms
I'm back with Episode 2 of the podcast - I'll be keeping you up to date with your weekly round up of the hottest TV Shows, celeb gossip, my very Christmassy Fashion Fix. AND omg I have an interview with celeb hairdresser Jamie Stevens where he chats to me about what's trendng! Plus Lexie's life lessons and The Life of Lexie! I took on board your feedback and have crammed all of this into just 35 mins so perfect for a listen on the way to work! Enjoy! LC xxx
November 28, 2018
#1 Live, Love, Laugh with Lexie - I'm a dreamer, wearing leopard print
Your weekly catch up, a magazine style show keeping you up to date with all your fav shows from the week, celeb gossip, fashion fix, The Life of Lexie and Lexie's Life Lessons. We're constantly bombarded with serious topics so here's to keeping things breezy - sit back, relax, put the kettle on or grab a vodka and ENJOY! LX xxx This week I interview Charlotte from Celebs Go Dating about her date with Alik and I talk to you about my spontaneous French adventure!
October 18, 2018