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Life is Hard, Then You Die

Life is Hard, Then You Die

By Angela Barnard
We all have a final destination but how we get there is fully our choice. Life is Hard, Then You Die is a seasonal podcast where Angela Barnard and her guests discuss topics about life, and how to make the most of it. This is a no nonsense inspiration for everyday living podcast. Subscribe and Enjoy.
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LIH001 - Meet Your Host, Discover More About Life is Hard, Then You Die Podcast
The very first episode of Life is Hard, Then You Die! This is a Solo episode where you meet your host Angela Barnard as she shares with you the background and vision for Life is Hard, Then You Die. A child of the 60's and a product of the 80's Angela believes that there is a middle ground somewhere between The Law of Attraction / Get Everything You Want / The World is Perfect / Positivity Mindset and The End is Nigh / All Hope is Lost / The World is Going to Hell / Negativity Mindset. While each of us on this planet have experienced hardships, heartache and trauma in some way this podcast looks at, not the drama of living, but rather the resilience of getting up and carrying on. A great quote from Angela is, "There is NOTHING that can stop me getting up and carrying on; apart from myself." If you've enjoyed this episode and want more remember to COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE Follow Angela: Website - Facebook - LinkedIn - Twitter - @angiembarnard READ THE BOOK -
October 11, 2018