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Life in Private Staffing - Yachts, Private Households, Private Jets, Palaces, Chalets

Life in Private Staffing - Yachts, Private Households, Private Jets, Palaces, Chalets

By powered by Silver Swan Recruitment
Do you know what it takes to be successful working on Yachts, Private Jets, Palaces, Private Households and Chalets? Join Philippa and guests discussing all things private staffing, a bi-weekly podcast aimed to educate and inspire.

From cheffing for celebrities to working for royalty or becoming a private swimming tutor - this podcast dives into the compelling world of private staffing, with entrancing experiences and fascinating career opportunities.

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Season 3 | Episode 5: Emma Macdonald on providing luxury lifestyle and elite property management services

Life in Private Staffing - Yachts, Private Households, Private Jets, Palaces, Chalets

Season 3 | Episode 12: Saudi Special
In this episode we are focusing on all things great about Saudi Arabia. A country still feared by many is actually fast becoming one of the most exciting places to be. With the country’s leader driving the country forward in regards to equality and women’s rights, along with the huge plans surround the 2030 vision it will soon not only be a great place to live and work but a holiday destination for the Western world. Today we invite a couple of guests onto the show. Sally, a renowned DJ has been play in Saudi Arabia and was truly blown away by the people, the culture and the architecture. Corina, a returning guests to the podcast, has been working closely with Middle Eastern clients her entire career - there isn’t much that Corina doesn’t know about life in the Kingdom. Tune in to learn all about this fabulous place!
June 22, 2022
Season 3 | Looking back at season 3's best bits!
To celebrate reaching the middle of season 3 we wanted to take the opportunity to look back at all of the best bits so far!  Listen to Philippa chat to our guests about all things private staffing, from a celebrity chef to an interior designer and from the ski industry to superyachts.  Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast and leave a rating and review. See you on our next episode!
June 15, 2022
Season 3 | Episode 11: Halima Ferreira on her extensive career as a Private Chef and her passion for The Burnt Chef project
Today, Philippa speaks with Halima who has spent the last 20 years travelling the world cooking for some of the wealthiest families in the world. She, like many of us, were affected by the pandemic but has now found herself as a Chief Ambassador for The Burnt Chef, a mental health support project that she is incredibly passionate about. Within the hospitality industry, 4 out of 5 professionals report having experienced at least one mental health issue during their career. They are fully committed to making the hospitality professional healthier and more sustainable by focussing on people’s wellbeing first. Halima discussed what is available to anyone suffering – from a 24/7 support service to wellbeing apps, to training to HR support….all of this is accessible for FREE. Employers need to treat their staff well, they need to ensure they are not overworked, that they are fed well, they have enough work/life balance, that they are supported and nurtured within the roles and that they have a healthy and happy work environment. The Burnt Chef team are here to spread this message and ultimately protect the hospitality industry and all that those working in it.
May 25, 2022
Season 3 | Episode 10: Andy Butterworth on his 20+ year career working in the luxury ski industry
Today, Philippa talks to Andy who is one of the founders and MD of Kaluma Travel, a luxury ski tour operator and long-time friend of Silver Swan. We go right back to how Andy first started working in the mountains and where his career has taken him over the decades. The ski industry has certainly had its highs and lows – living in St. Anton all year round is certainly a lot of fun and being able to raise a family whilst skiing as often as you want is amazing. However, navigating a large ski company through a pandemic and Brexit simultaneously has been incredibly challenging to say the least. But both Andy and the highly reputable Kaluma Travel are still here though, going strong once again and able to share their stories….of which there are many!
May 11, 2022
Season 3 | Episode 9: Samantha Watson on a career on superyachts and transitioning to global estate management
Today, Philippa speaks to Samantha, an estate manager for an UHNW based in London responsible for managing a number of homes worldwide. Her story is an inspiring one for all yachties looking to move from yachting into a land-based position as this is exactly what she has managed to do very successfully. We discussed the struggle yachties experience when domestic staffing agencies don’t recognise their experience or deem it suitable for the private sector….all agencies except Silver Swan that is! Perseverance paid off for Samantha though as she has secured a challenging but rewarding role and she explains how she managed this. Tune in for insights into both the yachting and private household industry.
April 27, 2022
Season 3 | Episode 8: Shawn Pratt on cooking for the rich, famous and royalty over his 20yr career
Today, Philippa speaks to Shawn, a highly experienced celebrity chef. Having worked for some of the biggest actors in Hollywood he spent a chunk of his career working for numerous royals in the middle east - which we always love to talk about as encouraging people to explore a career in the middle east is something Silver Swan truly believes in. The experiences to be gained are incredible for those brave enough to take that plunge! Shawn’s stories are amazing but it’s his passion and love for the industry which is just infectious.
April 13, 2022
Season 3 | Episode 7: Natalie Hudson on her journey from Butler to Estate Manager and the launch of Private Service Alliance
Today Philippa is speaking with Natalie to delve into her experience working in the private sector. Her journey started by working as a nanny before she decided to gain professional training at The Butler Academy in the Netherlands. She explains how this highly intensive course shaped her entire career since, especially when she furthered her training by studying Luxury Lifestyle Management at degree level. Her career progressed through to Estate Management level, giving her all the knowledge and contacts required for her to set up Private Service Alliance 2 years ago. Private Service Alliance offers membership to individuals and organisations related to the private sector. Designed to support the industry to develop professional relationships, establish industry standards, grow industry knowledge and promote best practices. It’s free for all private service professionals to join during 2022 so sign up now!
March 30, 2022
Season 3 | Episode 6: English Minter on life as an Interior Designer within the private sector
Our conversation with English was a fascinating insight into the world of interior design. From her gruelling journey of study required to gain the necessary qualifications to work as a designer in America to how she transitioned from corporate offices into private residences. We discuss some of her favourite projects, some of the major challenges working with UHNW clients and what a process looks like from client enquiry to delivery. As Philippa admits she knows nothing about interior design, this was a really interesting chat… 1 episode didn’t feel enough!
March 16, 2022
Season 3 | Episode 5: Emma Macdonald on providing luxury lifestyle and elite property management services
Today we had the pleasure of talking to Emma, who after a long and successful career in real estate, moved into the private sector. She is the estate manager looking after 2 luxury holiday lets in Dorset and alongside this, she runs a luxury lifestyle management service though her agency called Whisper Us where she offers PA support, house management and concierge to a handful of clients across London, Dorset and Southbanks. With a solid reputation among UHNW clients, she has also won awards for her services within the sector and so her story is definitely an inspiring one!
March 02, 2022
Season 3 | Episode 4: Rosie Spencer on transitioning from the luxury yachting industry to a private household
Today we are talking to Rosie who provides a fantastic insight into life ‘Below Deck’. Her career spanned over a number of years working her way up from a junior stewardess position up to a Chief Stewardess role. She proves that contacts play a huge role in this industry as it was one of her guests who stayed on her yacht who later offered her the opportunity to move into a land based role and manage his private home in the UK. Having been on land for the last 2 years, her career as progressed incredibly quickly as her role evolves.
February 16, 2022
Season 3 | Episode 3: Claudia Pfeiffer on spending 20 years working as a Global Estate Manager for UHNW clients
Today I am chatting with Claudia, a long-term client of Silver Swans who has 20 years’ experience working all over the world for high profile UHNW clients managing numerous homes and up to teams of 200 staff at any one time. She has done and seen it all and is still as passionate about the private sector as she was all those years back when she started. She now owns her own company, En Vogue Luxury Lifestyle Management and provides a bespoke concierge service to her clients. Connect with Claudia on LinkedIn at:
February 02, 2022
Season 3 | Episode 2: Brian Daniel on working in the US for Hollywood A-listers
Today, I am talking to Brian, who has spent his entire career working for UHNW clients in the States. Starting his career as a Private PA for a Hollywood A-lister he has worked his way up to owning his own agency The Celebrity Personal Assistant Network where is is a staffing consultant, lifestyle management and career coach. His years of experience is evident in the wealth of advice he offers throughout the episode.  This is not an episode to miss!  Brian is well worth connecting with on LinkedIn: 
January 19, 2022
Life in Private Staffing | S2 Ep 19 | Desmond Cawley
It’s episode 19 of Life in Private Staffing, and today we’re speaking to Desmond Cawley, Palace & Hotel Director. Desmond has been both a client of Silver Swan and a candidate. He’s had a fascinating career spanning multiple countries. He started working in ski resorts, moved on to hotels, and finally started working in the private sector. Currently, he’s living in Dubai and looking for his next position. Host Phillippa Smith and Desmond discuss everything from his personal experiences in the industry to what he looks for when recruiting staff. Listen to the full episode for wonderful insights and personal anecdotes.
January 18, 2022
Life in Private Staffing | S3 Ep1 - Silver Swan special with our insights into 2021 & 2022
We're back - with a new season, a new look, new sound and a new feel!  This week, our host Philippa Smith, maps out what to expect from Season 3 - including more highly experienced guests, ask me anything section and a supplier shout out. We are also introducing our fabulous sponsor! Today we are chatting with some of our very own Silver Swan consultants to review the market, highs and lows throughout 2021 and to advise what we think 2022 will look like. 
January 05, 2022
Life in Private Staffing | S2 Ep 18 | Tim Fitzgerald
Welcome to episode 18 of Life in Private Staffing. Today, our host Philippa Smith talks to long-time PA Tim Fitzgerald. Tim has spent more than two decades sharpening his skills as a Private Assistant. In this episode, Tim gives valuable advice on life as a PA. Tim recently started offering an incredibly popular PA masterclass where he helps PAs make the most of their careers, giving them his top tips and even supplying them with his black book of names. Listen to the full episode for Tim’s valuable insights.
October 12, 2021
Life in Private Staffing | S2 Ep 17 | Jonny Ireson
In episode 17 of the Life in Private Staffing podcast, our host, Philippa Smith, talks to Jonny Ireson, a professional House Manager based in London. Jonny Ireson talks us through his professional experience as a professional House Manager. Jonny has worked for a number of different families, across different sizes of property and different styles of household, and one thing he enjoys is that no two days are the same. They also talk about the knock-on effect of lockdown and hiring freezes and what it has meant for households that have been running on skeleton staff and that the entire industry has been on hold. If you are interested in private staffing and would like to learn more about luxury lifestyle management, or if you need any advice on where to start, this episode is not one to miss.
September 27, 2021
Life in Private Staffing | S2 Ep 16 | Latricia Friend
In episode 16 of the Life in Private Staffing podcast, our host, Philippa Smith, speaks with Latricia Friend, a Luxury Lifestyle Manager based in New York. Latricia talks us through her professional experience, and how she offers her services to candidates within the private sector, with examples including a CV writing service for prospective private staffing employees. Having started her career in 2007, Latricia explains how she immediately began in a permanent position, working for one family for a number of years. From there, she learned key skills to succeed in her position and began to acquire the knowledge needed to make sure her employers were always satisfied with her work. Although Latricia admits the industry is demanding, she thrives in her role, telling us that working at a desk for eight hours a day really isn’t for her. If you are interested in private staffing and would like to learn more about luxury lifestyle management, or if you need any advice on where to start, this episode is not one to miss.
September 10, 2021
Life in Private Staffing | S2 Ep 15 | Ioana Pirtac
In episode 15 of Life in Private Staffing, we speak with Ioana Pirtac, a successful House Manager working in London. Our host Phillipa Smith, Founder and MD of Silver Swan Recruitment, virtually sits down with Ioana to discuss her impressive career and lets our listeners know exactly how she got there. From CV advice and interview tips, to insightful information about what she looks for in an employee, you won’t want to miss this episode if you’re looking to follow a career path in the private staffing sector. Learn about the steps Ioana has taken to get where she is today. For more information about what we can do for you, contact Silver Swan Recruitment.
August 27, 2021
Life in Private Staffing | S2 Ep 14 | Peter Van Ryder
In the 14th episode of Life in Private Staffing, we’re joined by Peter Van Ryder from Estate Management Solutions. For the past 10 years, Peter has been providing staffing solutions to HNW individuals in the Texas area, in addition to training the next generation of private service professionals. Alongside host Philippa Smith, Founder and MD of Silver Swan Recruitment, Peter shares his advice on mental health, education, networking, writing a CV, and making it in the private service industry. Listen to the full episode to hear Peter’s top tips and insights - a must-listen for employers and employees alike.
August 16, 2021
Life in Private Staffing | S2 Ep 13 | Rachel Stallard
In the 13th episode of Life in Private Staffing, we welcome Rachel Stallard, an Estate and Property Manager with over 25 years of industry experience. Rachel’s impressive career has seen her travel the world, working with a number of private households and extensive staff teams. Alongside host Philippa Smith, Founder and MD of Silver Swan Recruitment, Rachel shares her advice on making the right connections, positioning applications and CVs for success, and presenting a great first impression. Listen to the full episode to hear Rachel’s top tips and insights - an essential installment for candidates and employers alike.
August 04, 2021
Life in Private Staffing | S2 Ep 12 | Elaine Braid
Episode 12 of Life in Private Staffing is a little bit different.   This time we’re not talking to someone working within the private sector themselves, but another recruitment agency within the space.  Elaine Braid from Poppy Lane Placements joins us to chat about all things recruitment in a post-pandemic world. We go over everything that she’s done to ensure her company adapts to the new normal as much as possible, from work-life balance to vaccinations.   Aside from pandemic conversations, we also speak about the topic of partnership. Elaine discusses her thoughts on teaming up with other agencies to find the answer you didn’t realise you needed: collaboration.   There’s no need to be afraid of working with other recruitment companies in the private staffing sector. After all, it’s always nice to have someone to call during a Saturday night panic!   To gain more insight on the recruitment side of the private staffing industry, listen to the full episode!
July 20, 2021
Life in Private Staffing | S2 Ep 11 | Cate Heaphy
In the latest episode of Life in Private Staffing, we chatted to Cate Heaphy, the founder of The Online Assistants.  Once Kate finished studying, she decided to take a break and go island hopping. When she returned, the rest was history. Cate and her business partner, Kerry Robinson, founded The Online Assistants in 2017. Find out how she went from studying for a completely unrelated degree to entering the private sector and starting her own business and pursuing a career in the private sector – and while at it, making a massive success of her business! 
June 23, 2021
Life in Private Staffing | S2 Ep 10 | Jemma Zoe Smith
Sometimes the job we think we want isn't always the one we’re destined to do. That’s how it was for private tutor Jemma Zoe Smith. As a biochemistry graduate at Oxford, she dreamed of becoming a forensic scientist. But as Jemma’s degree rolled on, she realised it wasn’t the right job for her. CSI looked cool on TV, but in reality, a career in biochemistry was no longer where she saw herself. Listen to the latest episode of Life In Private Staffing, and learn how Jemma finally found her calling as a tutor, and how she took her skills and transformed them into a successful career in private staffing.
June 08, 2021
Life in Private Staffing | S2 Ep 9 | Spencer Collins
In our latest episode of Life in Private Staffing we tackle the hot topic of Diversity and Inclusion in the private sector.    To do this I am joined by Spencer Collins, Spencer has a successful career in both the hospitality and private staffing industry, and shares his experiences of working in these industries and being deaf.    In this episode, Spencer shows us what is possible in the sector, and that we should be promoting and encouraging diversity and inclusion, just like other sectors. Have a listen to the full episode, this is one you don't want to miss.
May 26, 2021
Life in Private Staffing | S2 Ep 8 | Adam Knight
In the latest episode of the Life in Private Staffing podcast, Adam Knight, Director of Eden Swim & Angel Swim joins us to share insights into swimming tutoring in the Private Sector. With a clear focus on his passions from the age of 16, Adam has always known that swimming coaching would be the role of his lifetime. Working within the Private Sector since 2017, Adam has gained supreme knowledge and expertise of the industry, by working with some of the wealthiest families. Adam has worked with clients of such varied abilities, and consistently advocates for the inclusion of neurodivergent children and those with additional needs. Not only has Adam produced a stellar record within the Private Sector, he has also worked alongside several charities to reach children with limited access to swimming teaching. Most recently, Adam has signed up to take part in an Ironman Triathlon, in support of the charity Autism Swim. Follow the link below to help Adam reach his goal of providing swimming teachers with resources and training, which will help them to ensure their lessons are inclusive. Listen to the latest episode of Life In Private Staffing to find how Adam Knight made it into the Private Sector, and learn more about the exceptional swimming schools; Eden Swim & Angel Swim.
May 12, 2021
Life in Private Staffing | S2 Ep 7 | Kate Bright
In the latest episode of the Life in Private Staffing podcast we have Kate Bright. With over 15 years of experience, Kate tells us what it was like training to be a female bodyguard. From learning about security laws around the world and getting her first earpiece to simulating real-life scenarios, Kate says she loved every minute of her training. Find out how Kate built her own private security company, her experiences as a female in a male-dominated industry, and why there is a growing demand for female bodyguards in the private staffing sector.
April 21, 2021
Life in Private Staffing | S2 Ep 6 | Kelly Dixon
In the latest episode of the Life in Private Staffing podcast we have Kelly Dixon, who shares her 25 years of working experience in the residential luxury property improvement industry, her unique experience, education and training positioned her to stand out in a crowded field of luxury home managers.  As a former Estate Manager for some of the world's wealthiest families, and with her unique experience as a residential designer and contractor, her entire career’s success has been built around leading successful teams, streamlining communication and improving luxury projects. Find out how Kelly created her own bespoke online Estate Management tool - Estate Management Systems, and how you can benefit from running your household through this app. 
March 31, 2021
Life in Private Staffing l S2 - Ep 5 I Myths about the Middle East
In the latest episode of the Life in Private Staffing podcast we have, Corina Goetz is a domestic staffing specialist that deals mostly with clients in the Middle East. Corina has been working with Middle Eastern clients for 20 years now. We are also joined by Michael & Eve – from Silver Swan Recruitment who look after our Middle Eastern clients. In this episode, we talk about all things Middle East – from the culture, what to expect, what life is like for ex-pats, what employment opportunities are available and what they might do for your career.
March 16, 2021
Life in Private Staffing l S2 - Ep 4 I Julia Gaskell
In this episode, we explore the early childhood carers and speak to Julia Gaskell Head of Consultancy and Training and Acting Head of Agency & Alumni at Norland College.  Julia tells us about what it's like to work in the industry as well as the status that comes with being a Norlander. Julia is has gone from training at  Norland College to now working at the college.  Norland College offers an intense 4-year course where you can obtain a Diploma alongside a BA (Hons) degree with a placement year working as a private nanny. If you are looking at getting into early childhood care then this is the episode for you. 
March 03, 2021
Life in Private Staffing l S2 - Ep 3 I Sam Palmer
In the new episode of the Life in Private Staffing podcast. We have Sam Palmer a fellow recruiter, founder, and CEO of Staffing Properties and we looked at what it's like to be on the recruiter's side, to give you some insight into what it's like from the client perspective and give you some tips to getting into the industry.
February 16, 2021
Life in Private Staffing | S2 - Ep2 | Rachel Stallard
In this episode we are joined by Rachel Stallard, who is a skilled senior household manager. With over 20 years in the industry, she has loads of knowledge to share with our listeners. Rachel has started writing a book about her experiences. Listen to the full episode to hear her tips on:  Joining the private staffing industry.  How to handle the pressures of working in the industry  The attitude you need to be successful  How to interview and be interviewed
February 02, 2021
Life in Private Staffing | S2 - Ep1 | Silver Swan Team
We are back with something a bit new. In this episode we talk about our new podcast name "Life in Private Staffing", the new look and feel, and what you can expect from the season of the podcast.  We meet with the Silver Swan team and find out what is happening at each of our desks (Private Households, Chalets and Villas, Yachts and Private Jets). Catch up with our team in the latest episode of Life in Private Staffing. 
January 18, 2021
Working for the Rich & Famous | End of Season 1
It’s the end of Season 1 of Working For the Rich & Famous podcast! I wanted to take the opportunity to thank all of our guests who have taken part and all our listeners for supporting the podcast throughout. The purpose was to help educate and inspire others and to build a community where we can all come together and talk openly about the careers and opportunities available within this amazing sector of ours. We have learnt a lot during the year (which wasn’t hard considering I had no idea how to host a podcast a few months back!) and we have decided to have a complete re-brand and name change ready for the launch of Season 2 in the New Year. Whilst we love the name we worry that at first glance it gives the impression that we will be gossiping about the lives of our Principals, which as everyone already knows is certainly not the case. It is a very professional and highly discreet podcast purely focusing on the careers within the sector. So we will be changing the name and also mixing up the guest list. I am hoping to not only talk to staff within the industry but hopefully clients, trainers and other recruiters to give their input on careers, recruitment, interviewing, opportunities etc available. The more people we have on the show who are involved in the recruitment process then the more educational and useful the podcast will be. So thanks once again for all of your support. All of us at Silver Swan Recruitment wish you all a very Merry Christmas and I look forward to talking to you all once again in the New Year with the launch of Season 2.
December 23, 2020
Season 1 | Episode 24 - Danny Sangha on life as a Confidence Coach to UHNWIs
Joining me on the podcast today is Confidence Coach, Danny Sangha. Danny's job is fascinating; his day to day work is offering advice and guidance to UHNWIs, VIPs and his high profile clients. Having worked with some famous faces, Danny not only offers a rare insight into the psyche of the rich and famous, but also provides us with some excellent advice on how we can navigate the new normal. ⁠  For those interested in the mindset of the rich and famous, this is a podcast for you.  ⁠  In this episode we discuss:⁠ ⁠  🎙️ Why UHNWIs seek Danny's services in the first place and what motivated him to pursue this career   🎙️ The key to a happy and healthy work/life balance during a pandemic  🎙️ Why internally our lives, celebrities lives and the lives of the super rich aren't all that different  ⁠  Danny is a calm voice in todays busy and turbulent world. He offers brilliant advice to his UHNW clients and that same advice can help us too, in order to find confidence and solace.  If you're interested in finding out more about Danny, visit his website here -  To follow his daily tips on LinkedIn, connect with Danny here -
December 16, 2020
Season 1 | Episode 23 – Ricardo Andrenacci on what it’s like to travel the world as a hairdresser to the rich and famous
Today, I am talking with Ricardo who is a very successful hairdresser currently living in Ibiza. Ricardo began his career working in the fashion industry, styling models hair and working back stage at fashion shows. Now he works privately, cutting and stying the hair of his VIP clients. ⁠If you’re interested in all things hair and looking for a window into the world of luxury, this is not one to miss! ⁠ In this episode we discuss:⁠ 🎙The misconceptions people have about where a hairdressing career can take you 🎙How the pandemic has affected Ricardo’s work and how, surprisingly, he has become busier 🎙The pressure of cutting a models hair and the potential impact this can have on their careers I hope you enjoy this episode.
December 02, 2020
Season 1 | Episode 22 - Lisa Wilson on the benefits of working seasonally in ski resorts and the current difficulties in finding work⁠
Today, I am talking with Lisa who has built a career in private hospitality by working in high-end luxury chalets, after starting for a larger tour operator. We discuss what the role of a Chalet Manager entails and the benefits of working seasonally. ⁠ If you’re interested in all things ski, this is not one to miss!⁠⁠ In this episode we discuss:⁠ 🎙The differences between working for a large tour operator and a luxury private chalet ⁠ 🎙How valuable the experience of working in ski chalets can be and how you can do it at any age or stage of your career⁠ 🎙The affect of Brexit and Covid on the current job market ⁠ Lisa has recently started a photography blog site documenting her travel diary which she shares on LinkedIn, so please feel free to connect with her directly here:⁠ ⁠
November 25, 2020
Season 1 | Episode 21 – Abigail Langridge on life as an Online Private PA with good advice for those currently looking for work
Today, I am talking with Abigail whose quality of life improved drastically when she made the change from Personal Assistant to a freelance Virtual Assistant. We discuss what the role of a VA entails and the highs and lows of working for yourself. There are many links between how Abigail has to present herself within her market to find new clients and how an unemployed candidate should also present themselves when looking for a new role. If you are currently in the job market this is not one to miss! In this episode we discuss: 🎙️ The importance of choosing who you work for wisely 🎙️ The value of a personal brand and the impact of being visible and vocal online 🎙️ The key to a happy and healthy work/life balance Abigail is a breath of fresh air and her enthusiasm and positivity in light of a difficult year working in the private sector is truly refreshing. If you would like to connect with Abigail for general advice or for her services as a VA or even if, like me, you want her baby hampers (!) then feel free to connect with her directly here -
November 18, 2020
Season 1 | Episode 20: Paul Smith on entering the private sector late in his career and how difficult job hunting has been during the pandemic
Today, I am talking with Paul who has been severely affected by the pandemic as he happened to be looking for work at the start of 2020 and so therefore has been in the job market for most of the year. He talks openly and honestly about his frustrations of job hunting in such a slow market and what his observations have been on the market as a whole. We also talked about his unusual route in the private sector as he joined the industry fairly late in his career, which is notoriously hard to do, but how he is so glad he made the move when he did as it is an industry he now absolutely loves. In this episode we discuss: 🎙️ How important contacts are in this industry 🎙️ How to approach job hunting in this current market 🎙️ The lengths a Principal will go to for perfection! Paul is a passionate House Manager who will soon find his perfect next role. He is a loyal member of staff who has demonstrated good longevity in all his previous roles. Feel free to connect with Paul directly on LinkedIn at –
November 10, 2020
Season 1 | Episode 19: Carolyn Emole on life as a celebrity PA/Estate Manager in the heart of Los Angeles
Today, I am talking with Carolyn, an experienced PA/Estate Manager based in Los Angeles. In classic LA-style, she found her first role in the private sector through her hairdresser. We talk about how the industry has changed over the years and the things that have, and always will, stay the same, making it an incredibly rewarding line of work. In this episode we discuss: 🎙️ How variety is why she loves the industry and keeps every day interesting 🎙️ That travel and living in doesn’t always have to be part of the role 🎙️ If you want to succeed in this industry, there’s no space for ego and drama Carolyn shares her experience, what has helped her to progress and how adaptive and autonomous you have to be. Comparing it to the corporate world, she finds she gets so much back, from personal satisfaction to little notes of thanks from the family.  She is currently open to new roles so get in contact at 
November 03, 2020
Season 1 | Episode 18: Rien Thoma on the importance of formal Butler training and how his role has evolved to Estate Management
Today, I am talking with Rien, an experienced hands-on Estate Manager with a huge passion for formal service. He worked hard to build a career within the private sector, entering the industry with zero experience but with a recognised Butler qualification under his belt. He talks about how there is only so much you can learn on a course, however good the course, and that so much is learned within your first role. He is a truly committed member of staff, always looking to upskill and bring more value to his Principal and the home. He is completely dedicated to his role and ensures his boss knows to call him 24/7, any day, any time should his services be needed. This fantastic work ethic and devotion is why he has built such a successful career for himself. In this episode we discuss: 🎙️ How he seeks for perfection at all times – if it’s not perfect, it’s wrong! 🎙️ How  it’s important for a Butler to learn lots of new skills to save the employer having to bring contractors in for every small thing 🎙️ The importance of a Butler being able to step into all other roles within the house and do what needs doing immediately 🎙️ How he feels he has such a unique and rewarding opportunity to significantly enhance the quality of his employer's life Rien is so passionate about what he does which is just evident when talking to him. His ambition to be constantly learning and evolving, how involved and hands-on he likes to be and how he is able to competently cover all other roles within the house makes him a huge asset to any household in which he works.
October 27, 2020
Season 1 | Episode 17: Simeon Rosset on his career as a Butler and his passion for training and sourcing the best Butlers for his clients worldwide
Today, I am talking to Simeon, owner of Rosset Bespoke Butlers & Rosset Butler Academy who is a professional, formally trained traditional Butler who has worked for some incredibly high profile clients over the years. He has adapted his style to suit a new generation of UHNW who were looking for a modern Butler who can do much more than just the traditional service. A modern Butler can turn their hand to anything required by the Principal. His passion for training has led him to set up and run a highly reputable Butler School based in Scotland and soon Bermuda which offers a fantastic foundation to new Butlers entering the industry alongside experience Butlers looking to upskill. In this episode we discuss: 🎙️ The role of modern Butler and its importance with the younger generation of UHNW 🎙️ The demanding role of working as a Butler in some of Scotland’s most renowned shooting lodges and castles 🎙️ The importance of never just working within the safety of your comfort zone Simeon exudes passion for the private sector. His wealth of experience working himself as a Butler now lends itself perfectly to being able to help others have a similar career. He is a prime example of giving back to an industry that has given him so much. We can recommend Simeon highly if you are looking for a top-class Butler training facility or if you are looking to recruit temporary Butlers. He seeks to find you a Butler for short term contracts within 24 hours of your enquiry. Feel free to connect with him directly
October 20, 2020
Season 1 | Episode 16: Roger Watson, a college dropout, who worked in the UK’s top restaurants before privately cooking for America’s top UHNW’s
Today, I am talking with highly experienced Private Chef Roger who has had a really impressive career having struggled in school and dropping out of college. He proves that experience can trump qualifications within the catering industry and if you get your head down and work hard in some of the highest level Michelin kitchens then you can learn all you need to know. He transitioned into the private sector and hasn’t looked back since, his first private chef role being in the most expensive private residence in London. In this episode we discuss: 🎙️ The importance of hard work and grinding out the hours early in your career, leaving your ego at the kitchen door 🎙️ The differences between restaurant and private work and how there is so much more involved than just cooking 🎙️ How truly rewarding working in the private sector can be Roger certainly proves that a solid education is not always required to be successful and his stories of some of the things he has seen in some of his previous roles is just unbelievable! Feel free to connect with Roger directly on LinkedIn at
October 14, 2020
Season 1 | Episode 14: Clara Circu on moving to America with an Engineering degree and building a 15 year career within the private sector
Today, I am talking to Clara, who is an experienced Estate Manager based in New York. She arrived from Columbia with zero experience within the industry and very humbly stepped from a high powered role in the telecommunications industry where she travelled extensively into an Au Pair role. This was a very sensible way to work her way up from the bottom, gaining experience on the job as she went, working her way up to managing multiple homes for VVIP families. In this episode we discuss: 🎙️ The importance of seeking out those first roles with families who are willing to give you the opportunity to learn 🎙️ How importance attitude is when building your career 🎙️ The daily challenges of managing a private home in New York city This is a really inspiring story of starting your life again in a new country, in a 2nd language and making a huge success of it. Clara is currently open to new opportunities within House or Estate Management so feel free to connect with her on LinkedIn at
September 30, 2020
Season 1 | Episode 13: Mason Haynes and his fascinating story of life as a Professional Bodyguard protecting A-list celebrities
Today, I am talking to Mason, who has spent 22 years in the security industry. Working his way up from the pub and club security scene working as a bouncer to protecting some of the most high-profile people in the world. His career has taken him to 115 different countries including 22 across Africa. His story is amazing and gives a real insight into the do’s and don’ts of working as a Celebrity Bodyguard. He is now open to new opportunities whether that be security-related or Estate Management. In this episode we discuss: 🎙️ How important experience and mentors are when building a career within the security sector 🎙️ How to effectively deal with paparazzi 🎙️ How challenging travelling with clients can be  🎙️  How risk grows so gradually that you don’t notice yourself quite how risky some situations can be This is not an episode to miss! Have a listen for some fantastic insights into the other side of the private sector. Mason is open to new opportunities within either security or Estate Management so connect with him on LinkedIn at
September 22, 2020
Season 1 | Episode 12: Hannah Morley on changing career and how she created her ideal role that she can do from anywhere in the world
Today, I am talking to Hannah, who transferred from a corporate career in HR to Estate Management/PA in Mallorca. She tells of how the job change also changed her and she’d find herself at home polishing, dusting and placing things with an OCD level of detail. She certainly started her career in the private sector at a high and demanding level and has gained fantastic longevity working 5 years in the same role. In this episode we discuss: 🎙️ Breaking into a new industry by transferring your skills 🎙️ Not saying no to jobs, even if you think they’re below your skill level 🎙️ How COVID has provided even more virtual PA opportunities It can be hard to change sectors but Hannah did it pretty seamlessly and was rewarded with a great opportunity. Have a listen for some great advice and tips and she’s happy for you to get in touch if you have any questions or need any advice. Hannah is open to new opportunities - whether that be Estate/House Management in Mallorca or PA support on either a permanent or temporary basis.  Feel free to connect with Hannah directly - (apologies for the poor sound quality - the banging next door stops after a while!)
September 16, 2020
Season 1 | Episode 10: Nathalie Faude on preserving traditional values while also moving with the times and how she worked for the same family for 22 years
Today, I am talking to Nathalie, who started as a lady’s maid and worked her way up over 20 years with the same family. She talks about why longevity is important to her and how growing with the job gives the best job satisfaction. Nathalie’s experience in a more traditional role, gives insight to what is expected in these residences. In this episode we discuss: 🎙️ Why she believes development and a slow progression is important 🎙️ Qualities you need to have a successful career in the private sector 🎙️ How thinking outside the box is good, but sometimes ends in bizarreness It’s a diplomatic industry and Nathalie offers some great advice on how to have a successful a career whilst enjoying the private household industry. She now open to new opportunities and would be happy to share her experience with anyone new to the industry, so connect with Nathalie on LinkedIn at
September 01, 2020
Season 1 | Episode 9: Helen Grundy on making the transition from cruise ships to super yachts and then becoming a mentor and trainer for yacht and private hospitality staff
Today, I am talking to Helen, who began her career as a masseuse on cruise ships, developed a passion for service and housekeeping on super yachts, worked a temporary contract Saudi Arabia and now mentors and trains Pursers and other Private Hospitality staff. If you’re looking to get into the private sector, Helen gives some great advice and ideas of what it’s really like. In this episode we discuss: 🎙️ How she started and progressed in the industry 🎙️ Why working in Saudi Arabia was a great opportunity 🎙️ Where she is now and how her online courses could help you in your job search She has great knowledge of the private sector and this episode is full of tips and ideas when working in the industry, as well as confronting issues in the yachting industry. Connect with Helen on LinkedIn at
August 25, 2020
Season 1 | Episode 8: Kelly Watkins on what it’s really like to be a Hollywood House Manager and work your way up the Private Household ladder
Today, I am talking to Kelly Watkins, who started out cleaning houses and now runs an estate in Beverly Hills, California. She tells of the importance to get stuck in, try your hand at anything and look at the positives to any job. It’s a tough job, but once you find that jackpot house, there’s no better place to be. In this episode we discuss: 🎙️ How she got into, and stayed, in the industry 🎙️ Tips on how to find your ideal role 🎙️ How to see interviews as a two-way street – it’s called an inter-view for a reason Whether you’re interested in getting into the Private Household industry, or just like a good story or two, this episode is for you. Connect with Kelly on LinkedIn at
August 18, 2020
Season 1 | Episode 7: Joy Middleton on what it’s really like to work on a yacht and how she transitioned into the industry
Today, I am talking to Joy, who started her private hospitality career in a ski chalet and then headed to the South of France in the summer. Since getting her break in the yachting world, she has worked her way up the ranks, on a variety of incredible super yachts, and is now a Purser.  It’s an industry where attention to detail, long days and a lot of cleaning come as standard but in return you see places all around the world and meet lots of people all the time. In this episode we discuss:  🎙️ How she first got into the industry and what you can do to help your chances  🎙️ The workload and how the job isn’t for everyone  🎙️ What it’s really like on some of the most luxurious boats in the world     She talks stories, life as a yachtie and some real truths about one of the most seemingly glamorous roles out there. If you’ve seen the TV show Below Deck, you’re in for a bit of a surprise.
August 11, 2020
Season 1 | Episode 6: Sam Drakard on getting into cheffing and the differences between the private sector and fine dining restaurants
Today, I am talking to Sam Drakard, a good friend who talks about his experiences as a Chef. Having already had a fascinating career, spanning many parts of the chef world, Sam’s first Private Chef role was in a luxury ski chalet in the French Alps. From there, he’s gone on to working in private residences all around the world.    He has some great stories and tips for anyone looking to get into the industry. In this episode we discuss: 🎙️ The main differences between the private sector and restaurants, for a chef  🎙️ What his favourite thing to cook is (you’ll never guess!)  🎙️ Why you might need to think twice before dating a chef    Sam lets us in on what it’s really like in the kitchen – as glamorous as the location may be, some things are always the same. But the experiences, friendships and all the bits in between make for a very fulfilling career – basically, creating a plate of food that someone is enjoys eating, is all you can really ask for.    Connect with Sam on LinkedIn –
August 04, 2020
Season 1 | Episode 5: Shada Lambert on why she still loves nannying as much as when she started
Today, I am talking to Shada, who explains the role of a nanny and just how much goes into planning and organising in her role. As well as looking after children of all ages for a host of families around the world, she has a mentoring program, teaches potty training and simply LOVES what she does. She has some serious passion for being a nanny, it’s always lovely to see someone who loves their job this much. In this episode we discuss:  🎙️ How she got into the industry and her career to date 🎙️ That sometimes you just don’t fit into a household, and that’s okay 🎙️ Whether she prefers live-in or live-out roles, and why    Shada is also an Ambassador for the UK Nannies Matter Campaign which aims to have nannies recognised as professionals by advocating and regulating them in all child-care settings within the United Kingdom. You can help by signing a petition at The main thing she feels is that you have to trust your nanny to do the best for your child, not Google. Any child would be lucky to have Nanny Sharz in their life at some point or another. Connect with Shada:  LinkedIn –  Facebook –  Instagram – YouTube –  Twitter –
July 28, 2020
Season 1 | Episode 4: John Galleymore on going from bricklaying to building famous homes around the world.
Today, I am talking to John, who started as a bricklayer, went through the special forces and has since worked for an array of rich and famous people, building and running their houses in some of the most beautiful parts of the world. The stories he has are worth a listen alone, but he also has some great advice on following your gut, going with the flow and always being honest. In this episode we discuss: 🎙️ How he got into the special forces, and how tough the selection process is 🎙️ The incredible homes he’s built and run in the Caribbean and beyond 🎙️ Why it’s important not to plan your career but to look for the doors opening and be brave to try Whether you’re interested in getting into this line of work, or just like a good story or two, this episode is for you. Connect with John on LinkedIn at
July 21, 2020
Season 1 | Episode 3: Anna Coquelin, from poorest school in Scotland to Governess around the world
Today, I am talking to Anna, who started as a teacher at the poorest school in Scotland and worked her way up to travelling around the globe as the private governess for some of the top ultra-high net worth (UHNW) families in the world. It’s by no means an easy career, as Anna explains, however there are huge benefits and experiences that she simply couldn’t have had without this job. In this episode we discuss: 🎙️ Her journey and how one step back can lead to many steps forward 🎙️ The incredible places she’s been and things she’s seen 🎙️ How it can appear glamorous, but how you have to be flexible and willing to work hard Whether you’re interested in getting into this line of work, or just like a good story or two, this episode is for you. Feel free to connect with Anna here:
July 14, 2020
Season 1 | Episode 2: Steph Deidda on how she got into the private aviation industry
Do you know what is involved when working on a private plane? Welcome to Working for the Rich & Famous, a weekly podcast talking to guests with successful careers working in the private sector. Today, I am talking with Steph Deidda, who now works with me at Silver Swan Recruitment. She manages our office in Dubai recruiting private household staff for palaces and residences across UAE. However, before she joined Silver Swan in 2019 she had a very successful career in aviation. Working her way up from a commercial airline to a business only airline onto a solid career working on private jets. In this episode we discuss: 🎙️ Her story of resilience and determination to get to where she wanted to be 🎙️ How to physically move from commercial to corporate jets 🎙️ What to expect your role to involve when working on private jets We are asked literally every day, especially recently as many cabin crew have been made redundant, how to move into the private aviation sector. So I hope this episode helps answers a lot of your questions. Feel free to connect with Steph here:
July 07, 2020
Season 1 | Episode 1: Russell Orford on how he transitioned from the army into a Private Household
Welcome to Working with the Rich & Famous, a short weekly podcast talking to guests with successful careers working in the private sector. Today, I am talking with Russell Orford, an experienced House Manager based in London. In this episode we cover a range of topics, including: 🎙️ Transitioning from the army to the private sector 🎙️ Stepping straight into management rather than working his way up 🎙️ The expectations involved in working for high profile Principals 🎙️The impact of Covid-19 and the plan for returning to the household This is an inspiring story having never worked in hospitality before with stories that are just unbelievable! If you would like to connect with Russell, please do so here –
June 30, 2020
Working for the Rich & Famous - Welcome
Welcome to Working for the Rich & Famous, a short weekly podcast talking to guests with successful careers working in the private sector. Here is an introduction to our new podcast to give you an insight into my background and why I thought it might be a good idea to launch The Silver Swan Show. Having had a career in recruitment, especially within the luxury hospitality sector, I thought I’d give an insight into this industry. We are asked regularly…. What experience do I need to get into the private sector? What is the best first step? What kind of experience do I need? Do I need training? What are the different roles available? Can I travel? Is it easy to side step and re-train into a different area of the industry? What can I do to improve my chances of progression? What can I expect when working for the rich and famous? The list continues…..! I therefore thought it would be really useful for those new to the industry to listen to others who have been there, done it, and got years’ worth of experience to share. I will therefore be chatting to different guests who have successful careers in the sector, who all do different types of work, for different types of clients all over the world. It’ll be interesting to know how similar the role of House Manager is in London, to LA, to Dubai. How have different people managed to get into the industry in the first place, is there any specific training that helped them, do they have any advice for others looking to have similar careers. For those not in the sector – I can assure you, it’ll be fascinating for you too. The stories that you’ll hear will blow your mind! Listen in each (new episodes posted on Wednesdays) – you can either subscribe and watch on you tube, download on podcast or listen on Spotify.
June 22, 2020