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Leaders of the New Earth

Leaders of the New Earth

By Leaders of the New Earth
Activate your highest purpose, embody your deepest wealth state, make YOUR magnificent impact in the planet. Leaders of the New Earth is THE podcast for conscious leaders, rule-breakers, change makers, visionaries & soul-preneurs! If you KNOW you're here for a big purpose in the planet, join us in these conversations inviting you to expand your mind, heart & soul and tap into more of your potential than ever before. You’ll hear topics like: •Manifestation •Money Mindset •Soul Business •Cosmic Consciousness •Shamanism & Ancient Wisdom •Success Tips Tag us as you listen! @libbylightleader
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An Unconventional Approach to Success through Shamanism
Join your host Libby as she shares an unconventional part of how she runs her life and business. If you’re feeling alone or stuck in your soul mission and purpose, this episode aims to bring insight, hope and awareness to what’s really available to you when you open your heart and mind to receive guidance and support you might’ve otherwise dismissed. Shamanic journeying (a form of meditation and energy work) has changed every aspect of my life and business and is a foundational part of how I receive guidance to my role in cocreating the new earth. Whether you’ve even heard of shamanism or not, if you’re willing to amplify your success in your souls mission, this is a vulnerable share and a must listen. Who knows what you might learn! Open your mind, your heart and your realisation for what’s truly possible for you as you listen to this episode and let the magic unfold. Tag me while you listen so I can celebrate with you @libbylightleader
May 26, 2020
Yes you can love money, yes you can make lots of it.
Join your host Libby Wallace as she shares how you can start living in abundance of money when you’re in flow with your truth. You’ll learn how money actually is spiritual, how your intentions with money determine if money is “good” or not and how you can start listening to your heart and soul to be in the abundant flow of the universe.
May 15, 2020
Living your souls' highest aligned path and Manifestation with Mikayla Jai
Join Libby as she talks with Mikayla Jai, a Luxury Manifestation Coach who leads the rich & ridiculous to a life of automatic manifestation. In this conversation, Libby and Mikayla talk about all things, from living a completely different life to what society has set out for you, to manifesting your wildest dreams, and the Quantum Field which can help align you with your souls' path and unlimited possibilities! You can check her out at, or on FB & IG @themikaylajai!! 
May 14, 2020
Understanding your own divine power with Astrology and Sanja Avramovic
Join Libby as she speaks with Shakti Sanja Avramovic, founder of the Shakti brand, Dharma coach, Astrologer, Poetess, Author and multi-dimensional creator, where they talk about unlocking the female creatress within to create beautifully powerful brands and helping women unlock their spiritual potential to step fully into their divine power! You're going to want to listen to this episode of purely incredible inspiration and POWER!! Be sure to head to Sanja's websites at,, or follow her on IG at @sanja!!
May 14, 2020
Creating a conscious life with conscious boss Emily Gallagher
In this episode, TEDx speaker, coach, multi-6 figure entrepreneur and leader of Conscious Boss shares her insights into creating a life of contribution, positive impact and personal success. She shares about her journey in overcoming some of life's deepest challenges such as grief and dysfunctional eating, to living a life of play, joy, connection, personal peace and freedom, and true success and wealth. Emily shares about the deep "knowing" you have within, and how she started following her heart to lead her to where she is today.  THIS IS AN EPISODE NOT TO MISS!!!!!  If you want to connect further with Emily, be sure to follow her on IG and FB @consciousboss or over on her website
May 14, 2020
Simone Anderson - the keys to transforming your life from the inside out, one step at a time
Join Author, Motivational Speaker, Lifestyle Influencer & all round amazing woman: Simone Anderson. Following on from the Women’s Refuge charity event early in 2019, Simone shares with us again her powerful story of weight loss, and all that she GAINED in the process. We talk about the importance of gratitude, self love and remaining in alignment with your true essence, regardless of success. Simone shares her wisdom and sheds light on the fundamentals of happiness and graces us with many takeaways you can add to your daily life when becoming your best self. Simone gives us a peek into her upcoming projects & an insight into her recipe book that’s coming out next year! You can follow Simone on IG @simone_anderson
November 20, 2019