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Life and Health Innovation Podcast

Life and Health Innovation Podcast

By SGL Innovation Podcast
The Life and Health Innovation Podcast explores exciting technology and connects it to the insurance and reinsurance industry and the global life and health ecosystem.
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From paying procedures to outcomes: the insurance approach of Sami
End of October 2020 marked a milestone for the Brazilian startup ecosystem: Sami became the most funded Series A startup after raising $15.5 million USD from international investors including Valor, Redpoint, and Monashees. In the latest episode of the SCOR Life and Health Innovation Podcast, we are talking to Luiz Guilherme Berardo, co-founder and CEO of Sami. The start-up aims to redesign the health care industry in Brazil with technology by driving payments through patient outcome. In Sami’s model, data exchange allows us to realign care incentives and pay providers based on the health of patients and not on a fee-for-service. With over 200 thousand users, Sami is challenging their status quo and putting patients in the center.
October 29, 2020
Getting paid to take your pills? The Wellth Approach with Matthew Loper
Around 75% of Americans have trouble taking their medication as directed according to the New England Health Care Institute. Today we’re talking to Matthew and CEO of Wellth, an American startup based in Los Angeles, which is using behavioural economics to inspire positive behaviour change for patients with chronic health conditions. In their app, Wellth uses financial incentives to overcome present bias and motivate patients to adhere to their daily care plans and improve their health. The impact on the insurance industry? Saving health plans and providers billions on avoidable costs in high risk populations, including those in Medicare and Medicaid.
September 21, 2020
Investing in Building Business with Transamerica
After more than 20 years in the innovation ecosystem, Georg Schwegler, CEO of Transamerica Ventures, has been in the venture capital industry in telecommunications, R&D, marketing and innovation research. How is this experience relevant to investing in startups and what’s the strategy behind Transamerica ventures?
September 11, 2020
Insurtech Israel - discovering a new hot spot for health with Gil Arazi
Tel Aviv is a hotspot for innovation and more than ever also for health. We had an exciting conversation with Gil Arazi, co-founder and partner of FinTLV. Investor and connector, Gil is has over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry and is behind deals like the latest $150M investment round of insurtech, Hippo.
September 3, 2020
Digital Transformation, an assessment by Bitkom
In this episode, we’re talking to Fabian Nadler, head of digital insurance and insurtech at Bitkom, Germany’s largest digital association bringing together SMEs, startups, and virtually all global players. We explore the German startup ecosystem, how cross-industry cooperations are enriching customer journeys in established worlds, and how data can be a turning point for privacy-driven German customers.
September 1, 2020
Mental health with Sentio Solutions
In this episode, we talk to George Eleftheriou, co-founder abd CEO of Sentio Solutions. Sentio partners with SCOR in Germany to offers clients of disability insurance portfolios to build better and lasting emotional health. Based in San Francisco, the company developed its own propritary sensor to quantify emotional states and combine it with evidence-based techniques to deliver mental health support 24/7. 
August 26, 2020
Can we fight Alzheimer's disease today? with Dr. John Harrison
We take care of our bodies by going to the gym, we tweak and carefully monitor out diets, we go to the doctor for annual check-ups and take medication when to prevent disease or when we're sick to recover promptly. However, it seems like the same approach we have for our bodies is not consistent with the approach we have with our minds or our brain. Today we're talking to Dr. John Harrison, associate professor at the Alzheimer's Center at the VUmc in the Netherlands. John has over 20 years' experience understanding Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegeneative conditions and has worked with pharmaceutical and biotech companies with the selection and successful integration of cognitive testing into drug development programs. An Alzheimer's disease advocate, he has over 60 books and scientific articles on the topic, including depression, schizophrenia, and Parkinson’s disease.
July 24, 2020
An insurtech trip around Europe with Florian Graillot
Did you know there are over 3.100 early-stage European startups focused on disrupting the insurance industry? How do we know this? We’re talking to Florian Graillot, co-founding partner of Astorya VC, an early-stage venture capital fund in Paris focused on insurtechs. Florian Graillot is known as one of the leading voices in the insurance innovation space. With a decade of experience in the insurance industry, we’re exploring the startups ecosystem in Europe and how to find the most relevant startups before they are known in their own markets.
July 6, 2020
Democratizing access to state of the art surgery VR with Justin Barad
From videogame developer to pediatric orthopedic surgeon to founder, we're talking to Justin Barad, founder and CEO of Osso VR. This American startup is transforming surgical training and assessment with their virtual reality medical platform. Despite we're living on a rapidly evolving healthcare ecosystem, traditional training and education modalities in medicine have struggled to keep up with new technologies to deliver higher value of treatment, prevention, and intervention. Let's explore how Osso VR is improving patient safety and democratizing access to modern surgical techniques.
June 19, 2020
The next level of Digital Health Coaching: meet YourHealth Coach with Eugene Borukhovick
Investor, corporate innovator, exited founder,   consultant, and runner. Innovators can wear many hats throughout their   career. As proof, today we're talking to Eugene Borukhovick. Serial intra and entrepreneur, executive, venture builder, and board advisor with a focus in digital health and many years of experience in both the corporate and  entrepreneurial world. Eugene is a chairman and founding board member of  YourCoach Health, a startup focused on empowering health coaching with an  enriched approached on individuals and groups.
June 5, 2020
Enhancing medical diagnostics with AI with Arterys
What if AI could say you don't need a risky heart surgery like the doctor prescribed? Or what if it could help identifying cancer in an X-ray with higher accuracy at an earlier stage? Sounds like the future, but American startup Arterys is doing this already in 28 countries. Want to know how? In our SCOR Life and Health Innovation Podcast we're exploring medical imaging, cancer, Covid-19, and how doctors can get some little help from their AI friend to improve patient journey and get the best treatments and diagnosis faster than ever.
May 12, 2020