Digital Forensics Future (DFF)

S1:E1 Relics

An episode of Digital Forensics Future (DFF)

By Jerry Bui
We take the digital forensics news of today and forecast the future long term impact to our industry, both positive and negative.
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S1:E2 LEO to Lion
How to survive digital forensics in the consulting jungle as a former law enforcement officer. Listen as a triumvirate of hard-nosed cops handle their transition from police forensics to private sector consulting.  These worlds differ drastically -- our Lighthouse veterans go from analyzing blood-soaked devices on criminal cases to being shown the door by IT managers on civil matters.  It's a survival guide that you don't want to miss.
March 11, 2019
S1:E3 The "Future" Mission
You will hear during the course of our podcast Season One, three overarching themes covered in interlaced and distinct episode "series":  Career Series: these episodes are for the forensic examiners who have made digital forensics their livelihood. We will discuss at length the future of the industry and how to best adapt to an evolving evidence landscape where new tools and techniques are needed to deliver collection and analysis projects effectively.  Executive Series: the host and guests will explore in these episodes all of the challenges of running a digital forensics practice. We will discuss how to create a productive culture that meaningfully impacts the bottom line.  Expert Series: the guests on these episodes are qualified experts within the industry and have experience being deposed or testifying on the stand. We will learn how they make a living, collecting the highest fees in our profession.
March 5, 2019
S1:E1 Relics
Will forensics examiners become relics of the past?  We talk to two forensics experts and get their authentic feedback on the trend toward mobile and cloud, and whether their training and experience is being challenged by newer evidence sources and the forensic tools that are designed to decode those artifacts.
February 8, 2019
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